Pokémon Global Link Service Launch Delayed

By Ishaan . March 22, 2011 . 11:37am

Due to power consumption concerns as a result of earthquakes in Japan, Nintendo have delayed the launch of the Pokémon Global Link service, which was supposed to go live on March 30th to an unspecified date. A notice on the Global Link site reads:


“The Pokémon Global Link was scheduled to launch on March 30, 2011. As a result of the earthquake in Japan and the need to conserve energy resources, the launch date has been temporarily delayed. When a new launch date is determined, it will be published here on the Pokémon Global Link. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused by this delay.”


The Global Link service will add a bunch of new features to Pokémon: Black and White, such as the ability to access the Random Matchup Challenge, view global performance rankings, and download special backgrounds for your C-Gear and Pokédex.


It also allows access to the Dream World, which synchronizes your DS with a Flash game that allows you to gather Berries, decorate your home, and capture Pokémon that you can’t find otherwise in Black/White.

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  • I really do not understand why they didnt just set up servers in NA?!

    • Because i imagine they will just expand the one they are using for japan, so it’s
      1) Closer 2) Cheaper. You can clearly see how you can access all languages from the same page, so everything must be from the same servers…

      And i think the world ranking thing will be with the world…? So all japanese will already be on all the first places once the global link starts here D:… Dunno ’bout this though

      • Closer? Cheaper? I mean there are NoA headquarters and NoE headquarters? What do you mean by closer. My original question was why have they just centralized it in one spot of the world. You can access Facebook in numerous languages, does that mean everyone is on the same server on facebook? Casting a language option does not necessarily imply that its on a different server. We know they have numerous data centers all over the states. Nintendo has probably been bringing in more money than FB anyway, so it couldnt have been an isshu of cost.

        • Actually, with the Facebook comparison, you’re not far off. It’s more like most people within an area spanning several countries are all accessing from a single server. Difference being Facebook specializes in social networking, which requires multiple branches.

          As for closer and cheaper, he means to Nintendo’s main base, the main branch is in Japan and so is the original server for the Global Link is. Also, the DS is a bit different from the internet. There are going to be different requirements I assume. I’m sure it’s possible to set up NA servers, but I get the feeling the trouble might outweigh the gain.

        • Yep, what Celine says. Also, as i said before, not only the language thing but i think they will be in the same servers because of the GLOBAL link, so i imagine (Imagine, not 100% sure) that all the pokefighters from the GLOBE will be on the rankings together, so we will get on the rankings with the japanese, i mean, that should be the point of the GLOBAL link’s ranking, right?

          • What are you talking about? My original statement said, why are they still using servers only in JPN and not in each country, that would have avoided this isshu. I never said that they were not using the same server. Even in the facebook example, I even explicitly stated that just because the language is changed doesnst mean it is a different server….

            The isshu could have been avoided if they just had duplicate locations for the data in NoA and NoE so that if something happened in JPN they could still have service to everyone since they have this backup ready. I honestly do not know any NA company that keeps their databases and servers only in one location and only without having another ready to work when the other has to go down due to an isshu.

          • “Casting a language option does not necessarily imply that its on a different server.”

            You said that, and i told you that was not the only reason why i thought they were using same servers (er.. or had to use same servers), and is not as easy as you think …there is a lot involved, specially when servers are something in constant update. It requires a lot of work and money, and if they were to do a backup, it would be close to that one, i can’t imagine how big a backup of the servers would be and to send them over to the US…
            And to mantain the US servers while nothing happens… Well, they surely have their backup in JP, the problem here is saving power.

            Well, this is something noneone could have expected, if this (japan’s earthquake) has never happened, im sure you wouldnt even know the servers were in JP. And i think the Yen is weaker now, so it’s more convenient to have them in Jp and delay this, than to be paying an overpriced dollar.

          • Nintendo is a big corporation that has been making straight up profit for as long as I can even remember. If small start ups that are bleeding money and no where near profitability can maintain backups and multiple regional servers then how can Nintendo not? It can not be that big an isshu to be honest and would just require ingenuity, to translate regional results to worldwide rankings. Im quite sure the isshu is just one of convenience and lack of planning than one of “cost”.

            My bottom line: Other companies that make less profits than Nitnendo are able to utilize servers and data centers in multiple countries and regions with backups. This just seems to be not an isshu of money but just a weird decision on Nintendo’s part to not account for the unexpected and to not utilize their NoA and NoE branches.

          • Joanna

            Did you not read the articles on FFXI and XIV? SE also has all it’s servers in Japan, which is why both games have been down. Oh wait, you just like to complain about Nintendo and turn a blind eye to everyone else. >___>

          • @Joanna Why would I have commented about Square Enix when, their servers for those games went back online the same week Nintendo said global link service was delayed?

  • I thought the Dream World was already available in Japan though…?

    • Barrit

      I’m not too familiar with the DS stuff, but maybe they already are. If you look at the top of the article it has the USA symbol, so I think this probably only applies to the USA.

      • It’s also delayed in Germany, same text (just in German of course) is on the German Global Link page.

    • It is available in Japan, yes, but the Global Link launch will let you connect to players worldwide. :)

  • neetloaf

    Unfortunate news, as the Dream World and ranked matches were some of the things I was looking forward to the most in Black and White. It obviously can’t be helped though, and I don’t mind waiting considering the circumstances.

  • idrawrobots

    Bummer, but I understand. Japan has more important things going on now that whether I get to go into a dream world with my pokemons.

  • Sad, but some things are more important than Pokemon.

  • LastFootnote

    I think that delays are perfectly acceptable under the circumstances.

    What’s not acceptable (and has nothing to do with the disaster) is that Japan continues to get access to all Pokémon-related resources (games, Global Link exclusives, event items, etc.) six months before everybody else. That was acceptable back before Pokémon had global matches and worldwide tournaments. Not no more.

    GameFreak/Nintendo needs to delay the domestic release of these things and start releasing them simultaneously worldwide.

    • They should work in tandem with the NA branch and localize it as it progresses. Since they arent using regional servers it seems, then there really is no excuse for continually having this divide (actually might as well say all of Nintendos games) as much as they have. Surely it cant be a marketing only decision to space them apart in JPN and NA…

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