We’re Giving Away Two Copies Of Ar Tonelico Qoga, An Aya Dissidia 012 Costume

By Ishaan . March 24, 2011 . 2:58pm

Our Gods Eater Burst contest ends today (we’ll start wading through the sea of entries soon), so we can officially kick off two more! The first one’s been running on Twitter for a while already, but we can announce it on the site now, too.


The contest is for two copies of Ar Tonelico Qoga, courtesy of NIS America. What you have to do is follow our Twitter feed and RT that tweet, using the hashtag #oursongtothepeople. This will enter you into a drawing to win a copy of the game. Since we have two copies, we’ll pick two winners.


The second contest isn’t quite as grand, but it is rare (at least for the time being), and we’ll give it away early.


We have a DLC code for Lightning’s Aya Brea costume in Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy, which you can only otherwise acquire by buying a copy of The 3rd Birthday. For this one, follow our Twitter feed and RT this tweet using the hashtag #parasitelightning.


We’ll pick a random winner and DM them the costume code on Saturday. Remember, for both contests, make sure to follow our Twitter feed or we won’t be able to DM you if you win!


Contest Rules:

1. As long as you have a North American copy of Dissidia 012[duodecim] and a US PlayStaiton Network account you can redeem the PSN code. The Ar tonelico Qoga contest is only open to America/Canada/Mexico/UK/European residents.

2. The Ar Tonelico Qoga contest will run until midnight on Tuesday (PDT). Get your RTs done and over with by then!

3. The Dissidia 012 costume code contest will run until midnight on Friday (March 25th). We’ll announce the winner and DM them their code via Twitter on Saturday.

4. Again, make sure to follow the feed or we won’t be able to message you in the event that you win either of the two contests.

5. You can RT more than once if you like, but make sure only to RT once a day, and no more.

  • Soma

    I was really hoping to avoid Twitter, but you guys are forcing me to register!

    • Ereek

      Yeah, please don’t use Twitter. Ick.

      Er, anyway, I already have the games and I’m going to the North American Third Birthday so I’ll get the Aya costume, so good luck everyone who is entering!

      • I used to think about twitter that way, but one day i registered and found out so many people/company that interest wich are part of the game world has twitter, specially japanese companies, and they are always giving random news, or w/e.

        Talking directly with Aksys, Aksys’s staff, XSEED, XSEED’s staff is really priceless, besides hearing their thoughts about X game, or they tweet while working in the game and make funny comments about them, is really worth any trouble twitter could give.

        But i must say… Hideo Kojima talks too much ._.

      • Unrelated to contest stuff completely, but I used to feel the same way about Twitter until I started using it to talk to and keep track of a lot of developers who we’re friends with. Aksys, Xseed etc are all on there and it’s often a lot of fun just to make small talk with people like Jess, Ben and Bo.

        But I think I really came to embrace it after the earthquake stuff recently. Communication lines in Japan went down, but Twitter didn’t, and it was just such a convenient way to communicate and find information that I don’t think I’ll ever question its usefulness again…

        • Yeah, i thought twitter was like another kind of facebook or w/e when it was out, and didnt wanted to touch it. But when i had to get on it for X reason, and when i started to get the gist of it, is really useful.

          Without counting the fact i got a psn game code from siliconera’s twitter xD

          • Hahahaha, yea, Twitter and FB are worlds apart when you get down to it. One is confusing and an invasion of privacy. The other’s convenient and more of a “tool” than strictly a social-networking app.

        • I definately have to agree with you. A lot of people think Twitter is just aother social network, when its really more of an information feed :)

          • Yup, agreed. I really hope there’s Twitter integration for 3DS soon, like they did for DSi. Uploading/sharing screenshots from a game over Twitter could be really fun. :P

        • neo_firenze

          Twitter is also nice because it’s very well suited for quickly browsing news on a mobile device.

          And speaking of that, as long as we’re talking technology with a Siliconera staffer… you guys really, really need a mobile formatted site. Siliconera is a pain to read on a smartphone, and you’re falling behind a lot of other game blog/news sites. You have much better content than them though – just wish it was easier to browse on my Android.

          • Funny thing, Tsuna just happened to mention this on Bounce today. I’ve browsed SE on both an iPhone/iPad and PSP browser just to see how it looks, and yea…I can’t argue that it’s supremely slow and annoying. :p

            The truth is, while a mobile-optimized version of the site is technically doable in the future, at the moment, it’s not quite possible because we don’t have the technical staff to make that happen. We’re going to have to start thinking about that stuff more and more obviously (and we are), but for the immediate future, baby steps.

            Thanks so much for the kind words. Hearing stuff like that is very encouraging. :)

          • malek86

            “We’re going to have to start thinking about that stuff more and more obviously (and we are), but for the immediate future, baby steps.”

            Wow, that must be a baby with pretty long legs. Not even a day, and you already have the mobile site up. Incredible work.

          • Don’t do your benchmark on a PSP D: The PSP browser just refuses to load any site that’s available on earth. Also, great job on the mobile site, SE staff (although I don’t have any qualms on the original site because my phone doesn’t load up videos and that makes everything just as fast as on a pc)

          • I hope readers are sympathetic to the fact that we don’t have a dedicated tech team or coders to make these kinds of things happen. Our focus is on content first and web development is a distant… 89th?

            I kid, but seriously our priority is not to follow what all of the other “game blog/news sites” do. We kind of do our own thing for better or worse.

            Anyway with that being said… we’ll see about mobile development.

          • neo_firenze

            Oh, I’m completely sympathetic to the situation and I certainly prioritize the great content you guys deliver over a pretty site. But still… smartphones are the future. Actually, the present. And Siliconera’s formatting works very badly with them – please read the site on an iPhone/Android every now and then to remember that. If there was one upgrade I’d make to the site, it would be more mobile-friendly formatting.

            I get that you don’t want to just do things because that’s what everybody else is doing. But there’s a damn good reason a lot of sites, and not just the large ones, are considering usability on mobile devices (there’s also a damn good reason we aren’t all still using Geocities sites with inline MIDI music). The more time passes, the more lacking a good mobile interface is going to stick out as an issue.

            All that said, love what you guys do and I wouldn’t care at all if it was a lesser site. But I need my Siliconera fix WHEREVER I AM AT ALL TIMES! :)

          • @neo_firenze unless the people working on the site dont have the technical capacity to develop a mobile version, perhaps they could have a call to volunteers or just pay someone to work on a mobile version…

          • PS have you checked the site on Android recently ;)

          • neo_firenze

            :D Soooo much nicer.

            Hopefully didn’t sound like I was just complaining too much before. But that’s awesome indeed!

    • Twitter is decent, an integral part of following news, I dont know why to avoid it as I made good new friends that way, or at least met other like minded gamers. And hey its great for keeping up with local news and wx fast :D

      • Soma

        I waste a good deal of my time socializing online as it is, Twitter is just another way for me waste more time, which is why I’ve been avoiding it.

        • I guess Im so active on it cause I have integrated it into that Seesmic desktop so all its updates show up with my facebook, tumblr, formspring, and etc while decreasing on online forums

          Oh well

  • Good luck to everyone who participates!

    • Is that your real last name? If so, i would love you

      • Hahaha yes that is my real last name.

        Now why is it you love me? xD

        • Omg! have you even played the Ace Attorney games for DS? The main character’s name there is “Phoenix Wright” so yeah, i just love how it sounds, and i think “Wright” is one of the coolest last names ever :D

          • Hehe yes I have and I assumed that would be why you love me xD
            I used to get made fun of but I love it, especially after I played the Ace Attorney series. I love me some Phoenix ~<3

          • Youre a fan of the Wright Brothers? They’re pretty famous here in CONUS, especially for their groundbreaking antic at Kill Devil Hills/Kitty Hawk here in the OBX of Cape Hattaras/North Carolina/Virginia. Truly, Wright is a memorable name for people who live in CONUS.

          • Fan?… arent they they guys that fly on the first airplane, is not something to be fan of… is more like, general culture…?

          • Yeah, the Wright brothers are clearly famous in the CONUS. Yup. Not anywhere else though. Oh no.

  • All these Twitter contests are always so complicated. Oh well. I already have Ar Tonelico Qoga, but I was hoping I could get a second copy that I could give as a gift. Eh. Life is sad sometimes.

    • How is clicking a button complicated? That’s really all you have to do to retweet something.

  • noooooo damt twitter … well … here we go …
    i dont know how to use that !!

  • Croix

    I would get a twitter, but contests like this are seriously probably the only thing I would use it for, which seems kind of…not good.

  • Suppose this is a good time to figure out this Twitter thing that’s all the rage with you crazy kids.

    Alright, so I’ve been using it to follow a few developers. First time retweeting though, hope that worked!

  • Zonic505

    Entered to win the Aya costume. I’d love to enter for Qoga, but I don’t have a PS3…

  • cmurph666

    Awww I hate Twitter.

  • I’m really no good with Twitter, good that I already own the game, so whatever. :D
    Ganbatte mina-san!! :D

    PS: I can’t tell for sure, but for anyone who wants to download the DLC for Ar Tonelico, I think there are some heavy spoilers~

  • Alright! I’m in!

    Finally, another use for my twitter acount! =)

  • registering a twitter only for this!!! the wheel of fate is turning!

    • I seriously have no idea how to use Twitter ;___;

      • It took me like 3 days and the help of a friend to learn how to use that thing ._. is really confusing at first. RT is retweet, there is an option below siliconera’s tweet called retweet, just press that

        • Oui oui monsieur! A great help! I just did the opposite way and copy pasted everything. Muahahahahhaa.

      • 1. Click Sign Up.
        2. Follow Siliconera and the other staff
        3. ????
        4. Become an avid fan

      • Joanna

        eh really? I don’t use twitter all that much, but I got used to it pretty quick. Just follow the links on this page and press RT below the tweet (the one on Siliconera’s twitter page) and it will ask you confirm that you want to retweet to all your followers, click yes and voila. :)

        Note that you should follow silliconera first. To do that, go to their page and it should have a button with “follow” on it.

        I don’t know if you figured this all out already, but if not, I hope this helps. :)

        edit: well Wildarms beat me to it, I should really read the whole comment thread before replying. Dx

        Edit 2: fixed some spelling issues. I should not be tying this fast. It messes up my thought process and I end up writing a different world then what I meant to write >//////<

        • Yup, I’m getting the hang of it, but the messages are awfully difficult to read @[email protected] My eyes are untrained in the way of the young people. *coughs*

          • Pro tip! Don’t use the Twitter page if you want to have fun with Twitter. Use a browser plugin like Echofone (for Firefox) or Chromed Bird (for Chrome). They make it much simpler and more convenient/fun to use. The official Twitter browser page is horrendous. :P

          • Thanks for the suggestions. Now I’m off to investigate what Chromed Bird can do ( like taking over the world) :3

          • Joanna

            haha, no worries. I’m pretty old myself and I don’t get any of the chat speak either, but I guess that’s why only use twitter to follow gaming companies and a few gaming sites. I’ve gotten most of the twitter lingo down now. First time I was on (which was before signing up), I was really confused what the @ and # and RT were suppose to be. I found a little explanation on the twitter site after poking around and after that it was pretty easy to learn the rest of the stuff. :)

    • shion16

      rebel 1 ?

  • i would like to participate but AT3 is already on it’s way to my house :)

    • Ren

      Isn’t the contest only for North America and Europe? Even if you wanted wouldn’t you not be able to participate living on South America and all that?

      • :(

        • Ren


          • I… I just wanted to be part of the group for a change you know *sniff*

      • You broke him :(

        • I thought Ren was better than that D:! *sits on a corner*

  • A contest? I’ll join. But next time you better have me fighting something.
    Like a bear.

    • We would’ve done that already if we’d had the time to go out looking for bears to bring back! Though maybe next time, we can challenge people to find Yetis in Siberia: http://yhoo.it/h15C1L

      • Good to see people have time on their hands xD

      • Zero_Destiny

        Silly Siberia. Yetis aren’t in your country. If you want to find a Yeti you’re going to have to look for it in Final Fantasy VI XD

        • Bahahaha. I didn’t know FFVI had yetis. :D

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yeah but Umaro isn’t really a main chara he’s just a side chara like Yuffie or Vincent in FFVII. Plus he’s not the best chara ether since he’s always in Berserk. But it was a nice touch. :)

  • shion16

    chile is from america
    can i participate :D ?

    • Chile is fine, but just a heads up…if customs issues come up, you’ll have to deal with those at your own end because that’s something we won’t have control over. :)

  • Joanna

    When I saw this in my twitter feed. (I randomly check twitter from time to time), I knew I had to enter. :3

    • Joanna

      On a side note, if I do manage to win Quga, I’ll track down AT1 and 2 :3

      • Even if you didn’t manage to win it, TRACK THEM DOWN! THey’re good (*^▽^*)

        • Joanna

          Siliconera has been slowly convincing me to get these two games and Qoga. Now I’m on the edge, about the take that plunge. Winning Qoga would certainly take me over the edge, but even if I don’t, I’m already pretty much set to try and track these down. It was actually WildArms, who posted that link to that awesome song from AT1 (I’m a sucker for video game music) that really convinced me I needed to try these games.

          • DanteJones


            I too have to recommend playing the first two games, and they’ll make the AT3 experience feel richer if you do. Theres a few references to the first two in the third game (I wont spoil any) that are covered in a sort of encyclopedia, but its so much better to have played them instead of reading about them. :)

  • I’m sure to Enter this for Ar Tonelico Qoga =D

  • Nice contest, I wont participate as I already own the game, so will concede any chance I have so that others may have a higher chance.

  • would love to enter the at3 bonanza, but i can’t stand twitter :/
    pass :X

  • Hope i win

  • Guest

    No Australia love? =(

  • raymk

    Well the less people that enter the better chance I have to win hehe. Good thing I already use twitter so I guess i’ll be a shoe in to win.

  • Sucks its US only.. :(

    • “The Ar tonelico Qoga contest is only open to America/Canada/Mexico/UK/European residents.”

      Is what is says up there.

    • Did you… even read the rules? Might want to glance over a second time ;)

  • PS – I think our regular Twitter followers know this already, but we’ve been quietly giving out codes for PsOne imports on Twitter too…

  • damn I want the aya costume but I’m in Europe!

  • Reitsumi

    I can’t participate ;_;. I don’t live in America

  • awwww, I don’t have twitter… and I’m in good ol’ Blighty… Other than that, awesome comp guys :D good luck to my American brethren!

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