Steins;Gate Limited Edition On PSP Comes With…A Lab Coat

By Ishaan . March 26, 2011 . 4:34pm


5pb chose June 23rd (wow, this summer is packed in Japan) as the release date for the PSP version of Steins;Gate, and if you buy the limited edition version, they’ll throw in a few extras…like a lab coat and a pair of slippers.


The PSP version of Steins;Gate is the complete story, and has all the Xbox 360 DLC. 5pb also created a new intro and outro for the PSP port. For anyone interested, the package will set them back by 6,090 yen for the regular edition and 8,190 yen for the limited edition with the lab coat and slippers.


Here’s a couple more shots of the two fancy items:


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  • Hahaha omg this is so cool xD

  • fullmildredpanic

    That is so badass. As a bio major I would love to put that lab coat to use : D

  • Pesmerga00

    Finally! My dream to become an Astrophysicist is within my grasp.

  • Badass coat is now available. Comes with green slippers. Prove your manliness!

  • Not sure if these comments are serious.

  • That. Is. AWESOME!

    God, what I’d do to get my hands on that coat.
    God what I’d do……

    • I’m interested now.
      What would you do?

      • Apache_Chief

        Pay 8,190 yen + shipping I would assume.

  • This is just as good as that one NBA game that came with actual furniture! :o

  • The coat looks cool, the slippers look like plastic… O_o

  • Zefux

    Now I can feel like a scientist without being one. *nods*

  • Now I can still look scruffy and lazy in a intelligent way :D

    • Aoshi00

      Or like a crazy patient who stabbed a Dr. and then pretending to be a Dr., like Murdock in the A-Team remake :) Game is fun though… also on my backlog :(.. it’s great the PSP ver is having all the voices as well.. I wasn’t crazy about the Black Rock Shooter art style at first, but it grew on me..

      It’s kinda weird all these 360 VN are ported to PSP but not PS3 though.. but the Wii VNs like Imabikisou or 428 were ported to both PS3/PSP…

      • Maybe only because is cheaper? o-o the two VN you mentioned were developed by chunsoft right? Dunno, maybe things are different for 5pb lol…

        Edit: I checked the wikipedia of Imabikisō, and it seems that one hasnt been ported to psp, you could play it “on the psp through remote play” as quoted from the wiki.
        Ahh, 428 has been interesting me for a while… but i just can’t deal with the, playing with “real humans”, i mean… i dunno haha, it feels too weird lol xD

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, I meant Imabikisou only on PS3 and 428 on both PS3/PSP, but both Chunsoft titles have been ported from Wii to PS3 on consoles, but none of the 360 games were ported to PS3 and downgraded to PSP, even Idolmasters just PSP and DS, maybe like you said it’s because it’s cheaper, or the Sony PSN policy on anime-ish VNs.. but they just got Umineko recently.. so mostly just being cheap.. it is quite convenient to “read” on a portable though..

          I know, I got 428 on the Wii and only played the beginning, it’s nice and all but it’s hard for me to get over the “humans” screenshots instead of anime.. I guess it’s more like Siren.. Imagine 999 being done in humans :) like the Dead Rising short videos they did, super cheesy…

          It’s good they’re porting these titles to different region free platforms, but knowing there’s a console version I really don’t feel like getting it on a portable for the same price, it feels you’re paying more for less.. but that’s the only choice for those who don’t have a Jpn 360..

          BTW, P-A is having a crazy 20% off 2-day sale now.. and Jpn 3DS is discounted to $279 (+$23 shipping)!! I wish I had just gotten it a little later, could’ve saved $70, I got it on ebay for $370 and playing Layton now, and frankly the 3D doesn’t really wow me… makes my eyes tired anyway like Magic Eye…

          • Omg, ahh i still cant get over the fact the 3DS is region locked T_T… And yeah, it seems the 3D is something that really depends on every person… I hope i dont have problems with it when i get it someday O_O

  • Reitsumi

    I still don’t believe it

  • Yamaneko22

    I need to practice my mad scientist laugh >_<

    • Aoshi00

      “Houou’in Kyouma!!!” Miyano Mamoru (Light/King/Elza) is always fun to listen to :)…

  • I’m cool with the lab coat but… “stinky withing an hour” full rubber slippers?

  • Kyouma’s giving these away because Daru and Mayuri wouldn’t wear them…

  • The slippers may not be all plastic and rubber.
    I’m pretty sure I see a hem.
    And Japanese people know slippers and would not do them injustice.

  • Guest

    I have this game on my labtop I really wish some group would fan translate it as its pretty obvious this game is never getting a stateside release anyway…

  • masuto

    Now I know who to cosplay as.

  • I hope this is TL’d…

  • Joanna

    Neat but totally useless. I used to be a biology major so I still have my old lab coat somewhere in the closet and I don’t get much use out of it. :/

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