Wesker Has A Heck Of An Uppercut In This Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Trailer

By Ishaan . March 29, 2011 . 12:31pm


Following up yesterday’s news that Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D will come with a demo version of Resident Evil: Revelations, Capcom released a new trailer for the multiplayer game, showing off the two newly announced characters, Jill and Wesker.


Capcom haven’t announced a U.S./Europe release date for The Mercenaries 3D yet, but the game is expected to be released this year.

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  • It is just oh so shocking that we are seeing these type of graphics on a Nintendo handheld, it is just utterly mind blowing and shocking. That being said this video confirmed my stance on being there on Day 1 Baby! Just look at that Wesker! EPIC!

    • Hahaha, it wasn’t until you posted this that I remembered it was a handheld.

    • Maxwell3000

      Do you already have your 3DS? How are you liking it? Yeah the movement while shooting surprised me, I didn’t know about that one.

      • It’s a nice impressive looking system. I really hope they take off with games that embrace the graphics. I was honestly shocked (Just with what Ive seen of the Sims 3 3DS…but the sims isnt known for graphics, and all the 3DS titles don’t seem to use, you know realistic graphics that I like, so I wanna see how those turn out, with this Res Evil looking like it will be what I need).

        Built in software is fun for like a few moments and such, nothing I really see myself playing beyond like one or two weeks and never touching again. Love the friend list support and the device is so cool (like the 3D). Only disappointment is the lack of compelling software :( I really crave more. Wish there were more people around so I can see what the street pass stuff is about though. Apparently no one on my campus has the 3DS or something.

  • DanteJones

    Ahh, Wesker. One of my favorite bad guys. He’s such a beast in Marvel vs Capcom 3 too. :D

  • For a second there, I thought Wesker reloaded with one hand. I was like “Is he just that badass?!”

  • Dimentionalist

    DC Douglas’ Wesker voice is simply amazing.


  • malek86

    This will probably end up with people buying the Revelations demo, and Mercenaries being considered the free bonus. Kinda like Crackdown with the Halo 3 beta.

    But maybe the game can stand on its own merit? That’s difficult to say.

  • Wait this is 3DS? *Rubs eyes* It…it is 3DS OMG! This game gets amazing the more I see it, Revelations demo? Screw that I wanna get this game for the game, I’ll worry about Revelations when that time comes….until then *looks at bank account* Just a little while longer.^_^

  • eilegz

    seems to be improved the gameplay from re5 not bad at all

    but still a mini game like the mercenaries at full retail price seems too expensive for me…

  • Darkrise

    Complete… Global… SATURATION *Breaths in and out heavily*

  • mikanko

    Why doesn’t Wesker just super jump shoot down and then teleport down all day? I don’t think any of those las Plagas will stand up to x-factoring into his level 3 after OTGing either.


  • Vino (Tim N)

    I really enjoyed the mercenaries part of RE5, except it was mostly with my brother split screen. I hope I find a lot of people to play this game with when it releases.

  • 2002120141

    Is it just me or is Wesker’s voice different in the trailer? Just isn’t the same without that psuedo british voice of his…

  • All I can think of when I see Wesker’s intro is “Kali Maaaaaa.”

  • Hexen

    Wesker is just like walking in the park with a shotgun

    Wesker: Too Easy

  • PrinceHeir

    finally being able to switch to over the shoulder view or first person like MGS :)

    can’t wait for this :P

    announce Leon, Ada, Barry and Rebecca already. you already have Rebecca and Barry done so just put them.

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