A Summoning Of Devil Survivor 2 Screenshots

By Ishaan . March 30, 2011 . 2:33pm

Devil Survivor 2 has a new brand of enemy called the Septentrions, who invade Japan, similar to the demons in the first game. The Septentrions attack at least once everyday, and the game takes place over a span of seven days.


Unlike the original Devil Survivor, the sequel spans many Japanese cities, which have been recreated for the game. Devil Survivor 2, according to art director, Akiko Koto, is a game about choice; Atlus have designed it to be replayable.


Devil Survivor 2 is slated for release in Japan this summer. In the mean time, here’s a batch of new screenshots to pour over. You can find more over at 4Gamer.


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  • Dude in the yellow scarf looks so cool! Definitely adding to my anticipated games released in CONUS to buy on Day 1 list.

  • Designed to be replayable. Loving this already! I also like that they’ve gone for a new cast and the inclusion of more cities. Changes of scenery, I find, is always nice.

    • Well one could say that DeSu 1 was designed to be replayable with its different endings and bonus boss. Hopefully replays give you more things to do than that though.

  • #DeSu 2 is getting sweeter by the details. CAN’T WAIT!

  • Zero_Destiny

    OMG OVERLOAD!!!!!! lol
    [http://i1109.photobucket.com/albums/h436/Zero_Destiny/th_OVERLOAD.jpg?t=1301522283] :P

    • Saraneth

      Wait, seriously? So characters from the previous game appear? I suppose they can’t include the main character from the first game. Maybe it’s just Yuzu and Atsuro and (maybe) Naoya.

      • Photoshop, my friend~ ;P

      • Zero_Destiny

        No just photoshoped it with because I thought both charas looked alike and it made me laugh. Used this pic of Yuzu before:
        Sorry for the confusion. :)

        • SolidusSnake

          Haha I like that pic! Stocke is putting the white chronicle to pervy good use

          • Zero_Destiny


          • Holy chicken wing, which series does the “dude” come from? xD

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Raioh Inukami! It’s pretty hilarious. Kinda of a Romantic comedy and Harem but more like a parody of it. The main is constantly put into “elephant” jokes. A lot of times he’s naked with the whole world to see his goods. lol It’s pretty funny show though. Poor Keita. He can’t catch a break.

          • Ha, great thanks! So gonna watch it this weekend! xD
            Can’t let “elephant” jokes slide under my radar!

          • LOL. We should totally make this a meme. Yuzu is surprised at everything!

          • Zero_Destiny

            @JustThisOne I like how you think :)

        • Saraneth

          Lol yeah Yuzu’s shocked face is pretty hilarious. I’m still hoping for Devil Survivor 1 character appearances though.

        • Hahahahahahaha

        • Finally it’s the time for your secret skills to shine! GO ZERO, YOU CAN FLY!!!

    • luckgandor

      Exactly what I thought when I first saw it.

  • Saraneth

    Is it just me, or do the character designs not look as good in the screenshots as they do in the concept art?

  • I’m already loving Daisuke’s many expressions.

  • Angeru_Lito

    Finally some good starters demons Tan Lin is in there, don´t know who the other 2 are tough and of course we should expect some Pixe early on as well, I couldn´t get into the first one I should give it one more chance

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Considering the almost literal avalanche of PSP titles in the Japanese market for the last year or so, it is nice to see another DS title being developed for a change. Don’t get me wrong, PSP titles are great, but it would be nice to see more DS titles as well. Especially since the DS market is quite large and is currently being seriously underserved.

    Hopefully, we will see more DS titles in the future, especially now that developers can make use of both the DS’s and 3DS’s install bases (3DS is backwards compatible).

    • I think it’s fair to say that DS has had a fantastic run the past few years, and now people are more likely to switch over to PSP because it’ll be relatively easy to do multiplatform PSP X 3DS games for the publishers that want to do those. It is nice to see DS still getting games for it, though, yea. :)

    • kylehyde

      My exact thoughts

  • Guest

    Enemies don’t look animated like Strange Journey

  • Needs more female demons floating in midair

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