Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Is Natsume’s Best-Selling Harvest Moon To Date

By Ishaan . March 30, 2011 . 5:38pm

Natsume recently ran a Facebook/Twitter Q&A session with some of their fans, and while a lot of you likely already know the answers to a lot of the questions that were asked, one interesting tidbit caught our eye.


The question and Natsume’s reply follow below:


What is the best-selling Harvest Moon game?

The overall best-selling Harvest Moon game is Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for the Nintendo GameCube.  Others games in the series have come close, but none have topped the first Harvest Moon game for the GameCube.


Note that it isn’t clear whether “Harvest Moon game” refers only to the Harvest Moon series or whether Natsume are including Rune Factory under the same brand.


Natsume also say in a separate reply that they’ll always pursue niche, family-friendly titles with the potential for growth, so don’t expect to see them publishing M-rated games.

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  • Zero_Destiny

    Wow that was one of my fav ones. :) I too am really curious if their counting Rune Factory or not. Speaking of which I wonder when we’ll see Oceans come west. :D Come on Natsume you gotta do it. I knew you can’t resit a Harvest Moon game. I really want to get my hands on it. It’ll be my first Rune Factory game. Now if we can get both versions I’d pretty much be in love with Natsume. :D

    • puchinri

      I would strongly prefer that Xseed brought it over… But I do hope we get it either way. (You haven’t played Frontier though? It’s awesome~!)

  • Disappointing, an M-rated Harvest Moon has huge potential

    • Zero_Destiny

      Or better a Hentai Harvest hmph “Moon” XD Brings new meaning to working your hoe and milking a cow. XD *Now I feel really dirty :(*

      • I cant imagine that with the harvest moon graphics lol, all i wish is they could work more with the stories, make them a bit more mature, or at least, put some mind into it.

        • Ren

          You don’t need to imagine, just google it and let your gamer soul be raped. Rule 34.

          • Google… the all mighty google >8D

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Now that Yasuhiro Wada–the original creator of Harvest Moon–is with Suda 51–the boisterous badass of batshit-bizarre and blistering bloodshed–there will be plenty of chances for an M-rated Harvest Moon-esque game. Don’t you worry.

      Meanwhile Harvest Moon can continue living its wonderful life free of violence that can be found everywhere else anyway.

    • puchinri

      Well, by what terms would it be rated M? I guess in retrospect, it’s only M as a rating because it means graphic stuff, but it’s not like some weird, questionable things don’t happen in HM (or that it can’t be very dark, as AWL proves).

      But Yusaku is right, with Wada-sensei now at GHM, who knows what we’ll see. x’D

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    A Wonderful Life was the first one I ever played too. That’s probably why.

    But seriously, it was an awesome game. Probably the best in the series for me.

  • Well they could pursue T-rated titles. Actually I was looking over my library and I believe that I have many T/M rated titles, way more than E-rated. I guess thats just the type of gamr I am.

    One of my friends loves the series though. I could never understand.

    • MakoSoldier7

      yeah you don’t seem like the patient, relaxed type of gamer.

  • I loved this one! Mainly because you can have child and it even grows depending on who you are more friendly with, and he goes out and you can play with him >8D and i liked the “down-to-earth” girl tipical of all HM games there a lot x_X

  • It’s the best one. It came out at a great time with a lot of fanfare from Nintendo Power. I bought that game day 1 and I never knew why, but I loved the hell out of it.

  • I love A Wonderful Life! My favorite will always be Back To Nature though.

    • MakoSoldier7

      i freakin’ love back to nature!

  • This should’ve been Wiimade instead of Magical Melody. (Yes I know that was done due to the GC version of MM not being able to be released).

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Waw, I never thought I would see the words “GameCube” and “best-selling” used in the same sentence. :P

  • This was the first one I’ve ever played but my favorite is by far Friends of Mineral Town…but then again every Harvest Moon game I’ve played has been very addicting. I beat Tree of Tranquility within 48 hours because I literally played it for two days straight. I have to stay away from HM games because of how addicting they can get xD

  • skymap

    I actually tried to start this game up again and I was surprised. One of the few games I couldn’t bring myself to go back to due to lack of polish.

    • puchinri

      I suppose this is recent?

      When I first played it, it did feel very polished (as far as MMV’s work), but Natsume’s typical typos and glitches did make it a little headdesk worthy at times. But it was a very faceted, detailed and developed game.

  • I actually never got into A Wonderful Life– I love the HM games, but it and Save the Homeland are my least favorite entries in the series, honestly. I think Back to Nature is really the height of the long-staying familiar characters, while Magical Melody was the best melding of older mechanics with better graphics.

  • puchinri

    I wonder what the best selling HM is in Japan and other regions.

    AWL is definitely one of the most fun HMs to me, so it’s understandable that it be the best-selling one here. Although I do kind of prefer StH/HoLV and ToT/YasunoKi.

  • Harvest Moon 64 represent yo.

  • So no Harvest Moon: Night of the Farming Dead in the works then :(

    • puchinri

      You just reminded me of the ghost scene with Perry. But you never know!
      (Maybe it’ll bring back you killing your animals and having a funeral for them. But this time, your animals come back for vengence. I know my goat would for my murdering it…)

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I’ve grown to love the Rune Factory games more, but maybe I should go back and play a Harvest Moon game again, these games will never get old for me.

  • I love Magical Melody for Game cube

  • Caligula

    If you’ve played one Harvest Moon, you’ve played them all, but I did enjoy HM when I was into it. I personally liked HM2 for the GBC the most.

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