Rune Factory Producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto On His Aspirations For The Series’ Future

By Ishaan . April 1, 2011 . 2:07pm

The last time we spoke to Rune Factory series producer, Yoshifumi Hashimoto, he gave us his thoughts on what he envisioned the future of Rune Factory on the Nintendo 3DS would be like.


"There are certainly a lot of different things I could think of wanting to add,” Hashimoto had said to us. “Since it’d be in 3D, I’d want to make it feel as if you are actually walking through this fantasy world. I’d want to make farming a more realistic, 3D experience. Dating would have scenes entirely in 3D.”


That’s more of a visual upgrade, however. What about upgrades to Rune Factory staples like interaction with the townsfolk and bringing the world to life? After all, Hashimoto believes that one of the pleasures of Rune Factory is being able to “live” in a fantasy world, as opposed to just “battling” in one. This was a question we posed to Hashimoto once again, with regard to the future of the series.


“There are certainly a lot of things left that I want to do,” Hashimoto admitted. “Stuff like making gameplay more dynamic, brisk, and familiar. Fleshing out characters more so that they’re more lifelike is another.”


“I don’t mean making characters look photorealistic,” he clarified. “I mean giving them a sense of life and personality, so it’s as if there really is a person here with a life to live in the Rune world. Then taking it a step further and having them shape events in the game dynamically.”


Hashimoto also told us a funny story he heard from a Rune Factory fan in Japan.


“In Japan, I heard from one user who entered an agricultural high school because of Rune Factory,” he revealed. “I’m not going to say that he’s made the right decision because of me or the game, but it certainly makes me feel happy to hear it.”

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  • That would be pretty difficult to do. The 3D effects thus experience on the 3DS arent exactly Terminator @ Universal Studios Orlando 3D in eye popping engrossingly enthralling in your face like you are really there, you know? If he can truly achieve such popping enthralling 3D, then wow, I would be utterly amazed and on there on day 1. Though, of course, the gameplay would have to be there for me to buy it. I hope the best and cant wait to see that which is unleashed for the future of the series on the 3DS.

  • HarryHodd

    I believe consoles games can be 3D now as well, not sure why it’s limited to the 3DS.

    • Because 3D on consoles won’t be accessible for a few more years for a variety of reasons? Anyway, his recent comments weren’t do to with any system in particular, just the series’ future in general.

      • HarryHodd

        Oh whoops I meant to delete that and leave the other comment. Oh well. That is one of the things that gets me about Disaster Report 4’s cancellation is it had 3D and move support supposedly. But yeah 3DS is paving the way.

        • No sweat, I’ll take care of it. :)

  • Zero_Destiny

    Was I the only one who thought dirty things when I saw “Dating would have scenes entirely in 3D.” ^-^ A Man can dream right? XD

    • Yes! 3D dating finally!..oh wait, isn’t that real life? meh..~ xD

      Nah, it surely isn’t as dirty as our Hentai no Tamashii’s make us believe, but as you said a man only has his dreams and ambitions in this cold world..!

      And dang do I look forward to 3D dating in Love+ when the game is out! xD

      • Zero_Destiny

        OMG You changed your pic. ;_; I’ll miss the old one. I can’t wait to play Love+ in 3D!!!!! And then I can use my AR cards and show all my friends my future waifu!!!! XD

        • Haha, no worries I love that pic(gotta love fetish pictures), I will change it back soon enough, but sometimes you need a change of scenery~ xD
          That and Tomoe Shiro is an awesome dude!

          I approve of that! They will make eyes I assure you~ xD I too cannot wait to get my hands on Love+ 3DS, gonna hack the game and make myself a wonderful 3D(!!!) Harem!! OH YEAH~ xD

          • Zero_Destiny

            Harem ^-^ I need that cheat. Oh by the way. You reminded me of this:

          • The video doesn’t work for me, copyright problems in my country… :(

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Raioh hahahaha the irony. I remember your video did that to me. What a shame. It was a funny amv. Oh well I guess you’ll have to settle for Victoreem-sama!!!!

    • I did… but at a rune factory level xD, i have too much experience with rune factory and harvest moon games that i can’t see it that way that much, but more the romantic way >8D

  • Hashimoto has really been improving game after game, i cant freaking wait to see what will he come up next, and i cant wait to meet more crazy girls >8D

  • puchinri

    That was all really cool to hear. I think the other characters in games (both in the MC’s party if there is one and NPCs) especially help establish how real the world feels, so it’s nice that he takes that into consideration and wants to implement that more (and the student going into agriculture is cool too!).

    Although I hope Hashimoto and the team will focus on the girl’s aspect more over time. ;u;
    As much as I love RF, I feel disappointed when playing, especially after I play HM. Our first option to play as a girl, and you don’t even get to play her for most of the game and the bachelors are basically 1:3 with the bachelorettes (and then there are only girl visitors/guests on top of that…). TTuTT vuv;

    But I look forward to where the series goes, and I especially look forward to the next RF for (home) console.

  • Sounds like a plan, but before you get to that…

    …release Rune Factory 3 out here in EU already XD

  • I wish he utilized the power of the PS3 and the space of the Blu-ray to do all of the things he mentioned in the interview. Instead, we have essentially a Wii port in Rune Factory Oceans.

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