Dynasty Warriors 7 To Get Japanese Voice Track As Free DLC

By Ishaan . April 2, 2011 . 4:29pm

Dynasty Warriors 7 recently saw its release in the U.S., and Tecmo Koei are planning to offer players a little treat: the Japanese voice track for the game, as a free download over Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.


The free DLC update will also include additional costumes, but Tecmo Koei haven’t announced a release date yet. They also say that paid DLC is on its way as well.


Dynasty Warriors 7 lets you carry two weapons that you can switch between using a variable attack system, even in mid-combo. Developer, Omega Force, also added support characters in the form of animals, so you can have a panda watching your back in battles.

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  • Tecmo Koei is spoiling their fans =3

    Not that there is anything wrong with it…

    • gimpylee

      I think its pretty sad statement. A company that finally listens to its fanbase’s demand = “spoiling” ?

  • eilegz

    good very good koei, now i have hope that dynasty warrior gundam 3 will come with japanese voice

    • Isnt Namco Bandai handling that one?

      • eilegz

        ohh =/ koei develope it but i guess you are right namco bandai its publishing it here =/

        • Aoshi00

          I thought Dynasty Warrior Gundam games also had dual audio? I only played the demo.. Bamco is pretty generous w/ dual audio, they have it for the more recent Naruto (UNS 1/2) and Dragonball games (Burst Limit/Raging Blast)…

          • eilegz

            the first one included dual audio, but the second one no, and believe me the dub was so awful it was a big disservice i mean they even dubbed the haro voice…

  • Now this is how you spoil the fanbase!

    • Maxwell3000

      Yeah that was extra nice of Tecmo Koei. I’m surprised

  • lol other companies should take note of this and try it too.. Especially for all us who want dual audio.

  • Croix

    Now this is awesome. I usually prefer English voice tracks when they are done well (hat’s off to NISA as I say this because theirs is usually awesome), but there are times when I cringed at the lack of it (looking at you, Arc Rise Fantasia). Having it as a free optional download, I think, is a great idea, so it doesn’t take up space on the disk and is still available for people who insist on it.

  • Dude, finally someone who understood that dual audio doesn’t need to be on the disc(so no “not enough space” complains)! I hope other companies will see this, so it will happen more often in the future!

    That said, I need to get the game, save some money again it seems~ xd

    • Guest

      Yeah but it needs to be for games where there is proper lip synching in the prerendered 1080p cut scenes *FF XIII*

  • Maxwell3000

    The online co-op in this game has me very intrigued…There’s just so many games I want. My wallet is already upset with me.

  • Yay! I will enjoy this DLC. I wonder if they’re thinking of adding the ’empires’ or ‘xtreme legends’ stuff via DLC instead of whole new titles as well. I’d love to make my own officer and level up and whatnot again. Been a while!

  • HarryHodd

    Makes me want to buy it. Been on the fence since it released. I never liked English voices in these historical games.

    • Pichi

      Shouldn’t the best option be Chinese VA in this case?

      • Which dialect though? We have Mandarin, Cantonese, and many more!

        • Aoshi00

          Well.. in ancient mainland China, it would be Mandarin..that’s why the names are all romanized in Mandarin, like Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, etc. I’ve always thought the Jpn pronunciation of Chinese names are a bit weird, like RyuuBi, SouSou, ChouHi, or Kan’U (as in these 3 Kingdom games or Ikkitousen), but at least the kanji look the same in the Jpn ver. But when localized in Eng, they always use the Mandarin spelling (only people in Guangdong or Hong Kong speak Cantonese).

          • Actually, Mandarin didn’t develop until the time period around the Jinn and Yuan Dynasties. At the same time though, that’s the time period Romance of the Three Kingdoms was written, so using Mandarin is the definite dialect for a Chinese dub, but for a slightly different reason than you’ve stated.

          • Aoshi00

            You’re right based on the time the novel was written hundreds of years ago, it would be in Classical Chinese (when I was young I read Sanguo in modern Chinese, classical Chinese was too boring and hard to dicepher) , But 2000 or so years ago, people definitely spoke differently when Mandarin was not imposed as the official language until the later dynasties. That’s why it is impossible and unnecessary for a game to be 100% authentic. People need to realize, if this is getting a Chinese dub, it’s so Chinese gamers could understand the game in their native language, not for US gamers who don’t understand Chinese and insist on or get hung over on some technicalities..

      • HarryHodd

        Ideally but Japanese sounds better than English to me.

        • Aoshi00

          The Jpn dub sounds relatively better compared to Eng. since it’s still Asian, but still neither Eng. nor Jpn are historically “accurate” if that’s what you’re seeking, unlike say Samurai Warriors or Sengoku Basara..

          • HarryHodd

            Senguka basara 3 definately would benefit from Japanese voices. Capcom
            Isn’t as nice as Koei though.

          • The biggest complain about SB3 isn’t the voice acting, but the lack of characters, after the big amount in SB2H..then again, indeed I just can’t get used to the English voice acting in it.. :(

          • @Raioh
            idk, the dubbing of SB3 wasn’t too bad. I liked a good sum of the actors in it and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really like English dubbed anime/games/live action movies. lol

          • @Aunna Terrell
            Yeah I actually agree that they weren’t that bad, but my problem was that I am too biased with SB after watching the two animes and playing the games, all in Japanese, I probably am just too accustomed to them. I dig most English dubs in games, but for some reason it doesn’t work here~ :/

          • @Raioh
            lol it’s because of the almighty absence of the eye patch moe’s Engrish. :D (lol which I find funny that he also voices Xiahou Dun, another character with an eye patch…)

        • PrinceHeir

          i actually prefer Samurai Warriors to Dynasty Warriors just because of japanese history and such ^^

          • I kinda agree… but when it comes to female characters, I prefer Dynasty Warriors over Samurai Warriors. lol But both games have great characters to choose from, so they’re equal to me.

          • PrinceHeir

            yeah :D

            i think Dynasty Warriors has one of the hottest VG girls ever :P

          • Guest

            Japanese people came from China. Respect the lineage and history.

  • PersonaBull

    This gives me a new hope for getting dual-audio on games I had already given up on getting dual-audio for (looking at you, Catherine). I’d even pay a few bucks for some games’ Japanese track. This particular case being free is pretty sweet.

    Well done, Tecmo Koei. <3

  • Not a fan of the Dynasty Warriors games, BUT I like that they are doing this. Hopefully, more companies will follow.

  • Kai2591

    Every localized Japanese games should have such treatment. That is, if they didn’t have the Jap voices in the first place..

  • GamerKT

    Should be Chinese voices instead…

    • tr1gun1212

      Classical Chinese?

      • Aoshi00

        The original novel in classical Chinese is probably too hard to read for most… I think most people are more familiar w/ the modern/vernacular Chinese version, especially kids.. same for Water Margin, Fengshen Yanyi, or Journey to the West.. I doubt I could even read classical Chinese even to this day..

    • Good thing I’m not the only one. You’d think a game that focuses entire on the original novel would have Chinese voices after all this time.

      • Aoshi00

        But the games are made by Japan, I’ve even played many turn based 3 Kingdoms RPGs back on the NES.. If you want to listen to 3 Kingdoms in Chinese, there are a lot more “authentic” movies or drama made by China… a recent one is “Red Cliff”, parts I & II are released on 1 blu-ray.. These games were never dubbed in Chinese (some 3 Kingdoms games were translated in Chinese though). If people are so hung up on authenticity, should they even be playing these fantasy games? At least this is not Ikkitousen where everyone turned to busty school girls :)

        There’s no absolute authenticity, you just pick the dub that sounds better… I didn’t think the Cantonese dub for the 3 Kingdoms anime in the 90’s sounded particularly good either..

        • Guest

          So then why do people want the Japanese voices? Because they think they sound better or are better actors? Know way in knowing unless you speak the language. Yes there’s “fantasy” in this but it does have a root in real history based on a country where Chinese is spoken. Not Japanese. Not English. And Tekken had multiple languages spoken from different fighters from different areas, so…

          • Aoshi00

            Well, because the Jpn dub for the Dynasty Warriors games is the “original” dub.. just like I used Prince of Persia movie as an example, it was made by the US/Disney, so the prince and everyone spoke English (w/ the more sophisticated British accent), instead of Persian/Farsi. For that they would need to use actors from a different country, just like if Dynasty Warriors were to have Chinese dub, they would need to hire voice actors from China/Taiwan/Hong Kong (not just anyone who could speak Chinese). Perhaps a Jpn person who watches Prince of Persia would prefer to hear the dialogue in its “original”English acting instead of Jpn dub, even though English is still not the authentic language according to the story’s setting. Well.. I do speak Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin), Japanese, and English, and have watched anime in either language for years For me, I like to watch a movie or play a game in its original language, like I read manga in Jpn instead of reading it translated in Chinese/Eng. Jpn dub traditionally has been better, but Eng dub has been improving. But like some said, they couldn’t even pronounce the name of one of the most important characters right, Cao Cao as “Cow Cow”.. I didn’t blame them since most Eng. speakers don’t know how things are pronounced in Chinese anyway, such as the sound “e”, or “q”. Would be nice if they did a bit of homework.. One thing I would like the Eng. game to have though is to display the chars’ names in Kanji as well in additional to their pinyin romanized names. I don’t think absolute authenticity is paramount to enjoy a movie or a game, otherwise every movie would need to be made like Passion of the Christ..It’s like the 3 Kingdoms anime based on the Yokoyama Mitsuteru manga in the 90’s.. back then I didn’t know Jpn yet.. but I just knew the Cantonese dub wasn’t that good.. the voices didn’t stand out, they used the same actors for many different chars, etc.. there was a lot of good HK dub for anime, but that was not one of them. And it’s a little ironic some fans here are demanding a Chinese dub for the sake of “authenticity” even though they don’t understand Chinese at all. If the games are ever dubbed in Chinese, it would be to accommodate the Chinese market, not to please Eng. speakers who want super authenticity..

          • While I’m not a big fan of “Passion of the Christ” as a movie, I absolutely loved that it was in the languages people would’ve spoken at that time. I don’t care that the movie was made by an American (well, Australian, if you want to get technical). He went the extra mile and made it authentic, language-wise, which, in a perfect world, all games and movies would be made that way. Unfortunately, I don’t even pretend it’s a perfect world.

          • Aoshi00

            But that would require compromise in the quality of acting. Chances are actors who just memorize the lines in a language they don’t understand would not act as well in their native language. Passion was more of a physical movie. Say Jackie Chan (not the best actor in the world as he’s in martial art comedies), but when he acts speaking Mandarin or Cantonese in his Hong Kong movies, it’s definitely better than when he is “memorizing” English dialogue where he jumbles words together take after take, just watch Shinjuku Incident, that was a very dramatic movie for him.. he spoke Mandarin and a bit of Japanese (fighting the Yakuza).. Otherwise you get horribly bad acting when the Jpn actors attempted to speak English/German, say in Evangelion.. even the Eng announcers in the Evangelion movies sound stiff and robotic (probably not professional VAs, but just some regular gaijin who happen to speak English that got dragged to the mic).

            Again, if the Dynasty Warriors games were ever getting a Chinese dub, it would be to appeal to Chinese gamers in China/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Singapore who actually understand Chinese, instead of a few Americans who argue over technicalities about such and such needing to be in a specific language that they don’t even understand. If people really want to listen to 3 Kingdoms in Chinese, then they shouldn’t be playing action games or read manga/watch anime made by Japan, they should be watching movies or TV drama made by China w/ Chinese actors.

            But getting an addt’l Jpn dub track here is good, because it is still the “original” dub.

          • It’s really not hard to find actors who speak Mandarin, for example, though. Hell, I live with one and my most recent ex is another. There’s a huge second generation Chinese community in the States. I don’t know about Europe, so I can’t judge there.

            If anything, “Passion of the Christ” and “Apocalypto” went the extra mile because they spoke dead languages convincingly. Mandarin is not even a dead language. Half of Queens speaks either Mandarin or Cantonese.

            In short, I appreciate that they’re giving the game a Japanese VA DLC. I think that’s great and more companies should do that. For this particular title (which I will admit, I won’t be playing, because I hate the series), they should also offer fans an even more authentic experience and do a Mandarin VA. While it may cost money for them to do, I bet if they offered that DLC for an extra $2-5, enough people would buy it to make it worth their while. If I liked the series, I know I would buy it. It looks like enough people in this thread would too, and I’m sure a good portion of the Asian-American community would appreciate it, as well.

          • Aoshi00

            But we’re talking about using professional voice actors to provide a good dub. Heck, the whole US could speak English and there are a lot of starving actors on the street, could anyone of them be dragged into a studio to voice a game? If it’s getting a Chinese dub, they better use skillful and experienced professional voice actors who are recognizable to the respective market. People would appreciate good voice acting rather than bland and mediocre acting for the sake of realism. For the record, most anime fans in Hong Kong prefer watching anime in Japanese w/ Chinese subtitles even though all the shows that are on air have been dubbed in Cantonese. I can’t speak for anyone… I don’t want them to find a guy from down the block in Queens to voice Liu Bei or Cao Cao… People should be thankful all games are localized in English in the US… I used to have to play games in Jpn reading a Chinese strategy guide and memorizing Jpn commands..It’s cool that they go the extra mile using an ancient language in some movies, but that’s the exception and is not the most important thing.. Passion worked because the guy who played Christ just get whipped to a pulp for most of the 2 hours.. if you have an American actor act in a French movie speaking French, he or she would not act as well.

          • Guest

            Its funny how you lament the U.S. voice actors of the past on their “improper” pronounciations despite them actually improving….meanwhile you’ll NEVER hear a Japanese voice actor try to pronounce a name the “right way” outside their language.

          • Aoshi00

            But why would Jpn need to pronounce kanji in Chinese way? Many Asian countries have adapted their own ways to read kanji differently, that’s why the word Kanji is read as Hanzi in Chinese and Hanja in Korean. It’s like Chinese people pronounce Jpn location/actors’ names in Chinese based on the same kanji rather than the Jpn readings (東京 is read as Dongjing in Chinese instead of Tokyo). Like the novel/manga Houshin Engi, it wouldn’t be pronounced in the Chinese way as Fengshen Yanyi because that’s the respective ways for Jpn and Chinese to say the title “封神演義”… Or like “水滸伝”, Jpn read that word as Suikoden, Chinese read it as Shuihu Zhuan, it doesn’t mean the Jpn mispronounced it at all.

            The English pronunciation was wrong however, because the sound “Ca” is not like “K” in Chinese.

  • Testsubject909

    Well, since everyone’s already expressing their collective gratitude and joy and whatnot.

    Now that we know they can figure out how to do downloadable voices…

    How about a chinese voice over DLC? I’d be willing to pay for that just for the sake of authenticity (despite the fact that it’s romanticized and far more dramatic and etc. i get that, but it would be pretty kickass to hear them speak some chinese. Mandarin, cantonese, whichever.)

    • Aoshi00

      I’m not sure if it needs to be that authentic (it would mean it needs to be dubbed by China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong).. I used to prefer watching the Yokoyama Mitsteru 3 Kingdoms anime in original Jpn because the Cantonese dub was only so-so.. To be really authentic though, everyone would need to speak Mandarin..You could watch Red Cliff (Chi Bi). The movie was pretty good, but I wasn’t too crazy about the casting like Tony Leung as Zhou Yu or Kaneshiro Takeshi as Zhuge Liang… the music was epic though.. then I found out it was composed by Iwashiro Taro who also did the Kenshin OVA score when the credit rolled..http://www.amazon.com/Red-Clif

  • mikanko

    At least in Japanese they don’t horribly butcher pronouncing the character names quite as badly as Koei’s English localizations tend to.

    • lol omg, Cao Cao was pronounced as Cow Cow for the LONGEST time. XD When they changed it, I was like “o.O Huh?”.

    • Aoshi00

      I thought “Cow Cow” sounded cute and funny in its own way lol.. can’t blame them since regular Eng speakers don’t know anything about Pinyin, the staff should at least know how several letters are pronounced in Mandarin, especially sounds like Qi, Xi, Ca, etc.. at least they’re not flipping the last name/first name order now when romanizing Chinese names in most Eng publication.. I think the Eng dub is kinda cool though :)The Jpn just pronounced the names based on Jpn pronunciation as well..

      Cao Cao (曹操) – Sou Sou
      Zhuge Liang (諸葛亮) – Shokatsu Ryou
      Dong Zhuo (董卓) – Tou Taku
      Sima Yi (司馬懿) – Shiba ISun Quan (孫權) – Son Ken or like the titles Sankokushi (三國志) instead of Sanguozhi or Houshin Engi (封神演義) instead of Fengshen Yanyi.I liked the 3 Kingdoms anime based on the Yokoyama Mitsuteru manga, the anime char design by Araki Shingo/Himeno Michi (Saint Seiya/Rose of Versailles) was really good.. one of the best adaptation..http://www.youtube.com/watch?vhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v

    • Guest

      They fixed that. No more “Cow Cow” or “Cow Pee”. They pronounce it correctly now.

      • Aoshi00

        So you are the evil Cao Cao :)? lol…

  • That’s great. I wonder why it wasn’t on the PS3 version disc from the start though.

  • epy

    Great job! Hey, everyone releasing japanese games, do this!

  • It was weird how in the ending credits it showed the japanese voice actors yet there were no japanese track at all. But cool for the dlc

  • If they do this for DW Gundam 3 I will be so happy.

    • LynxAmali

      I was reading somewhere, can’t remember where, that they were considering doing this with Musou 3.

      I put up with the first two games in English but since they’re including X, 00 and UC, I want my Japanese track. I just love Garrod’s Japanese VA.

  • thebanditking

    The voices should not have to be DLC on PS3 though, as it should fit on the Blu-ray. The costumes OK because maybe they were not ready until now but the JP language track already exists, and should be a free download on XBL and included on the disc for PS3 (imo).

    • Pichi

      Rumor has it that Microsoft doesn’t want their version to be the “inferior” one. So in order to please Microsoft, it’ll be DLC for both versions of the game.

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