A First Look At Spider-Man: Edge of Time

By Ishaan . April 4, 2011 . 1:33pm


Last week, Activision announced Spider-Man: Edge of Time, just prior to a panel on the game at the 2011 WonderCon over the weekend. Now, we have the game’s debut trailer, first shown during the WonderCon panel.


Spider-Man: Edge of Time is being developed by Beenox, the developer of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. The game features two Spider-Men: the regular Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099. When the former suffers an early death, the latter’s timeline goes wrong.


Edge of Time will have a cause and effect hook. Changes in one timeline will affect the other. No date or platforms have been announced by Activision for Spider-Man: Edge of Time yet.

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  • Guest

    Can a spider-man game not be a beat-em up kind of game? I haven’t liked any of these, don’t see how this one will be any different.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Spider-Man beats up villains. I don’t think it’d be a very fun game if you don’t beat people up

      • Guest

        Wow, really? I’m not asking for them to take away villians to fight. I just don’t like the beat em up style of play.

        • Guest

          A BIOWARE Spider-Man game is what you want then.

    • Guest

      A Spider-Man Sim game?

      • Barrit

        Maybe a dating sim where you can choose Black Cat or MJ.

        • Guest

          Would love this…

        • Chow

          Didn’t that sort of happen in a game already? …unless you were making an overt reference to it (or maybe I’m remembering it wrong).

      • Guest

        Sim game?

        I’m just tired of these games being a group of generic enemies you button mash to beat with the exact same animations and stuff. You just unlock more combos or whatever. It’s not fun to me.

    • I don’t know, the last few Spider-man games were quite good and enjoying, nothing overly innovative, but fun nevertheless.

      • Guest

        Yea, I know people have enjoyed but I just couldn’t get into them.

    • Try the ones on DS…they’re sidescrolling beat-em-ups. Spider-Man 3 in particular is very good. :)

      • Guest

        I completely forgot about them..
        They talked about them on the RFN podcast a while ago and said the last few were really good. I might just do that.

        • Kris

          The DS version of Web of Shadows is vaguely Metroid-esque, too!

          Also, did you play Spider-Man 2? There’s combat in that, but it’s mostly about swinging around the city in really fun ways. It’s probably my favorite Spider-Man game.

  • Spartan Liberty is much better than ordinary Liberty.

  • ffboi7

    Enjoyed Shattered Dimensions but I don’t understand why they had to re-use Amazing Spiderman and 2099 Spiderman. I was expecting they would use a different Spiderman for this title. But I guess I’ll still pick it up eventually. I’m still waiting for Scarlet Spiderman to make a appearance in a game. Not including costume appearances xp.

  • Hmm . . . looks same as Shattered dimension but with 2 spiderman less

  • 2002120141

    Kind of a disappointing trailer. Looks like the movesets are directly taken from Shattered Dimensions such as Amazing’s “triple jump” and combos as well as 2099’s spin kick. Even 2099’s “tunnel diving” segments are present.
    Shattered Dimension was a good game but it did have a flaws – I remember by the time I finished it, I was fatigued from the eye strain that was the 2099 dimension and was generally tired of the repetition overall.
    If Beenox’s idea of a new Spider-Man game is the same Shattered Dimensions engine (with little to no improvement) and just a change of story, count me out… But who am I kidding, I’m a sucker for Spidey games as much as the other guy and will end up getting it and play it to completion all the while hating it.

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