Marvelous Bait With A Reel Fishing Paradise 3D Trailer

By Ishaan . April 4, 2011 . 8:05am


You’ve already seen Reel Fishing Paradise 3D in screenshot form. Natsume are publishing Marvelous’ Nintendo 3DS fishing game in the U.S. this year. Now, we have a trailer, courtesy of Marvelous themselves.


Reel Fishing Paradise 3D will come with over 40 different kinds of fish, and that you’ll be able to mix and match fishing gear like rods, reels, bait and lure. You’ll be able to transfer fish into your aquarium, which you can customize by placing objects in it as you see fit. And yes, fish will jump out of the screen at you.


Reel Fishing Paradise 3D releases in Japan on June 23rd for 3,990 yen. Oh, and speaking of Reel Fishing, Natsume are having a Reel Fishing contest going on at their Facebook page.

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  • malek86

    I wonder if some developers are using the 3D effect as too much of a selling point. Maybe it will start to become like the emphasis on graphics on the HD consoles.

    • Isnt that the selling point of the 3DS? Unless one wants them to embrace Augmented Reality and have 40 different printed fish cards and one plays with those in their home or something, I cant imagine what else the selling point of this game would be? Though do we know of if they are using the mic, the gyro, streetpass/spotpass etc?

      HD console games should have some sort of emphasis on graphics, they arent HD capable for nothing. I hope companies do embrace the power of graphics on the 3DS, for surely it is capable of rivaling that of home consoles.

      • malek86

        But it’s too feeble a selling point. It works now, but once everything starts being 3D, it will be just like HD graphics on the HD consoles: everyone will simply expect them.

        When that happens, hopefully developers will have to pull new tricks out of their hats.

        • lostinblue

          It’s part of how the market works.

          Being in poligonal 3D used to sell games a few years back to the point they used put 3D in the name (Sonic 3D and others)… And now with stereoscopic 3D we’re seeing the same thing all over again, including the way developers are giving titles to their games.

          It’ll wear out, sure, but in the end let’s hope it’ll wear out the way touch screen did on the DS, by the time Dragon Quest IX came no one cared wether it did use the touch screen or not, as long as it felt right.

          I myself am more impressed by the built-in AR capabilities. 3D might be the selling point we’re seeing now, but I hope in two years time with the software maturing we’ll have more and more titles using AR.

          • How can AR be used conveniently in a portable game? Ive not seen any form of it that makes it fun to play while one is traveling, etc. Utilizing cards is also another hassle and bound to raise production costs…

          • lostinblue

            Have you purchased a 3DS/messed with one? AR is not just the cards, there’s stuff like the AR “space invaders” thing that are really compelling. the 3DS screens can be a window to the outside world. A altered window, that is.

          • @lostinblue Yes I have a 3DS. As one who commutes it is just extremely silly and odd to utilize AR in such a place and etc. Especially in the games where they want you to keep moving the screen to the side, to the side, to the side, you can only move so much in a seat. They are honestly just compelling minigame titles. I really only see it as a novelty and entry into mass shovelware if I may be serious and can not see how it would be implemented successfully into say a triple A title. Oh and like motion, after a quick bit of time, the gameplay gets really tiring.

          • lostinblue

            @ Tsunayoshi Sawada – I see it differently. That said I’m asking for titles that don’t exist yet so I can agree the search for it can produce a lot of bad software result of trial and error, not necessarily shovelware though.

            AR on the 3DS/any portable gaming platform makes a lot more sense for me that it ever did on a home console where it’s use could only range from very local (eye of the beholder) to incredibly stupid/silly applications.

          • malek86

            Depends. Not all things go well. Like motion controls on the Wii, where some developers even started using the lack thereof as a selling point :P

            3D won’t have the same problem, but unlike the touch screen, I don’t feel like there are too many ways to use it peculiarly. The pen and double screen allowed you to make quirky games like TWEWY. What does 3D allow you to do? I’m not sure.

            Maybe AR games have more potential. But right now, everyone seems focused on 3D, so I’m not expecting many games to take advantage of AR for a while.

            I guess the problem with AR is that it’s not technically exclusive to the 3DS, anything with a camera could do it (read: smartphones), so of course Nintendo has more reasons to try and push the glassless-3D part of the system instead.

          • lostinblue

            Just like at one point hand drawn 2D became a selling point again against flocks of pre-rendered 2D and real-time 3D.

            Wii Motion Controls were fine, providing they were well used, if it was used just because and overused the illusion would fall flat though, hence developers that didn’t understand them did bad software. But bare in mind in the 32/64 bit generation most devs didn’t know how to use 3D and they were also slammed for it. It took a few games (and a few years) for most of them to get it.

            3D enhances the way you see 3D, 3D plane games often need a pretty visible shadow, even if a rounded one, for you to grasp exactly where you are; moreover, even if you look at reality and realize with that light you wouldn’t have that much of a visible shadow or it wouldn’t be in that position… it has to be there. Of course we can deal with the shadow to know where we are but then we have games on a 3D plane without terrain, such as starfox, pilotwings and kid icarus, or segments of them (flying and diving sections in videogames) where everyone of us felt dificulties before. Why? because we couldn’t grasp where we were. 3D makes a huge difference in that.

            3D makes more sense for gaming than it does for movies, imo. That said, it’s not like I can’t play stuff without it after experiencing it, but it makes incredible sense as an evolutionary (perhaps albeit not *that* revolutionary) step.

            As for AR, it’s not exclusive, sure, but smartphones aren’t gonna get retail software with comparatively high budget; which 3DS is gonna get; moreover, NGP has it also, but it’s more expensive to develop which makes risk higher so they’re bound to be on the PSN/virtual distribution service. I have high expectations for 3DS AR, not in a “AR will rule all” vision, but I believe we’ll see very compelling software for it, or at least I hope. Software that couldn’t and won’t be made for a smartphone.

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