Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Coming To Nintendo DS…And 3DS

By Ishaan . April 6, 2011 . 11:32am

Does Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns sound like a localized name for Harvest Moon: Twin’s Village? We think so, too. Natsume have finally announced their plans to localize the Nintendo DS game nearly a year after its Japanese release.


But wait! The Tale  of Two Towns is also coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Natsume have both versions of the game pegged for release “later this year” and say they’ll have more to say about them in the near future.


Oh, we should also mention that The Tale of Two Towns is not the new Nintendo 3DS Harvest Moon game that Marvelous Entertainment announced last year. That’s an entirely different title.


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  • symytry

    They’re still milking this cow?!

    • That made me chuckle for some reason, I guess the thought of the cow that is usually in the logo.

    • Yui

      wwhy not its not like theyre bad games harvvest moon can be fun right

    • Zero_Destiny

      No no no, Someone didn’t watch the trailer. There’s alpaca’s XD
      Personally don’t see the problem. If it’s ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Wow I wonder what advantages the 3DS version will have. My friend will be excite and it will give him an incentive to get a 3DS since he loves the harvest moon games to death.

  • malek86

    Not a bad idea. If that version has 3D and Streetpass features, it could offer more value for people who own the console, and at the same time, they’ll get to tread the new market without risking too much on a different project.

    • The advent of streetpass is perhaps my most favorite feature of the 3DS, if the game uses it in a unique and compelling way, well I may finally get an Harvest Moon game for the sake of it.

  • BelmontHeir

    Two Harvest Moon games for the 3DS? I’ll take it!

  • nat.carrison

    Just localize Rune Factory Oceans Natsume.

    • Phlo

      And get whoever did the translation for Rune Factory 3 to do it!

      • I agree! I’m really happy about the quality work in RF3.

    • puchinri

      I was kind of hoping that XSEED would localize RFO…

  • Imagine using street pass, and whoever you meet may become a option. For your character to maybe marry in the game. Let’s say you pass a certain male or female multiple times. Their characters then comes to your town, and you can date them or something. That would be very interesting.

  • Cool, but sadly, this Harvest moon has something, i REALLY, REALLY hate on a harvest moon game, and it could even make me stop playing it…

    You can only save when you go sleep in the game…

    • puchinri

      Seriously? I did not know this (I guess it’s something I didn’t bother looking into). That sounds kind of backwards of them… Then again, MMV has been a little forwards and backwards with HM lately… (Ahem, YasunoKi and WakuAni…)

      • Yeah, it’s the same for wind baazar T_T, i didnt finished it because of that

        • puchinri

          Crap, Wind Bazaar too!? 0A0 / ;o;
          I was really looking forward to playing it too.

          …Just thinking about that, it doesn’t even make sense to do on a portable title. Shouldn’t saving be easy and you know, not kill the rest of the day. =A=

    • Joanna

      Oh that reminds me of the GBC Harvest Moon games….I actually don’t mind that since a day passes by really quick and if I /really/ need to leave the DS, I’ll put it into sleep mode. I thought Etrian Odyssey was so much worse because you had to warp out of the dungeon to save and then make your way back to where you were because the entrance points were only every 5 levels….not to mention some of the levels were just gigantic. I really could not play that game on the go. Dx

      • Umm, it’s truth, but somehow it didnt bothered me in Etrian Odessy, wait, it did, when i died after doing a lot of things T-T… but harvest moon, sometimes you just need to save in the middle of the day, and i play at the university sometimes, and it really pisses me off when i cant save the game and i have to go to classes -_- i feel so limited when there is an option like that

        • Joanna

          Oh I believe you, I’m just saying that I personally felt that way about EO because of the backtracking involved if you wanted to save without reaching the warp point on the next stratum and thus if I wanted to get back to where I was before I had to make sure I had an hour or so otherwise it would be pointless and because of that I could never play EO on the go where I had less than an hour to give it. Ultimately EO didn’t bother me either, I just couldn’t play it on the go and had to make time for it like for a console game.

  • Yay!!! First day pre-order, go!

  • Zero_Destiny

    Sounds nice I wouldn’t mind playing it as we wait for Rune Factory Oceans. :)
    Man I have never heard a game hype up alpaca’s that much. I hope Natsume gives us the alpaca bonus for our pre-orders. ^_^

    • puchinri

      Haha, agreed! The alpaca was already bigger than I thought, but Futago brought it to new levels. I was hoping the same with the alpaca bonus! But either way, I know Natsume will give us a good bonus. I actually would prefer an alpaca plush rather than the original bonus.

    • Joanna

      I keep missing all the plushies because either I forget the game is coming out and don’t pre-order or it comes in a month that I can’t pick it up day 1. I’m still bummed about missing out on the Horse plushie that you got with Grand Bazaar. I love horses. ;___;

      Hopefully this time there is a plushie and I don’t miss it. *crosses fingers*

  • kupomogli

    Why does everyone act like streetpass is such an amazing new feature? It’s just a more advanced version of the sleep mode system to acquire friend data on the original DS. For example. Dragon Quest IX used it to trade maps, Nintendogs used it for another persons dog to get in your game, etc.

    For something that’s not going to be used much outside of Japan because everyone is rarely playing the same game, everyone seems to get awfully hyped up about it.

    • thebanditking

      New marketing + new buzz word = completely new feature. I am betting it ends up being a left out feature as the system gets older for just the reason you stated.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Maybe so, but do keep in mind that trying to set up Sleep Mode on the original DS was quite a hassle. Hence why few people bothered with it.

      StreetPass makes it infinitely easier for such communication to occur, so its much more likely that the feature will actually play a bigger role and be used in a more meaningful way this time around.

    • Streetpass will get a lot of use at schools, colleges, events like PAX and E3, and at game stores. It’s worth having, even if you can’t use it every single day. Plus, like Tom pointed out, you don’t need to have a game in your 3DS for it to work — you can set up Streetpass for 12 games at once.

      • Yup. I always meant to use the original DS sleep mode and usually kept DQ9 with me just in case, but never had any luck. I think I got two DQ9 maps, and that was because I went to Nintendo-announced events.

        Meanwhile, I’ve gotten StreetPass data twice now without even trying. Not having to have the game in and running makes a pretty big difference.

        … I’m sure part of it is the buzzwords thing too, though.

        • Oh, it’s definitely smartly marketed, just like a lot of 3DS features. NGP can do augmented reality, too, but no one’s talking about that feature at all because Sony barely talked about it themselves. Nintendo, on the other hand, included it as inbuilt software, so AR on 3DS is getting a lot of buzz.

          • See, I even forgot about that NGP feature, and I’ve been keeping up with Sony’s announcements about it.

            …plus the 3DS AR games are pretty fun. I don’t see the point of requiring the AR cards for the Nintendogs + Cats Obedience contests, but I love the main AR Games app.

            Edit: I forgot to mention earlier! One of the StreetPass encounters I had let me swap Samurai Warriors Chronicles data with someone else. It’s one of the more obscure and nice 3DS games at the moment, and I was really surprised to get a StreetPass hit with it!

          • Really? I was sure it (Augmented Reality) was in there on the last showing they had on the NGP, on their slides at GDC was it.

          • Bahahaha, I can’t believe you exchanged StreetPass data for SWC of all things. That’s hilarious. XD

            I really hope developers don’t ignore AR. That’s the one feature I’m scared everyone will ignore because it requires out-of-the-box thinking. Like, I’d love to see some kind of realtime strategy game or something using AR or even a platformer. Pokémon is pretty much a given. :p

    • That’s the beauty, on 3DS you don’t have to be playing the game to exchange this data with someone.

  • thebanditking

    Ugh, if I pick this up it will be the DS version. I really don’t think I want to support these DS to 3DS left over ports (Rocket Slime 3 looks guilty of this as well), especially since the 3DS is capable of much more then DS level graphics. I know Natsume is a small dev but considering they will likely charge more for the same features, graphics and game play just because its in “3D!” kind of irks me. To make matters worse unless they do some major overhaul the game will likely be displayed and played on the bottom screen (judging by the 4:3 pics of the DS original), which imo in a 3DS game is a waste.

    • malek86

      But if the difference is $5 or so, and you get 3D, widescreen, no upscaling (DS games on a 3DS look like crap), and maybe some Streetpass features, I don’t see why not.

      Rather, the problem would be for europeans, who are stuck with the DS version because the 3DS one is region locked. Oh joy. Well, until it gets localized anyway.

      • thebanditking

        that would be a different story entirely. If Natsume is willing to but in a widescreen presentation higher res graphics and take advantage of the system then yeah I could justify it more. Also if I got the DS one I would play it on my DSi, because as many have said DS games look nasty on 3DS.

    • Joanna

      They could also charge the same amount for both… like how SE charged the same amount for Echoes of Time for both DS and Wii versions, even though that was 10 less than the lowest price range for Wii games. This actually makes the most sense to me, since the lower price point may get someone to try Harvest Moon on the 3DS; unless they really go all out with the 3DS port, then the mark up would definitely be justified. :)

  • Whoo hoo! It’s been awhile that I’ve liked the character designs of Harvest Moon, so I’m glad they’re bringing this over.

  • Dimitrivs oshea

    so wait is it the two towns game for the ds and a whole new harvest moon for the 3ds? im confused

    • Two Towns is on both DS and 3DS, although we don’t know what the differences between the two versions will be just yet. In addition, there’s also a separate, entirely different Harvest Moon in development for 3DS, but nothing about that game has been officially announced yet.

  • I haven’t really been able to get into a Harvest Moon since 64. I hope this one is up to par.

  • YES! Now I’m glad I got a 3DS. I’m sure the DS version won’t be all that different, but it’ll be nice to have another game to look forward to. :D

  • two 3DS HM games? well damn son, i will prob get both

  • Joanna

    Hmmm….I think I’ll be getting the DS version…unless the 3DS version has something like extra story or character(s).

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