Girls, Robots And Explosions In A New Otomedius Excellent Trailer

By Ishaan . April 7, 2011 . 4:01pm


Otomedius Excellent may have been delayed, but that only gives Konami more time to promote their gal-shooter…like with this very, very happy trailer that consists entirely of girls, mechas, spaceships and explosions.


You can expect to see Otomedius Excellent released in the U.S. sometime, but Konami haven’t said when. In the mean time, you can decide if you want to import the game’s special edition, which comes bundled with a chair.

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  • PrinceHeir


    Metal Gear!!!!!!!!

    damn i need this game :P

    reminds me of Bizarre 5 Jelly from No More Heroes. why isn’t there a PS3 release?

    if konami published Hard Corps in both platforms, why left this out?

    oh and bikini pirates FTW :P

  • Code

    RAR, THAT GIRL IS BOTH A CAT AND A PIRATE, DAY ONE BABY +O+~! Seriously though I don’t know the original was kind of dull, but I did enjoy it’s simplistic nature of it. It was a shmup I could play when I was tired, or not at 100% opo; This seems like it’ll be a bit thicker though, more variety, plus 3-player local co-op could potentially be fun, but potential US release means I’ll probably wait for bargain bins (as long as it’s not locked to US systems) opo;;

    • This one’s pretty much guaranteed to be region-locked, because it’s already been announced for a US release.

      I figure Konami will push for a Platinum re-release in Japan given enough time. I’d…probably wait until then to bother with this game, given everything else that’s out there.

      • Code

        lol, I actually meant the inverse, I have a Japanese 360, but don’t have a US 360. So I actually meant if it actually does comes out here and isn’t regionally locked to NTSC-U I’ll just buy it here when it’s dropped opo; Basically like what happened with Deathsmiles, I coudln’t get the cheaper US version because it was regionally locked here omo; But yeahh, there’s definitely a whole pile of better shmups right now to pick up over this first opo;

        • Yeah, I understood you. I’m saying the US release has a 99.9999% chance of being region-locked.

          • Code

            Ahh alright >ww<~!?

          • I KNOW. Happily I’m not super hyped for most of the shmups after Bullet Soul and Eschatos, so my recreational funds can recover. A little. :(

            …I should be getting Eschatos in on Saturday, so that’s gonna be my console game of choice for a bit. What about you—still enjoying DFK, or did you switch to Strania?

          • Code

            Yeah I know the feeling, been spending way too much lately, with no clear path of recovery TpT; Plus been really occupied lately which hasn’t helpped my shmup playing. I was having a good run at DFK for a little while, but now I think I’ve been away from it for at least 2-3 weeks now, with Strania distracting me for a few days, before having to shelf everything for a little bit. Hopefully in the next week or two I’ll hope back on and get my fill of them both, and maybe put an order in for something else. Seems like a shame to have all these shmups come out and not buy ANYTHING opo;;

    • Aoshi00

      I like how this one has more animation.. the first one’s still shots felt so lazy, and the monotonous music was so boring (all the other tracks were sold as DLC)..

      Each ver would probably be region locked like honorless said if the US release is decided alrdy… still, not that interested in this game unless it’s cheap.. just give me Parodius or sexy Parodius in HD and I’d be happy :)

      • Code

        Yeah definitely, it seems more lively and at least somewhat more active, backgrounds look nicer too opo; Like I’d probably feel burned if I paid for the original more then what I did; I can tell it’s one of those games that has probably rubbed lots of people the wrong way opo; But yeah agreed Parodius HD would be nice, really nice, hell I wouldn’t mind a nice Parodius or Gradius collection disc omo;

        I just wanna hold on tight the notion of potentially getting this for cheap on a non-regionally locked US release, no matter how unlikely it is, lol >w<; But yeah, arg so many good shmups and other games coming out, I got my plate more then full, to really seriously bother with this right away opo;

        • Aoshi00

          What bugged me about the first game was soooo much stuffs were sold as expensive DLC and the game itself was so barebone, felt like a total rip off.. I got it at full price but sold it back on ebay for $50..

          You should definitely wait for Excellent, when and if the US ver comes out and the price is right (like $29.99), I would get it and let you know if it’s region free or not :) For horizontal shmup, we have Akai Katana :) I still can’t believe how they region locked some important games like Deathsmiles and Nier..

          • Code

            Yeah those really surprised me honestly opo;; Particularly Nier, but yeah shame I lost out on cheaper Deathsmiles, but aw well I have better access to most shmups >w<; Admittedly I'm kind of a sucker though for anything self-referencing like Otomedius/Parodius, I like the variety of references to all the different Konami games and ship-types omo;

  • MarkMario

    Cuteness Overload :3

  • Looks awesome, hope we’re still on for a US release, would be cool if we get the original via DLC

  • TanyaRei

    i actually imported the hyper stick pro for otomedius gorgeous, i havent really been able to use it much cause the first game had that blasted territorial lockout which should be illegal

  • In the words of Travis Touchdown, “MOE!”

  • SupaPhly

    I wonder if they are going to release it in europe

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