Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus Gets A Massive Collectors Edition In Europe

By Ishaan . April 9, 2011 . 1:44pm

Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus is headed to Europe, courtesy of Zen United, and they’re giving it a grand treatment on all three platforms (Wii, PlayStation 2, PSP) in the form of a collector’s edition.


Here’s what the collector’s edition will include:

  • A choice between Guilty Gear: 10th Memorial Artbook or the limited edition, Guilty Gear: Lost Archives art book, exclusive to this collection.
  • Limited Edition Antique Silver Guilty Gear keychain.
  • Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus Official Soundtrack.
  • Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus T-Shirt.
  • Packaged inside a beautiful presentation box
  • Additionally, each collector’s edition comes with 1 of 200 limited edition Giclee prints of Guilty Gear’s A.B.A, numbered and printed on Hahnmemuhle paper.    


You can grab the collector’s edition from Zen United’s online store. Pre-orders are open and they ship internationally if you’re keen on importing. The game releases on May 6th.

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  • Wait so did I understand right, there are 5-6 different collectors Edition’s and we can chose which one we want?

    If that’s the case I will have to buy the game more than once, because I totally need all of the articles!!!!!!

    Edit: Ah ok I mistook some words here, you can chose which artbook you want, sry for my stupidness~ xD In that case I just need to buy it two times, no biggie can just buy one as a present…without the artbook as that’s mine. xD

  • Natat

    When I started reading the title and looked at the picture, I was totally in “HOLY… GG FOR PS3 AND 360!?” mode… and then… gaaaaaaah T_T

  • Zero_Destiny

    Wow that’s the best Wii Collectors Edition I have ever seen. Grant it I’ve only seen like two or three of those but wow really nice package there. ;_; Too bad Wii is still all evil and Regioned Locked. Simply put that was it’s biggest flaw (to me at least).

    • Arcm

      Honestly, if the wii wasn’t region locked I would probably play mine. I haven’t touched it since Arc Rise Fantasia came out. One Piece Unlimited Cruise would be amazing to play right now…. I’m really starting to dislike nintendo since they region locked the 3ds as well.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Argh that lock will be the death of me. ;_; !!!! I’ve gotten fair use out of mine since the Wii has quite some platformers out for it. Kirby and DK have been keeping my old Wii happy. :D I think this game already has a US release though. I just want that collection. lol

        • Arcm

          Yeah, I already own this for the Wii and ps2 and if I wasn’t already spending crazy money on games these coming months I would be ordering the psp bundle for sure! : )

  • Such a big collector’s edition for such an old game… That’s interesting. Wonder if it’ll sell well.

    • Probably not.

  • Selaphiel

    They deserve after having to wait like, what, two years longer than the US release?

    • vadde939

      Not to mention one year after Accent Core Plus was originally supposed to be released in Europe. For some reason it got delayed…multiple times. -_-

  • I already have the PS2 version and love it dearly.

    ….Might import the PSP version to get all those goodies.

  • Code

    rar, this Collector’s Edition is so big, I half expected to see Guilty Gear HD hiding in there somewhere opo;;

    • What if it’s GG2:Overture?

      • andref

        that game was not good at all, fun for the first few hours… then got tedious

        • I somewhat disagree.
          The boss battles were fun, and the soundtrack was most excellent.

          Aside from that, your assessment is accurate. :P

  • I’d say “Get to work on an HD Guilty Gear already,” but then then I thought of how long it’s taken them to just patch Continuum Shift II into the console versions.

  • Reitsumi

    I’m not going to pay 75€ for that, it’s too expensive and the total with Tax and Shipping is 134€ D:

  • I must admit that I’ve been waiting a long time for this to get a Euro/PAL release. I’m considering getting the collectors addition. Mainly because of the Soundtrack and Art Book.

  • It’s nice, but I still have other plans for that 70 pounds.

  • Christian Wright



    After having bought Kara No Kyoukai BD boxset, no limited edition is ever expensive again…

  • RagnaXBL


  • PrinceHeir

    aww man would love to have this on PSN instead with online play and HD graphics.

    same with KOF XI, 2002 UM, 98UM, XIII and Darkstalkers :P

    • Kris

      It really isn’t that easy. Take a look at SSFIITHDR. That took forever, scaled back the detail of its original intended sprites and still looked like it was made in Flash…

      I mean, yeah, it would be great to have a new Guilty Gear with Arc’s netcode and HD sprites (although the original sprites still look incredible), but it would take a ludicrous amount of time, require a ton of legal wrangling (I’m still not sure exactly what the deal is with Arc, Ishiwatari, and Sega/Sammy…), and certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with this limited edition that Zen United is publishing.

      It’s just kind of frustrating when I see people make these comments about HD versions of fighting games that already look great the way they are. It really has nothing to do with the post itself, makes light of the incredible amount of work it takes to make a fighting game (particularly from a small studio), and is nothing but wishful thinking.

      I want Vampire Savior with online play (or Darkstalkers 4) just as much as anyone, but it’s totally unnecessary to bring it up here.

      I apologize for the rant, since I know your comment is totally innocuous and honest, but I see comments like it quite frequently, and they kind of bug me. :p

      • mikanko

        Thing is I’m sure several people would be happy with a port of Accent Core+ to PSN/XBLA similar to Arcana Heart 3’s home port, which is another SD fighting game, but has incredible netcode. GGAC w/ AH3 netcode is something a lot of people would prefer to a prettier HD MvC3 with trash netcode.

        HD remix is ugly anyways, I’m pretty ok with pixelated sprites, and don’t have much desire for anyone to try redoing the graphics for older 2d fighting games, but direct ports with good online play would be nice. And unlike Vampire Savior/SF3 and others, AC+ is a bit harder to play online with quality netcode over a PC.

        Vampire Savior is pretty readily available to find people playing over GGPO daily.

        Arc Sys just doesn’t have the resources at their disposal that Capcom has, and hence why GG for current consoles is unlikely, and SF3 online will be out this year.

      • PrinceHeir

        umm Arc System works already confirmed they plan to make a guilty gear 3 in the future and they still have the GG license. the whole sega/sammy was only a rumor. you can check that on shoryuken.

        and when did i say guilty gear graphics sucks? i actually like the way they are, but if they were to be ported on PSN/XBLA. im sure they need to clean the graphics a bit. and yes i know that takes a lot of work and resources to do that, not to mention making a stable online play.

        oh im not one of those die hard fanboys who keeps bugging companies to rerelease their games in HD(though i prefer them keeping it the way they are)

        heck i still play KOF XI, 98UM, on a PS2. will buy the 2000/2001 and 2002/2003 in the near future.

        how is it unnecessary to bring darkstalkers up? i just gave an example if games like these get’s released on PSN(HD or not) since i haven’t played them back them. and arcade sticks on PS2 are already obsolete, how am i to play this on arcade style?

        if Darkstalkers collection or GG AC HD doesn’t get a released on PSN/XBLA. it’s fine by me, i just want to play them in any way possible (heck why not rerelease the JP version of Darkstalkers Collection, KOF Nests Saga or Mark of the wolves on PS2, since they never made it here),

        im not angry at you or anything, i just want to play these games on any form. be it PS2, PSN with or without online play.

        • Kris

          Sorry for misinterpreting your comment. To me, it sounded like you were just complaining about this release as opposed to actually commenting about it. I didn’t mean to offend although I know that the tone of my post may have come across that way.

          That said, I still don’t think Darkstalkers and KoF have anything to do with this particular release, and bringing them up didn’t really add anything to the conversation. Especially since (as Mikanko mentioned) most of those titles are already available via GGPO and Supercade, and there are already official rereleases of both KoF Dream Matches (and MoTW and NGBC) on XBLA. It just seemed like empty complaining. I see what you were getting at now, though.

          Damn, I still sound way too preachy! Anyway, it’s more than fine that you made that comment, and I agree that all of the stuff that you want would be awesome.
          Also, now the comment’s spread into a conversation, so that makes my claim that the comment doesn’t really forward discussion into a moot point. :)

          • Well, some of us don’t have XBLA and PS3 has become the system for fighting games, so it would make sense to ask for them (the SNK games) for PSN, as he did.

      • Code

        Last word I heard Arc does have the rights to Guilty Gear back from Sega/Sammy, the cases and datasheets on them no longer contain records of Sega/Sammy any more either. In an interview last year Daisuke did say he intends to create a Guilty Gear title for PS3/360, but in Daisuke’s last interview (March 2011) he doesn’t sound terribly confident in the notion of a Guilty Gear 3 happening. So… hold your breath with caution opo??


        • Kris

          I’m keeping my hope alive (II) for a new Guilty Gear! (Guilty Gear XXX? I never played 2, but I thought it was like an alternate timeline from the X series…)

          • mikanko

            GG2 takes place some hundred years+ after the GG games. Same timeline though. It’s also not as bad as some people make it out to be, just more like Herzog Zwei than people realize at first, so it’s easily dismissed if all you play is the single player… Definitely would’ve been a better game if it didn’t have the GG license to shatter peoples expectations.

          • Code

            Yeah definitely omo; I’d like a new Guilty Gear XXX Re-reloaded omo;; I was meaning more so a new GG fighter too, I guess GG3 was getting thrown around here so I used that term >w<' But yeah sounds like it's in a weird spot right now, potentially some new GG down the line, but seems like BB is the focus at the moment.

        • PrinceHeir

          yeah it’s been confusing since in different interviews daisuke always have different answers.

          here are the multiple interviews

          from Dustloop interview

          “Will there be a new GG ?


          *note that the dustloop inteview is from febuary 2011 while the 2 interviews(play and eurogamer are from March 2011)

      • I don’t see why it’s unnecessary to bring it up here, as it is a post about the Guilty Gear franchise. Where else would we post such a thing? To make a post like that in one of the BlazBlue articles would be more inappropriate, I think. The series needs to continue on the HD systems, especially considering the success they’ve had with BlazBlue (on consoles, anyway).

        As for SSFIITHDR, the reason it looks like a flash game was because they had to cut out a great deal of animation in order to fit the memory limitations of XBLA. Had they done the game now, when the limitations are in the 2gig level, instead of the 250mg that they were forced to fit the game into at the time (also gimping the PSN version, so as to get parity between both versions…yet still not including trophies, but we won’t get into that), it would have been a lot better game, graphically.

        The fans want a new Guilty Gear and they want it on systems that are current. We aren’t demanding it tomorrow. We know how much work would have to go into a remake, nevermind a sequel, where they’d have to work on another two or three characters. No one is belittling the amount of love that goes into their craft. We are just saying, “Get to work now and we’ll buy it whenever you’re done.”

        EDIT: Also, keep in mind, no one is complaining about this collection being released. I don’t see where you see that. Saying we want it on PS3/360 as well does not constitute complaining.

  • Yeaaaaaah. . . . might have already preordered. . . . >.>
    (Dat CD, artbook(s), t-shirt, and pic of A.B.A. Just sayin. . . )

  • I need to have those artbooks. To my knowlegde, most of the early GG games’ artwork was done with traditional media (Copic Markers), and I like that very much.

  • RagnaXBL

    Gotta get me that Guilty Gear SWAG! is the collectors edition only available on pre-order? was thinking of getting when the game releases

  • Tropxe

    Incidentally, all profits from Blazblue stuff sold on their site this week are going to the British Red Cross and the Japan Tsunami Appeal. Maybe you could add that into the article somewhere.

  • It looks amazing, but £80 for the limited edition package is a lot, and then there’s the £20 postage (for the UK, anyway – it’s £32 for Europe, £45 for the US/Canada, £60 for Australia/NZ and £70 for the rest of the world [plus VAT on the postage as well as the game package – edit: Actually, it’s cheaper to buy it for the US than for Europe, with the VAT situation.]). I love artbooks and the rest, but I’m not sure if I could justify £104.99 on a limited edition of a game that costs £13 sans goodies.

    Then again, kidneys are definitely overrated.

  • “A choice between Guilty Gear: 10th Memorial Artbook or the limited edition, Guilty Gear: Lost Archives art book, exclusive to this collection.”

    Why not both? Jerks.

  • AaqibRawat

    Man i want 2 of these limited editions !

    One more version of Blazblue then a new GG {i think }

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