Capcom On Ace Attorney Investigations 2’s Release: “Plans Change All The Time” [Update]

By Ishaan . April 10, 2011 . 4:36pm

Lately, there’s been a story going around the Internet about how Ace Attorney Investigations 2 isn’t going to be seeing a U.S. release, based on comments made by Capcom’s Christian Svensson in a recent “Ask Capcom” video Q&A.


While the news is starting to pick up now, we actually spoke to Svensson on the very same subject a day or so after the Q&A was originally recorded back in March, and decided not to report it at the time. While we don’t have too much to add to the current story, perhaps our information will help give people a better overall picture of the situation.


During the video Q&A, Svensson stated in reply to a fan asking about Ace Attorney Investigations 2: “‘Is Ace Attorney coming to the U.S.?’ I assume that means Ace Attorney Investigations 2. The answer is ‘no.’ Sorry about that.”


Given how direct that statement was, it’s understandable that people are concerned. However, in a separate forum post made on Capcom’s forums a week or so prior to the Q&A, Svensson wrote: "Regarding AAI2 sorry guys, there’s no plans for Western release at this time."


We asked Svensson which of the two stances should be considered “official,” to which he replied to us: “Regarding the question, plans change all the time so I would probably rather use the ‘There are no plans for a Western release at this time for AAI2.’”


Does this mean Investigations 2 is headed overseas for certain? No. Rather, it means that, while the game isn’t planned for an overseas release at the moment, that decision may — or may not — change in the future.


We chose not to run the story at the time because we considered it a “non-story.” The reason publishers make non-committal statements like these about future releases is either because they aren’t ready to discuss them, or simply because they haven’t discussed the subject internally within the company yet in the first place.


Update: Thanks to Nathan in the comment for pointing out Svensson’s recent post on the Capcom forums that sheds a little more light on the matter, and the mention of a possible release on another platform in the future.

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  • Nah, I’m still quite sure that AAI2 is going to be released in the west, call it a gut feeling or whatever you want..

    • Pichi

      Easily see this as a 3DS or iOS thing in the future. Look what Natsume did for the Harvest Moon game. One for DS and one for 3DS. If they aren’t confident for a DS release, I can see them upgrading to 3DS on full instead. Then profits arise then release the iOS version.

      All far in the future though, when it wouldn’t cost alot to fund.

    • if not, capcom will end on my boo list xD

      • DanteJones

        Is that just a “boo” or a “Cocona boo”? Cuz’ Cocona boos are like, 10 times more boo than normal.

        I’d give it a Cocona boo if it isn’t coming out over here. >:O

        • Of course! It’s a cocona boo >80!

          • DanteJones

            Hahah awesome, I was hoping you played Ar Tonelico or that would’ve been an awkward comment. XD

          • Exkaiser

            Ar Tonelico? Here I thought you meant VOTOMS…

          • mhmm ar tonelico <3

        • Zero_Destiny


    • i just hope that your gut is right on this one.

      • Guest

        makes sense

  • “Regarding the question, plans change all the time so I would probably rather use the ‘There are no plans for a Western release at this time for AAI2.’”

    Heh I still reckon there will be a release in the wes, just a matter of when. Though unless the pacing of the game has improved dramtically, I’m not fussed at having to wait.

    • Aoshi00

      I thought the first Investigations was okay but not great, but I love the 2nd one (I’m on the 4th case now). So far this is up there w/ the trilogy for me :) The music, chars, cases, story, animation, all more interesting and engaging than the first game.. it’s games like these that make me appreciate my XL… as I don’t play portables that much other than the AA or Layton games..I think a US localization is just a matter of when right.. there’s still Gyakuten Saiban 5… I wouldn’t even mind another Edgeworth game to round up his own trilogy.. It would be a great pity if this is not released here.. but that’s hard to imagine.. now that I think about it, I guess a lot of effort goes into translating the Ace Attorney games since they make up all the new names and write up new jokes yet retaining all the humor and puns..

  • Thanks for the story >< This gave me more hope for a localization and cleared up some things. I hope the community can make enough of a fuss so localization would be reasonable and profitable….

  • Yesshua

    Well, what is there to say at this point? Hey, Capcom, I’d buy it. If enough people express interest, maybe they’ll make it available for buying. I guess that’s all there is to do.

    Oh yes, and if you make any of the limited goodies from the Japanese releases available I’d buy them too.

  • Methylene

    … isn’t “no plans at this time” just the nice way to say “no” in the first place? *having LP:R flashbacks here*

    But still, I’m surprised at this whole thing.

    • Yeah, but then remember the whole Atlus and Cathrine thing. People were freaking out before even reading the whole context of the quote from the company representative who tried to respond if that game was coming or not. :/

      In this case, though, I don’t know. One can remain hopeful, though!

      • Difference is —

        freaking out over the Catherine statement was incredibly silly for a lot of different reasons, but I’ll just give you the main one:

        Stock PR response to a no-name blog.

  • So there were chances this might not come…!? T-T at this point i thought all ace attorneys would always come, wtf

  • Unfortunately, it looks like you missed Svensson’s more recent post on the Capcom forums:

    “I’ll be a little more clear.

    The costs of localization are higher than the forecasted return. And no, it wouldn’t sell more than Okamiden (which has already sold more than the first Investigations).

    Could this content show up on some other platform somewhere down the line? Possibly, but there’s nothing on that front for me to talk about. I realize there are fans who would like to have this and I’ll be sure to explore ways that could happen viably in the future with our strategy and R&D teams but no promises.”

    Hard to take that as anything other than confirmation that it will not be localized, at least as a retail DS title (which Svensson goes on to repeat in the thread).

    • We didn’t miss that, actually. We were told the same thing “off the record” back when we originally spoke to him, which was why we didn’t make any mention of it. Since you’ve linked to it, it cuts us off from the quote, so I’ve updated the post with it now. :)

    • “Other platform”?

      • lostinblue

        Re-tooled for 3DS? :)

        • Joanna

          Oh I hope so. I don’t want to see this only available via digital download services like WiiWare or Apple’s Store. I would much rather have the whole game on a cart. It did happen with the first three Ace Attorney games (GBA -> DS) so it’s not unheard of for the series….but with the recent digital ports, I’m a little scared they will go that direction because it’s cheaper. :(

  • Phlo

    Capcom, if you don’t do it, you won’t get to take my money! Are you sure you want that?

  • Zero_Destiny

    I’m pretty sure it’ll come out. I don’t know but Capcom has yet to fail with this series since they released the first one so I just don’t feel to worried. I’ll wait for now. The evidence is on our side, now we just have to wait for Capcom to turnabout their statement and announce the game. Soon. I know it’ll be here soon. Now I gotta back to Phoenix 3. :)

    • PrinceHeir


      now get to work on Megaman Legends 3 :P

      • Well, the staff in Japan started posting blog posts again starting on Saturday, so er… they’re working on it?

  • epy

    Reminds me of Luminous Arc 3. Atlus released the first 2 without any drama, everyone expected them to release 3 but then… they just didnt.

    • Joanna


      I’m still hurt over that betrayal. I didn’t even see it coming. I got all hyped about the third game and then….then it didn’t happen.

      This one I was expecting (for a few weeks now), so I’m not as hurt….but it’s still a hard blow since Capcom was one of the few companies still supporting the DS up until the very last minute….and I was a bit too hopeful because of it.

  • BTA

    This is… kind of surprisingly horrible, really. I always took it for granted that the Ace Attorney games would be translated. I really hope that this turns out well, and… not as a 3DS port. I’d still buy it, but I really don’t trying to force 3D into the game is a good idea… :x

    • Aoshi00

      No 3D… Playing Layton 3D now is actually more tiring than regular 2D (I know you could dial it down but the image is not as sharp and cool.. and I don’t have a US 3DS…) Plus the 3DS screen is relatively small to me since I’m used to the XL now.. BTW, the background and animation in Investigations 2 are very colorful and vibrant :) It was better than I expected…

      • Guest

        I guess wait for the 3DS XL then :P

        • Aoshi00

          I have a Jpn 3DS alrdy (should’ve gotten the cosmo black instead of aqua).. but yea, when XL comes out I would get the US 3DS for the games and Neflix. It’s just that I realize how small the screen is after having gotten used to XL’s bigger screen.. the small screen is one of the reasons I don’t play portables much..

  • Zefux

    If they brought back Phoenix Wright, I think sales will jump up tenfold!

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    What…what…what…why would you do this to your fans, Capcom? The fans would buy it. WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BE SO STUPID ABOUT THE DS? GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…

    /childish rant

    But yeah, I kinda want to cry now. Why couldn’t they just do a simultaneous release with this game? Woulda saved you all the trouble, Capcom. You were kind to us before. The DS is the home of Ace Attorney, after all.

    • Exkaiser

      The fans would buy it. But no one else. The franchise has been completely stagnant in terms of new players and most already just consider Investigations an unimportant spinoff.

      Fans alone do not financially viable sales make.

      • mirumu

        That would be in part because hardly anyone knows these games exist. I didn’t even know about Ghost Trick until recently myself, and I’m someone who bought every Ace Attorney game. I’m surprised these games have sold as well as they have given how little effort Capcom has put into advertising them.

        • Exkaiser

          Ghost Trick was pretty well advertized, and most people have heard about Ace Attorney by word-of-mouth.

          It’s not being unknown that’s causing a lack of growth.

  • PersonaBull

    I’m just gonna hope “no plans at this time” means the same as Catherine did and call it a day. There’s not really much else I can do, since I’ve already bought the existing games out in the US.

  • Hours

    I could understand if they want to port it over to the 3DS, but to skip the game entirely is crazy.

    Ace Attorney is one of their most popular series and has a very adamant fan base. I really hope they are just keeping a tight lid on any plans until they are ready to announce them, because right now I’m extremely disappointed with Capcom USA.

  • DanteJones

    Hmm, this is unsettling. I’m not familiar with the sales numbers of the series but do they really not sell that well here? Or was it just the first Investigations game that flopped? I hope the game does eventually make it over here, and that future Ace Attorney games aren’t affected. :/

  • If plans change all the time, why bother making them?

  • Unfortunate. Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney are the only Capcom franchises I purchase. I haven’t heard a thing about any more MH games being brought to the US. With AAI2 being skipped as well, Capcom no longer interests me.

  • Monster Hunter Freedom 3 and now this??

  • The problem for Capcom is pretty simple, I think. Were Ghost Trick and Okamiden western releases big success ? ‘Pretty relative’ would be a better term, I guess.

  • LastFootnote

    I seem to remember reading that most Ace Attorney games have an English language option built into the Japanese release. Is that the case for Investigations 2?

  • lindaouyang1

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