Get Yourself An Appearance In A Catherine Trailer

By Ishaan . April 11, 2011 . 7:01pm


You may recall a Japanese trailer for Catherine from a few months ago, where Atlus mixed in clips of Japanese people discussing relationships and the like, before the video turned to in-game footage. Atlus USA are now doing something similar for their own upcoming trailer for the game, and they want to feature fans in it.


You can watch the video above (starring Atlus’ Aram Jabbari) to get an idea of the basic details for entry. The gist of it is, you have to record a video of yourself answering three questions:


1. Do you ever want to get married?

2. If so, to the person you’re with now?

3. If not, why?


You can read rules and how to submit your video to Atlus (it involves uploading it on YouTube at 720p) in the information section for the above video.


The big question now is, will there be someone crazy enough to potentially ruin their relationship just for a chance to appear in a Catherine trailer? We’ll find out soon!

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  • urbanscholar

    We have to becareful with questions 2 & 3 guys.

    • ragnarok989

      I can’t help but think…IT’S A TRAP!

      • Zero_Destiny

        I’d try to be a little bit original with my meme. This is the result:

  • PrinceHeir

    that’s a cool idea, sadly im not dating someone for now :P

    • Seishunlihuen

      I’m dating now… but I can’t conceive the idea of “GETTING MARRIED” though.

    • AnimusVox

      *joins the singles club*

      • puchinri

        Where do I sign up?
        (I still want to answer and say ‘no, because I don’t have a sexy boyfriend like Vincent or a hot girlfriend like Katherine.)

      • Darkrise

        Not too late am I? =/

  • MPHavoc

    Eh, I’m married. Guess I can’t qualify for this lol.

  • Forever alone ;_;

    • Ren

      *hugs* you’ll find someone, someday…

    • Doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can still have fun and you never have to worry about having your heart broken or finding out the person you’re with isn’t everything you thought he/she was.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Is it Okay if I say I don’t want to get married because I’m pursuing the Harem Ending?

    • It’s too late for you, sorry

      • Zero_Destiny


        • I think you’re mixing the real with the 2D world.

          • Zero_Destiny

            No I can’t be doing that since I don’t have a 3DS yet, so all I got is 2D.

          • Code

            *Zero_Destiny sitting on floor surrounded by a circle of DS’s*

            Zero_Destiny: WAHAHAHAA all my dreams realized!

          • Zero_Destiny

            Gasp I didn’t know someone was watching me yesterday!!!!!
            EDIT: Busted!!!!! Guilty as charge. I must really predicatable.

          • Code

            lol, I just figured it’s how you spent every sunday >w<'

          • Those who say that are the ones that can’t really separate these worlds!

          • Ren

            Since when was there any difference?

        • Darkrise
          • Zero_Destiny

            *sniff* I’ve never seen such manly tears. Your emotions. They have reached me. I will not fail. I will make it happen!!!!!!

          • I already said you can’t, what i say is absolute.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Nothing is absolute!!!! We won’t know until we try. I feel these emotions. Their the emotions of everyone else cheering for me. I have received them. I won’t fail them. I will do it!!!! I will move on and save my harem chances. I can’t give in now. I believe in myself and so long as I have my friends by my side I am unstoppable. I won’t cave into your disillusion. I won’t accept your reality. I will crush it and break through leading the path to a revolution. I won’t be stopped. I can’t be stopped. It’s too late now!!!!!! I’m going to bring forth a new era!!!!!!

          • There is a hole in your theory…

            I am absolute therefore what i say is absolute… something absolute can’t be changed, is like, the fact that you need air to survive is absolute.


          • Zero_Destiny

            No there is a hole in your plan!!! Nothing is absolute!!!!! Air ha I’ll find a way to make it without that!!!! I won’t give in. Because nothing is absolute!!!! I will show you the light!!!! I will bring you out of your prison of absoluteness and show what can be created when you believe in the never ending potential!!!!!

        • Barrit

          I will believe in you who believes in yourself!

    • Ren

      Don’t you already have one?

      • Zero_Destiny

        What’s wrong with multiple harems?

        • Ren

          In the end they always end up being one.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Harems Gattaing and making the Super Harem? Oh man I can only dream of such a thing. But where there’s a dream there’s a way!!!! I will make it happen don’t worry Ren. Super Harem here I come!!!!!!!

    • I think there”s a reality show on some cable channel about a guy in a polygamous relationship and the wives are happily share him among themselves. Apparently, it was doing decent in ratings too when I last heard about it.

      • While it is possible for a polyamorous to work for a while, eventually, jealousy does come into play. Even if it’s little things, like how much time you spend with one woman over the other, or who is thinner, cracks start to appear. It might be little snarky comments here or there or even one girls who will insist to you that the other girl is prettier than her (which is a trap, btw). I’ve tried it twice in my life and both times it went well for a little bit before I eventually had to make a choice, because they’d start being really evil to each other.

  • Aoshi00

    I know this is supposed to be serious, but it would be really funny if someone made a video that goes,

    1) Yes
    2) Yes
    3) (brings out haught girlfriend on camera) :)..

    Interesting and clever advertising though… some people were commenting on the Jpn trailer like how that kid got that hot gf… marriage.. still a scary word.. the end of one kind of life and the beginning of a different kind of life..

    • puchinri

      Hah! That would be win!
      I kind of want to take it to another level and have a bunch of my friends come out (but would that get me in trouble for polygamy!?). Admittedly, I am the one in our multiple groups that’s “married” to everyone.

      • Aoshi00

        Lol.. the last part could have the guy show a lot of bling, and then first wife, 2nd wife, 3 wife-to-be coming out in order :) Or two gfs coming out together like Jerry Springer :) and then make out after cat fight lol..

        • Zero_Destiny

          You mean a Kat fight. XD

        • puchinri

          Lol, that would be nice. I half expect some girl to start listing reasons she’s can’t pick one boyfriend over the other (‘well, he has a Xbox, and I can’t break up with the guy with the PS3, but I can’t just marry my boyfriend with the Wii). Console and dating war all at once.

          But if it was a reverse harem, she’d be able to just end up happily with all of them. …Why do reverse harems have a girl actually manage to be decisive and get with one person if not everyone but in harem anime, the guy never ends up with anyone? I would just tell them how it is and let them know they’re all mine. x’D

          Hmm… Now I feel like I’d be very unfit to give people talks about marriage. (Don’t pick just one. And if it’s illegal to marry them all, just marry none and live together happily. Duh~!)

          • Aoshi00

            lol.. or the girl could be like 1) yes, 2) no, 3) no, I can’t respect someone who only plays games on PC :)..

            yea, reverse harem, only in games… or the Bachelorette? I want to keep it pure and not think of orgies lol..

          • puchinri

            Hah! That’s a good one too. x’D

            Lol. The orgies are something to avoid when it comes to (reverse) harem, this is so. But there’s always fanservice at least, so we can get our excitement and not have… The messiness.

          • I know a few people who only play PC games, but none of them have girlfriends… Hmmmm…

          • I actually know a few PS3/360 relationships where one partner has one system and the other has the other.

          • puchinri

            Indeed, one reason I made the scenario was because I remember a few ladies on the Women Gamers comm talking about that or even sharing consoles (and sharing well, even after a break-up). I admired that.

            And then I took it to another level, because it is a possibility.

          • Although I am pretty happy to find out that one of my ex’s badgered her new boyfriend into buying a PS3, because she missed the games she and I used to play on it and he only owned a 360.

  • Ren

    Hmm, I don’t believe in marriage.

    • MrRobbyM

      Comment of the century.

      • Ren


        • Code

          Because Rabbits don’t believe in marriage >w<~?

    • Zero_Destiny

      Don’t believe in Marriage!!! Believe in me!!!! Believe in the Me who believes in the Marriage that believes in you!!!

      • Ren

        Sorry, it’s not me, its you!

        Besides, marriage in the west means monogamy. Do you believe in monogamy?

        • Zero_Destiny

          Don’t believe in Monogamy!!!! Believe in Me!!!!! Believe in the Me who believes in… Ah forget it!!!! This Kamina bit is tiring. Don’t worry Ren. I won’t get married ether. Too busy building my Harem and all. Heheheheheheheheh

          • Ren

            Just between us, I would hate to have a harem. I’m too ‘the right one’ for harems, but I think it’s fun to manage someone’s else. Oh, the amount of unnecessary drama I like to create. That’s why I love being your manager.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Sounds fun. Why living a boring life when you can have an awesome one. :) So long as I can still play Dragon Quest I don’t care. ^_^ But man.This P4 OST is awesome. I haven’t listened to it since like October. It’s so great.

          • But Zero cant have a harem….

    • Aoshi00

      Hm.. marriage and being a parent might not be easy.. but wouldn’t it be sad to grow old w/o a soul mate and children? I don’t think one should use hard to be faithful as a reason.. I think a bachelor only works until a certain age.. Not saying it’s right or wrong, I have just thought marriage is something natural and inevitable in life.. hence one should choose wisely. Of course many don’t and don’t work on their marriage and get divorced easily. Nothing comes easy right?

      • Zero_Destiny

        Well if we want to switch gears into a serious conversation, I don’t think you have to be married to have that certain partner in your life. Marriage is just a thing, a tradition, a ritual that our society likes to take part in. I’m not saying it’s bad in any way shape or form but I’m just saying you don’t need to be married to spend your whole life with someone. Likewise some people are perfectly happy without falling in love with people. Some people are just happy with their friends and families, some people are introverts are happy being alone and others are just married to their hobbies or jobs.

        • Aoshi00

          I hear you, that’s why I said I don’t want to say one thing is right and the other thing is wrong.. but I think people have different perspectives at different age, like if you’re a teen, it’s not something you think about, or in your 20’s, you just date different people, play around, and have fun.. but for people in their 30’s or 40’s (like early 30’s they’re not old but they’re not young either, for some unlucky ones, that’s half of their life alrdy), it’s a bit of a pressing issue, because if you have kids too old, then you can’t play baseball w/ him later (this might be an institution that society imposes on us, still I think people would want to experience the joy of being a dad or a mom right?)..

          Especially for a woman, who has a biological clock that keeps ticking, that’s why they feel that they have to settle before a certain age. Like Katherine in the game in her early 30’s, dated for 5 years and thinking where she should go w/ Vincent. Don’t want to get serious and all, I never seriously thought about marriage when I was younger either and though life would just go on forever.. but I think people have different needs at different points in their life… of course if one has money, that solves a lot of problems married or not..

          I guess the question here is do you love someone enough to want to be married and spend the rest of your life w/ her.. if one doesn’t want to commit, then that does bring up the question if she is really the one for you.. didn’t mean to get serious and all :)… Personally I just think it’s a natural part of life… no way I would be happy just dying w/ my hobbies..

          Not saying marriage is easy either.. w/ a family comes responsibility, etc..

          So call me traditional or conventional.. deep down I’m still a hopeless romantic :)…

          But here in the game, I respected Katherine’s wish :)

          • Zero_Destiny

            Hhmm hard question and I think it’s best just to say that it’s a case by case bases. I hear you about the perspectives though. It really is a hard question but I think sometimes you just have to take a step back and not worry about stuff so much like this. After all it can turn you into a “monster”. lol Bridzilla Kat. I guess it is something to think about but something that shouldn’t be all you think about.
            Back to funny. The biological clock reminded me of this classic film:

          • Aoshi00

            lol… that’s why this game resonated w/ me because I’m Vincent’s age.. well, sometimes it’s on my mind sometimes it isn’t (I would be attending my cousin’s wedding soon, he’s 6 yrs younger than me, and Prince William is getting married this month to Kate too!).. guess just enjoy life while you are young.. wow Marisa Tomei, almost couldn’t remember she was that young.. time doesn’t wait for people :(..I love my happy ending in this game though, makes me feel all fuzzy inside :)

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Aoshi00 Don’t worry Aoshi :) You still got us. You’ll never be alone since you got siliconera. ^_^ I’m sure you’ll bag the right girl soon enough. Good things happen to those who wait. And hey your cousin he’s not you. Only you are you. You can’t compare the time it took for someone else to do something because you’re not someone else.

            I guess what I’m saying is don’t worry. Time ticks away but it also counts up. It counts up all the good and happy memories you have accumulated over the years. and counts up all the wonderful people you have met over the years, and it counts up all the lessons you have learned over the years. It’s not a one way street. I’m sure all the things time has given to you, will help you in the end, and find you that thing you seek.

            Wow I feel like I just wrote a high school poem or something. That brought me back. lol Even I can be cheesy and sentimental. ^_^ Don’t worry. That’s all.

          • PrinceHeir

            i agree with this :D

            that’s why im lucky im only at my 18’s(turning 19 this year)

            i actually felt that i have found the right “one” 3 years ago, but due to unforeseen events, i haven’t seen her this past 3 years(last time i talked to her is during my b-day last oct)

            lesson learned, don’t fall in love in such a early age. well at least i learned alot this past 3 years i have been here in the states. oh well what’s done is done.

            i hope i find the right one otherwise harem is my best bet :D i never thought of marriage in the first place so i don’t know about that.

            sorry for the ramble, i just felt sharing this.

          • Aoshi00

            wow.. I envy your youth :).. what I would give to be at that age again.. well, there’s nothing wrong w/ falling in love and going steady.. even if she was the right one, you should’ve waited till you both finish school and start pursuing your career, otherwise the marriage would just prevent both of you from doing what you want.. and then kids is the next big step, because once you’re a dad, you have a lot of responsibilities.. I wish my school life was more romantic like in anime, I actually didn’t have a steady gf until I was in my early 20’s (there was this girl who tried to take advantage of me when I was 19, stole my first kiss, tramp… lol..), fresh out of college and started my first job.. we were together for about 1-1/2 year, but she had to move to California and I didn’t want to go w/ her, too many things for me in the east coast, family, job etc.. then I was in a steady relationship for about 4 yrs.. I kinda regret I didn’t marry her actually and now I lost the chance… I felt guilty I wasted her time (she had given up a lot of things for me).. I would say though, if you felt you found the right one, don’t let her get away or you might regret it, there aren’t that many times one could feel that way for another person.. but I think 18-19 is definitely too young, when I think back, I was just a dumb kid back then and probably didn’t know anything.. let alone relationship.. some people did end up marrying their high school sweet hearts and lead a good marriage though since they started out as such good friends..Thanks for sharing and sry for my boring story lol.. but yea, adult life is so complicated, school was definitely the best time, carefree for the most part..

          • @Aoshi00
            Oh man I’m so glad you’re saying that 19 is still too young, here I thought I was a sore looser, I would be happy to have any kind of love with a girl at all…. ;______;

            And your story wasn’t boring at all, but maybe I just like reading this stuff~

          • Zero_Destiny

            Ah shuks Now good old Zero_Destiny is embarrassed because all he had was one gf in middle school and that lasted like 6 months. Everyone and their steady girlfriends. :U Don’t feel to bad prince the are many right ones out there. Keep looking

            @Aoshi00 What was that someone took advantage of our innocent Aoshi >_< I won't let that slide. lol Yes I wish life could be more like anime too. The perfect escapism right there. But a lass if it was then the military would have giant robots and you know I would join the army in a heartbeat and thus become a heartless killing machine as I lose myself to the extasy of battle. So I guess there are some advantages to real life. ^_^

          • @ZD
            If there would be giant robots and you would join as a pilot, huh…..after seeing Macross I surely don’t see any disatvantages here~ A lovely pop idol who is singing for you, while you’re out fighting the bad guys, yes I think I could live with that. x3

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol You really changed your name to LoliRaioh now I feel important. ;3 Macross life would be great but I’d lose it and become a Berserker like Shinji in EVA. Except worse. The kind Zero_Destiny you all now would eventually change and kill for his own entertainment. His evil actions that he does in videogame now being able to be done in real life will put him over the edge as he destroys cities for amusement and throws his own allies into the enemies and laugh. Yes I’d be like the main in the beginning of Kurogane no Linebarrels, except I wouldn’t mellow out. Muwahahahahahahah

          • @ZD
            Well yeah, your affecting my life every minute more and more!!!
            Well that may be, but exactly for this reason you have FRIENDS!! I would stop you with my Super Robot and my BURNING LOVE and bring you to your senses, so we can start kicking the enemies butt together once again, though, this time with MORE POWAH!!
            On the other hand if you would end up like Kouichi I would just beat the crap out of you, same result as the first one, just with more “ouchies” for you~
            (Absolutely love the mecha design in Kurogane though <3)

          • @loliraioh @Zero_Destiny
            It’s quite amusing to see how you have somehow turned “school life as romantic as anime” into a full robot story with begining, middle and end… If life were closer to games than anime, though, a lot of that trouble could be solved just by doing that specific little thing that makes the whole difference into what allignment ending you will receive in the end, makes all your evil deeds just past.

            @Prince Heir @Aoshi00
            I feel totally old to my age, quite an irony considering my past as a child that didn’t bothered that much about turning older soon. I have to disagree with princeheir comment over “being a lesson learn to not fall in love in early ages”… I guess first times are always hard, you should value all and every experience, good or bad. It helps building who you are.

            Now returning to the actually relationship stuff, I guess I’m just too much carefree to be able to compromise to anything at all. Funny when you see how this is kind of nurtured by my own’s country culture. But I think it’s all a part of the self so there should be no thing as think as Aoshi00 said about being sad of not being at that age anymore, yeah adult life gets more complicated but this is no reason to avoid trying to find your way to keep a carefree attitude and persue the romantic stuff you wanted to have in school, it would be different now but different is not the same as bad.

            Great, now I feel terribly random. I guess I just got motivated to share something seeing so many people sharing too, even though I had nothing important or even coherent to say… At some point I’m just enjoying to read things here and I don’t even know why I’m replying now XD

        • It’s funny how every serious relationship I’ve ever been in, the woman has brought up marriage and I pretty much agreed, in my head, to go along with it, since I think the “big wedding” fantasy is ingrained in women’s heads from the moment they are little girls. To me, as the child of parents who have been divorced 12 (or 13, I am not 100% sure) times between the two of them, marriage doesn’t mean anything except for legal protection and debt sharing, but since I was in love, I would have gone along with it, just to make them happy.

      • Ren

        I don’t believe on the concept of marriage, but I do believe on the concept of compromise. Like Zero said, I don’t find the concept of marriage harmful or unnecessary, it’s just that I find that it’s a closed concept not all individuals want to follow, me included. Love wanes and strengthens, vowing to continue with someone ‘until death do us part’ is sweet and everything, but it’s very unrealistic. Marriage is nothing more than a prison. People should be free and be able to settle their compromises the way they like it. And not everyone can find happiness with only one partner or with monogamy. I do believe I’ll be a parent one day, I want to be one, but that has nothing to do with me having a partner or not, it’s not like they are exclusive nowadays. Besides, even if I wanted, I wouldn’t be able to do so anyway, same sex marriages are prohibited where I live.

        • Aoshi00

          Gotcha, I respect your viewpoint..

          • Ren

            I always like your serious talks. You are really good with discussion.

      • Well, my dad’s in his 70’s right now, and after 7 marriages (could be 8, actually…I’ve never tried to count his relationships), he’s back to just being with a bunch of different women.

        Myself, I was engaged once, and that breaking up is something I am so glad happened, because at the time, I was a dumb 19 year-old in love and no 19 year old is ready for that type of commitment.

    • Yui

      I’d just like to call you guys out and summarise this before we get too far into a massive argument:
      Marriage is a legal institution. Don’t forget that. It conveys rights and privileges that, unfortunately, within common law in many nations are not conveyed to couples outside of marriage.
      In terms of convenience and usefulness, it’s definitely a good thing, because the world hasn’t adjusted to providing those rights for couples without legal process for that. It also provides protection for both partners and, furthermore, clarifies the legal boundaries present between two individuals in a committed relationship with children. :D

      …now, get back to discussing. It’s good to see serious conversation on Siliconera. :D

      • Thanks for the unnecessary lecture!

        • Yui

          You’re welcome. Thank you for the thinly veiled barb! :D

          EDIT: Italics for emphasis. Because hey, if others get to be snarky on the internet, why can’t I? :P

          EDIT EDIT: Also, I liked your comment. Flighty passive-aggressive shenanigans don’t get better than this, buddy, I assure you. 38D

      • Joanna

        Just one point to clarify, it really depends on where you live, Commonwealth countries (like Canada and Britain) recognize unmarried couples under certain circumstances (i.e. if they have lived together for a certain amount of years) as common-law partners and confer onto them all the legal privileges/protections of officially married couples, namely assets being split between them like between officially married couples even if one partner has all the assets under him/herself. =)

        edit: child custody does not technically fall under marriage even though it is grouped under family law because you can have a custody battle without being married/divorced or recognized as common-law partners. Basically, the idea is that children aren’t items so they don’t fall into divorce, but usually people getting divorced have children and the rights over who will provide for the child are usually settled side-by-side with the property and asset claims. :)

        • Yui

          Sorry, Joanna! I can’t talk for Canada, but in Britain the law certainly does not work that way. Common-law marriage isn’t so much an applicability here, and it’s a common misconception that it applies – unfortunate because I’ve seen so many examples of battles over the consequences of a lack of common-law marriage precedents, statutes to protect the rights of cohabitants, and whatnot. I’m afraid that right now, those falling under outside definition of “common-law marriage” receive no real legal benefits, though legislation is under consideration to equalise our law with the laws of the rest of the EU and the western world.

          Also, child custody doesn’t work that way here either – similar to the previous point, I’ve worked with people who have experienced this, and went through it myself as a child. Legal custody battles are far more protracted than that, and are generally separate entirely – however, married couples follow very different procedures to other sorts of couples and whatnot. The precedents generally favour mothers, but fathers in married relationships have a great deal more legal recourse than unmarried or common-law-tied fathers. Again, as I said, child custody isn’t settled alongside the rest of the divorce settlement at all – it’s very much a singular process that tends to take place outside of court or, if in court, after the settlement of assets and tender.

          Anyway, like I said, I can’t talk for Canada, but unfortunately the law in Britain doesn’t work that way at all. :D

          • Joanna

            -It’s not much different here, which is why I specified that you have to be recognized as a common-law partner, usually living together for a certain number of years is a requirement as is shared living expenses, so certainly not every couple is covered, but my point is and was, you don’t have to be officially married to receive legal aid if you and your partner fall under the definition set out under common-law marriage. Also, now you made me curious, what sorts of couples don’t qualify for common-law marriage? Here it varies based on province and I know there is a living requirement and I’m sure getting the state to recognize that would be hard: need witnesses, tied assets/costs like your name and your partner’s name on the bank/bills, and I could see that being a big problem for the more vulnerable partner of a couple if their partner basically keeps all the assets and bills in their name. So I don’t deny that official state marriage is much safer because you don’t need to prove that your partner is really Mr. or Mrs. X if they should ever attempt to leave you penniless.

            -Sorry maybe I confused you by saying it’s settled together with divorce procedures. What I meant by that is people often think of divorce procedures as encompassing custody rights because the two are usually settled together and by this I mean when you get a divorce, you also begin the process for child custody. But that was actually my point, that it’s a whole different procedure and does not fall under marriage settlements and thereby your final statement, “clarifies the legal boundaries present between two individuals in a committed relationship with children.” was sort of misleading because the two aren’t related (marriage settlement and child custody, nor is marriage ever defined in accordance to children, it’s usually defined as two people or a man and a woman in a committed relationship to the exclusion of other persons).

            edit: one last clarification, most of my knowledge is purely theoretical, so maybe I’m giving common-law marriage too much credit. I could definitely see the pratical application being much more messy and narrow than that of marriage and in general I definitely agree with you. Marriage is a safety net too. There certainly are many people who marry for reasons that are not economic, but historically this institution was created and moulded from economic reasons having to do with raising children. And it certainly probably functions like that for the vast majority of the human race even if the marriage did not come about because of the economic reasons. What I’m basically trying to say is that raising kids is really really expensive and for the vast majority of people, it’s almost impossible to raise even a single child on one income, so marriage then acts as a safety net for the parent, who would otherwise be unable to raise the child alone, if their spouse should happen to leave them. So yes, I definitely agree with you. :)

          • Yui

            No, no, I understand the nuance of common-law marriage. As I said, I’ve worked with, and on, it before. It’s just that there’s no such thing here in Britain. It doesn’t matter how many years two people have lived together as partners, if they’re not married, currently the law makes absolutely no concessions for either of them. Similarly to how pre-nuptials are invalid here, actually (although recent precedent has begun to change this). There is basically no such thing as common-law marriage in the UK.

            Haha, no worries! Again, I’m not confused – I merely stated how divorce proceedings and custody settlements are handled in the UK. They’re not necessarily part of each other, but they’re inextricably connected, and generally not mutually exclusive – in the UK, yes, marriage is defined as such, but my statement was meant to illustrate that in situations where children are part of a marriage, they are intrinsically tied to the proceedings. Again, from personal experience, I can tell you that a divorce settlement, in a relationship with children, is unaffected by a custody settlement, but a custody settlement itself is entirely reliant on the proceedings of a divorce.

            In response to your edit, I only wish that were the case! Legal marriage is just as messy as common-law marriage, unfortunately, and certainly a more dangerous affair. The nature of the concept means that there are too many problems inherent in marriage for it to ever be safe. Unfortunately, it’s the only really viable option for couples seeking to invest together, live together, and raise children together, without one of them or both of them getting shafted by another party, like the other, or the law. There’s no right answer to this question, sadly, and I doubt there ever will be, considering the overcomplicated, capitalistic nature of modern legislation. :(

          • Joanna

            Well that’s certainly shocking given the fact that Canada has common-law marriage as a hand-me-down from it’s days as a British colony. To think the source now doesn’t recognize it’s own law anymore, sort of mind boggling.

            I’m fairly certain it’s still operational here as I recall reading about a few prominent cases involving same sex couples from not too long ago. (Canada legally allows same sex marriage thanks to the Supreme Court knocking down the heterosexual requirement as discriminatory a few years back when it was challenged by a Gay and Lesbian Group).

          • Yui

            Mmm! I don’t know how the law in Canada works, truth be told, but you wouldn’t believe the number of people who mistakenly think common-law marriage protections apply to them and get shafted because of it. It’s disgusting that British legislation lags so much behind the rest of the Western world. ;_;

            If you ever get the chance, check it out. It’s always been a bit of a grey area for me (I work in criminal law, not domestic law, so a lot of what I know about domestic law is second-hand). You guys sound like a fairly progressive bunch, though, so kudos for that! :D

  • I think my roommate and I should do a video together, as we have some unique ideas about marriage and are both horribly bitter towards relationships after our last ones. Have to ask her about it tonight.

  • Code

    rar, I think this actually may very well be a difficult contest for Catherine’s demographic to even enter opo; *picks ear*

    • puchinri

      I initially nodded my head in agreement and then felt bad for how I quick I agreed… x’D;

      • Code

        Hell, I feel bad for saying it opo;

        • puchinri

          I guess we should be ashamed of ourselves. >u<'
          But somehow, I can't be…

    • Zero_Destiny

      There’s lying?

  • Aiddon

    nope, mostly because I’m like Sherlock Holmes in my sexual preferences (and if anyone actually knows what I’m talking about there, kudos)

  • Wackoramaco87

    Eh. Cultural reasons make marriage more or less a must, unless I want to be the odd one out. However, it’s interesting to read the responses of others- no happyhappy fairytale believers? =P

  • Hm, I am definitely going to enter this, however, I am hesitant to tell my significant other about this. We actually had a spat recently about marriage and our views on it. Let’s just say we don’t have the same views on marriage. xD

    • I’m curious to know who was on what side and what the individual views were.

      • Well Charles the views were pretty simple. I feel like the thought of marriage is nice but I don’t think I want to be married. I just think too much trouble follows behind marriage. Marriage is possible for the future, things change of course, but I come from divorced parents and seen how their marriage was and I do not want that to turn into a marriage of mine. So why risk it? Too much money to get married and two times that much to get divorced. Not worth it, to me. My lover on the other hand wants to marry me eventually and he also comes from divorced parents. He says that marriage won’t change our relationship. That is true, to an extent anyway. Marriage doesn’t change anything besides last names (this next part doesn’t apply to all) but some men and women like to think they “own” their husband/wife time they get married. I mean, again, the thought of marriage is somewhat nice to me; while I do love my boyfriend I just honestly feel if we were to wed it would end in divorce eventually. He didn’t like to hear that but I’m not going to just give in to someones wishes just to make them happy and feel more secure in the relationship. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a little over three years now so it’s possible he just wants to “settle down” with me, but marriage doesn’t necessarily have to be involved in order to settle down, you know?

        • Cool view of the subject, I think the same way. Those people and their rituals…

          By the way, “marriage won’t change your relationship” is a terrible argument. If it won’t change in nothing, why do it anyway? Specially considering the whole money stuff. He should have said “it will only change for better for us both” or something like that.

          • Oh Setsuryuu I love your answer xD My boyfriend has little to no tact and is never thinking of saying cutesy things like that. I never hear anything good from that mouth. If he said something like that to me, then maybe I might consider it later down the road hahaha but again I never expect much from him because of how he is. xD

          • Saying something like this make it look like yours “I don’t think I want to be married” actually means “I would have done it already if I he wasn’t trying it on the wrong way, so forget about”. xP

            But good luck to you both anyways. o/

        • Yeah, I think the number of divorces my parents have gone through have totally tainted my view of marriage. To me, it’s just legal and financial entanglements that get in the way of love. It’s like getting a piece of paper that now says, “You HAVE to be together and if you choose to stop, get ready for a nasty legal fight!”

          I feel that when you love someone, you shouldn’t need that. As I said, I have been with several women who wanted to marry me eventually, and I was willing to go along with it, just to fulfill their “big wedding” dream-thing, but overall, it doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s the person themselves, not the ceremony or the legalities that matter to me.


  • It’d be cool if they give a copy of the game to those who would be chosen to be part of the trailer

  • Quick, I need a female to marry. Any takers?

  • MisterDandylion

    Marriage,huh? I would like to marry….. Well, in fact in my honest opinion marriage went from a ritual of bonding to the other phisically to just a contract that can be broken :(

    No take me wrong. Usually went it comes to this subject, I instantly think of dad. He’s has been married to the same woman, my mother, for almost 40 years. Long story short, due to some serious circumstances, my mom had to travel abroad and leave us.

    An after 3 months of wating for her – My Dad: “You know, Nick, I miss your mom” :(

    Apart from that, I haven’t witnessed many examples of solid relationships based on love and trust. Still, I don’t let that affect me :) : I’m still waiting for “the one” (have already found her but that’s another story :) ).

    That why I find the idea of a Harem just…. difficult: the “members” of this type of relationship must have a very special kind of mindset, perspective, tolerance and acceptance. This is real world, guys….. Are you really that willing to share your heart and your world to various women…?

    I just feel it’s risky….. And I’m thinking of everyone’s sake.

    I consider Catherine’s story an excellent premise that explores the different paradigms of love, sex, marriage and how we relate to others. I curios about how the story culminate in each of it’s routes and endings (From what I was told: some of them are really tender, while others….well…. let’s say this: they have balls o.O)

  • darkfox1

    Damn you Question 2!!!!!!!

  • Oh, where did this response come from :o?

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