Pokemon Global Link Goes Live On April 13th

By Ishaan . April 11, 2011 . 3:02pm

Following a delay from its original March schedule, the Pokémon Global Link service will be going live on April 13th. You’ll be able to connect to it using the C-Gear in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White via the service’s official website.


The Global Link service will launch with two main features. The first is the Dream World, which lets you enter a Pokémon’s dreams online in an Internet environment. While in the Dream World, you’ll be able to befriend and capture Pokémon not found in the Unova region by completing different minigames.


You’ll also be able to customize and decorate your “home” in the Dream World, as well as plant Berries in a garden to transfer over to Black/White. You have the option of visiting other trainers’ homes and share items with them, too.  It’s interesting to see Nintendo implementing a social-networking type of functionality into Pokémon.


The second feature is the Global Battle Union, which you can use to view worldwide match rankings and unlock new battle features in Pokémon Black and White. If you want your rankings to appear on the Global Battle Union, you’ll first have to gain access to Random Matchup Rating Mode in Black/White.


Additionally, Nintendo say they plan to offer special Pokémon character and item distributions over the Global Link, including limited time Pokémon, throughout the year. The first of these events will be a chance to run into one of Eevee’s evolved forms later this spring. You can start preparing for that event now by signing up for a Trainer account to access the Global Link.

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  • Guest

    YES!!! Looking forward to GBU

  • Hah, can I be the first to say ‘It’s about damn time!’?

    I can’t wait


  • darkfox1

    OMG lol i totally forgot about the dream world

  • Doesn’t Black and White use some kind of video chat or link. At least I remember them showing that on one of those Japanese game shows.

    • Suicunesol

      It’s called the Xtransceiver (Live Caster in Japanese games).

      You need a later model of DS or a 3DS to use it.

  • Pretty sad that global link is launching a month after the release of the game. I spent like over 150 hours playing Pokémon and I pretty much got at least up to 2 and a half generation worth of Pokémon by just trading with Japanese players. I’m going to lose it if ANYONE else unlocks feature in a game that suppose to be there at launch.

    • Suicunesol

      Can’t say that Nintendo doesn’t have a valid reason, though.

  • Code

    rar, I wish they’d finally offer Arceus on Diamond/Silver omo’ I should pick up White soon, but just not feeling this gen’s Pokemon. Worse part is my team is getting game locked, with everyone else migrating to B&W if I don’t pick it up sooner or later, I’ll have a hard time carrying my team on in the future omo’

    • Suicunesol

      If you pick up White, you may grow to love them.

      That’s usually the way it works in Pokemon games.

    • “but just not feeling this gen’s Pokemon”

      You tell me you don’t find Lilligant adorable.


      • Code

        Okay that is PRETTY adorable, and personally I’m all about, Smugleaf and the new ghost types >w<; but moneys tight and the bulk of them I'm unsettled by omo; Also the electric zebra is everything, anyone, could ever want.

  • I sure hope there’s some of those downloadable Pokemon Musicals, because I’ve already got all the props and could really use some new musicals.

    Also, new battle features? Intriguing.

  • New Pokemon Black and White event announced!


  • Dang! Gotta get my wifi set up for this.

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