Chrono Trigger Triggered For Arrival On Virtual Console In Europe

By Ishaan . April 12, 2011 . 2:33pm

While Japan is gearing up for the (eventual) release of Chrono Cross on PlayStation Network, Europe can look forward to seeing Chrono Trigger on the Virtual Console, sometime before July.


Nintendo of Europe confirmed the game’s Virtual Console release along with their release dates, so if you don’t own it on the Nintendo DS, this might be your first exposure to Chrono Trigger, as the original SNES game was never released in Europe.

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  • I wonder how many times I’ll end up buying this game. Both SNES and Super Famicom (CIB on the cheap!) carts, PlayStation, DS, Virtual Console.

    Thank God my BlackBerry sucks and they aren’t porting it to that. :P I think the only game they’ve brought to it was the original Final Fantasy.

    • godmars

      I’ve only bought it once.

      No, twice.

      Okay, maybe three times.

      No. Just three times.

  • AdamBoy64

    Jumping Lizards!

    This is great news. I have it on cart and imported it some time ago, but still!
    Chrono Trigger on Virtual Console… excellent!

  • vadde939

    The first time I ever played Chrono Trigger was on the DS and I loved it. Definitely going to grab the VC version to try the original. Glad to see PAL gamers being given a chance to try previously US only classics via the VC. :)

    • Joanna

      The DS game is exactly the same as the original SNES one, just with a new ending, bonus sanctum stuff, the monster battle thingie, and a new translation. So I don’t think it’s really worth buying again…since there is nothing really different that it can offer. But it’s your call. :)

  • Dunno why i never liked this game -.- i just couldnt get into it, i felt it was too sparse

  • …But…but…the game was never released on Europe on the SNES! How can this…be? A PSN release may happen sometime in the future! Never give up hope, I guess :D

  • PSN please… Thanks!

    • PrinceHeir

      listen to him/her ^^

    • lostinblue

      That PSone port was kinda horrible.

      • Cloud_ST

        Why?,I played the SNES version personally,but I thought the only thing they did for the PS1 version was adding cinematics.

        • lostinblue

          It had horrible loadings and the emulation was off sometimes:

          “As with Square’s previous Super Nintendo-to-PlayStation releases, Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger appear on the Sony machine courtesy of emulation, and as such their technical quality is acceptably lacking. Though they run serviceably, enough minor discrepancies exist between these emulated versions and their cartridge originals to make picky Square stalwarts wince on occasion. Final Fantasy IV was the first game Square released for the PlayStation in Japan, and it has a few slowdown problems, especially in battles, and awfully muffled sound effects. As the last SNES port, Chrono Trigger’s emulation issues are ironed out, but its long and frequent loading is somewhat annoying. These flaws aren’t really glaring and shouldn’t stop you from playing the games, but purists should consider themselves warned.”


          I’d really stay away from it, knowing the SNES version and DS versions are way better that leaves the PSone version, with obligatory FMV’s (on the DS it was up to you, either you wanted them or not) and all that, the clear worse version you can get (I’d say it’s kinda like playing Disgaea DS instead of the PS2 or PSP version). Unless you don’t have access to either platform it’s really something I’d stay in the clear.

          Chrono Cross on the other hand…

  • Aaah!

    Finally Square is making up for leaving Europe out of the equation for so long. lol

    Too bad they won’t localize it (they didn’t on NDS, much less here), but it’s better than nothing.

    Next “Terranigma”, pretty please!!!

  • Icon

    Best RPG I’ve ever played.

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