Siegfried Will Not Be The Main Character In The New Soulcalibur

By Ishaan . April 13, 2011 . 3:06pm

It’s been a little while since we checked up on Soulcalibur director, Daishi Odashima, so let’s take a look at what he’s been tweeting about lately.


Odashima started out by talking about previous games in the series, as he’s done a few times before. You can read about some of his past tweets using the Soulcalibur tag. This time, the topic concerned the series’ main characters.


“Who does everyone think is SC’s main character?” Odashima tweeted. “I think, SE=Mitsu, SC1=Xiang, SC2=Nightmare? SC3=Sieg? SC4=Sieg.” He continued the next day: “Personal favorites aside, seems like everyone thinks Siegfried is the main character. At least for the more recent series.”


Odashima then dropped a quick hint about his upcoming Soulcalibur game: “All I can say for now is the main character for the new game will not be Siegfried. Keep it a secret!” He later added: “The main character cant be revealed yet so use your imagination for now :P All I can say is he/she will be deeply involved with the 2 swords.”


It would appear that Odashima’s in the good books of the higher-ups at Namco Bandai, for he also revealed that his “recent work” (this may or may not refer to Soulcalibur) is being graced with a higher budget. This was also revealed by way of a tweet, where he stated: “My recent work is to get a higher budget for the game from the company!”


Odashima later closed with a final tweet on the subject of the new Soulcalibur game, stating: “I’ve said this before but I want the new game to have better tempo and better pacing.”

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  • Code

    My imagination says… the main character will be Olcadan >w<~! hooray good pick Odashima!

  • Better tempo and pacing would do Soulcalibur quite good Odashima-san. As for Siegfried, I myself too always thought he was the main, I mean he has the SoulCalibur while Nightmare has the SoulEdge, it makes perfect sense for me. The Endbosses though don’t make any sense at all, the same goes for the whole story in SoulCalibur 4, it was stupid as hell, why not scratch the whole 4 story and make a better one for its place to be canon?
    That said, didn’t Siegfried die at the end of 4? I thought yes, if so it makes sense that he isn’t the main in the next one, but I’m probably thinking much further than Odashima-san does…meh, whatever as long as I can beat the crap out of everyone with Nightmare I don’t have any problems.

    As for the new main, I think it will be someone new, I hope he/she will be a damn cool character, that’s one of the few reasons why I love the series. Or just bring back Spawn! :3

  • Zetsomaru

    Do Voldo!
    He has so much wisdom to teach us all.

  • I wonder if Cervantes will be pushed back to the limelight, as of this new #SoulCalibur.

    Oh, here’s a throwback for Cervantes fans:

  • joesz

    Maybe they realized that each time he becomes the main character,His hair gets longer.
    Maybe it reached its limit.

    In SC4,when I was playing with Seig,all what I saw was a big chalk with hair holding a sword.
    Ooohh,it even get worse when you try to do some fast combo with him.

  • Aiddon

    well that kinda sucks, Siegfried is my favorite character. He’s the only guy in the series who’s wielded both swords.

    • My money’s on Hilde. lol

      • Aiddon

        that’d be a departure. Maybe Ivy could work

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    I hope that higher budget is used to create a decent story mode. That’s the reason I play SC.

    As for a new main character… I would love to know more about Kilik or Setsuka. Or Maxi. Or Mitsurugi. Or Yun-Seong. Any one of those would be pretty cool. Even though I wouldn’t mind if it was Siegfried again, I like him a lot.

    • Yui

      Go back to the story mode and character roster of SC2. I’d love to be able to play Weapon Master as Link again. On the other hand, I’m not the biggest SC buff, so I can’t comment on the main characters thing, but…I do love SC2, and the more they harken back to the days of yore, the better, I say. :D

      • In order for Link to be in the game, it would have to come out for a Nintendo system, though, and I don’t see them putting this on the Wii. If the rumors are true and Nintendo announce a new HD system at E3, though, then that might be a possibility.

        As for the roster, I think SC3 had the best roster, myself. Tira is one of my favorite characters in the series. Hilde and Amy, though, are not bad characters. If anything, I’d like SC5 to have 5 or 6 new characters with no guest characters. Expand the roster, you know?

  • Well, as Doomrider said, they really better have a better story mode than SC4 had. I was so incredibly disappointed by that, especially after how awesome SC3’s was, where every character interacted before their fights. I, too, play Soul Calibur for the story and SC4’s could’ve been written on a napkin and wouldn’t have cost me $65.

    Of course, if we’re talking new main characters, I’d love it if it were someone who was more on the dark side than not, like Tira, but I guess people would prefer a more positive main.

  • cmurph666

    The new main character will be: Guest Fighter~!

  • IceRomancer

    Hopefully sc5 is a little faster paced and they include more weapon types than they had in sc4

  • Sakurazaki

    Personally, I’d like the return of SC3’s Character Creation/the classes. ‘course, with some changes here and there.

    Someone related to both swords that’s not Siegfried… I can only think of Algol, lol.

  • SlashZaku

    As others have pointed out, please do something about the Story and Modes in general. SCIV really did seem like a step back/lacking.

    As for higher budget, the engine is already in place so…? If they make an NGP version, that can use PS3 assets (and include PS3-NGP save sharing/compatibility) so I don’t think that would really push on the budget much. Hopefully they use that budget less on ‘guest characters’ and more on standard content (plenty of CAS items/gear, plenty of new and past costumes/weapons for characters) and getting the series back on track to what fans expect.

    • raymk

      I love sc story mode but what is up with you gamers and story modes these days? The fighting and things that involve it should come first. the CAS things like costumes and weapons like you said are important because its actually something you use in combat. I do hope there’s a story mode though at least like sc 3

      • SlashZaku

        These days? The story mode in Soul Blade/Calibur has always been something I’ve enjoyed. The way SCIV just straight out cheapened what’s been established before with it’s 5 stages and no real development between the characters was just sad and pathetic for long time fans.

        I know people like to pull the “You care about the story in the fighter” card but for some of these series, SC in particular, yes, I do care.

      • For me, it was the first time I played Art of Fighting or Fatal Fury, and they had cut scenes that told me why I was fighting. Why I was doing all this. Even Samurai Shodown did, to a lesser extent, and it made me feel like I was fighting these other characters for a reason, instead of just, “Here comes a new challenger.” It gave me a motivation and I’ve liked it ever since. It’s part of why I still consider Street Fighter Alpha 3 to be the best game in that series (part of the reason. The airblocking, roster, and 2-on-1 matches were also a big part of that).

        Obviously, the fighting should be the top priority, but story comes a very close second to me. It’s why I can’t play Virtua Fighter. I have no idea why anyone is doing anything and when I beat it, there’s no ending.

  • Kilik’s story must be tooooold! Though I guess a lot of that was already covered by Xiang Hua.

  • Angeru_Lito

    Good because I din´t like SCIV at all , unless they find someone who can fit into the world Dante? don´t bring crazy Guest Characters please, in SC2 were 2 swords too right? can´t quite remember but the “soul Calibur” isn´t as cool as it used to be, just get rid of the soul blade or whatever the name is the one that Siegfried has and give the Soul Calibur a giant eye and have Nightmare use it, if they do that im back again in SC

    • thebanditking

      For me the best version of SCIV was the PSP one with Kratos (which still light years behind SC 1&2). There are a laundry list of issues that need to fix, even more that need to be incorporated/evolved (Art gallery with fan art from SC1 was awesome). Sadly I really don’t know if they are going to get the necessary feedback to make these changes, and given how 3 and 4 turned out they sure don’t seem to “get it” themselves.

      • Angeru_Lito

        I don´t know exactly what it is but the story mode, character creation and overall modes in SCIV were very dissapoiting to me , I haven´t played the PSP version yet but I played SCIII for a bit but as for now they should look into SCII again to see what was great about the series, SCIII introduce the whole char creation wich I always apreciate in a game but the way the lock almost all the good Equipment for DLC was just …ugh the tower challenge was also pretty bad, they should just re-do the series or give it a new style of play while being the same a la Street Fighter IV

      • raymk

        They do get it SCIII arcade was good and fixed a lot of things that were wrong with the series but it was just on arcade.

  • thebanditking

    I don’t care who the main character is, just get rid of the horrible guest characters (I am still not over the Star wars ones…..) add a difficulty option back into arcade mode, and make the fighting system more like SC1 & 2. Do this and I don’t care if a flying elephant is the main character, lol.

    • raymk

      Guest characters aren’t bad but star wars was kinda over doing it. I don’t mind if they use their characters like tales of characters or any character that fits the theme that has a weapon.

  • Souji Tendou

    Where’s Hwang…? Come ooooon.

    • Guest

      He went over to Dynasty Warriors and changed his name to Gan Ning

      • Souji Tendou

        Hahaha… actually, I always thought that way too. They both are similiar (appearance-wise).

        Darn, I missed him. He’s my most favorite character in SC, and he’s been gone for 3 series. :(

  • PrinceHeir

    i can’t wait for this :D

    hopefully no exclusive characters this time, it kills during tournaments, oh and playtest this on the arcades first in japan :P

  • For SC1, I thought it was more like Kilik.
    My favorite character is Nightmare, but I kinda dislike what happened to him in the last two.

  • SC2- Nightmare? i doubt it? i just think it’s fans favourite character to use.

    personally i would say Nightmare too

  • I think its Ivy :D

  • I dont know why you didnt talk about the character creation stuff?? It’s the most important thing in this soul series!

  • Maybe cervantes? He could use both swords at the same time….

  • Ivy, it’s gotta be Ivy

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