Tokyopop To Shut Down U.S. Publishing Division

By Ishaan . April 16, 2011 . 10:19am

Yesterday, longtime American manga publisher, Tokyopop, announced that it would be closing down its manga publishing operations in the U.S. in late May. The announcement read:


“Today, we are sad to inform our loyal community of manga fans, our passionate creators of manga content, our business and retail partners, and other stakeholders who have supported us through the years that as of May 31, 2011, TOKYOPOP is closing its Los Angeles-based North American publishing operations.”


Comics Beat report that, after their last round of lay-offs, Tokyopop’s employee count had whittled down to just six people. It’s unknown what will happen to Tokyopop’s publishing licenses, but the company will still maintain its European endeavours and televisions projects.


In addition to the announcement, Tokyopop founder Stuart Levy’s blog featured a personal statement from him, which you can read here.

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  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    Well, this is most unfortunate. I do hope some other publisher will complete the unpublished volumes

    • Yubisaki Milk Tea.

      • lostinblue

        sir, I have to put a like on this.

        not that I enjoy crossdressing or anything, that manga was just GOOD (up to the point it stopped coming out translated, that is)

        • :). yea, I’ve been waiting on the last volume since my friend told me about Yubisaki… thankfully someone didn’t like the wait and decided to start translating for us^^. Though it’s still going to take a while, at least someone cares!

          [though I kept reading on forums how it had an unsatisfying ending, and well… I haven’t spoiled myself just yet.]

          • lostinblue

            I didn’t knew someone picked it up, nice. Might look for it some time.

            Thanks for the tip.

            It probably was canceled and hence had a rushed ending of sorts (therefore the “unsatisfying ending”), the manga is admittedly derivative.

            Kinda like you would expect from Yasuhiro Kano; Pretty Face and Mx0 were quite honestly awesome and the guy is a genius (always managed to make me laugh)… but both were canceled, hence kinda rushed when it came to endings. It’s sell well or be canceled, over there. And in a crowded marked, no less.

    • shy_mel

      I have no doubt that Tokyopop’s real popular titles will be picked up by other publishers in the U.S.

  • Remember when tokyopop was good? Those days were ever so bitter sweet.

  • Hmm, just hope other companies will pick up the mangas they were publishing

  • I never had (and still) the pleasure to buy manga whenever i want, but when i travel to the US, it felt so good and was so fun to check out all the volumes that were in the store, dont know if this company had a good or bad fame, but it always makes me sad when i see stuff like this happens, feels like a step back D:

  • Guest

    Nooo. I haven’t finished Ai Yori Aoshi yet….

  • I think I’ll remember Tokyopop US as the guys who butchered Initial D.

    • I think I’ll remember Tokyopop as the people who cheated most OEM authors out of good contracts haha.

  • Christian Wright

    i blame it on the community. if you love something, you support it. pirating manga online or scanlations arent support. especially if you dont go back and buy the volumes.

    • PersonaBull

      Yup. Nothing at all to do with the state of the economy or lack of stores(every Borders around me closed) or overflow of generic series going for $10-13 a volume. I’m sure the lack of sales had absolutely nothing to do with their excellent translations (see Initial D).

      If you aren’t grasping my sarcasm, I blame it on TokyoPop.

      Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be reading my Yen Press manga I bought online.

      • CleruTesh

        No kidding on lack of stores! I haven’t bought any anime or manga in awhile cos they are both getting so hard to find!

        • PersonaBull

          It’s hard to get into new series without a local Borders, but plenty of my money went to . They’ve had a pretty good selection and free shipping for orders over $49.

          • CleruTesh

            Yeah I’ve shopped there before. I just prefer the instant gratification of shopping in real stores.

      • Borders actually ended up going bankrupt?

        • Well they only closed 220 or so stores, today is 2 months since they had issues.

          • By the end of next month, there will be a total of 2 Borders in all of New York City. That is not a good sign for them.

          • The funny thing is that they wanted to buy Barnes & Noble, who was on the verge bankruptcy as well, before the government stepped in to save them(B&N).

            Edit: I should mention that was only a week before Borders came out with their own financial problems.

          • I was shocked that people shopped at Borders, in VA I only recall ever seeing Barnes & Noble for stores. With deep discounts, I dont know if there were really compelling deals to even go to Borders.

          • @Tsuna
            There were more Waldenbooks in malls than Borders in at least the Hampton Roads area of VA, Tsuna. *lives in Portsmouth, VA, so she knows* There were a few Borders stores around.. the only one I know off hand now is on Laskin Road in VA Beach. (Went by it today b/c my father’s in the hospital..) The one at Patrick Henry is gone, I think. The manga selection there for the closing sells were of slim picking.. But I at least got a few things before it closed.. not like any of them were the next volume that I needed. But with some malls having no bookstores in them (Greenbrier Mall & Chesacrap– I mean Chesapeake Square Mall), people have to depend on Barnes & Nobles (one across the street of Greenbrier Mall) or FYE now. Chesapeake Square Mall doesn’t have any bookstores nearby, unless someone is planning on building one sometime soon b/c of all the building being done in Suffolk’s Harbour View areas. Oh.. or even depending on comic book stores. Like for instance, World’s Best Comics (open till like midnight, sometimes later) in Newport News on Warwick… has a GREAT selection of manga, old and new.. Plus anime.. but the anime (and hentai) are all ORIGINAL prices from back in the day… $30 a DVD for 3/4 episodes, $200+ for boxsets, etc.

          • @Aunna Terrell What the?! We both live in Portsmouth?! I was mad that there were no more bookstores in Chesapeake Square, such a huge drive to all the other places.

          • @Tsuna
            lol yea, I used to live in Suffolk, but now in Portsmouth. Currently @ the line for Chesapeake/Suffolk/Portsmouth and I used to work in Chesa-crap Mall too. XDD I had friends that worked at Waldens and knew tons of people that enjoyed manga from both of the stores that we used to have in the mall. But all this traveling just for one bookstore is annoying. XD Especially when all I can do is just look at them now..

            lol edit: Tsuna… why do I usually have tons of things to say when it comes to your comments? XD I’m not really a talkative time and keep to myself (as you’ve probably seen the past week or so with no real comments on the page..).

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        -_- you’re both correct. No need for disparaging sarcasm

      • Christian Wright

        we only had one borders where i live. i used to buy all my manga from them. they went out of business because there are two malls right by each other and the other is more popular. i also live in a city where reading isnt popular

    • Tokyopop had a crapload of terrible business practices to begin with. Not just from their habit of taking on a bunch of series and then ending them abruptly, but also increasing the price of their manga and using terrible paper quality. It’s no wonder they’re going the way of Borders, and frankly, I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did.

      • I remember there was one series my niece liked called Me & My Brothers. I used to buy her volumes up to volume 6. Then volume 7 came out. I was going to get it for her, but the paper quality was horrible, it was incredibly thin and small and yet it cost $10.99. I ended up getting her started on Ouran instead.

    • thebanditking

      Amen to that, stinking pirates are runing just about every industry these days and are making it so the only way we can get content is in the form of heavily DRM filled digital copies. Which really stinks.

  • I hope this does not mean less publishing in Europe, as they tend to publish the mangas the US branch did too. Actually I hope the European one will publish more this way in place of their US sister. That said it’s a sad thing to see manga publisher close their doors.. :(

  • shy_mel

    It’s really sad to see the company that got me into manga shut down. I hope the few employees who are left are able to find jobs after the shut down.

    • Agreed. My first manga volumes were Tokyopop’s adaptation of Clover and Magic Knight Rayearth.

  • Darn and they Seikon No Qwaser! We had just reached Vol 2 and volumes 3 and 4 were on my AMZN wishlist! I hope someone picks it up, please!

    I guess without the big shonen series and yaoi/bl they couldnt find a place in recent days.

  • thaKingRocka


  • Zero_Destiny

    Argh!!!! ;___; Someone better pick up Deadman Wonderland and Future Diary. I love those Manga’s. Please someone pick them up.

    And an another note, I feel sad. Tokyo Pop has gotten some flak and their not my fav licenser but they deserved better. Well things weren’t looking good for them for a long time so I kinda saw it coming.

    Still sad though. Someone please pick up those two great series though!!!!! I want to own all of them. :[

    • PrinceHeir

      and Maid Sama! too :P

      • Zero_Destiny

        Oh I liked the anime but never bought the manga. :D Good show though.

    • Better start sending emails to other companies if we want these series.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Why they are big names. You make it sound like they’re crap. I have confidence someone will pick them up. (Please)

        • It doesnt hurt to send emails, how do companies know if people are interested if no one sends emails to let them know? I thought licensing decisions are based on presumed interest? I thought Reborn was a big name series and we see how that went…

          • Zero_Destiny

            ;__; I suppose your right. But it would be nice if we didn’t and everything worked out well. Oh well in a perfect world right?

  • Lordphantomhive

    That sucks. Never been a fan of Tokyopop through.

  • Aiddon

    and now I’m deprssed

  • Istillduno

    Man, we all knew this was happening, it was just a matter of time, hope the good licences get rescued and the toss gets laid to rest.

    With the state things were in, at least this’ll give other licensors a chance to properly support whatever gets snapped up, you know something’s gone wrong when volume 3 of a manga is the latest one and dedicated manga/comic stores can’t get hold of any of the 2nd volume since it’s already out of print. (Deadman Wonderland)

  • nyoron

    Only thing I was currently following from them was Keroro but this really pisses me off. I just love having an incomplete collection after buying 20 volumes over the past 7 years. The fact that this series has no scanlations makes it even worse. I really hope someone picks it up.

  • Hours

    I feel bad for the people who are losing their jobs, I hope they can find work quickly with other companies, and I hope other publishers are able to continue their titles for the readers.

    But I was not really a fan of Tokyopop’s business decisions or practices, so I’m not surprised by the news.

  • PrinceHeir

    even though it’s unfortunate didn’t they badmouth people about not buying their manga’s enough? with the horrible translation, poor quality, and overprice volumes, it’s not that surprising that this company fell down.

    oh and please somebody pick Mada Sama! i just realized after looking at amazon it was publish by them. Viz pick this up so that you can release a Viz Big Edition alongside Kimi ni todoke :P

    • Their quality was bloody horrible. Some parts left untranslated, hell, I found a box that still had Japanese text in it. Their patch jobs were ridiculously bad too (where text goes over the drawing). I’m sad they’re gone, but something stinks when fan translators are doing a better job and for free.

      Sad to see too that the NA manga industry is failing so bad here. Demand? Maybe. But yeah, the pirating is so bad for it, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked passed kids with laptops with “manga on the screen”.

      • PrinceHeir

        yeah i think it’s very hard for manga to be as big as in japan here. well they could release a steam like service that let’s you download the anime/manga at a reasonable price, sure people might share this to their friends and such, but at least it will give people a chance to buy it, not to mention they could simultaneous release it along with a JP version. i don’t have a problem with digital only, since manga has only like 20mb or lower per volume.

        • There are still people who do not want to buy things digitally and someone brought up a good point about the storefronts used to host these things, what if the company shut down…how would you view what you bought?

  • Maybe now someone else can get the licensing rights to Kino no Tabi and release translated novels in order.

  • Yukito

    A shame to hear. Hopefully though, retailers are still able to get them, and cons will too. Jut another connection from Japan cut.

  • I guess it’s a good that that everything I buy comes from YenPress or VIZ then.

  • Darn I just realized that I have Chibi Vampire, Fate/Stay, and Seikon no Qwaser from Tokyopop. I never got back to getting the full set of those, so I guess Im permanently at vol 1 for ChibiVampire and 5 volumes for Fate/Stay Night*…

  • Darkrise


  • Scanlations are killing the manga industry in North America. I mean I know our economy is bad but if you’ve no money to buy the manga you love do not resort to pirating, otherwise things like companies going out of business will arise. I’m sure there will be some people who pirate manga saying “Why are they going out of business etc etc.” and they are the reasons. Not enough supporters. I wonder what will happen to all the titles they have the rights to. Hopefully another company will pick them up and redistribute them like FUNimation did with Geneon and ADV titles. On a more personal note this upsets me dearly considering I want to become an anime voice actress. I’ve seen numerous anime distributing companies go out of business in my lifetime and now the manga distributors are heading for the hills too. It’s a shame really.

    • In the case of Tokyopop, I cant imagine that all the blame belongs on scans. If that was the case why would Kodansha even move into the manga market in America if they see it as a industry that is being killed, I thought the interview with VIZ and saying the the industry just exploded really fast and is seeking a stabilized level. Furthur, look to the caliber of titles that was offered by Tokyopop versus the others…without a big series, Im quite sure they cant be as flexible as other companies in terms of funding other less popular niche series…

      And arent you jumping to the anime industry oddly, as FUNimation doesnt do manga…and Tokyopop didnt do anime in the US and in the US we see more companies getting into anime…

      • I never said all the blame was to be on scanlations, however that plays a huge role with Tokyopop. I know they stopped publishing the Beck manga series simply because of scanlations. Considering I don’t quite keep up with the manga companies as I do with the anime I never knew Tokyopop never had as many series as others so I suppose didn’t do my homework there. I know they have had some best selling series though such as Fruits Basket and the shounen-ai hit Gravitation.

        My reason my jumping onto the anime is clearly a personal note in case you didn’t read that part. Also, Tokyopop did publish some animes, for example Marmalade Boy so do your homework before you go jumping to conclusions. Even though more companies may get into anime more so than manga companies are still being shut down. Geneon and ADV are two of the more popular companies to have went out of the business.

        • Well I didnt know they did anime recently considering nowhere on their website is it mentioned and one has to hunt really hard to see that that was an anime they did (was their lat anime not done in America since over 7 years ago, seems theyve been out of anime in the US for a long time).

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yeah I believe TokyoPop closed their Anime division in 2005 maybe 2006. Might of been even earlier than that. But really even if the division was closed I can imagine the debt it amassed could of harmed the main company even now. It’s really sad but TokyoPop wasn’t looking very good financially for awhile now. ;__; Always sad to see another Anime and Manga company go under.

          • They did quite a handful of animes actually. Most I was shocked by. Brigadoon, GTO, Initial D, Marmalade Boy, Psychic Academy, Rave Master, Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School, Reign: The Conqueror, Saint Tall, Spring and Chaos and Vampire Princess Miyu. I’ve only seen three of those series they’ve dubbed and didn’t think they did too terrible of a job but I would much rather purchase a Sentai or FUNi production.

          • Doesnt Funimation do Initial D though?

          • @Tsuna
            Initial D’s anime was originally released by TP’s anime division but FUNimation picked up after 2009.

        • Zero_Destiny

          I don’t mean to be an @ss or be butting in, but ADV didn’t go out of business. They just got into a really bad financial situation and ended up split-up into a bunch of little companies. Sentai Filmworks is one of the said companies. That’s why they use a lot of ADV actors when they do, do dubs.

          • You’re not being a jerk, don’t worry. We all make mistakes, we’re human after all. Yeah, I figured Sentai was a branch of ADV though because of how many VA’s were the same. I recently watched a panel of Greg Ayres saying ADV went under so I had assumed that ADV went down entirely. Thanks for the clarification though, I always had my suspicions.

  • WonderSteve

    Well I expect many people would blame it on scanlation, but I disagree.

    I read the post on Manga Critic, it seems like it was a management failure. Tokyopop branched out to too many unnecessary things, while cutting back on its core business. I also keep on hearing them dropping series. That’s a big mistake for a manga publisher. It seriously damages your reputation.

    You can disagree with me, but most of the major manga/anime market in Asia (other than Japan) becomes big and profitable market because of piracy. The fans slowly moved from buying pirate goods to official goods. It took years to happen, but it did.

    Of course we can’t ignore the internet factor here, but I say most media publishers these days fail to revise their business model to cater the internet generation. It is very difficult to follow and purchase new release manga in Canada often.

    • Christian Wright

      well i guess its management and scanlations. the internet generation can easily be taken care of if a lot of the popular titles went digital. most comic book companies have started to realize that. i know there’s manga apps out there but most of them arent official

      • WonderSteve

        The problem for those official apps is the selection is small. I tried couple of the apps from Taiwan publisher. There’s barely anything interesting on it. I can’t imagine the US situation is much better

        I heard there is an app from VIZ for iPhone, but the last time I check it is only available in the US. I can’t try it. I can buy VIZ manga here, it is stupid I can’t get the app.

        I also have a Kindle, there is barely any manga you can buy from it from or

        Unfortunately, the “unofficial” apps are the best solution. The publisher need to act, they need to take a page from what happened to the music industry.

        I read scans all the time, but reading the scans make me spends around 200 US on manga and light novel every 2 months. Without the scans, I wouldn’t bother because I wouldn’t know what is worth spending money on. I would just spend it on stuff like games.

  • ಠ_ಠ

  • ufoflash

    ……crap that is not good. tokyopop were they really making so little in America that they closed down their America division? i just hope someone else takes up their stuff. like well ai love you,butterfly,chibi vampire, cowboy bebop manga, dead man wonderland, calling you both novel and manga, whole bunch of Gundam manga,(yes i am looking thorough all their stuff right now and naming everything i am familiar with so this list may leave some stuff out) damit Gosick, Goth manga and novel,Kino no tabi, GTO?!,Judas, kingdom hearts manga(how could they not make money of this one?),king of hell, my-hime,Maria Holic, Mahoromatic,Rave Master,Samurai Champloo manga, dammit even trinity blood manga and novels?( i thought this was popular),FLCl manga and novel,and Welcome to the NHK manga and novel(to name a few)…….why? i mean i wasn’t tracking tokyopop but i mean really? how? why would they cancel their us division? were they really making so little money?…… i just really hope some other publishing company takes over especially for the series that haven’t even been finished yet like Kino no tabi, Gosick. but damn… this is pretty depressing i just hope that no other company shuts down to.

    • Whatever list you are using is a bit out dated, Rave Master went to Del Ray Comics in 2006, then they never made it to finishing the full release of the series stopping a few volumes to the finish, then Kodansha took all its series back to release them on their own starting this year (Rave Master is being redone). Tokyopop finished Samurai Champloo in 2006 as well. Alot of those series are really old and possibly completed series. Since Square Enix is back into manga, they could take their Kingdom Hearts manga to be honest (and bring out the 358/2 Days that no one seemed to acquire).

      • ufoflash

        oh…..whoops sorry then. yea i already knew that most were finished the reason i posted those was kind of asking how could they shut down if they have a lot of stuff that probably sold well. a few of those are on going or just haven’t been translated yet. but yea i guess i should have only posted on going series.

  • I use better quality paper to wipe my ass then tokyopop used to print translated manga on as of late.

  • Suicunesol

    I agree that scanlations are hurting the industry somewhat, but I also think that forbidding scanlations won’t help much. People would still go to bookstores, spend time reading the manga on the shelves, and not buy them.

    And who would? When you can finish reading a single volume of manga in a single sitting, with no incentive to re-read it, and only a desire to read the next volume, there’s just no need to buy anything. And it’s not like there’s a security guard who keeps you from reading manga you haven’t paid for.

    And manga is expensive to buy in America, as opposed to in Japan where I’ve heard manga is sold for 6-7 dollars. In America, buying just 2 volumes of manga will cost more than $20 dollars.

    In addition, those two volumes of manga can likely be read in just a few hours, if not far less. But, any other regular book/novel in the bookstore may last you 10x as long for half the price. As a result, the average manga reader feels that the price they’re paying isn’t worth only an hour or two of entertainment.

    The fact that the US economy is very, very bad doesn’t help either.

    When the only profit being made is from consumers who feel sorry for the company, then something has to change. The company can either: 1. Stop selling the product; or 2. Change their business strategy.

    And #2 is something I feel Tokyopop and every US manga translation company should do. Manga is different from regular books because manga readers are ravenous and can go through pages at warp speed.

    Online manga is the way to go. Provide a fee-based service, like Crunchyroll. Make it affordable. Remove the middlemen. Save paper. Maybe put in some advertisements between pages if you’re desperate for $$. If the service is as easy to use as any manga reader, people will pay the fee.

    And geezus– scanlation groups are a goldmine of good workers who love manga. Hire them, damn it!

    • Quite sure, just like with Crunchyroll, it will be even easier for people to just have scans of it since the website would host it so I think they are weary of that being a possibility and adding in ads will be an excuse people will use to avoid the service, they already complain about ads during the streams the content providers provide for anime.

      You are overcrediting scanlation groups…maybe if some one is a non native speaker or like seeing things in brutal low quality but their quality is spotty at best, numerous typos, care more about speed versus quality, dirty pages, mistranslations, ugly word flow and non standard grammar.

      We also have manga in American here for 7.99, surly 99 cents more than what you heard in Japan isnt really that much of a difference. Like I say numerous times, just how cheap do people want it, less cost would probably lead to less chapters in a volume and therefore more volumes and more overall cost.

      • mirumu

        You make a number of good points there, although I think you’ve also hit on why the industry is so paralyzed. They’re wasting a lot of time worrying about people who read scanlations, or more specifically people who are not their customers. People they earn no income from. I think if they instead focused on what was best for their actual paying customers then there’s a chance they might be a bit more successful. Personally I do think the lack of a convenient digital distribution system has hurt them more than it’s helped.

        Sure, it’s easy for me to say this since it’s not my money on the line, but making a better customer experience has always made good business sense.

      • Suicunesol

        That’s true, too. People can just save the images on to their computers and share them with others–just like before. The thing is, however, is that you can’t stop pirating. There are going to be scans floating around no matter how the original material is made available.

        So I think the most important thing to do is to beat scanlation groups at their own game. People usually want to read the very latest chapters of their favorite manga as soon as possible, so if a manga company can make a translation available faster than anyone else, they will get the business. If the professional translations are speedy yet maintain a consistent quality, and if the scanlation groups are composed of decent people, then they will stop scanlating (provided that the professional translations aren’t atrocious).

        Also, I think that the best scanlation groups are really good at what they do. I don’t know what manga you read, but what I read is usually very nicely presented. The images are clean and sharp and big, with very few grammar errors, and they’re usually released on a weekly basis on the same day every week. Maybe the translations ARE off, but they sure don’t appear that way, and that’s what matters. I don’t know a single US manga localization company that can do this. So I don’t think I’m overcrediting scanlation groups–especially the ones that put quality over speed.

        But even IF all scanlations were as poor as you say, the fact that scanlations are popular enough to hurt business just proves that most people aren’t concerned too much about “quality” as long as the manga is readable, and free.

        So, where do you buy your manga then?

        • Ive always bought on Amazon or from my undergraduate campuses Barnes & Noble (sometimes at a local comicbook store or, oh there was that one random time I was at a train state and just bought Full Metal Alchemist for some reading material on the train, I dont know $7.99 for a volume just seemed like pocket change for a volume or two for the sake of having something to do in spare time).

          The best scanlation groups? Well the group that does One Piece usually puts quality on the backburner, so many typos, grammatical errors, and such. Maybe cause I just look at the groups that are first but, Ive never seen…beyond Bleach…a chapter done that I think rivals or compares to that quality that is seen in a purchased volume.

          I really dont know whats wrong with people, Quality should be chosen over “Speed.” Thats like those early scans of One Piece or worst when some series have Engrish for the translations….I guess thats why I will always be buying manga volumes…

      • Your comment on the scanlation groups also semi-apply to the official English releases too (minus the low quality thing). There’s been many titles from my collection that had typos/mistranslations/ugly word flow/translations missing from bubbles/etc in them. So it doesn’t just apply to scanlations. There are tons of great scanlators that do a great job, but weeding through all the different scanlation groups to find them might take a bit.

        Also, most manga sell for $9.99-13.99. Most Shounen Jump titles are $7.99. TP used to sell theirs for $9.99.. Shoujo Beat used to be $8.99 but are now $9/10.99. $9.99 was/is the normal standard for manga prices. Certain companies own by a bigger well known name might sell their titles for $13.99 but it still hurts a manga fan/collector’s wallet.

        The biggest point in this whole manga debate is mostly the targeted age of the readers and if they have the money for the books. Not really the scanlations. From all the debates that I’ve read about this online, it’s mostly people stating that they don’t have the money to buy manga. And because of that, they just either sit in the store and read the book or turn to scanlations. I currently don’t really have the money for any as well, so my current titles have to wait till I find another job to purchase them. But till then, I turn to either doing nothing, reading translations, or actually reading a few scanlations. And even if I do find a job and able to purchase manga again, some of the books will be discontinued and hard to find besides from other people selling them via eBay/Amazon/various marketplaces (like’s marketplace or LiveJournal). Also, there’s a few series that I have scanlations of that aren’t even out in English, like the series Shoukoku no Altair/The Stratocracy of Altair with it’s alternate world with a Turkish setting or Brave 10, a story about Yukimura Sanada’s 10 warriors during the Sengoku Era.

      • While I DO agree to an extent, I have to say that I’ve never EVER seen a manga that is less than $9-14. I do read online scanlations, but I also have to buy a new bookshelf for my ever expanding manga collection. And not once have I seen a manga being sold for what you claim it to be, unless if it was maybe second hand and unpleasant in quality (bends, wear and tear, etc).

    • tr1gun1212

      I don’t know if you are specifically referring to it or not, but Digital Manga Guild is trying to do just that.

      • Suicunesol

        Excellent. Never heard of them, but I’m glad it’s already happening.

        • Digital Manga is mostly known for the great titles Berserk, Trigun, and Hellsing. They have a yaoi branch, June, which is actually where all their manga titles are from. XD If you look at the list of the books they have, you’ll see mostly yaoi stuff.

          Digital Manga Guild licensed over 450+ titles and it’s basically giving scanlators a chance to work on a manga and earn money for their work depending on the number of volume is sold. It’s a great chance for people.. for both the scanlators and the fans.

  • KotaroInugami

    Dammit… I doubt anyone is going to pick up Ratman -_- *sigh*

  • Roses4Aria

    Sigh… And there goes another one. I know a lot of people complain about Tokyopop, but they did have a few series that I followed, like VB Rose, Happy Cafe, and Demon Sacred. I adored those series, so I guess I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed that someone else picks them up. Of course, I don’t know who that would be. Seems the list of manga publishers in the west is growing smaller and smaller.

    • I used to follow VB Rose too. But then I got worried that it would get shuffled aside like Aria and bowed out around volume 3. I didn’t want to get too attached in case something like this happened.

  • I became friends once with someone there and i’m in finance and they had an opening and we briefly discussed it. I asked them some questions on how they make acquisitions, etc. They were a company that had no chance. This was about 4/5 years ago when the whole genre wasn’t in trouble.

  • Istillduno

    I find the “support what you love” comments to be rather funny, people are supporting what they like, this is why other manga companies are still going strong whilst Tokyopop has dissapeared, they simply lisenced too much junk, and got hit hard when bookstores returned the stock that wasn’t selling.

    • Happy Gamer

      i dunno if manga is dealt with same way as other books as far as licensing but I work in a company where we license products from oveseas and we take strong consideration, sales predictions and demands as well.

      I can’t “blame” any company but book stores in general arn’t doing too hot as well. Bunch of Border’s book stores, as well as one of my personal favorite one neat my home shut down due to lack of sales from within the store.

      it’s kind of cliche but the economy currently is alot more serious than most people think.

  • ToSeektheChosen

    very unfortunate, especially since they announced so much new mangas. Looks like no 358/2 days for me ;(

  • LynxAmali

    Here we go again.
    It’s not piracy that was the problem. They a) licensed too much and (B) held onto license crap that they didn’t bother to release.

  • WHAT!!!! This is bad news …

  • It’s an economic mess to say the least – Borders are closing worldwide (They are in administration here, and will most likely file for bankruptcy) and several major publishers have been showing similar signs of distress on their balance sheets, and that’s just on books. There’s pain all round, and we’re going to see more of it in the next six to nine.

    Don’t get me started on the rest of it, or the Japanese situation (No, it really hasn’t gotten any better, no one’s really been talking about it though. Being told the research is too depressing to use is probably a sign of ‘Uh oh’.) but let’s put it this way – the symptoms are showing up.

    I’ve been on leave here since April, and don’t expect to be done by the end of June – Fraud as a business model is fun to investigate, although kinda depressing. I might try to make time for Meruru (It’s about the only thing I have scheduled that will make me feel happeier, cause chasing various meeting minutes sure isn’t.) although to be honest, I’m starting to feel that I might have contributed to the ‘Focus on the happy, and ignore the actual problems of the world’ issue that got us into this mess to begin with…

  • KyoyaHibari

    To be brutally honest, Tokyopop didn’t have that many great titles, and most of the good ones they cancelled, the last Tokyopop book I got was Future Diary, and having known about Deadman Wonderland recently, I’m looking forward to picking up a few volumes of that possibly, but most of Tokyopop’s books were either some weird American-inspired manga (Star Trek or something I believe I saw and some other weird ones), bad titles or other ones, they should maybe give some of their properties to Kodansha like GetBackers, Kindaichi, etc

  • Aoshi00

    I’m forever grateful to Tokyopop for introducing me to “Parasyte” (Kiseijuu) w/ their short lived Mixxzines.. still one of my favorite manga..

    • I used to have some of their Mixxzines~! lol man.. I feel abit old now. XD

      • Aoshi00

        Yea, they started w/ Sailormoon, Rayearth, Parasyte, and Harlem Beat.. I don’t have many issues of it though, I think it got canceled rather soon, definitely feeling old here lol.. I’m still waiting for the Parasyte live action movie..

        • Yea, I got into the magazine because of Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth. I never really checked out the other two because well.. I’m a girl and liked girly things back then. XD

          • Aoshi00

            I think those were the main draw for me too, but I discovered Parasyte.. after I read a few chapters I had to buy the rest of the volumes in Japanese because I couldn’t wait.. You should check out Parasyte if you have a chance and don’t mind some graphic violence.. it was an award winning manga in Jpn.. It was about how there are these man eating aliens living in our society.. the alien couldn’t take over the protagonist’s brain and instead only gotten his right hand (in the US ver it’s called “Lefty” because the manga was flipped back then) and they had to coexist and fend off other aliens.. very intriguing and philosophical.. I was in college when I was reading Mixxzines (my classmate got really sucked in by Parasyte too), how time flies… That’s when Naruto started too, pretty nuts…

  • Lol well not a loss for me. I dont even like tokyopop’s mangas & their translations sucked big time. xD

    And on another note, I dont think it would be a very good idea too close all nline scan.s. More than half the mangas I own wouldnt have been found unless I saw it online, read it, liked it, and started to buy the series.

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