New Rurouni Kenshin Anime In Production

By Ishaan . April 18, 2011 . 9:27pm

The Rurouni Kenshin 15th anniversary project continues! This announcement is likely to get far more people excited than Rurouni Kenshin: Saisen on PSP, which is why we’re making a rare exception and reporting anime news on a weekday.


Japanese magazine, Jump Square, has confirmed that a new Rurouni Kenshin anime project is in production. No further details have been revealed yet. Additionally, Blu-ray versions of the Rurouni Kenshin OVAs and the Ishin Shishi no Chinkonka animated movie will also be released in the near future.


Note: the original version of this post used the word “series” to describe the anime project. The project isn’t confirmed to be a full-length series yet, so we’ve rectified our wording.

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  • SetzerGabbiani

    Holy smokes! This is great because I did not like how the first series ended…I yawned through the ending movie.

  • Yay~ for high school memories~! Can’t wait for it! (Been saying that all day, since I saw the news on ANN.)

  • nyoron

    Jinchuu or bust

  • Yukito

    Oh, wow, are you for real? Do want. Sadly, it won’t air over here more than likely.

    • I’d say there’s a 75% chance it’s going to get a simulcast on Hulu courtesy of VIZ.

  • MPHavoc

    While I know it’s too early to say such a thing, I really hope that if/When this comes to America, the old dub cast (Media Blasters’, NOT ADV Films/Sentai Filmworks) reassembles for the new anime.

    • KyoyaHibari

      I actually liked their dub, Kenshin seemed alot more sincere with the dub, and his Battousai voice still had tremendous tenacity, the JPN voice seems kind of monotone imo

      • Aoshi00

        To be fair, Suzukaze Mayo was a takarazuka stage actor not a professional seiyuu, but she has done a pretty good job as Kenshin as she got more comfortable w/ her role, and in the OVAs (w/ the more realistic approach) she really shined, she’s used to acting on stage or in period dramas after all.. before the anime aired, Ogata Megumi (Kurama in YuYu, Shinji in EVA, Sakon in Ayatsuri Sakon) was actually cast as Kenshin in the drama CD initially.. if they had used her, I think the performance would’ve been very different.. I love Ogata Megumi at the time, and I still do.. at the time I was actually disappointed Ogata was not cast in the anime because she’s perfect for that kind of role.. I haven’t watched much Kenshin in Eng. though.. so Suzukaze was still the only voice for Kenshin for me..

        • KyoyaHibari

          Hmm, Ogata’s Kurama sounded alot like Kenshin when I heard the JPN dub, I actually assumed she did the dub for Kenshin in the anime O.o, damn, Mayo sounds alot like Ogata, and I must say, I’m a huge fan of the colour red, and Kurama & Kenshin happen to be some of my fav anime chars, because they wear all red pretty much, they are sincere and charming and sexy like me :D

          • Aoshi00

            lol.. yea, Mayo does have that cool unisex voice like Ogata.. I guess that’s why she was picked.. but in terms of sheer voice acting skill, of course Ogata had the edge since she was a seiyuu (but she was a rookie in the early 90’s, Kurama was her debut role), so she was still my first choice, she was a much cuter Kenshin :). Mayo took a bit of getting used to for me at first but she was good after a few episodes.. Like w/ the yelling Ogata did for Shinji.. I always tried to imagine how the Aoshi x Kenshin fight (in Houji’s study) would be if Kenshin was voiced by Ogata, I think she could’ve yelled better and sounded more emotional, and given Aoshi a better lecture :)

            I forgot where I heard the drama CD from though, I don’t think I own it (oh I just digged thru my computer, I have them in Real lifes lol, pretty low quality, it’s only a 2-min sample *.*). Sakurai Tomo (Misao) was actually Kaoru in the drama.. but Fujitani Miki turned out to be a great Kaoru in the TV series.. both her and Mayo were actresses and not seiyuu… Mayo was hot though :)

            PS… oh silly, I do own the drama CDs, I just have them stacked somewhere I totally forgot about them.. now let’s see if I could dig them out from my mountains of boxes :(…
            Seki Tomokazu (Kanji from P4) was Sano btw, instead of Ueda Yuuji..


  • PrinceHeir

    badass :)

    i watched it as Samurai X, will look forward for the blu ray screens :)

  • Please let it be the famous Enishi saga that I have ever only heard about since I’ve only saw the anime, not the manga.

    • lostinblue

      They’ll probably start over, fma brotherhood style.

      I just hope it does a better job than the later.

      • I think FMA Brotherhood was pretty good.

        Sure, the part that was already covered in the original was rushed as hell, but that I can understand. The new stuff was still interesting.

        Or at least what I covered so far: until chapter 37. I stil have more than 20 plus the OVAs to finish it.

      • Suicunesol

        o_0 I was under the impression that FMA Brotherhood was well-received?

        I don’t understand how anyone could think FMA:B was worse.

        • I don’t know anyone who says the original is better than Brotherhood. Brotherhood was fantastic but it doesn’t help convince you with FMA being #1 in my favourite series, a little biased but it was better.

          • PersonaBull

            I thought the original was better than Brotherhood.

            Yea, the manga was better than the original anime in that the story made a lot more sense and had a pretty great ending, but Brotherhood was pretty meh overall.

            Though, I may be a little biased myself since I saw the anime first, then read the manga, then saw Brotherhood.

          • I did exactly the same, the original FMA was one of the fist anime I watched. I then read the manga and was in Japan when the final chapter released. Luckily I managed to find a copy of Gangan, it sold out so quickly.
            Bones adapted the manga pretty damn perfectly so I don’t see how it was ‘meh’.
            The only thing I thought was meh was the ending to the original show and then the subsequent movie.

        • mirumu

          I’d guess quite a few were put off by the horrible pacing in Brotherhood’s early episodes. I gave up on it fairly quickly myself for that reason.

          • shuratan

            But you must admit the start was the same, and you wouldn’t want to sit through the same stuff all over again?

          • mirumu

            Actually I’d be fine with the same stuff again if they did it better, but instead they did it worse.

          • lostinblue

            yeah the pacing was worse, butchered and the animation on the first one was better.

            I don’t wanna see a rurouni kenshin being treated in fast forward like that nor do I want the art to get that generic. The original might have been relatively blunt (no 3D effects, handdrawn) for todays standards but it had lots of soul.

          • Bakuryukun

            The pacing was pretty much the same as the manga, I admit it was jarring but that’s really only a perspective thing since the first series was so padded.

          • gatotsu911

            While the pacing was the main culprit, don’t forget how the directing, writing, soundtrack and even voice acting were all far worse as well.

          • Are you nuts? FMA: Brotherhood > the first anime in practically every regard.

            The characters (especially the large supporting cast – look at Riza, for example: she’s an actual multi-dimensional person in Brotherhood) had better characterizations and more development. The story, the antagonists and their motivations, the world, etc. – everything was better realized and fleshed out. Plus, the production quality (Bones created a new in-house animation studio JUST FOR IT and it showed; such fluid animation in many of the episodes).

            People cling too much to the first anime. I love it too, but I approached Brotherhood as what it is: a different story. And I ended up loving it even more than the first anime. It’s the bar for modern shounen series.

            Also, I feel those who dropped it in the early episodes have no place in judging the complete series.

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            The only reason the pacing was off at the beginning was because they didn’t feel the need to cover the story that was already covered in the original anime. But once you get a few episodes in, when the manga story starts, the pacing is perfect. I would give it another chance.

        • gatotsu911

          It was more like Fullmetal Alchemist: Rushjob, if you ask me.

        • KyoyaHibari

          They both had their faults, the original was kind of boring and a bit slow and a few other things, Brotherhood isn’t really accessible to newcomers because the first 13 episodes were jumbled, messed and rushed, plus the pacing was uneven, the endings for both series’ weren’t that great etc. I feel other things in both series had better values and details than others though i.g. in the original: Ed learns how to do alchemy without transmutations randomly when he was helping Hughes’ wife whereas in Brotherhood it’s explained that if you witness the truth beyond the gate, you gain the ability for a price (limbs, organs, etc), however, in the original, the Homunculus had more purpose and seemed more like individuals than father’s pawns, i.g Original: Lust and Envy want the Philosopher’s Stone to become human but in Brotherhood they are pretty much just Father’s henchmen without much will of their own.

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        It doesn’t make as much sense for Kenshin to start over. Even in the early episodes the FMA anime drifted apart from the manga, and then severely so in the later episodes. This didn’t happen with Kenshin. They just never animated the last story arc. I would think they’ll just start with that arc

        • KyoyaHibari

          But then it would be odd trying to add on a whole nother arc with modernized animation 15 years after the original anime, it would seem weird to transition from the 1990’s to 2011 in one arc, some may not even know about Kenshin in this day and age, so I find a complete reboot appropriate, there are alot of other animes that deserve sequels or remakes but im glad that Kenshin got one, it is after all, arguably one of the best Shonen Jump titles ever, imo the others would be Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter X Hunter, Gintama, One Piece and possibly Reborn

          • Aoshi00

            But Hunter x Hunter has also gotten new OVAs long after the TV series finished for the arcs that weren’t animated (Greed Island), I’m still waiting for them to animate the Chimera arc one day after Togashi finishes the manga (if that ever happens). Even the Saint Seiya Hades arc was finally done 13 yrs after the TV series ended, if that’s what they’re doing w/ Jinchuu right now. Inuyasha also got a proper anime ending as well years after the anime ended, the format even changed from full screen to wide screen.

          • KyoyaHibari

            Ehh, but Hunter X Hunter’s manga is still ongoing and people are still sticking to it, the Kenshin manga ended around the same time as the anime so for a period of time up until now there wasn’t much more media portrayal of Kenshin up until now, it pretty much stopped aside from the OVAs which are just like totally on their own

          • Aoshi00

            But the same happened to Saint Seiya as well. The anime ended after Poseidon 20 yrs ago, it was a huge global hit. But the final Hades arc never got animated and was still on all the fans’ mind (only a drama CD was made), at least not until 7 yrs ago, after a 13 yr-long gap, they just continued at where the the series left off, that’s what all the fans were waiting for, just like Jinchuu here.. Even if they redo the series, there’s no guarantee the animation would be better or worse, most likely worse (more effort seems to have gone into the older anime, drawn w/ more details and w/ each cel being hand painted painstakingly)

            I’m not sure if they are willing to redo the whole series though.. judging for the lackluster PSP game.. if they’re not doing a Jinchuu series, let alone redoing the whole series from the very beginning (it’s not really necessary either, not all anime need a overhaul remake, even the original Gundam or Zeta gundam only got movie remakes, a summary of the long TV series), at this point I don’t get the vibe they’re pulling out all the stops here for a serious “Kenshin revival”..

            Hunter x Hunter is really a special case.. w/ all the hiatus and irregular serialization schedule at Togashi’s whim, the manga had been going on for years and still not finished yet… I don’t really remember how the Chimera arc started… When HxH manga or the Chimera arc finally ends, I hope they would do a TV series for it, not a short OVA.. but it’s probably not as popular as years ago.. but people are still interested in Togashi’s story telling..

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            That’s true. I just think they wouldn’t want to put in all the hardwork again. I mean, everyone who got excited for this news have already seen the first series. I don’t know. Maybe they’ll do some summary episodes instead of doing it all again. If they’re just starting production now, it’ll probably be 2012 when it starts to air, dontcha think?

          • Aoshi00

            They did re-draw some of the key scenes from the series though, like the important fights, in the 2-part Seisou-hen OVA for a quick recap.. not sure if they would do it again..or this might just be a one shot OVA like the Ranma 1/2 or Yurusei Yatsura ones celebrating Shounen Sunday’s 50th anniversary.. not sure how ambitious this project is.. if they wanted to get people who’ve never seen Kenshin interested in it.. the PSP game did a very poor job of that..

            I think fans would just be glad to finally get to see Jinchuu completely animated.. but again, they partially did the flashback/Jinchu in the 2 sets of OVAs.. compared to Saint seiya where the show ended at Poseidon and the Hades OVAs weren’t made until 13 yrs later..

          • KyoyaHibari

            Hell, it’s Kenshin I’m willing to wait a year, heck I’ve been waiting for more Hunter X Hunter OVAs for like 5 years ;P

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            Yeah, I don’t care how long it takes at this point, knowing that it will actually happen. And hopefully Togashi-san will return to his manga soon so they can finish this arc and start the OVA

          • Hajime no Ippo did it and it worked fine

          • KyoyaHibari

            Yea but Ippo’s manga was still runnning at the time, Kenshin just flat out ended and completely rebooted like now pretty much, it’s totally different, once RuroKen’s manga and anime were done, there was no real media about it being produced that much with the OVAs and games a few years later, but Ippo has been running non-stop for man years whereas Kenshin media just halted pretty much for a while.

      • doomspeller10

        If they start over, they will have quite a challenge if they want to improve the Saito vs Battosai battle.That was one of the best I’ve ever seen in anime.

        • Aoshi00

          They can’t replicate those.. just like how they re-drew the Vegeta Goku fight in the new Kai OP (the action was jerkier and not as smooth), it was not as good as the animation in the original series.. the new staff just don’t have that mojo :(… it was good that DB Kai was not redrawn..

          • lostinblue

            I’d blame it on time constraints… probably.

            The scheduling today is nuts, they could let a lot of anime series production time last longer. Not to say they had lots of time when the original Dragon Ball series were made but…

          • doomspeller10

            They might achieve something interesting with celshading if they want to make fluid movements, but they should use it carefully and not abuse it. I don’t see that happening if they follow the hand-made approach. On the other hand, I wouldn’t like to see horribly simplified animation (e.g. Naruto vs Pain is the worst offender I remember ATM) just for the sake of having weekly episodes.

          • Aoshi00

            That’s why I thought UNS2 was better than the anime, strictly in terms of animation, at least it was consistent.. w/ TV episode though the animation would inevitably fluctuate since the series rotates thru different studios.. I think the Naruto animation quality peaked at the Sannin arc, and the Shippuuden arc was not as good, the early Gaara eps were pretty bad too.. (still haven’t finished the game yet..).. Even if they have time, they still can’t draw at that level as same as before.. like Saint Seiya.. some TV episodes back in the 80’s actually looked better than the OVAs made years later.. and ironically OVAs should allow a less tight schedule and higher budget.. it’s like some animators who could draw really well are not on the staff anymore.. and the new ones couldn’t quite grasp or replicate that style..

            K.. I finally found the Kenshin drama CDs after rummaging thru boxes after boxes for an hour :(… gonna listen to Ogata’s Kenshin a bit :)

      • FMA brotherhood is what FMA should’ve been in the 1st place since it followed the manga closely but regardless, I’ve always liked the original FMA. I doubt they’re going to remake the RK anime. The whole reason why RK didn’t even made it to the “REVENGE” arc (Enishi saga) was because the production wanted to make money out of it & kept doing filler episodes after the Shishio saga and the fans got pissed off and just never followed it & the production was shut down to lack of funding. Same thing will happen to Bleach if they keep doing stupid fillers & I actually stopped watching it. The RK OVA’s just put up a summary of the Enishi saga but never really explained it in detail.

        • lostinblue

          Not that I disagree with your vision, but I like the original FMA better than brotherhood. More than that though, I believe each series have to stand their own and that the “pacing issues” didn’t really help brotherhood as a whole. Even if they repeated/borrowed episodes from the previous series they were there in the sequence for a reason. I just find the original series more “solid” to be honest.

          As for Rurouni Kenshin… Am I the only one that liked later arcs? I remember crying a tear when Magdalia Sayo died from tuberculosis, even.

          Anyway, If they’re gonna continue the series now it risks being out of context (kinda like when you reboot something and have to tell everything all over again) and more than that, the animation will be like comparing Gundam Wind (90’s top stuff) to Gundam Double O (2007) I guess.

          Things changed too much, it’ll look out of place.

  • Kris

    Really? A full new series? Not just an OVA?


  • kylehyde

    For some strange reason I only can think in german in this moment. This are really awesome news.

  • Zero_Destiny

    lol Once again we were talking about this on Bounce. ^_^
    I’m so happy. Finally I can get a proper anime ending all these years later. I bet Aoshi is happy too. XD That’s just great news.
    This calls for the Toonami PV from way back when. Oh childhood how sweet it is to revisit you. ^_^

    • Aoshi00

      Yes, I knew it!!! :) If my spending $65 getting that crappy game contributed a little to the Kenshin anime project funds, then it was worth it lol..

      I hope this anime would turn out well though, whether it is a complete remake or the Jinchuu continuation/conclusion.. the animation for the PSP intro was alright… Suzukaze Mayo actually did a pretty awful job voicing Kenshin in the new game, it’s like she totally forgot how to do it after the 10-yr gap :(… there was very little voice acting in the new game anyway.. I would greatly miss Suzuoki Hirotaka’s iconic voice for Saitou, I was just listening to him as Shiryuu watching some old Saint Seiya episodes last night…

      Shiryuu vs. Argol (eye poking and then Rozan Shouryuuha @ 3:05) (the Steel Saints were actually anime fillers lol..)

      Shiryuu vs. Capricorn Shura

      Now where’s that Kenshin fighting game BlazBlue style :(….

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Thank you for your continued support of the Ruroken franchise, Aoshi-sama <3

        Imagine if this was being done by BONES or GAINAX or Manglobe, or Brains Base or Tatsunoko or Production I.G. or ufotable or… (it isn't =/)

        Someone get me a bucket, I'm drooling here!

        • Aoshi00

          If it means I could finally see the Gein vs Aoshi fight in motion, or Yahiko getting squashed by the raged Kujiranami, what’s a bad game or two :) Pls be Jinchuu pls be Jinchuu… I’m being cautiously optimistic though.. I hope the “new anime” is of high quality, instead of being rushed for a quick cash-in.. One reason I’m worried is that they couldn’t draw the new Saint Seiya or Dragonball anime as well as back then.. The animation in the new PSP intro was a mixed bag, actually I was never a big fan of the Nakajima Atsuko anime char design (looks too much like Trinity Blood or You’re Under Arrest). They should have a different char design.. but I don’t like the ultra realistic style in the OVAs either.. not for this series of course..

      • Zero_Destiny

        I can only hope Suzukaze Mayo was just a little rusty and can get back into the grind again. Although some people’s voices do change over time. I just hope it still sounds good. Like Mio ^_^ Her singing is much more deeper now but still good. Though it’s easier to tell the change in voice when singing compared to talking lol
        She still sounds great all these years later though. :)
        I just watched an episode of Kenshin last night but it was the Samurai X dub *shivers* It was so weird. I refuse to hear Kenshin in English if isn’t Richard Cansino. Good fighting game with Kenshin? Yes please. :)

        • Aoshi00

          I think the whole PSP game was rushed.. there weren’t that many new lines recorded anyway… Mayo was probably called in by the staff like “Hey, could you come into the studio and record a couple of lines?” It might take her a bit of time to settle in the role again after such a long time.. in this new game, she sounded like a girl lol… instead of the cool unisex voice she did back then..

          • Zero_Destiny

            Ah I hate when they rush the voice work and re-use lines from the show instead of re-recording them. I do hope to see the JPN cast that can return do so. I love that JPN Kenshin voice. It took some time for me and I didn’t hear until very recently but Suzukaze Mayo sounds so good as Kenshin. Though I’ll always will think of his ENG voice from Media Blasters when I think of Kenshin since that’s what I grew up watching. ^_^ That Samurai X dub was just weird for me. lol Well some people are always great like Nozawa, Masako. I still find her adult Goku jarring but even after all these years she’s still got it. ^_^

          • Aoshi00

            yea, we’re just used to different version, I really haven’t watched that much Kenshin in Eng.. I only own a handful of Media Blasters DVDs and switched to the Eng track just for curiosity then went back to Jpn..

            Nozawa Masako has voiced Goku for so long she hasn’t really stopped that much all these years.. from DB, Z, GT, various games, and the recent Kai (I’m a bit sad they aren’t doing Buu after Cell ended, the new composer being found to plagiarize Avatar and T4 music might have something to do w/ it.. but they did say Kai was going to be about 100 eps though..) She’s 70’ish now and still sounds genki as ever, everyone’s Goku indeed :)

            But like someone said, this might just be a false alarm.. this might just be a one-shot episode or something.. I hope it’s Jinchuu continuation to give the anime a proper canon ending, like Saint Seiya or Inuyasha..

      • was the game that sucky? xD

        • Guest

          It was butt slow unless you had custom firmware where you could overclock the CPU to 333mhz. And then it was still kinda slow…

        • Aoshi00

          It was pretty bad… it just wasn’t fun to play.. you can’t save the game in the story mode midway, they used some old still shots from before.. very few spoken lines.. only 3 chars are playable at the beginning (Kenshin, Sano, Saitou), you have to keep replaying the story mode to unlock the rest.. but the problem is the game is not fun to replay.. some of the new drawings for the char portraits were absolutely horrendously amateur-ish they’re pretty sad to look at, I think a better word would be “embarrassing”.. pulling out the ougi was not fun either.. They could’ve just made a Blazblue-esque game w/ Kenshin chars, instead of cheating the fans w/ this cheap game.. not worthy of the 15th anniversary of this classic series.. I hope the new anime would turn out well, and not of mediocre quality. But yea, I played the game once and don’t feel like touching it again :(…

          • woah, and i dint even liked the opening that much, it looked kinda lame at some parts

          • Aoshi00

            Exactly.. some shots were hastily drawn.. if the anime (series or one shot) looks like this, they might as well not do it at all.. Well, the ~1:30min OP looks OK since it was short, but they really blew it w/ the char portraits in the VS screen.. like I said, I was never really crazy about the Nakajima Atsuko anime char design in the first place, those people look like from Ranma 1/2 lol.. it’s sad really.. even Watsuki couldn’t draw RK again if he tried to.. his drawing style has changed completely by now.. I still do want to see a complete Jinchuu anime though..

      • Aiddon

        I can’t think of who they could use to replace Saitou’s VA (though I only watched the Japanese version of the Kyoto Arc once). If this is a full reboot I can’t wait for it to come to the States

        • Aoshi00

          I think they could still find some seiyuu w/ deep voices to replicate Saitou’s coolness, but it won’t be the same because Suzuoki Hirotaka’s voice was so unique.. in the new Ranma OVA (celebrating Shounen Sunday’s 50th anniversary), Kuno’s voice was replaced by Tsujitani Kouji (Miroku in Inuyasha, Itsuki in YuYu Hakusho), but Kuno sounded totally different and not funny at all :(…

    • ninjaonizuka

      I remember this i used 2 luv watching kenshin! :D i even got the ps2 and psp game x)

      • Zero_Destiny

        Oh I loved watching Kenshin back in the day. Back when we still had Toonami. Good memories. Such a great show. :D

        • ninjaonizuka

          Toonami introduced me to anime :) well kinda lol they shud make like a toonami channel i wud never turn the channel ever!!

  • Oro oro~

  • Wow, it only took them a bit over a decade and yet they still apparently can’t learn that poor quality filler makes people enraged.

    • Aoshi00

      Fillers happen to all the popular series when the anime runs simulateously as the manga serialization, DB, Naruto, Bleach, Sailormoon, etc all had fillers in order to let the manga artists get further ahead. The Kenshin anime started around vol. 6-7 of the manga (out of 28), so they had to add filler arcs to prolong the series to give the author sufficient time to finish the story..

      • malek86

        There’s filler and filler… like, there’s DB filler which is not that bad (for the most part), it was inserted into the story to try and make it somewhat seamless. Then there’s Naruto filler, that really screams “hey guys, I’m just filler stuff!”. Maybe they would have been better off by doing like DB, instead of having a lot of bad episodes all clumped together.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Hhhmmm . . . Naruto filler is awful and the reason why I dropped the show. Bleach filler was actually good but the Bount Arc was terrible. Bad pacing was so boring. But the pay off of the Bount Invasion Arc made it worth it. Since then all the Bleach filler I’ve seen has been pretty good (but abrupt which was always jarring to me but Oh well).

          I think Kenshin filler is more like Bleach myself. Some arc’s were good and some not so good. I actually like the filler and some arcs were pretty well written. I love the arc with the Christian missionaries and the Blind Swordsmen. I was on the edge of my seat for that one. :)

          I don’t know why people don’t think so well of the Kenshin filler. It’s leagues above the awful Naruto filler that made me sick of that show.

          EDIT: Oh course that was just me. I decided to be nice and make it clear to SOME people. I don’t like the Naruto filler for reasons I explained below. If you do that’s fine more power to you. That’s just me.

          • ChocolateBar999

            Bleach filler is terrible, what are you going on about? The the Kenshin fillers were awful as well

          • Zero_Destiny

            HHhmmm Last time I checked terrible was subjective and I was entitled to my own opinion and was allowed to voice said opinion. My bad. Next time I’ll just run my mouth like an idiot and make blanket statements. :)

            Anyways Out of the 3 three filler arcs I saw in Bleach I liked two and found the first’s slow pace helped to pay off and make the 2nd filler arc entertaining. Kenshin had some good fillers. I really like some of those arcs. I don’t think they were bad at all. I had fun with them just like I did with the most of the Bleach filler.

            I did not like the Naruto filler. Too boring and nothing interesting happened. It felt like it just followed the same pattern whenever there was an action-based filler and the comedy or slice-of-Life filler was just boring to me and felt jarring. That’s how I interpret it.

          • Would rather have filler than months and years with no episodes. Terrible is seen in the eyes of the beholder, why would the animations studios make filler if the fans think they are terrible? Zanpaktou arc and this current arc is not terrible.

          • Filler is bad because it makes no coherent sense and it doesn’t add to the manga-ka’s vision of storytelling. The plot a manga-ka writes is made with care, coherent storytelling, and proper characterization. Fillers don’t have these and although anime studios have the capability to write well scripted anime, fillers are not well written scripts. They are pieces of crap flung across a wall to keep one occupied, for this reason I believe all fillers are garbage. It’s not the same as a script.

          • ChocolateBar999

            Just because you like terrible filler doesn’t stop them from being such. And way to contradict your own standings on liking Bleach filler and hating Naruto filler. Geez

          • Wow, that’s officially the most stupid statement I read this week. There is no such thing as terrible or good filler, it’s always an opinion, some like them the others hate them, you can argue that the production and presentation of the fillers could be better, but you can’t say that they are terrible without some logical reasons, which you probably don’t have.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Raioh lol Thanks bro but don’t worry about it. I’ve looked into this guy’s statements and it pretty much proves he’s nothing but a troll. I didn’t know that at first when I replied to him. I thought he was just another user like you and me and just wanted to defend something he likes and was upset that I said something bad about the Naruto filler. I did not think he just wanted to be a complete @ss. I was wrong. Anyways let’s just ignore him from now on he’s not worth it.

        • Aoshi00

          Actually DB had it even worse, in addition to fillers, everything and anything was dragged out to the 10th degree.. I did like the fillers like Gohan training and surviving on his own before the Saiyans arrive, the fake Namek, Goku getting driver’s license, etc, but everything else was just dragged out, the fights that last forever, they keep panning to irrelevant stuff like the environment, animals, bulma and Roshi doing things, etc.. that’s why you had people laugh at the series since the characters were just sitting there and gathering energy for the entire episode and not much happening. If you look at the re-edited Dragonball Kai, they finished Cell in 100 episodes instead of 200 so you know how dragged out that was (the longest filler arc was Garlic Jr. btwn freeza and android), w/ the pacing much more faithful to Toriyama’s original. W/ Kenshin, there were filler arcs, but for the canon episodes, they didn’t not drag them out at all and were very fast paced. The point of filler though is to give the manga artist enough time to finish the story because the anime is caught up to it, if they don’t drag, usually one manga volume is turned into 3-4 episodes, for Dragonball, some were as bad as one chapter=one episode.. so everything went at a snail pace.. If they animate a manga after it’s finished, then there would be no need for fillers, but that’s not possible because a show gets animated at the height of the manga’s popularity. Fillers for the most part are awful, but they were necessary.

      • They could have just gone the same route Fullmetal Alchemist did with their first anime.

  • Are they going to re-do the old ones?? Summarized the old-ones? Change the freaking OVA/movie ending?? Give a spin off??

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      I would think they’d just start with the Jinchu arc since the old episodes, not counting the episodes after Shishio, were right on with the manga. I’m sure they would just act like the anime-only episodes never happened and just go on with the original story.

  • Looks like my first comment was not received because I used the version with the F word, so I will use the more acceptable version:

    HELL, YEAH!!

    THE Best Manga/Anime EVER (IMO) is coming back!

    In my case, I hope they bring it to Spain, where the original was really popular. And hire the same voice acting cast, but with a different translator and script editor.

    The original Spanish VA was kind of a sad case, because the voice actors work were spectacular (specially Kenshin’s) but the translation of the script was HORRIBLE. As an example, according to what the characters said, the whole Kyoto arc took place… in Edo! O_o

    If now they used the same voice actors, but with a script decently translated, it could be AWESOME!

  • I absolutely loved the series even if the last load of episodes weren’t canon. I read that the OVAs weren’t well received/adapted so I skipped on those and went straight to the manga.
    Boy was that a good decision. It’s such a fantastic series I really do hope they reanimate from the beginning. I also hope they flesh out the ending, I thought it felt rushed.

    • The ending OVA were not well received, mainly because they focused exclusively in the drama aspect of the series. And with a tragic downer ending one at that.

      That was like betraying the spirit of the original work, which its main message is a positive and optimistic one.

      However, the OVA that tells the days when Kenshin was an assassin were AWESOME. They were VERY tragic as well, but in this case it fitted.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      The first OVA, Trust and Betrayal, is great and the general consensus agrees. It gives the backstory of Kenshin that you only get to see during the final arc of the manga, which was of course never turned into anime. The other OVA, Reflection, don’t even bother with it….

    • Aiddon

      the final OVA, Reflection, is actually denounced by the author himself.

    • KyoyaHibari

      Reflection is controversial because it is mostly flashbacks with alot of melodrama and a depressing ending that Watsuki had mixed feelings about, he said it was ok, but considering he worked for Shonen Jump (young/teen boys) he wanted the ending to be a happy one which is why his ending turned out the way it is and not like Reflection, Trust and Betrayal however, at the time was sensational, it is actually the highest rated OVA of all time and it is one of the highest user rated animes on ANN, it used to be #1 but then Clannad After Story and the Haruhi movie pushed it back, I mean, im starting to like moe, but surpassing Trust and Betrayal, really people?

  • My mate is a huge fan of Rurouni Kenshin. He’ll be ecstatic to hear this. I wonder if they’ll do the same as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, though?

  • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

    Hopefully the new seiyuu’s match the characters perfectly. Now if they do the same with YuYu Hakusho it’ll be like a Toonami revival

    • KyoyaHibari

      But YYH was fully adapted lol, they could just do like a remastering or something along those lines, they are doing it with S-cry-ed actually, making the series over completely with the same plot but brand new animation

      • Guest

        The Anime also actually gave it a decent ending instead of the rushjob the manga did

        • Aoshi00

          I prefer the self contained short stories in the last volume of YuYu Hakusho, like vol 1 & 2.. too bad they didn’t animate them.. The Makai tournament was a lost cause to begin w/.. the anime just expanded on that a bit..

  • well worse than that it could be given a Kai…

    • Zero_Destiny

      Kai is bad? Last time I checked it was awesome. :)

      • well bad in the sense that it got our hopes up for a new dbz series only to give us a cleaned up and, for us viewers in North America, terrible (bright blue popo terrible) edits.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Ah! I see. I can understand that. But those edits were only on some American channels mainly the 4kids ones lol But yeah Blue Popo is silly and kinda racist if you ask me. XD But I do hear you. It would of been so cool to have the whole show remade but what we got still made me happy. The up-scaling and cleaning is prob the best I’ve ever seen on older animes. The Blu-Rays look amazing and it gave me an excuse to re-watch the show again. I’m really liking it. I’m glad we got at least that much.

        • Aoshi00

          I’m actually thankful they didn’t redraw the series again.. did you see how bad the drawing for the new eyecatches are, they look absolutely awful worse than the Blue Dragon anime, not detailed at all.. the newer staff probably couldn’t draw as well as the old staff.. so it’s for the better they just edited the show instead of having low quality animation. We’re talking about 100 episodes, unlike the 3 Zeta Gundam movie remakes, even then those movies used old shots from the original series as well.. Overall, I liked the way they edited the show based on the manga’s pacing, I’ve actually watched it weekly for the last two years.. even though everyone missed the iconic Kikuchi Shunsuke music (which suddenly turned up in the 2nd to last episode after the new composer was pulled after being found for plagiarizing… )

          Not sure about Blue Popo.. the US ver changed that? I’ve just watched the Jpn broadcast and got the US blu-rays but haven’t watched them yet..

      • ChocolateBar999

        It was so awesome it got canceled

        • Aoshi00

          They did say at the beginning the re-edited Kai would last about 100 episodes or so, so finishing Cell at episode 96, that’s probably their original plan. It was actually a very good ending anyway compared to Buu and all the Fusion nonsense. I did hope that they would continue doing Kai for Buu, but w/ all the fiasco from the new composer being a copycat causing bad rap, it was probably a good point to end. Thanks for nothing Yamamoto Kenji.. (actually I did grow to like most of the new music after a while..)

  • Aiddon

    all I ask is that it better be time for Jinchu at the very least. I would ask for a full remake of the entire series (even if the Kyoto arc was pretty much perfect), but I’d settle for a Jinchu adaptation. They’re going to have to find a replacement for Saitou in Japan though

  • Sanosuke should become the main character

  • ChocolateBar999

    Just a heads up a format of the new animation has not be confirmed so citing it’s a new series where other sites has stated that it’s just a new animation project is inaccurate

    • Aha, you’re correct. I could’ve worded that better. Fixed!

    • Aoshi00

      Yea, that’s why I was not as excited as say.. compared to when I first heard Saint Seiya “Hades” was getting animated in 2003.. it was something that had been delayed and rumored for over a decade, and the fans finally got their wish (well partially.. since the later OVAs dropped the old VA cast..)

      Now they don’t have the words “Jinchuu” yet, so I’m quite worried what this could be about.. maybe just a short OVA like Urusei Yatsura or Ranma 1/2, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Shounen Sunday.. if they’re indeed doing Jinchuu, I don’t think they would be shy to print that.. it would make waves… and the lackluster PSP game didn’t inspire confidence either..

      Hope to be pleasantly surprised by a Jinchuu announcement though..

  • ChocolateBar999

    @Tsunayoshi Sawada

    That’s an incredibly stupid question. Considering filler episodes tend to do worse in the ratings they just do it to take up time, also both of those filler arcs sucked

  • I hope it’s a reboot of the entire series. I think RK deserves the 100% manga treatment without the pink gi, little girls and filler eps and arcs.

  • ChocolateBar999

    As for this new Kenshin news?

    I’m not going to delude myself into think this will be something as grand as a total reboot that follows the manga, much less a decent adaptation to the Revenge arc. It’s probably going to be a short-filler episode to celebrate Kenshin’s 15 Anniversary or just Kenji’s timeskip chapter animated.

    • Aoshi00

      Considering the effort they put into the PSP game, I think you’re probably right, this is probably a quick one shot thing :(… otherwise they would’ve printed the word “Jinchuu” in bold and that would get the fans excited.. I remember when I first heard Saint Seiya Hades getting an OVA, I couldn’t believe my eyes, was I dreaming? After over a decade? Finally? lol..

      It’s not like they haven’t continued an anime long after the original run finished though, like Inuyasha or Saint Seiya..

      Oh well.. RK hasn’t been treated very fairly when it comes to games anyway.. just give us a decent console fighter and I’m sure it would make Watsuki happy..

  • thebanditking

    Its been a while since this series was relevant but how bad could it turn out? The original show (not OVA’s) got really silly towards the end but its been a long time since I watched it. I really liked the first two story arcs and the OVA’s though.

    • malek86

      It was like POT, in that they got a bunch of filler episodes and put them together until the end of the anime. If you wanted to watch the POT OVAs, which were adapted from where the anime deviated (actually a bit later, because some of the later manga arcs were adapted but terribly changed), you would have to essentially forget everything that happened from the Rikkai match until the end of the anime.

      If they really do animate the last arc from the manga, it will probably be the same: everything after the Kyoto arc will have to be retconned.

      • KyoyaHibari

        I heard POT was basically just girl fanservice for guys playing tennis, the ANN reviews said it was like atrocious.

        • malek86

          POT was actually pretty good, for the first 80 or so episodes, essentially up until the end of the Hyoutei match. It wasn’t anything epic like Slam Dunk, but as an unrealistic shonen-sport series, it was one of my favorites. Most special moves were exagerated, but still kinda worked in context. Characters interactions were funny and witty.

          In the second half, the writing and art quality drops noticeably, but it still remains a relatively funny series, and the fillers aren’t nearly as bad as in other shows. In fact, aside from a couple lame episodes, the fillers are well watchable. Yeah, the shonen-ai gets ramped up a bit, which might be annoying for some (and good for the fangirls). It’s still mostly played for laughs, though, so it’s nothing that would scare male viewers away.

          POT is also a different case from usual, in that the anime deviating from the manga might not have been a bad idea. It starts great, but later arcs in the manga are really bad, with special moves getting ludicrously impossible (people become Super Saiyan or something like that), and pacing and character development becoming terribly rushed and/or non-existant. And the new series is downright awful.

          So yeah, the second half of the manga (and new series) is most definitely just girls fanservice of guys playing tennis. But the first half is really cool.

          • Wait thats in Prince of Tennis?!

          • malek86

            You mean, people turning Super Saiyan? Pretty much. You don’t see their hair go golden or anything, but at some points (and very frequently in later chapters), characters start emitting auras from their bodies and become a lot stronger. It’s not just a visual effect for the readers, because other characters on the sidelines actually comment on it.

          • Aoshi00

            I totally agree, everything until Hyoutei was really good for Prince of Tennis, it was exaggerated as a sports anime but still a bit grounded in reality (relatively), later on like you said people turned to Super Saiyan it was totally unbelievable, the chars were not interesting at all.. but the good episodes until Hyoutei were actually very exciting. Not on the same league as timeless classic like Slam Dunk, but as a tennis/sports anime, it was actually great like Captain Tsubasa.. I liked the fillers in PoT as well (when the chars were relaxing btwn the matches).. the author is doing the new manga now, I wonder what it’s about.. he should just give up :(..

            It’s actually not fair PoT got such a bad rap because of all the pretty boys.. at least not until the series becomes ridiculous, w/ all the stage musicals and CD singles it didn’t help (well Bleach has that too).. I actually followed the Prince of Tennis anime quite religiously back then w/ Hikaru no Go :)

  • gatotsu911

    If this is actually a new series (i.e. a reboot), my year = made.

  • KyoyaHibari

    @Tsuna Dood, I prefer waiting for canon material as opposed to filler, they are pretty much just blowing their budget on useless episodes no one cares about to keep people occupied for a while, I mean, in Japan’s financial state, they should stop making filler and maybe divert attention towards another current canon-arc anime in their studio to save money and still earn some on that other anime.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Still, I heard rumours of this anyways a while back and it may have been in the game trailer so I was expecting it, since it is an anniversary thing, and I think it was in the siliconera article, I mean if they are literally “celebrating” the anniversary that probably pertains to multiple events not just one game.

    • Aoshi00

      That’s why I bought the game anyway, half expecting it would be bad (and unfortunately it turned out to be bad), just to support my favorite series in hopes of finally getting to see Jinchuu animated, like the Kujiranami vs Yahiko fight or Gein vs. Aoshi fight.. and Flashback arc remade again in Watsuki’s style rather than the OVA’s..

  • Aoshi00

    If they’re animating Jinchuu in full… I hope they would drop Sasaki Nozomu as Enishi and have Miyano Mamoru (Light from Death Note, King from Ouran Host Club, Okabe from Steins;Gate) voice him instead, he just fits the mad personality well :) I liked Sasaki Nozomu as Yusuke before, but never thought his voice was very good for Enishi in the OVAs…. other than that keep the old cast (other than Saitou which is not possible..)..

  • RupanIII

    Wow, was not expecting this! Very cool to see a return to many great series- new Kenshin, new Berserk, Trigun movie, new Eva. Hopefully it’s the start of a broader shift/shaking things up in anime from the generic moe of recent years.

  • MangaTherapy

    Here’s hoping to see Saitou Hajime in anime form again! Just wrote something on him, which you can see at:

    I think it will be fine if the series does start over. After all, aren’t they trying to attract a new generation of fans?

  • I went snooping around for information, and I found out a lot of stuff. The official site is….
    It is in Japanese. I went around the whole set, translating everything that I saw through Babylon and google translators (that took a hell of a long time) and I found this out.
    The company handling everything is Aniplex. They are in fact releasing the three OVA’s remastered on blu-ray, and is including a soundtrack featuring L’arc-en-ciel. The cd includes about 11 tracks in it. The OVA’s are coming in one box set. The official release date in Japan is August 27. If you look on the main page, you see a twitter account called Ruro_anime. This is the official twitter account. I was curious to see if the anime itself is a remaster, a completely new redo, or a continuation of what is there. These are the two tweets I got back translated.

    “It is sword feeling first ツイート. More than 400 people already respond! Thank you. Thanking you in advance. A new work is that, too, but is working on the Blu-ray of the summer now. (あ)”

    “Preparations to add the Japanese subtitles of 3 Blu-ray titles to. Because there aren’t letter data, I write a letter from an old postrecording script.”

    Now, as you see in the first tweet, he says it is “sword feeling first.” I have no idea what that means. The broken english is of course because that is literally what the translation is. You will get this with any language when translating. Anyways, I know that the sword feeling refers to the anime, and he said it is a new work completely. Expect a completely newly drawn Kenshin. The only thing I am really questioning is if Watsuki is involved in this…

    On the site, there are character bios set up, but not filled out. If you click on the site, give it some time to load, because there will be a video teaser right at the beginning. This is the official twitter.!/ruroken_anime
    If anybody can help me “decode” anything, that would be greatly appreciated! I didn’t look too far into the game for the psp because I really don’t care too much for that one. The anime itself is what I’m interested in. Once again, if anybody can help, that would be much appreciated! Thanks again!

    EDIT** For those of you interested in the artwork, there is a section on the site with 225 hand drawn pictures. Here’s the link! I will warn you that it will take a while to load.

    • Aoshi00

      The song and OVA releases are separate. They are re-releasing the OP/ED songs as a CD collection (limited first print includes DVD w/ all the creditless songs). Seems like they’re finally adding Jpn subtitles to the OVAs too (usually Jpn anime don’t have any subtitles or closed caption at all, even Jpn subtitle), which is great.. I remember how hard to make out all the dialogue on the Laser disc years ago.. (and Iwao Junko who voiced Tomoe spoke very softly too) All new packaging covers would be drawn by Nakajima Atsuko, the original char designer of the series (the style you see on the main page).. a bit weird because the OVAs were drawn in a complete different realistic style..

      Thanks for the link to all the wonderful images, this is the reason I want a Jinchuu anime… :)

      Also, seems like they’re airing selected major episodes from the old TV series for now.. so far they aired ep 1, 2, 4, w/ 7 coming up..

      And the OVAs would be the original separate episodes (like Tsuioku is 4), not the re-edited special version w/ different music.. the 2 OVAs are definitely worth collecting on blu-ray w/ new Jpn subtitles..

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