Sonic Generations Revives Two Decades Of Memorable Sonic Stages

By Ishaan . April 18, 2011 . 1:01pm


Earlier this month, Sega teased a new Sonic the Hedgehog game, meant to celebrate their mascot’s 20th anniversary this year. Today, the game has gotten an “official” reveal as Sonic Generations.


Sonic Generations will, as the teaser video hinted, allow you to play as two Sonics — the classic 1991 version of the character, and the present-day design. There are differences between the two, too; classic Sonic can perform a Spin Dash and Spin Attack, while modern Sonic is capable of a Homing Attack and Sonic Boost.


Sega say that Generations is a re-built high-definition version of the most recognizable Sonic stages from the past two decades. This will include both 2D and 3D stages. Throughout the course of the game, you’ll uncover hidden treasure and meet other Sonic characters as you progress.


Sonic Generations doesn’t have a release date yet (simply “later this year”), but Sega say that it’s a retail game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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  • No longer in love with Nintendo mister SEGA ?

  • Chow

    omg, I am so stoked for this. I just hope either Sonic doesn’t control like Sonic 4, though. For being allegedly “classic style”, Sonic 4 controlled way too differently than the Genesis games for those of use who played them a lot.

    I love Sonic Rush/Colors-style of gameplay (which, amusingly, I didn’t realize had the Boost move the first time I played Rush), and I hope Pudge Sonic plays like Sonic 2/3.

    • Chow

      Reading other blog sites, it seems like we’ll finally see those deep character-specific routes we last saw in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, except it’s divided into Classic routes and Modern routes.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      They’ve specifically stated that Sonic will actually have momentum in this game, so he will be controlling more like his Genesis counterpart than sonic 4, which is awesome.


    • Ren

      That’s how it starts.

      • “The Sonic Cycle” is exactly what I thought when I first read about this.

  • Going to preorder it as soon as it is available! Modern Sonic looks phenomenally epically awesome and the levels too look simply divine. Its like an amalgamation of the best of both worlds from glorious Sonic Colors and the paramount Sonic Unleashed. I love it to deaths. The story sounds awesome and I hope it has detailed, hilarious, ornate cutscenes and music from the talented Crush 40 and remixes of old goodies! Hopefully they chose the most awesome stages from Modern Sonic, I cant wait (Wait Rooftop level in Sonic Unleashed please better be in this! and the song too, loved). Wow Im just getting to excite thinking of all the levels and music.

    Holiday 2011 can not get here fast enough, Day 1 Baby Day 1!!!!!!1 Please surprise us with a portable version too for both powerful handhelds, I will definitely double or triple dip (surprised there has been no Sonic handheld news all year)

  • malek86

    I actually liked the running stages in SA2, so if they still have some of those in modern Sonic, it would be cool.

  • Happy Gamer

    I personally did not mind Sonic Unleashed’s 3D model at all. I always think about why Sonic Adventures was so successful besides the fact that it was a pretty well early 3D game for the then fledgling system……because well it was fantastic! It was weird but Sega never did really try to even replicate the system. the exploring, item upgrading, relatively fun levels (i remember when i first run away from the killer whale!) etc. instead if anything at all sega made it simplier and often times downright terrible.

    I am beginning to think if the staff members changed for Sonic development.

    The sonic games for the nintendo DS were fantastic. I don’t mind the game being in 3d at all because there are some things that you can use 3d to take advantage of to make sonic seem even more awesome.

    the semi-rail feel of unleashed was pretty ok personally. coupled that with adventure style light exploration and upgrading, i’d be satisfied. but this is 2011, where ppl want something “innovative” and new yet satisfying every single preference for 9082908309423 gamers out there…

    maybe I am too simple minded and enjoy games too easily :/

    • Exkaiser

      Unleashed’s day stages were pretty good, which is why Colors was a good game.

      • That reminds me…Spagonia DayTime Rooftop Run better be in this game, one of the best stages in Sonic franchise ever!

      • agree … sonic colors is the best for today sonic game … I hope this one better

  • nyobzoo

    this is what Nintendo should’ve done with their anniversary release of mario

  • joesz

    Now time is our only enemy.

  • As always i love everything related to sonic, i love how the base of everything is Speed rather than power

  • ninjaonizuka

    Finally they bring back one of my favorite video game hero ever sonic!! :D its about MOTHA FUDGIN TIME they do this right (hyped :D) Now All u need now sega is a new Jet Set Radio Future!!

    cant wait for this!!! :D definitly pre-ordering this :3

  • Finally Sega, make us proud again Y(^_^)Y

  • “…meet other Sonic characters as you progress.”

    And it was all sounding so promising. Unless they keep it as Tales, Knuckles, Amy, Robotnik/Eggman and Metal Sonic in which case that’s fine.

  • As someone who loved the old Genesis Sonic games, but has not liked any of the recent ones (and by recent I mean, from Sonic Adventure 2 and forward), I will be looking at this with cautious optimism.

  • Anyone think that maybe, this game is going to be a Nintendo Cafe game?. That is why it wasn’t showed for Wii. It will be showed at E3 for that system.

    I am just saying, nothing here is real at all.

    • That would calm alot of people down, I was shocked that there are still Wii only console owners in this age of multiplatformicity.. People were up in arms about this being for the other consoles and not for Wii, but I guess they didnt realize that instantly recognizable environments of Sonic Generations that have been re-built in stunning HD is not possible on an SD system.

      Though we would be assuming that the Nintendo Next Console would be coming Holiday 2011 with this as a launch title (I cant see why they would delay it to 2012 for the rumors Holiday 2012 launch) Hopefully, more power unto them.

      • Ren

        Not everyone can buy every system, you know. Sometimes you can’t afford other systems like me, well, not for a good long time.

        • I dont know…the analysts made it seem like, at least in the US, most people have or are moving towards to owning at least the Wii and one other console.

        • Exkaiser

          You know, I don’t even own any of the current-gen consoles. There are even still people like that these days.

  • Code

    Saw some gameplay footage, I can’t say I disappoint of this. Although chubby Sonic definitely wasn’t built for 3D opo; But 2D Sonic platforming is timeless so I 100% approve never the less owo; Although I hope Sega can manage a good feel for the 2D stages, StH4 to me was a huge disappointment, it just didn’t feel right, I’m glad I didn’t put money down, and played it in one sitting on a friends machine opo;

    • Exkaiser

      I dunno, chubby Sonic looked pretty alright in the trailer and in R, but I haven’t seen gameplay footage yet.

      EDIT: Oh, saw it now. It looks good. Honestly, I think it’s charming enough to just see fatso Sonic. I’ve missed him.

      • Code

        lol, I can relate, I’m not knocking him but he is a little pudgy around the edges >w<' but seriously when he like lands on the edge of a platform in the trailer and then briefly stops and looks at the camera, I was just like "I missed you buddy" omo;

  • Good Sega, good. Now give use Super Sonic in all levels and everything will be fine. Please don’t make him exclusive to final bosses. Imagine going through modern levels as Super Sonic. That’d be one hell of a ride.


      I would love that so much… SEGA, LISTEN TO THIS MAN.

    • Exkaiser

      I loved that in Colors- Super Sonic in all stages except the Final Boss, the exact opposite of every other 3D Sonic, basically.

      Just like good ol’ Sonic 2.

  • eilegz

    so proper sonic 4?

  • PrinceHeir

    so what happened to sonic 4 episode 2? :P

    will play this for sure ^^

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      It’s still coming out. With lots of changes, they said

    • The last they said was that they were analyzing player feedback, cant imagine that it doesnt take a short time to rework the physics system and build level designs/splitting paths for two OS and three consoles

  • I hope they will port it to Wii2 next year …

  • THE Sega Franchise, Torchbearer, The knight in shining armour, Best of the Best, Mr Wrestlemania, King of Kings, Mr Sega does what Nintendon’t, Trail blazing, Mac Daddy, Blink and you’ll miss him, Blue Blur is back! (complimenting chubby Sonic btw)

    Now don’t disappoint please Sega.

  • Well, SEGA is really trying to please that Unpleasable Fanbase, huh? Not sure if I’m really happy about that.

  • Oni123

    Classic sonic looks cooler when he jumps =3

  • Time to self impose a media blackout.

  • thebanditking

    This looks amazing and I am buying it, yup thats about it. lol

  • ninjaonizuka

    I think Sega FINALLY got it right this time can’t wait huge sonic fan

    ^ gameplay

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