Let’s Compare! Skullgirls: Then And Now

By Ishaan . April 20, 2011 . 3:32pm

I wasn’t even aware of this until today, but way back in 2006, Spencer had a talk with Skullgirls’ designers when the game was still in the pre-alpha stage. If you haven’t heard of it before, Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game, and the development team is trying to distinguish it with a proper story.


Skullgirls has come a long way from its 2006 days. Just today, Castlevania composer, Michiru Yamane, announced that she’s providing the soundtrack for the game, which she says will have a jazzy feel to it.


That isn’t the only progress Skullgirls has made either. The pre-alpha build from 2006 obviously looks quite different from the version being prepared for release this year. Here’s a few quick comparison screens:










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  • Code

    rar, awesome, I’ve been waiting for some Siliconera Skull Girls coverage >wwww<'

    • malek86

      2003? Woah, just how long has this been in development?

      • Code

        From what I’ve followed it was mostly just designs and sketches Alex has worked on up until around 2006ish he found some programmers, to put together a demo (which is the early screenshots above). And they took the demo around to a few con’s which caught the attention of Mike Z, who seems like with his programming and fighting game experience he helped push to get things on consoles and in HD and it seems like things have moved forward from there. Then about 4-5 months ago it seems they pitched it to a publisher, and it’s suppose to be out on XLBA/PSN this summer!

      • mikanko

        When EA closed down Pandemic (Mercenaries dev) a lot of the key people forged Reverge, and started working on this game. Before that it was mainly a fan side project by a couple people. So it’s been an idea floating around in a couple peoples heads for a while, but didn’t become fully fledged till that happened.

  • Now this game’s OST just got significantly beefed up! >:3 With Michiru Yamane’s expertise, I hope we’ll get some acid jazz in the Skullgirls lounge.

  • One of Castlevania’s most important composers is going to make music for this game? GREAT! Because I love fighting game music!

    (This was me, babbling random words because I was at a loss for them.)

  • PrinceHeir

    wow Michiru Yamane doing the OST? SOLD!

  • That art style seems very familiar… and I’m always interested in new fighting games. Any release window set?

  • papuruka

    The deliciousness of this news and how crisp Skullgirls look can only be expressed with this video (at the 10-second mark): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMX6N_Rxar8

  • fermented

    I’m very curious to see how well this indie fighter does. Hopefully it is in many ways better than fighting games that we see from bigger companies and show them what’s up, especially in the netcode department since they announced that it will use GGPO.

  • MarkMario

    Oh yeah, I was looking for this, but forgot the name.

  • mikanko

    Some of the exhibitions this game has had all look phenomenal. Mike Z has spent most of his game development time with EA working on stuff like Star Wars Battlefront or whatever, but he’s a tournament fighting game player at Evo and the Guilty Gear/MvC inspirations in the game design can’t be missed. The gameplay system looks spot on from a technical level, and the characters are teeming with personality and originality thanks to Alex Ahad.

    GGPO and Michiru Yamane would’ve sold me this game at full retail price, and I think I’ll be tempted to pick it up for both systems when it hits. I really hope it’s successful as a lot more thought and creativity is going into this than any of the big budget fighting games coming out this year.

  • Truthfully, I’m at a bit of a loss about the hype over this game. So far, I know the following:

    #1: It is being made by people who play fighting games well. (Okay, fine, but playing games doesn’t necessarily make you a good designer.)
    #2: It has some vaguely defined system that will short circuit infinite combos because the game will just magically know if a combo is infinite. (…)
    #3: It will be “approachable for new players”, because the inputs are slightly easier. (Of course, it’s being designed by hardcore fighting game players, so “easier” is all relative.)
    #4: They promise to patch it if it’s broken. (This one, at least, is credible, and one of the distinct advantages a strictly downloadable western title has over a Japanese game where a large portion of the intended audience is playing on non-patchable (until recently) arcade machines.)

    Still waiting for someone to go into some actual detail about this game. If it’s too early in the dev process for that, it’s too early to get hyped, if you ask me.

  • no offense, mind this is a subjective comment, but isn’t this just a sort of ugly back then turning into a cleaner ugly today?

  • I’m always up for a new fighter on the block. I’ll bite!

  • SolidusSnake

    Art style looks like Americans trying to do anime… really cheap anime.

  • xxx128


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