Phantom Breaker Breaks Out In June, Here’s A Trailer

By Ishaan . April 20, 2011 . 12:59pm


5pb are going to have a busy, busy summer in Japan. June 23rd sees the release of Steins;Gate on PSP, while the Ever17 remake is scheduled for July 28th. Before that, however, there’s the matter of Phantom Breaker, which was originally slated for April.


Following that delay, Phantom Breaker has a new release date: June 2nd. That’s the same date as Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D on the 3DS, but Phantom Breaker is on the Xbox 360. Famitsu have a new trailer of Phantom Breaker up for viewing, which you can watch above.


The games mentioned above aren’t the only summer releases from 5pb — Dunamis15 is planned for release sometime during the summer, too, but 5pb haven’t said when.

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  • PrinceHeir

    i want this and Ougon Musou Kyoku O_O

    sucks it’s only 360 :

    i want my doujin fighters, visual novel games, dating sim, on PS3 too :P

    • Code

      Gave the demo a try a few weeks ago, and it was only so-so, it’s a little too heavy clunky for my tastes xpx; Probably something that isn’t going to pan out sadly. But on the plus side, the sprites are very clean opo’

      • Darkrise

        I wonder if that’s the reason why they delayed the game. It’s definately not because of the tsunami and earthquake because I’m sure the delay announcement came out well before it. Might’ve noticed the flaws in gameplay and improved it. Either way, I’d love it if this was localized, it just looks so clean!

      • Aoshi00

        Yea, the char portraits are well drawn but the demo felt really clunky.. so I’m not sure if a lot of people are impressed by the demo to get the full game. and you’re a more skillful fighter fan to than me to judge..

        I think I’d pass even w/ Kurisu from Steins;gate as an addt’l char…

    • godmars

      They should be on all systems as DL, thing is 1) this console gen started negatively against full game DL, not like what’s being done now w/Xbox Games on Demand and 2) what JP publisher at this point is going to choose between $90+ disc collector’s set that they know for certain at least 1K otaku or going to buy, or a $10 DL the same amount of people are going to get.

      A lot of things about this gen have messed itself up. This is an example of one.

  • KotaroInugami

    Woah woah woah! Did they say that Kurisu Makise is a secret character?!?

    • Aoshi00

      Christina!!!!! The Steins;gate main theme is so good it’s been stuck on my head for weeks.. I’m getting the figma for her :)

  • Istillduno

    Here’s hoping it region free, hating the current trend of companies releasing games that are obviously never going to make it outside of Japan as 360 exclusives, meaning we don’t get to import in so many cases thanks to region locking unless we take the risk of importing a j360 and hoping it never breaks down.

    • Aoshi00

      The older model w/ the Jasper chip was pretty stable alrdy.. and the latest model is really quiet too.. I don’t think one needs to worry so much about it… hey, my Jpn 3DS got a crooked bottom screen and I can’t do anything w/ it lol.. actually that’s not laughing matter, I’m quite bugged by that *.*… the advantage of having a Jpn 360 though is it almost feels like a region free 360 since it can play most US games too..

    • LORDMATRIX2004

      I am sure Aksys would not mind localizing this game or possibly Atlus even.

  • I hope Phantom Breaker won’t get buried in its release day.

  • the only bad think about this game is it only for xbox 360 why they dont make it to ps3 too

    • LORDMATRIX2004

      All of you PS3 users whining over the games that X360 gets that are not on PS3 is sad. Not like X360 gets many Japanese exclusives anyways. Let the X360 have its time in the limelight sometimes also. If it bothers you so much that you cannot play it, then get an X360.

      PS: Response is not geared towards the user I responded to specifically but everyone tin general that I always see whining or moaning about this sort of thing whenever a game comes around that is X360 only in Japan

  • I hope someone in Microsoft would be smart enough to realize not everybody in XBL community is all about FPS, to the point of suffocation. We need other genres to play with, you know.

    This game is a start.

    • LORDMATRIX2004

      Their are plenty of non-shooter games on X360 already and plenty of games coming down the pipeline that are non-shooter`s as well.The X360 has plenty of every genre…except platformer`s unless you are counting XBLA games as well. The X360 library is quite robust.

  • mikanko

    This game still reminds me of the late SNES, PS1 Saturn days when it felt like half a dozen anime licensed and/or inspired fighters showed up a year. They were all mostly bad, but it was still fun to mash Ranma 1/2 or Kenshin games in the anime club I went to despite how horrible the games were.

    I like that SF4 seems to have revitalized that trend, but would be more interested should this be a Majutsu no Index game or something I’m more familar with. From the clips/demo, the gameplay is highly unwieldy and shallow, so they got that part down. At any rate 80$ for this seems a little questionable unless you’re a huge fan of the series. ^^;

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