Grab Some Headphones For This Nazo Waku Mansion Trailer

By Ishaan . April 22, 2011 . 5:01pm


A new trailer for Capcom’s new 3DS adventure, Nazo Waku Mansion, starts out more like a tech demo for 3D sound before jumping into in-game footage. Put on a pair of headphones if you want to get an idea of what that sounds like.


Aside from the 3D sound, Nazu Waku Mansion also uses the 3DS’ motion, gyro sensor, 3D camera and microphone. Oh, did we mention M. Bison is in it?

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  • Aoshi00

    The 3D sound is pretty cool.. Seems like a Warioware kind of game w/ so many styles, some looking like Feel the Magic.. at first I thought the title was read as “Meiwaku-kan” like a pun (instead of Nazowaku Yakata..)

  • Vino (Tim N)

    That was a really interesting trailer. I loved the sound. I hope Capcom decides to localize this in North America.

    +maid cafe=win.

  • Sounds awesome… sadly, i dont think any company would take this for localizing, it must be a real drag to do all the voices in english with this 3Dsound thing again… unless they leave it with japanese


  • darkfox1

    3D Sound??? someone want to explain how that works?

    • They put like a human’s head (made of i dont know what material) and then they put 2 microphones in each of the head’s ears, then they just record all the sound using that position the microhphones are on the human’s head (of course, the ears part of the human’s head is close to how the real ear is)

    • Eri

      Like wildarms said, Dummy Head Recording. Googling is probably the easiest way to get a description. You can do really fun things with it, like making it sound like someone is actually whispering in your ear.

  • Fun Fact.

    Surround Sound = 3D Sound. Let’s hope they don’t start marketing how “3D Sound” is new… and yes, I know not everyone has a surround sound system.

    Looks interesting though!

  • M. Bison? Sold. Let’s hope for a 3D Psycho Crusher!


    Omg a point-and-click, visual novel-ish adventure game. I want I waaant.~ ;A; I have a really bad feeling we won’t see it, though. ):

  • With Cing gone, this might turn out to be the 3DS’ equivalent of Another Code.

  • xflame10

    wild bison appeared! Xflame10 sent out Ryu! Ryu used HADOKEN! It’s super effective!!

  • meat0bun

    That bee came out of nowhere and made me twitch.

  • wow the 3D sound is cool especially at the start when the sound goes in a circle
    ^well… i hasn’t heard much except in movies or animes where the sound appears on either side of the speaker
    and minigames game! i love those

  • DOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAANT. Even without the 3D sound, it’d still be a mega do want. It just looks fun. Which is a really rare first impression these days for me. I don’t know anything about story or game mechanics, but it just looks fun XD

  • Joanna

    So weird and quirky. I want it! Although, I guess the weirdness of this game will probably be the reason we don’t see it outside Japan. :(

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