Mega Man Legends 3’s Barret: Hot-Headed, Cool And Funny

By Ishaan . April 23, 2011 . 4:44pm

Up there on the left is Daisuke Ono, voice actor for Barret in the Japanese version of Mega Man Legends 3. To the right is Akemi Kanda, who you may recall is the voice actor for Aero.


Wondering what Barret’s personality is like? Capcom posted two pieces of concept art for Barret to their Legends 3 development room recently, which should give you a pretty good idea:


Capcom describe Barret’s character as “hot-headed, but also funny and cool”. They also posted a few comments from Barret’s anonymous English voice-actor, which you can read over at their blog post.

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  • – Anonymous English voice actor
    – hot-blooded, but cool and funny

    Yeah, it’s JYB.

    • Caligula

      Whenever guessing the voice actors of a video game or anime, it’s a pretty safe bet that JYB will be voicing at least one person.

    • cmurph666

      Go Go Power Ranger~!

    • I knew it was going to be him just looking at the character design of Barret lol.

      • JYB voicing a black guy? Oh wait…

    • Exkaiser

      I dunno, could also be Steven Blum.

      But it’s like 80% likely it’s JYB.

    • What about Yuri Lowenthal?
      Though with him, I would see him more funny, than cool

      • It varies. I mean, if you’ve played a crapload of JRPGs, you ouhgtta know JYB and Yuri go hand in hand whenever they’re both in a game (or anime if you count Gurren Lagann).

        • Got a point there, but I’d guess JYB would be the more logical guess, when it comes to being “cool”

  • The typical hot-blooded cool dude also, I like it, I really dig Barret’s design and the sketches are hilarious~ x3

  • Zal_Yagun

    With all the work they are putting in this “not Green-lit” seems like total BS

    • Huh? “All the work”? Things like concept art and voice-recording are the very basics of game development. Not say that they aren’t putting in effort with things like the Devroom, but every game has concept art and other pre-production material before it goes into development.

  • As long as he does not take over Mega Man’s role, I’am okay with him…for now, until for some odd reason they decide to give him an overhaul (like they did with the Aero, the Heroine), and give him a drastic personality make-over, that let’s off an vexatious undertone and slowly drags down the mood…
    But, I’ am probably just over exaggerating –(ltbc)–

  • KotaroInugami

    He’s cool and funny… but he’s no Megaman… >.>


  • Hotheaded, Cool, and “Funny”? I take back what I said before
    He’s not Legend’s equivalent of Protoman, more like Legend’s equivalent of Kamina

    • Exkaiser

      I doubt he’ll be THAT boisterous.

  • Kris

    I’m loving the concept art. I hope the full version’s animation manages to maintain as much character!

  • CoolChibi

    Barret is a cool dude.

  • Sakurazaki

    Ai raabu yuu~

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