Tale of the Last Promise Is Only 250 MB In Size

By Ishaan . April 23, 2011 . 2:19pm

When Tale of the Last Promise goes up for download purchase on the PlayStation Network next week, some may be surprised at how quickly the download completes; Imageepoch say that the full game is only 250 MB in size.


Addressing the subject, Imageepoch president, Ryoei Mikage, pointed out in his Twitter feed that a smaller file size doesn’t necessarily indicate the scale of the game. Mikage says that it’s possible to keep file sizes low through polygon and texture compression. What really matters is the amount of data on the screen at any given moment.


Tales of the Last Promise is releasing in Japan on April 28th. Mikage says on Twitter that the game is already sold out at Amazon.jp. Mikage hopes that Imageepoch can sell 150,000 units of Tale of the Last Promise.

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  • “pointed out in his Twitter feed that a smaller file size doesn’t necessarily indicate the scale of the game.”

    First thing i though about the game when reading this “Damn i hope is not short” but at least he said that… I hope it can at least reach the 20-30 hours of gameplay… Or it really depends in how much the game changes when a character dies… It would be great as a replay value

    • The length of a game is not measured on the filesize, I’m pretty sure it’s long enough. And like you said there should be enough replay value.

      • Well, i will be sure once i play it xD But even if it doesnt measures the lenght of the game, it measures the different places there are in the game, and i think that’s pretty important, a big world with a lot of different places :P

        • You’re right on that, on the other hand this is a first person dungeon crawler, so I do not think we will see lots of areas in the first place~ :P

          • The fights are 1st person, but i thought we would be moving the character’s 3D model around normally?

          • That is correct. (Now that I’ve watched the recorded NicoNico demonstration of the game, I can say that with certainty.)

            Edit: It doesn’t look like there’s a world map though.

          • Oh, I don’t know about that, haven’t seen the “worldmap” yet and how you act outside of the battles, if that’s the case though, I can understand your point.

            EDIT: Ah ok, then it’s understandable, cool I didn’t know you could move normally in the game~ :3

      • Zio_Name

        I thought the same thing. After all, we have games like Shin Megami Tensei II on the SNES that is like 2 MB big, but i spent about 50-60 hours on it. But, in my country (i’m from Italy, so forgive me if my english is bad) a lot of people thinks something like “bigger = longer”, so, it’s kinda hard to make people realize this fact.

        And, i have noticed something. While the time goes on, all games (excluding Rhythm Games and user alimented games like LBP) are getting shorter and shorter. Even jRPGs, always described as “lenghty games”. Or maybe i’m just getting better at playing them XD

        • Probably both. xD
          I agree, they do get shorter and shorter, in exchange for better gameplay and presentation though, so I think I can live with that, not to mention that a lot of people these days don’t have enough free time to play lengthy video games. I’m not one of them btw.~ xd

          • Zio_Name

            Well, i think it’s not completely true that gameplay is getting better. For example, let’s look at FF XIII. Nor really a good example of “better gameplay” (if we confront it with FFV, for example), or i’m getting older and i can’t stand modern games (Just kidding)?

          • Nah, you’re not wrong the gameplay could’ve been better in 13, but the presentation(the graphics, sound and animation) were topnotch. The gameplay on older games was very basic, and modern games at least try to refine some of those basics, and sometimes end up doing them good, that was my point. I see what you mean though and I agree.

    • Speaking of perma-death, I made a long comment about what the conditions for a character dies are and what happens the moment they do, (In battle. There’s no way to know how it affects the story w/o getting the game.)

      http://www.siliconera.com/2011/04/22/tale-of-the-last-promise-opening-movie-has-some-nice-animation/#comment-190496681 <- Click on that. (Edit: I've made too many comments to do the alternative I suggested earlier.) I might have gotten some things wrong though…

      • I haven’t watched the movies yet, but that means as long as the character does have SP points he/she survives the battle and the SP points will decrease with every hit they take after they got KO’d? That reminds me of another game, though, I can’t seem to remember the name of it.. >-<

        • Dom

          Saga Frontier?

          • Probably, it’s a long time since I played Saga Frontier, though, so I can’t tell for sure.

          • I think the LP has been in the Saga series since Romancing Saga 2.

        • I think that’s the case. Perma-death status only happens after they activate that golden aura skill, and that’s immediately casted after you lose both HP and SP.

      • Oh i didnt saw those videos xD! thanks, SP, that kinda reminds me of persona 3 (and 4 maybe?) when your SP is 0 you die… I think it was in that game, or was it in another SMT?

        • I don’t recall any SMT game having a secondary life bar… Maybe you’re thinking of SMT because you have to expend HP to use physical skills?

          • No… I remember… But now im not sure if it was in a SMT game… when the “magic” gauge got empty, the character also dies, like, they have the hp and the sp bar as health… Ugh… somehow when i remember, persona 3 comes to my mind

          • Oh. You’re thinking of the wrong “3rd game in the series” game. That was Star Ocean 3. (Well, it might be something else too, but it was definitely like that in SO3.)

          • Ohh yeah!! Yeah yeah, i think it was in star ocean 3! haha thanks for making me remember xD

    • Darkrise

      Didn’t he mention that the game was over 400 hours long?

  • “Compression” that doesnt sound too good, the only time it sounds good is if the hardware can decompress…ultimately more power unto them if they are able to sell that much, Wolf’s inclusion definitely makes me want to pick this up as soon as humanely possible.

  • I do not like the sound of compression myself, naturally I don’t know what kind of tools they use, but as far as I know compressed games do look kinda uglier then uncompressed ones, not to mention the CGI/Anime scenes.
    Whatever, preordered the game on AmiAmi, I hope they can sell enough to make profit, I like Imageepoch, and I like everything I’ve seen so far from this game!

    • These compressions could surprise you… I once got a video that was like 40megas and it was a 30 minutes video, and it looked great O_o

      • Haha, I know what you mean, I watched some of those smaller MB animes in comparison to the 300-400+ ones and the smaller one actually looked better! Then again, this is only an excpetion, bigger files ‘normally’ tend to look better too~

        • lostinblue

          Really depends you know.

          Good encodes are an art, they depend on passages and the bitrate you give to each scene, but if you want something effective you have to optimize on a case by case scenario and look for a balance rather than just giving it all your resources in order to retain all it’s quality.

          Taking the anime example, if it’s something like… say, lucky star, which is mostly characters talking, you can make it 100 MB per episode in divX (in h.264 you can make that even better I think) and look nearly as good as the RAW. If you do the same for a more action packed series though it’ll fall short, bit rates can be adjusted per scene though, so a heavily optimized encoding is not something you often see (and never will be).

          It’s quite doable to do heavy optimization on videogame video, though, although not something we see often. (i think)

    • Zero_Destiny

      But what if we took a really cute girl and compressed her. Then she could become a Kawaii Loli. ^_^ Yes Compression is a good thing. It pays off. :D

  • malek86

    I guess it won’t be voiced, right? If so, 250Mb seems plausible enough.

    • It’s voiced during battles and in event scenes, not fully though.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Hey, Vagrant Story is 97 MB and it’s one of the best RPGs ever, so there.

    Maybe this means there will be a lot of reused assets… ? VS certainly had them. As long as the world looks consistent without every area/enemy looking the same, I’m good.

    Anyway, I’m waiting for a Western release. I want to play it, but not that bad.

    • Yui


      Seriously though, I don’t have a clue how compression works but you’re probably right. I don’t think it really matters, though. Along similar lines to VS, but in a more appropriate context, Brave Story: New Traveler looked fantastic for its time and that was something like 100-200MB. Very small, very good. No worries about this game. :D

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider


        I have no idea myself =D I’m not too much into all the tech stuff… That’s a much better example, and it does look pretty sweet. But what Ishaan has said above worries me. I fear the game will feel a bit cheap in the animation department. Oh well, I’ll make do. I’m used to Vesperia, after all. It can’t be worse than that…

        Anyway, I’ve said it countless times, but I’ll just say it again: Imageepoch’s UIs are probably the best I’ve seen. They’re HOT. Sexy. Things an interface shouldn’t be. That is all.

        • Yui

          Have no fear! I’m sure everything will be made clear in due time. Faith is the key here. Also, if you’re used to Vesperia, you shouldn’t have much trouble dealing with this. Like, at all. You’re probably not going to get more “uncanny valley” than Vesperia…unless you play Heavy Rain, of course. :D

          All those smooth curves…coloured surfaces…sharp, stylish fonts…thin-bodied screens…perfectly positioned edges…oh god. ;_;

    • PrinceHeir

      i was actually surprised Vagrant Story was only 97 mb when i downloaded it on PSN

      imagine if square had expanded it by making it a full 4 disc adventure O_O

      as for this game, still not sure about it :

      • http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1302737218

        Watch this. Same goes for anyone else that feels iffy about the game, or just anyone that’s curious to see the game in action.

        Edit: Oh my, it looks like I was wrong about Wolf needing to lose just his HP for a game over… I wonder if the enemy took out his HP & SP in one shot in that tutorial video on the official site.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Why, thank you!

          My thoughts:

          – The UI is

          – Enemy animation looks nice
          – Main character’s animation, on the other hand…
          – Event scenes look too static (I suppose the characters’ emotions will be conveyed through their portraits)
          – Overall, it looks good

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Yeah, it’s a bit on the short side! Kinda impressive, considering the game looks so good (for its time) and has some pretty nice animation going on. Considering the environment variety, though, it becomes easier to understand why. You have the city setting, the cellar, the forest, the temple, the underground city, mines (which are a variation of the cellar environment, if I remember correctly) and… That’s it, for 20 hours. I remember them looking a bit same-y after a bit, but I haven’t played it in some time, so I could be wrong. That, and the fact that it didn’t have voice acting.

        I did my part and bought Ogre, and I think it did pretty good in terms of sales, so MAYBE, just maybe Square will let Matsuno revisit his other creations (VS first kthxbai). This time, in a more thorough manner <3

        You'd better wait for some impressions from the people who import it, then… I know I'll be reading them!

        • PrinceHeir

          would love that to happen :)

      • lostinblue

        What made other FF’s so big was the FMV’s, and since the game exceeded one disc they had to accomodate the whole engine, locations, character data, sound, etc on each and every disc only changing (mostly) the events/some text/plot trigger’s.

        I think I’ve heard a few years back that if someone stripped FF7 of the FMV’s it would be a game with less than 200 MB. now I don’t know if we’re talking of the whole 3 discs or a hypothetical scenario, but I don’t think either is impossible. On top of that there was no real texture compression back then, so it sure could go lower than that… way lower.

    • lostinblue

      And Ocarina of Time had 32 MB. Both these games have something in common though, they were done before texture compression was supported by hardware and used. PSP though, quick google search tells us is compliant with stuff like S3TC compression.

      Hoe to explain this… on N64 and PS1 textures were like bitmaps, RAW pixel information whereas on Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox textures were more like JPEGS. Compression wasn’t lossless, but it was manageable and helped save loads of space. Available compression ratios were:


      The later two were naturally more agressive, but they did get the job done, it’s thanks to them that Zelda Twilight Princess is just a 1.4 GB game after all.

      Anyway, to express how powerful this is, most data in pretty much any game is textures/image data, then comes sound/voices, animation data and game data (also videos, large videos can often take most space, but games like the ones mentioned don’t rely on them, and neither does Tale of the Last Promise)

      So let’s say OoT was 32 MB of textures, with S3TC 4:1 that would be a measly 8 MB of data, 4 times less. meaning yeah, by todays standards you could surely pack that game onto 12/16 MB as is.

      Compression/optimization of data doesn’t stop there though, zip, rar and other types of compression work by identifying repeated algorithms/sequences in the original data, now, a game can be built to do just that, instead of repeating the information the software can make it so the same data gets use repeatedly.

      People would be amazed, I know of Square-Enix games whose actual build is like 2 different games as if they finished one part and then did the other, the result is seamless but the data gets repeated, from the font info to the graphics and other stuff. duplicated; and this is on a cartridge; later with CD’s/DVD’s/BluRay’s/UMD’s lots of developers felt the need to repeat information to decrease seek times, for example you’re running level 9 of the game, and level 9 requires lots of textures that were in level 1 folder, well, but level 1 folder is in another sector, the drive has to seek it and load it, then come back to level 9 data… So a lot of games repeat data to ease load times/seek time.

      These games though often don’t get optimized for Digital distribution so the repeated information doesn’t get taken away. Some developers in order to keep the data in the inner part of the umd (the faster acess data) and considering there’s just two sizes of umd available 900 and 1800 MB, they often fill the rest of the disc with bloat… that never get’s recompiled and taken out for a digital release.

      I also suspect lots of PSP games don’t use the aforementioned compression methods, some of these teams haven’t worked on the systems that support them and they have quite a bit of available space so…

      250 MB is small, but it is surely manageable if there’s not FMV’s and the like.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        32 MB, wow. And Ocarina’s a much more expansive game than VS.

        Thanks for all the info, that’s pretty interesting! Considering some of the best looking games are all about excellent looking textures, it makes sense that they make up most of a game’s data.

  • Just to clear this up — polygon/texture compression is very common in development and is something everyone uses to varying degrees, so IE aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary or “bad” here.

    Simple polygonal models by themselves aren’t large in filesize (unless they’ve been rigged for being animated in a very detailed way). Since TOLP is on PSP, you won’t have any fancy normal maps either, all of which can contribute greatly to texture space.

    • This has nothing to with anything in your comment, but why do you guys translate the game’s title to Tales of the Last Promise? Imageepoch translates it to Final Promise Story, with the URL for the game’s official site being fps.jrpg.jp . Is it simply because Tales of the Last Promise sound a lot cooler and not awkward or is it something more than that?

      • From what I heard from its videos, it’s supposed tag-line is “Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari”, which translates well into either title iteration. I think “Tales of the Last Promise” sounded cooler and more proper in modern Western English usage.

      • We first found out about the game through a trademark that Imageepoch had filed for it: http://bit.ly/h1xct1 At the time, there was no English translation, so we translated it to the best of our judgement and the name just stuck after that.

  • hush404

    Being this the first time I heard about the game, I went looking for further info… and I can’t find much :S A few trailers look impressive though, I hope it gets out of Japan :P

  • TrevHead

    I must say I hate it when I see stupid comments like “This game sux! it only XXXMB in size!” Glad to say theres no comments like that here though :)

  • Aoshi00

    Hm.. 250Mb sounds like on the small side.. I guess ASH was smaller on the DS too but still a great game. I hope we would have a lot of voice over and cutscenes otherwise it would be a waste of the great cast..

    I’ve decided to go w/ the shower card after all lol.. pray that they would have enough pre-order bonus artbook + BRS trailer…

  • midgard229

    thats because the game has no animation for its attacks or special moves, not even character models for the battles.

    games story looks amazing, but they completely ruined it by making the battles fully first person. so freakin lazy

    • Hraesvelgr

      Making battles first-person is not inherently lazy.

      • I dont know, it makes me wonder what they could have done with the other, I guess 750MB of space on a UMD, and I heard that not all lines are voiced either…

  • I still say that looks like the villain from Power Rangers named Goldar.
    But that influences me to want the game.

  • Haha, the Perma-death system is so badass that the game ended up only having 250MB
    Now I’m kinda scared, not as much as the characters probably.

  • doomspeller10

    I don’t care about the file size… just localize it already!! My 16gb memory is ready for anything!

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