Sega’s New Miku Game Is Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Ver. 2.5

By Ishaan . April 26, 2011 . 6:02pm

This week’s Famitsu magazine confirms that the new Hatsune Miku project Sega were teasing earlier in the week is Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Ver. 2.5. We don’t have any details to share on the game yet, but Famitsu have it listed for the PSP.


We should have more details later today, but in the event that no news comes from Famitsu, Sega’s teaser website for the game is scheduled for an update tomorrow.

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  • …2.5?
    ‘The hell does that even mean?

    • OneOkami

      I’m guessing its basically an expansion of 2nd and not a true sequel.

  • W-whut…. 2.5? I hope it’s not an enhanced version of 2nd :( Still looking forward to it

  • TenRX

    Still we won’t see them too soon in the west as an English release.

    • Kitsune Miku

      Well, no, but you dont really need it to be English, you cant translate the songs cos that would ruin them and the menu’s are WAY simple and easy to remember, not to mention all the guides for the games online.

  • amagidyne

    They couldn’t even go a up a whole number… ?

    • MizuMikomi

      Haven’t you heard? Half numbers are all the rage right no-*bricked*

      Joking aside, it’s probabaly because Diva 2nd did so well that they feel it’s worth milking once again. I am not complaining since I didn’t import it, my sister did, and I just ripped a copy to my broken PSP for the heck of it. *Shrug*

      I suppose I will get PD2.5 since I really would like to actually own it.

  • kinda like blazblue continuum shift. its pretty much blazblue 1.5

    • axess707

      Now you got me thinking of a Platinum the Trinity Vocaloid.

  • YES! psp

  • Maybe I’ll jump in with this one. I keep meaning to order PnM Portable and at least one of these Miku games…

  • Darn it! I just bought PD2 at PAX East last month. Now they’re gonna be a director’s cut version…

  • kroufonz

    so i am gonna assume they reserved project diva 3 for playstation 3 then

    • lordryo

      I have my fingers crossed…

  • heartless141

    well if it includes all the songs from 1 and 2, plus those songs that in Project DIVA Arcade. then i’m buying it :D

    • IsaacGravity

      Agreed. Been meaning to get into these games but never got around to.

  • I’d buy it.

  • BTA

    Hmm… wonder what it’ll be? If it’s just 2 with extra stuff, I may skip it, given how much 2nd cost me… If it’s enough to be its own game (or just an expansion to 2), I’ll probably be picking it up.

  • Sweet. Worth the ISO download.

    • MizuMikomi

      I burst out in laughter when i read your comment, thanks, I needed that~ =P

    • MarkMario

      It’s sad but true, sorry SEGA but importing it cost a lot ._.
      Of course if they have a limited edition with some cool stuff then I might buy it.

  • Belenger

    Let me guess, 2.5 will actually have Miku being keysounded for each key JUST like Diva1 OR Diva arcade, rather than the clearly cheap ripoff called diva 2 that was just an Mp3 playing with miku dancing well for half the songs and having 484390864309843 cameras, RIGHT?

    How many of us actually realized Diva 2nd was a technically crappier than the first?
    I cant be alone.. right? RIGHT? I’m NOT GOING CRAZY????
    MIKUUUUUUUUUU raaaaaaaawrrrr

    *sarcasm aside

    Wonder if this is a massive dlc or the game repacked itself again and tweaked adding content a.k.a Dissidia Duodecim.

    • The second game isn’t keysounded? Good to know—since the first is budget-priced now anyway, that saves me a good bit of money.

      • Belenger

        Nope, that’s how they managed to make the video part seamless and make it look like it was better programmed, a lame trick, we went from beatmania/popn to DDR.

      • As I explained in some other article, the lack of keysounding is probably to both allow room for more songs on the UMD (the second game has nearly twice the amount of songs the first game had) and to make more RAM available for improved visuals (including the ability to have more than one dancer on screen, something that wasn’t possible in the first game).

        Given everything you get in return, it’s more than a fair trade-off IMO. It’s not like you’d ever notice the lack of keysounds unless you’re screwing the song up.

        EDIT: And observing that you seem to not have played any of the games, the “keysounds” are just a second audio track containing only Miku’s voice, which in the first game would stop playing temporarily if you messed up badly enough. It’s not really a Bemani-style keysounding, and is totally useless if you ask me – your timing doesn’t affect the timing of the vocal track and if you full combo, there was no reason for the vocal track to be separate in the first place.

    • MarkMario

      The game is still good though
      Don’t hate ._.

  • No love for Miku on the 3DS?

    • Guest

      She’s flat chested

      • neocatzon

        not that flat, now bow to Miku and check it yourself~

  • maxchain

    If they introduce a new Vocaloid with an eyepatch and some wacky KFC-centric song, I’m in.

  • Kitsune Miku

    I’d prefer the new Project Diva game to be listed for PS3 but I guess it just isnt happening. :'(

  • why 2.5? why PSP? ;__;

  • Megurine

    Megurine Luka > Hatsune Miku =p

    • Locklear93

      I agree completely. But since I can switch the in-game model to Luka, I’m happy anyway. :P

  • LeonAlabard

    More Miku, more joy. Even if this game is just a expansion of Project Diva 2, it would still worth the purchase/importation.

    But what really I wanted is that with each character could sing with their own voice, rather than just Miku’s voice all the time.
    It’s kinda awkward to play with a male character that sings like a little girl.

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