Aksys To Sell BlazBlue T-Shirts To Fund Japan Earthquake Relief

By Ishaan . April 28, 2011 . 5:02pm

Last month, Arc System Works announced that they were selling BlazBlue t-shirts, the proceeds from which would go toward earthquake relief efforts in Japan. This week, Aksys are selling those very same t-shirts on their online store.


The sale will begin tomorrow (April 29th) at 1PM (California time), and each shirt will cost $20. For every shirt sold, Aksys will throw in $20 of their own, for proceeds of $40 per shirt going toward helping victims of the earthquake. If you want a heads up when the sale is on, you can follow the Aksys Twitter feed.


The shirts will also be sold in different sizes, in case you’re worried about whether or not they’ll fit you. Aksys will have S, M, L and XL sizes available. The sale will run until the shirts sell out, but according to tweets from Aksys staff, they expect them to sell out very quickly.


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  • Forget the T-Shirt I want the censor-glasses!!

  • damn this is the worst time to be broke. i really wanna help out and get that shirt.

  • Oh dear, so embarrassed XD But go buy the shirts, guys :D!

    • gimme those glasses!

      • Exactly! I will buy shirts for the whole family if you give me the glasses too!

        • Zero_Destiny

          I can pilot A robot even better with specs like those. ^_^ Also I can tell what shows you’ve been watching this season. XD

          • Seriously I’m like a big advertisment of various shows, I actually wanted to settle with loli this season, but after watching episode 2 of Deadman Wonderland I have decided what will be my show of the season!!(except Ao no Exorcist or AnoHana turn out to be even better)
            That said, the main argument why Deadman Wonderland is a great anime is the OP…it’s the best OP like..like..I don’t know maybe since Xam’d.


          • Zero_Destiny

            After episode 2 of ZeXal I’m officially no longer on the bench and don’t think the show HAS potential. It IS potential. That was such a great duel and episode. I’m a fan now. That show has 100% won me over. See:
            My very thoughts the second after I saw it. lol Oh man Yuma and Astral are so like Yami and Yuugi but even funnier. Oh and how Astral is such an @ss to Yuma, I find it so funny. XD

          • DEADMAN WONDERLAND IS SO COOL, look what the MC says after the VP of deadman wonderlan

            “It doesn’t matter how dark this place is, it doesnt matter if this is a place where something like hope can’t reach, i want to live!”

            SO AWESOMEEEEEEEeeeee

            This season has a lot of good stuff

            And darn, i hated how Xam’d ended, it was kinda random >-<, but i loved everything before it

          • @WildArms
            I agree!!! That was super cool, the whole show so far is damn great, Ganta is small, but a cool main character and Shiro is the most awesome girl, like who knows how long!! Can’t wait to see Crow and the rest of the “crew” in action and the crazy plays and battles which awaits us!!

            Truly, this is one of the better seasons, a lot of promising shows, it’s a long time since I watched so much of the shows of one season!

            I found the ending more confusing than random, I mean *Spoiler* I know Nakiami is in this tower or whatever for the next 1000 years(…why do the best girls have to end like this…always ;__;), but what happened to Akiyuki? Did he die/turn to stone, or was that just his Xam’d version as in the end he came back, but still looked like a teen, while Haru was an adult already…????*Spoiler*
            Other than that, yeah the show was awesome, the animation quality was uber and the soundtrack great(the two OP’s are still in my Hall of Fame). The characters were really interesting and lively too, I loved the three mains and Akiyuki’s father too!!

            Ha just read it, that sound great, watched episode 1 already and found it amusing, the least, still waiting for episode 2 as I can’t find it.. :/
            I really like Yuma, he’s a bit cliche, but I dig those little shounen dudes, they are always very funny! xD

    • Christian Wright

      didnt know there was a new yugioh anime….at least theyre not on bikes!

  • I wish i lived in the US to buy it D:

  • That is awesome. I love the censor-bar sunglasses too! (They should have those in the shop as well!)

    • Valkyrie Profile is still the best game ever made. ;)

  • KotaroInugami


  • IceRomancer

    Hahah Ahh what the heck I’ll buy one xD

  • neetloaf

    Will be stalking the Aksys shop like nobody’s business tomorrow.

  • Let me guess, USA only? :/

    • Darkrise

      Yup. =/

  • SeventhEvening

    Well, Polysics glasses. Haven’t seen those in a while.

  • I uh, may very well have to buy one. Or three. But probably one.

  • Draparde

    That shirt look’s pretty nice. I do want it! :o

  • IsaacGravity

    Heh. Censor bar glasses. I want those!

    …Just the shirts…? Fine XL for me, then.

  • Should nab myself an M

  • I want one.

  • Darkrise

    If only it can be shipped outside of U.S. =/

  • PrinceHeir

    badass :)

  • IceRomancer

    Needs more Ky Kisuke :3

  • Oni123

    The Zen United Store has a hope mouse mat for £5 in the UK. We might still get the shirt over here =)


  • lordryo


  • Hey guys, the shirts are now up! You can buy them here: http://li.brari.us/hopeshirt I suggest you do so quickly, if you want one.

  • May

    Boooo! I tried to order one to be shipped within the US, but they won’t even accept PayPal payments from non-US accounts.

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