No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Has Red Zone Edition’s Racy Character Viewer Mode

By Ishaan . April 29, 2011 . 9:08am

It’s unclear if there will be any differences between Konami’s No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise and No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition from Marvelous.


Both PlayStation 3 releases have PlayStation Move support, bosses from No More Heroes 2, and plenty of carnage. The ESRB appears to confirm another feature for No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, the racy forbidden viewer mode Marvelous is giving out as a pre-order bonus in Japan. According to the ESRB, there is a character viewer mode where a "woman’s buttocks is fully exposed."


Here’s the spoiler-filled rating summary, which details the many ways Travis maims his foes and the "literature" he reads on the side.

“In this action game, players assume the role of an assassin (Travis Touchdown) who fights his way through the ranks to become number one in his profession. Players use a retractable katana blade (i.e., laser sword) to slash, chop, impale, and dismember human enemies. Though the art style is cell-shaded and highly stylized, the violence can become intense: thugs are sliced in half as blood gushes from wounds; enemies are beheaded as blood shoots from necks in exaggerated spurts. Cutscenes also depict over-the-top instances of violence: an assassin committing suicide by placing a grenade in her mouth; a woman getting sliced into several pieces in slow motion; a character bashing several characters in the head with a baseball bat. During the course of the game, players can encounter objects/references that are sexual in nature (e.g.,’Big German Jugs Collection #23,’ ‘How to Please a Woman in Bed 101 Part 2,’ and ’69 Techniques: To Improve Your Love Making’). In a Character Viewer mode, a woman’s buttocks is fully exposed. Bathroom humor includes a ‘save progress’ screen that depicts the main character unzipping his pants and sitting on a toilet; one sequence depicts the central character interrupted while on the seat (e.g., ‘Can’t a guy get some privacy?/At least when he’s taking a dump!’). The words ‘f**k’ and ‘sh*t’ can be heard in the dialogue.”


No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition also has ten unreleased missions from the Wii game and online rankings, which have not been announced for Heroes’ Paradise. Since the character viewer is in, it does sound like we can expect some of the other Red Zone Edition features to make their way into Konami’s release, too.


Tak Fujii, No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise localization producer, tweeted a day ago: “Receiving so many Qs about difference of Heroes’ Paradise and Red Zone. Will be announced shortly, but I won’t let you down for sure :)”

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  • OK, that’s all I wanted to know, seriously. Forbidden view mode in Heroes Paradise, best purchase this year, I’m sure of it!!

  • nyobzoo

    lol, oh ESRB. You make it so much funnier than it is

    • Did they say its going to be mechanized in the future? I wonder how they will write up these things in this kind of hilarious manner if they dont play the game?

  • papuruka

    Both versions seem to sound the same, minus the extra bike skins and lightsabers for Red Zone.

  • I sure do hope this gets cleared up. It will be awesome if the NA/EU version of Heroes’ Paradise was pretty much the Red Zone edition but going by release dates it doesn’t seem likely. has Heroes’ Paradise set for 20th May..

  • Guest

    Again. Thank you internet. No need to purchase this game for the best part of it. =D

  • z_merquise

    Well, if you already played the Wii version, some of the things mentioned were not really a spoiler. But those extras look neat. I may get this game someday but for now, I’ll get No More Heroes 2 for the Wii first then Shadows of the Damned for the PS3.

    Also, it’s cool to see Tak “One Million Troops” Fuji being involved in this HD-enhanced version.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    How, exactly, does Konami plan on selling this game if there’s barely any coverage? No actual release date, no consensus on what extra features the game has… I mean, we’re getting more info from the ESRB and the recent Red Edition articles than the publisher itself.

    At least put some effort into it, geez.

  • HarryHodd

    Good the original game is such a tease.

  • DanteJones

    I think a picture should convey what I want to say.

    • Doctor, my sister has cancer…


      • DanteJones

        Haha, yeah! /highfive

  • Barrit

    So looking forward to playing this in HD! Too bad we won’t get the nice Red Zone box art, but not a major issue I suppose.

  • Guest

    “but I won’t let you down for sure :)”

    That better mean they are one and the same

  • PrinceHeir

    so pumped for this game :)

    hopefully it is the same as Red Zone :P

  • Day 1, gotta continue to support the playstation momentum. I loved the game on the Wii.

  • has all the answers you’re looking for…

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      This right here

  • puchinri

    So you can’t see Travis too in character viewer? Or you can?
    What about Henry…?

  • AzureNova

    Thank you God =^_^=

  • Zero_Destiny

    Yay!!! We get to keep the ecchiness!!!! ^_^ Definitely gotta buy it now. Way more goodies means it’s worth a 2nd purchase. XD


    How about not letting those of us wanting to play the X360 version and announcing its release already for NA and/or Europe. Don`t care bout Move/Kinect support in the game and I know the Japanese version on X360 is controller enabled so the fact they are screwing X360 users is BS on Konami`s part. Their excuse is retarded.

  • No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition Pre-order-

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