At One Time, El Shaddai Was Called “Angelic: Ascension of the Metatron”

By Ishaan . May 1, 2011 . 3:02pm

Curious to see what an older version of El Shaddai looked like? Ignition Entertainment uploaded this video of a prototype concept from 2007 on their website. The project was originally titled Angelic: Ascension of the Metatron.



As you can see, some of the weapon designs had already been conceived at the time of this project. For comparison, this is what El Shaddai looks like now.

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  • For a concept that looks pretty awesome. I can’t say much more than that. Glad that ignition kept the designer jeans on enoch lol.

  • Eddie

    Has anyone got a chance to play the demo? How was it?

    • yes, sweet

      • Eddie

        Was the combat pretty solid? Did it ever get repetitive?

        • puchinri

          I liked the combat a lot actually. It felt smooth, and it does get repititive, but it didn’t actually feel that way to me.

      • imaguni

        Seconded, I enjoyed it quite a bit!

    • i play all game it ok no so good

    • Guest

      It’s hard!

  • Lol, at Moonlight Butterfly at the end of the video, that just proves how fabulous the game is!

  • imaguni

    I like Enoch with his helmet on better, but he doesn’t look as fabulous with it on…

    • That’s what I thought too, and no fabulous Enoch = no fun. Would be a waste of smexy golden hair~

  • Wake

    I prefer Angelic: Ascension of the Metatron over El Shaddai. El Shaddai just makes me think of a certain crazed religious group where I live.

    • z_merquise

      Haha! Looks like I’m not the only one then. When my brothers first saw the title when I’m playing the demo, they all also thought of that religious group. Guess the title ended up sounding strange or funny for some people.

  • I love Siliconera, but you guys should give Andriasang the proper credits. I’ve been noticing for months that the news are practically the same, and I see the news there first, and then here.

    • I just looked at Andriasang’s front page to see what you were talking about. That might be because we tend to cover similar games, and find a lot of our news in the same places. If you look through our articles, you’ll see that we regularly provide links to Japanese blogs/sites where we obtain our news from, just as we did with this post. I fail to see the problem?

      I should also add that we actively try not to read other sites that cover content similar to ours too much, more for ethical reasons than anything else.

      • I don’t have any problem with that, but there were days that the exact same news posted there were posted here, and one could even say that the news wasn’t exactly news, and in fact it was some article covering something old (a little like this one).

        When it’s news, I agree that having similar content, there isn’t copying, as the news is fresh and the profile from both sites are similar, but other than the interviews that Siliconera provide, they’re often getting the news earlier, and not even giving the image that you guys are getting the news there, but as I pretty much feel like reading only one of the websites, as the news are pretty much identical (sometimes, even the text).

        I’m trying not to bash Siliconera in any way, I’ve tried to help the blog a lot of times, by sending some news to Ishaan, and even talking to him on Twitter, and I read this site pretty much on a daily basis, but take this post as something that you guys can take and try to improve the blog in some way. I hope we can continue this topic in a light and positive way.

        • That’s because we get certain kinds of news from the same place. Andriasang isn’t the source for articles like this El Shaddai story, and neither are we. Both sites got the news from a popular Japanese blog that happened to run the story today. Prior to this, neither us nor Andriasang were aware of this piece of news even existing.

          I hope you understand, no one is forcing you to read Siliconera. We do what we do for a reason. Yes, even posting news later than usual in some cases. If you feel you don’t have the time for both sites, that’s completely understandable and you’re welcome to focus on either one. We have a goal we’re trying to accomplish, and that requires having to spread ourselves across many aspects of the site, including our original content, a lot of which can sometimes take weeks to negotiate and prepare (like our 5pb interview for instance).

    • PrinceHeir

      well i love both sites so what’s the problem?

      yeah i kinda notice it too, but as Ishaan said both sites feature similar content. mainly japanese games, but Siliconera does provides some western gaming and exclusive interviews(from the developers itself mind you. the Soraya Saga. Sakaguichi and Tetsuya Takahashi articles are the best) you won’t find anywhere else. i mean didn’t saw Uncharted 3 first reveal in andriasang or any coverage, but siliconera has it :P

      andriasang provides famitsu translation of it’s previews, and news about retailers, bonuses in japan in terms of goodies and content, links to liveblogs(like the recently PS conference) and yeah they’re really fast in delivering news straight from japan

      heck i have an andriasang account there and even sign in right now(you’ll see the exact name here in most articles there i assure you). the main advantage andriasang is as i said relatively fast news, translation of famitsu previews, polls and ranking, media sales, information about retailers bonuses. while siliconera has exclusive interviews, multiple coverage in gaming(not just mainly japan) and the community is bigger and better(i only see a handful people there) with Siliconera bounce on top of that.

      so yeah im not saying one site is better than the other, but both sites are awesome in terms of content and validity(i mean they do provide links for their sources)

      you’ll definitely encounter similar articles all throughout so it’s not a problem.

    • The source of the news isn’t Andriasang though. It’s Famitsu, Dengeki, Hachimaki, other Japanese blogs, and a variety of press releases we also receive directly from publishers.

      If we’re translating the same news from Famitsu the text should be similar because that’s the actual source.

  • Both names are awful, should have just went with Metatron or Angelic Ascension, way to drive away with the consumer with weird pretentious names though I guess that would fit the product they’re selling

    • You seem upset.

    • Zero_Destiny

      From Wiki: “El Shaddai (Hebrew: אל שדי‎) is one of the Judaic names of God. El Shaddai conventially translated as God Almighty.

      While the translation of El as “god” is straightforward, the literal meaning of Shaddai is the subject of debate.”

      Sounds pretty epic to me!!! ^_^ But to each their own I suppose. :)

  • Aoshi00

    The white armor looks pretty sick.. he looks kinda like Brad Pitt in Troy w/ the helmet on :)

    I like the current title El-Shaddai, fits more w/ the surreal tone of the game.. Angelic sounds too generic.. the combat feels very smooth in the demo, the platforming takes a little bit of getting used to (lots of bottomless pits), but the atmosphere’s very artistic up there w/ Ico or Colossus, the unique art design reminds me of Amano..

    I hope the US ver would also include dual audio as well.. (demo has Jpn & Eng audio and many languages for subtitle..)

  • PrinceHeir

    reminds me of Catherine’s 3D character models :P

  • I love how far the game has come. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
    Also, Lucifel needs to tell us where he got Enoch those jeans, they’re fabulous! (I had to)

    Also, I prefer the newer Lucifel intro. It seems more, mysterious and the same goes for Enoch’s “No problem. I’m fine” — definitely more realistic.

    • ryebot

      You can actually buy those jeans in Japan.

  • I read the headline as “Angelic: Ascension of the Metacritic”

    • Pesmerga00

      The”Ascension of Megatron” will be glorious.

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