Game Arts Cancels Plans To Localize Lunar: Silver Star Story eBook

By Spencer . May 2, 2011 . 1:48am

imageLate last year, Game Arts released Lunar: Silver Star Story for the Amazon Kindle. Not the Sega CD game with black and white ASCII graphics, the novel Lunar: Silver Star Story Volume 1 – The Call of the Wind. It’s an English version of a Japanese book authored by the original writer of the game, Kei Shigema.


Sadly, you can’t achieve everything through hard work and bad hygiene. Game Arts planned to release the other three volumes, but Lunar: Silver Star Story’s translated story will end with volume 1. Game Arts told fans due to circumstances beyond their control they will not produce volumes 2 through 4 of the Lunar: Silver Star Story novel. In the announcement, Game Arts apologized to fans for falling short of expectations. We reached out to Game Arts for a comment, but have not heard back from them yet.


A tip of the hat and thanks to Darren M. for the tip!

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  • And the story of Alex and Luna have the chance of being told, once more…

  • maxchain

    Well, damn. Back to Plan A, I guess.

  • PrinceHeir

    that sucks :[

  • puchinri

    That’s disappointing. I wonder what happened (since it was out of their hands).
    …I really want a new game from them. vnv
    (Project Cafe title please…?)

  • dragoon_slayer12

    if i knew about this, i would’ve bought a kindle ages ago…. they need to stop fucking with my beloved series and do proper remakes (WITH WORLD MAP) and a 3rd part, and prequel based on Dynes adventures (the prelude in Harmony was a tease) and the events that caused the migration (not trying to spoil anything).

    i still know the opening theme and boat song by heart from the ps1 version, and i haven’t played the game (nor owned the soundtrack) since it was stolen back in 03

  • Pichi

    Hope it wasn’t a money issue. Didn’t the PSP game in NA sell well? If it did, hopefully that re-sparks interest in more games.

  • Well, there goes the chances of ever seeing a printed version :( Maybe they sold less than expected. Perhaps if they HAD the option (for those like me who still like printed and don`t care for Kindle) with a limited print release, they would`ve been ok.

  • I heard the story in the book really sucked. The writer kept going on too long about stuff. And something about using words that most people wouldn’t know what they mean.

    And without a hardcopy of it anyway, then good. I hate this kindle crap. People need to pick up real books.

    Oh and please do not remake this game anymore. It does not need it. It didn’t need Legend or Harmony. But if you are going to remake them, then at least give us a Eternal Blue Remake. Games music was so much better then Silver Star, and it was some what scary.

    • WonderSteve

      I don’t understand why you dislike ebook.

      Chances of this being stocked in my local bookstore is smaller than me winning the lottery this week.

      Ebook gives books like these an opportunity to reach more audience.

      I agree with you on the remake though, but remake is better than nothing I supposed. I thought apocalypse arrived in Lunar after playing Dragon Song/Genesis on DS

    • Manonam

      I actually read the book and thought it was pretty well-written. Sure, there were some words I didn’t know but you can’t blame the writer or even the translator for not dumbing down things to an elementary school level, right?

      Not everybody understands math and so those that don’t often complain that math is stupid, but those people with super math skills are the powerhouses behind the games we play and computers we use.

      So back to the topic. Dissing on a book because we are too lazy to get out a dictionary and look up a word every now and again kinda makes us ourselves in reality look like the stupid ones, don’t you think? I for one didn’t think my studies were over just because I graduated from high school, college, or even after entering graduate school. We just keep on learning. That’s simply life.

      I agree with you on the point about not having a hardcopy available though. That was a shame but who knows what Game Arts’ budget was even like to do the project in the first place? I hope this doesn’t mean our chances for a Lunar 3 are dead though.

      • Oh I am not the one saying it was bad, or anything. All I said was I heard that it sucked. I would read it myself, but I refuse to buy ebooks.
        But yeah, don’t get me wrong. I would read it right away if I could. I love the Lunar series.

        And I understand that Math thing. I am really not that great at math. Much as I have tried to get it.

        And I know the budget thing too. But still, they could have took that budget and made a small run of hardcopies and sold them at a high price. Made the money back and then some. And then make a cheaper paperback run of the book later on.

        I am not trying to start any fights or anything. I was just saying what I heard about the story. And that I hate ebooks, because it takes away the real book feeling. That is all.

        • Manonam

          I would have totally loved for a hardcopy of the book to go along with my other Lunar stuff as well. I can totally agree with you there.

          My thoughts on why someone might have not liked the book is because either their vocabulary was small or they just don’t read a lot of books in general. I thought the prose was excellent and the descriptions were some of the most detailed I have ever seen in a novel. There are actually only a few Japanese game novels translated into English and so I imagine that if we saw more of them, we might find that that’s just the way the Japanese writing style is.

          The other thing that I liked is that at the end of the book the translator talked about working with the writer to achieve a particular literary style that came across well in English. One thing I do know about Japanese novels (although I don’t claim to be an expert) is that many times there are only pages of dialogue and no “he said” “she said” written at all so it would make it difficult for the reader to understand when reading it in English because we lack the diversity of speech styles in our own language that the Japanese have in theirs. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that’s what the translator meant about the literary style thing. The other thing I noticed about the writing style is that it is very reminiscent of some English classic writing styles and not necessarily focused on following suite with contemporary writing styles of the day. I personally liked that.

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