Super Mario, Mario Kart Or Animal Crossing Coming To Nintendo 3DS This Fiscal Year

By Ishaan . May 2, 2011 . 4:39am

Last week, Nintendo conducted their annual investor Q&A, marking the end of their previous fiscal year. At the Q&A session, an investor asked Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, whether or not one could expect to see games like Super Mario, Mario Kart and Animal Crossing to be released on the Nintendo 3DS in the new, ongoing fiscal year.


Nintendo hope to sell 16 million units of the Nintendo 3DS system within its first year on the market. While Iwata didn’t specify release dates or even a release window for the aforementioned titles, he did hint that we could expect to see at least some of them launched during the current fiscal year to help Nintendo meet their sales goal.


Interestingly, he also provided some insight into the planning of Nintendo’s first-party game release schedule, which he revealed takes third-party games into account as well.


“We want the other companies to be successful,” Iwata said to investors. “In order to accomplish this goal, we would like to decide on the dates after we know the release plans of other companies’ games so that we are able to consider how we can maximize the sales of our titles without affecting the sales of other companies in the short term.”


With regard to Super Mario and Mario Kart specifically, he added: “However, especially for the two titles I introduced today, which are the new iterations of "Mario Kart" and "Super Mario," I did not talk about them with the image of launching them in the next fiscal year or thereafter, so please understand it in that way.”

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  • malek86

    Yeah, they really need the games right now.

    But I’m only interested in Mario. AC was always terribly boring to me, and I prefer my racing games to give me a sense of speed, somsthing I never found in Mario Kart. Also I don’t really like, uhm, weird weapon power-up thingamajigs.

    • I always thought Mario Kart felt, slowish? I never understood the use of CC’s mainly because one is forced to start out in the brutally slow vehicles. I hope this Mario Kart brings something new to the table, Modnation Racers with its user created levels felt like that MK of the PS3, and Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing felt fresh and new blowing MK away.

      • Exkaiser

        The different CC levels are difficulty levels. Easy, medium, hard.

        Regardless, 150cc is always open at the start, so you’re not “forced” to play on lower difficulties unless you want to unlock stuff.

  • Nintendo REALLY seems to be willing to get along with third parties this time.

    Let’s hope third parties reciprocate.

    • Code

      I don’t think that’s a big issue with a DS successor though, considering DS had excellent 3rd party support.

      • dragoon_slayer12

        yeah, with great crap for games (256453 spongebob games and counting, 022546303 nickelodian games, 025876 disney channel games).

        they had good 3rd party support, but not with titles we really want. the DS was a great machine to test new IP’s. not cuz of the platform, but because the cost was so cheap, that even if they didn’t sell a single copy, it is nothing in comparison to making a new ip in the ps3.

        but yeah, most of the best ds titles come from 3rd parties. and yes, i am aware that a LOT of great IP’s were born on the ds

        • Code

          Yeah, but all game systems have a certain amount of white noise games; I don’t think the ratio of good games, to bad games is unusual on DS, I don’t even know why it’d be worth mentioning xpx; Maybe on Wii it’s a bit out of sych, but DS is pretty average considering the manufacturing costs and pricing on games, like you said.

          Honestly not sure who the we your referring too is, but I’d figure most people would agree the DS has had excellent titles from pretty near all major 3rd parties, new IP or not >ww<'

          • There was major western third party developer support on the DS for franchises and series that gamers want? When was this? I dont see my Mass Effect, nor Oblivion, nor mainline Assassin’s Creed competent versions of ports from multiplatform titles on it…

          • phill_stark

            There are a lot of amazing games on the DS, why do you limit yourself to the western developers?

            Update(for some reason my computer won’t let me reply):
            I see, since Code was not talking only about western developers, I thought your reply meant you only cared about those and, just to be clear, when I said ‘amazing games’ I wasn’t talking only about first party. That said, I do believe your examples were poorly chosen-regardless of them being multiplatform, what handheld has gotten Oblivion or Mass Effect?

          • @phill_stark I was just identifying a major weak spot in the lineup of DS games. There are amazing games in the DS library.

          • puchinri

            Those are kind of relegated to console anyway and not meant as portable titles. That seems like a bit of a jump to me. There is a weak spot, but I don’t think titles like those are the weakspot at all. (They wouldn’t be considered as portable in the first place by the company, and fans would only want them on console anyway, right?)

          • Code

            Yeah true; but I don’t think the fault lays on Nintendo’s back in those instances, you can’t say DS didn’t accommodated. If it was good enough for most companies; seems likely Bioware, Bethesda, and Ubisoft, had there own reasons as to why they didn’t wanna release titles on the system.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          The problem is that, in order to allow for great new IP’s to be born, the barrier to entry must be low. But if the barrier of entry is low, you inevitably end up attracting all kinds of games to your platform, both good AND bad.

          While people often forget this, the PS and PS2 had a lot of poor quality titles in their libraries beacuse of this. Yet, it was precisely beacuse of the low barrier of entry that allowed for suprising hits to appear on the two consoles, thus ensuring great sales. The same can be said of the DS.

          Ultimately, there will always be bad quality games, so it is better to keep the barrier to entry low in order to ensure a maximum number of suprise hits that will drive the sales of the console. It’s not like most people will remember the bad titles several years from now, anyway.

          • dragoon_slayer12

            the ps2 was crapware heaven. i sure as hell didn’t forget it.

            everybody has to start somewhere. but they should at least have the decency to at least make a respectable game. thank god for mobile gaming

        • I agree with the third party support party. They can have all the third party developers on board for the device, but if they arent dedicating the games to their top teams and bringing competent entries in franchises that gamers want, then it is a lost cause.

        • puchinri

          I don’t know, with Level-5 and then Squeenix (DQ) and other companies putting out some good titles, they did have some grand third party support. The DS probably had it way better than the Wii did in the long run (and I think the Wii got fairly good third party support, but not what it should have got obviously). I think they had the titles we really want, but some of them just didn’t make it here or to other regions (yet).

  • They’re willing to get along with third parties this time because they hope they’ll be able to turn some of them away from the NGP, but they won’t.

    Nintendo are obviously losing ground in the console market, even with Project Cafe. NGP will shatter the 3DS, meaning Nintendo will be dependant on the casual family games bullshit, meaning we won’t see NTSC releases of the recent Wii JRPG’s.

    /rant over.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      “They’re willing to get along with third parties this time because they hope they’ll be able to turn some of them away from the NGP, but they won’t.”

      You are right, they won’t….the NGP will do that all on its own, thanks to the fact that the improved graphic capabilities will significantly drive up costs.

      • malek86

        That didn’t seem to be much of a problem for the “HD Twins vs. Wii” situation though.

        Mind you, it’s not like the NGP will have an easy life regardless.

      • Why are people assuming it will cost significantly more to make an NGP game over a 3DS game? If we assume it costs “more”, we see third parties would be willing to do it if they know the game will sell in the millions of units. They make pricy games for the PS3 and still turn up made profit and sales.

        I think they want 3rd parties for the 3DS since Nintendo will need to find a way to codevelop for two new platforms simultaneously in 2012…3DS is gonna suffer a Ninty drought I bet…

    • I highly doubt that is the reason, people are always going to have a choice to what hardware is better for and Nintendo as well as Sony understand that, Nintendo has even said it themselves, whether they choose one or the other it comes with whatever content they prefer. And I just love the whole N V. S conflict and how some automatically believe NGP will destroy the 3DS and wow to already underestimate Cafe and not even know what it truly is? For shame…but hey gamers got to have opinions otherwise this wouldn’t be competitive fun.^_^

    • Exkaiser

      “NGP will shatter the 3DS…”
      Nothing but pure fanboyism in that statement.

      There’s no evidence pointing to it or precedent for it. What’s most likely to happen is that both will be reasonably successful at the same time, as with the DS and PSP before them.

      • Joanna

        You know what? I really feel sorry for these fanboys. By clinging so desperately to their company of choice they are really missing out on games from the other company and the point of playing video games. It’s not about X company being better than Y company but about having fun.

        I also find it funny that they post these things on Nintendo news regarding business briefing as if they can chant away the possibility of 3DS being a hit just by posting things like this or calling the DS shovelware heaven and dismissing it. sigh.

        • I dont think anyone said they wouldnt buy the system, if anything first hand experience of a system and owning it adds additional justification for a fanboy to have arsenal to use against the other system. If one isnt finding experiences that they enjoy on the device then of course they would be fans of the system that is providing them their experiences. Its about which company enables them to have more fun than the other, really. Certainly single console owners, single portable owners would say, X is better than X because they make fun games. Nintendo fans do this dont they?  Honestly, everyone has some bit of fanboy in them. 

          Er the DS has a large amount of shovelware and one just has to take a look at the majority of the handhelds releases this past year and this year to see that one is justified in making that claim. Look at this weeks releases of DS games even. 3DS is selling rather low so there is the possibility of it not meeting the expectations that one would expect of the high calibur sales from the most experience company in the handheld field, really, not to mention how badly handled this launch of the system was.   At the end of the day, if a company and the system fails, well there goes less games that system will have from the company and the less fun experiences possible. 

    • Suicunesol

      Why will NGP shatter the 3DS? Oh, I see. Just like the PSP shattered the DS. >_>

      Nicolai, although it’s obvious the NGP will have better graphics (and be more expensive) than the 3DS, the gap in visuals won’t be nearly as large as it was with the DS and PSP, as the 3DS is clearly capable of turning out great graphics… and with stereo3D to boot.

      Hell, even if the NGP was a portable PS3, it still wouldn’t matter. It’s important to remember that these systems are only handhelds. Their screens are small, so it would be impractical and a waste of money to put a level of detail found in a PS3 game on a little handheld.

      The only difference worth mentioning is screen size and networking capabilities. I heard NGP is perfect for MMOs. I don’t know what the general consensus is in regards playing to playing MMOs on portables, so I won’t comment. (I definitely don’t care for it though; I play my MMOs with a keyboard and a computer screen.)

      @Nintendo are obviously losing ground in the console market, even with Project Cafe.

      We don’t even know what the hell Project Cafe is yet.

  • Pichi

    Like that Nintendo is reaching for third-party support. I think to help cement more people to go after third-party games is to bring the more high-profile third-party games. For example, let’s say they made a Okamiden 3DS port. Instead, make it new title and directly related to the story. New World Ends with You sequel will be ideal. Only the future will tell.

    • ninjaonizuka

      If they make a new world ends with u idc im running to the gamestore lol xD i wudner if they can make a 3d world from that even on the wii wif a kingdomhearts type play style

    • Capcom is already a developer, how is that reaching for third party support? Just look at the titles from Capcom’s Captivate event, how many that were newly shown were for Nintendo systems? I will believe they have reached out if a Dragon’s Dogma comes to Nintendo Wii Successor…

  • M’iau M’iaut

    So basically they are publicly stating possibly only ONE of the above games will come out between now and next spring?

    I can still wait for that 3DS.

    • I understood it as Mario Bros and Mario Kart are coming this year, and Animal Crossing could be this year or next year?

  • I can see where they are going with this, seeing as how most complained and cried over Wii’s lack of competent Third-Party support so they’re trying to make sure the 3DS is the one to prove them wrong, and with the Third-Party games released so far IMO they are doing a great job doing just that, even though fans are still crying and moaning but as long as the Third-Parties don’t sleep on the 3DS and continue to give that unyielding push to keep giving great games and then some I have no complaints, because honestly the only First-Party game I’m waiting for is Star Fox 64: 3D.^_^

    • I dont know, if they can get competent support from major western developers that I like, then I would be able to see where they are going, otherwise it is difficult to believe right now.

      • Maybe so but Nintendo is full of surprises and the like so we will see.^_^ I believe they can.

  • I’m so excited for all three of these games! >_< I know Miyamoto stated in a press conference that Mario Kart would most likely be released by the end of the year so I'm hoping we have either Mario 3DS or Animal Crossing to go right along with it. Either way Zelda is hitting shelves in June and I have that paid off so I'll be busy with that. At this rate E3 2011 is definitely going to be memorable if Nintendo shows all these games off and has some sort of release quarter or season.

  • kylehyde

    It’s good to hear that they are going to give a chance to the third parties, however I really wish that they give more support or some kind of help to small third parties developers and publishers, and I mean companies like Renegade Kid (which have dedicated too much to the DS and have put a lot of effort on their titles), Wayforward, Aksys for mention some examples which many times develop or publish titles that are far better than many games that published for many big companies that are not exactly poor.

  • PrinceHeir

    i guess i’ll be getting a 3DS by next year? hopefully more games are out by then. Resident Evil Revelations, MGS 3D Snake Eater to name a few :P

  • Draparde

    I still have hopes for a Smasbrothers for the 3DS, though theres probably a higher chance of seeing one on the successor to the wii,

    on another note i think they should add 200 cc to mario cart, loved MCwii to death , but it started feeling slow afterawhile. (they also need a way to choose which items do and don’t appear in a race)

    • I would be shocked if a portable smash bros came…the Wii one could barely keep up with loading data from the disc fast enough. How would they do that for the 3DS?

  • thaKingRocka

    Mario is … well, Mario. I think DKC and R & C are better Mario games than NSMB or SMG. Animal Crossing is terribly unhealthy and should really be the focus of parental concern groups. I’d rather my child see obviously ridiculous, over-the-top, laughable violence than spend hours toiling away in a cycle of debt simulator.

    Mario Kart – that’s where it comes together for me. I hate the fact that I’ve been punished for being a decent racer in the last few iterations of this series, but that doesn’t stop it from being a ton of fun when a group of friends can gather around and do stupid, cheap stuff while vying for position and waiting for a pizza.

  • YsyDoesIt

    I’m a little concerned about this onslaught of planned first-party titles Nintendo has in store for this fiscal year. Not only does it contradict their plea towards third-party publishers, but what will that leave the future with?

    • IF we take what they say at face value, we can assume there are going to be tons of completing first party 3DS titles that they will hold off for release at a later date as they space them in between releases. Though you said this year, these games will keep on selling since they are traditionally evergreen…so do they need to have more new first party titles come out next year, the year of the Nintendo Wii Successor out on the market?

  • Surely Mario Kart will be out this year… They need it!

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