A Brief Teaser For The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

By Ishaan . May 4, 2011 . 3:01pm

Ocarina of Time 3D is still a little over a month away, but Nintendo have been teasing the game with screenshots and tidbits of information over the past few weeks. Today, they released a teaser trailer for the game.



The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will ride to stores a couple weeks after E3. The U.S. will get the game on June 19th, Europe on the 17th, and Japan on the 16th.

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  • The atmosphere seems a bit off compared to the original but i’m still gonna buy it and enjoy it

  • I don’t like what they did with the colors, makes the game seem lifeless but not the creepy, desolate kind of lifelessness the original portrayed, just seems boring and lacking in mood/character altogether. They even made the volcano dino boss look less menacing than the original design so it’s not just the colors but the “improved” assets that I have a problem with.

    Though I’ve played the original enough that I don’t really care, just hope that they don’t F-up Majoras too because while a remake sounds nice, I don’t have any faith that these guys can pull it off successfully, would rather they just keep it the same but upgrade the framerate and fix the glitches. At least give me an option to play a true-to-N64 version, no doubt the 3DS carts have enough space for it.

    • Suicunesol

      Don’t agree. King Dodongo looks exactly the same.

      • It was all about the mouth in the original. That terrifying gaping mouth. Without it he looks like a wimp.

        • Exkaiser

          He was always a wimp.

  • neogeno

    They forgot to input the epic in the trailer.

    Well its just a teaser anyways.

    • Vino (Tim N)

      In that trailer, the music had nothing to do with the actual game did it?

      • neogeno

        No, the music in that trailer is not in the game. But it just helped the commercial feel more epic (back when I was young and impressionable >_>). Thus helping it sell better.

  • I think it looks great. Based on this video and the screenshot comparison we saw a while back it still gives me the same feeling as the original, but with the added bonus of more color.

    The Wind Waker was proof that there’s more to atmosphere than a color palette consisting of browns and greys, and that was with cartoony character models. Doesn’t look to me like anything has been lost in the remake process.

    Still not sure if I’ll be getting it right away though. I have my N64 and the cart at the ready and there are an awful lot of other games to be saving for.

    • Look at the water temple screenshot comparison – the new assets make it look so sterile, totally sucks the life out of the place. The old water temple screamed dark, dank, eary while the new one is just totally mute, no voice at all.

      Wind Waker was a beautiful game but you can’t just turn Ocarina of Time into Wind Waker – they’re two totally different games with two entirely separate visions and personally I would prefer it if Grezzo stuck with the same vision that Miyamoto and Aunoma achieved with the original Ocarina of Time

      • Aunoma couldn’t even beat the original Zelda because it was ‘too hard’ for him. To hell with his vision, I don’t want him having anything to do with the series

        • Who cares about the original Zelda, dude is responsible for Majoras Mask, the greatest game ever made so that makes him a hero and a genius and everyone should acknowledge that :)

      • I didn’t say anything about turning OoT into Wind Waker. I just used it as an example for atmoshpere, that the lack of color in OoT didn’t make it and WW’s vibrant palette didn’t break it.

        I understand that the two games are vastly different in appearance and tone, but certain parts of each gave me very similar feelings.

        • Fair enough. Though for me I didn’t find the Wind Waker dungeons as memorable as the Ocarina of Time ones, always found Wind Wakers style most effective when you were just out exploring, sailing the seas, gliding across chasms with your leaf, hunting for loot, etc. It gave the game a great sense of adventure but I almost wish the dungeons were darker and creepier like a good dungeon oughta be

      • Exkaiser

        “The old water temple screamed dark, dank, eerie…”

        Funny, I never felt that. In all honesty, I think the Water Temple was always completely unremarkable. I wouldn’t even remember it was in the game if it wasn’t for people complaining about it all the time, really.

    • Caligula

      Yeah, I agree; this game looks really polished. I suppose maybe the color changes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think they give OoT a nice lift and a much crisper, cleaner look.

  • If I didn’t know this was Zelda I’d say this looks like a shitty boring game.

    • Yui

      Might I ask why?

      • Because the genre Ocarina of Time started has been made better over the past 12 years and it’s simply outdated, and it appears they added basically nothing to set it apart. By today’s standards, Ocarina of time is simply a below average game. You can say it’s timeless all you want, but at this point there’s nothing special about it.

        • fullmildredpanic

          I’m gonna agree here. Last year I bought myself a Nintendo 64 intending to try it out for the first time (as a naive eight year old I did my part in the console wars by buying a PlayStation, firmly believing the n64 to be inferior) and, well, after playing other really awesome action-rpgs, Ocarina of Time just felt really dated.

          OoT might have a timeless appeal for some people, but I shall just accept that I am not one of those people. In fact, the most Zelda-like game I can think of that isn’t Zelda is probably Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2 in NA, i think?) and I would much rather play that than OoT.

          Anyway, it doesn’t seem like it was made for those who haven’t already played it (as there don’t seem to be any extra features other than WOO 3D WOOOO) so… It would probably be in our best interests to ignore this certain game.

        • Ladius

          It’s even debatable that OoT “started a genre”, it simply translated the action adventure (with mild rpg elements) formula of the series in 3D, and did a great job for its time.

          This remake really looks like an half-assed attempt, though, especially considering that here we have a giant like Nintendo remaking one of her most beloved titles to help sell a new hardware and not a little company like Falcom with another revision of Ys 1-2. It will surelty appeal to nostalgic fans that want to revisit the original with updated graphics (that apparently don’t do the 3DS’hardware much justice, but that’s another matter), even if there’s some rage on the colors, but I think they could’ve done a far better job to update the game.

        • Yui

          Oh, no! I wasn’t questioning you, or intending to argue, or anything like that. I personally can’t agree, but I appreciate where you’re coming from, so thanks for elaborating. :D

  • It seemed kind of awkward without any voice work yet the girl on the horse moaning and the horse doing its thing (neighing?). Loved the pulling the sword out.

    • “yet the girl on the horse moaning and the horse doing its thing (neighing?).”

      Boy, if I didn’t know this was a comment about Zelda, I swear…

    • Caligula

      I like voice acting, but I think some games need silence, and Zelda’s one of them.

      • Exkaiser

        You say that now, but wait until they announce Ocarina of Time: Full Voice Edition.

        And then Ocarina of Time: Cross Edition!

        • Caligula

          Why are you responding to something I wrote 2 weeks ago? :’D

          • Joanna

            ….I think I may have played a hand in that. ^^;;;

            I’m two weeks behind in reading Siliconera and I just posted on this article a couple of minutes ago. So my comments probably showed up on the recent comments. ^^;;;;

          • Exkaiser

            Yeah, that was the reason- your comment showed up in the recent comments, and I thought this was a recent post I missed.

            I don’t often look at the timestamps on comments.

        • I would buy!

        • Joanna

          I do try not to comment too much on older posts, but sometimes, it’s so hard to resist. ^///////^

    • Suicunesol

      LOZ games so far have been like that. There is… standard “voicework”, like cries of pain and laughing and such. But no lines being read. That way, the voices are the same across each localization.

      Text in Zelda really is best read than heard. It gives that semi-storybook feel that might bring the player closer to the story, rather than a cinematic feel, which is more detached.

      • Reading brings you closer to the story? I think it makes the experience less immersive and less cinematic.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Well it’s like Apples and Oranges. When you read you can make up your own voices and imagine things. Like you do in books. Half the fun in Novels is making up the stuff in your head and trying to imagine the things the authors want to convey. You feel closer to the story and can have more freedom. The story will mean different things to different people because you imagine certain things differently. That’s the beauty of written literature as well as these games.

          Voiced games take away your freedom/imagination. But they replace it with a performance. If you get good actors now the lines can mean so much more. As you feel the emotion from the actors and enjoy their performance. They help to bring the charas to life. As videogames are both an audio-visual medium voice acting really does help to strengthen the overall value of a game. Especially to younger people who may not know how to read or may not find enjoyment in reading (which really is a shame but that’s a debate for another matter).

          Both these approaches are good. But in Zelda I’m going to be an old foggey and say let’s keep it silent (voice-wise) as long as we can. Over the years I have imagined how I want Zelda and Gannon to sound and have a firm belief that Link should never talk. No matter what actor plays the charas they will never sound the way I imagined and want them to and I will always be disappointed even if it’s the greatest performance ever made. I mean you’ve had to of heard how some people are upset when there’s a movie adaption of the book. It can ruin a movie for some people when the adaption decides to take a chara in a different direction than the one you have thought up.

          When an actor plays a role he isn’t the chara. He gives you his interruption of the chara. His interpolation will never be my interpolation though. That’s why I enjoy Zelda to be silent (voice-wise). I don’t want to hear others interpretations I want to imagine it how I’ve been imagining it since I was like 8 or 9. It means more to me. This is of course only my opinion and a very strange one at that. The Audio aspect of a game is very important and eventually Zelda will probably have voice acting in it as the only reason it was silent was because they didn’t have voice acting back then. But for me I most enjoy Zelda as a silent (voice-wise) game. ^_^

          • Great post, mediums should play to their strengths instead of trying to be other mediums

          • Joanna

            Your view isn’t strange it’s pretty much normal. If you love a certain character, it really is painful to see them interpreted in a different way or a way that makes them less special/important to you. That’s probably why there was so much complaining about Samus’ voice actress and portrayal. You take a silent protagonist (which because they are silent allow for more interpretation on the part of the player) and give them a distinct personality and voice….well chances are very strong they aren’t going to fit most gamers idea of said character. 

        • Suicunesol

          Most of the immersion in Zelda games stems from atmosphere and environments (and the music).

          That’s one of the reasons people like Majora’s Mask so much. And why certain people are pissed at this enhanced port.

    • Didnt you play twilight? is the newest and it’s still the same (and i think is better that way)

      • Joanna

        Tsuna doesn’t seem to play most of the games on Wii he purports to play. I saw his 8 game list awhile back and it did not have Mario Galaxy, yet Tsuna had the most to say about how Mario Galaxy is just a rehash of past Mario games when he first arrived at Siliconera. Honestly I really do believe he is a troll. His views and claims are just too inconsistent for him not to be one.

        • Why would I continue to own a game I dislike? My roommate in the past was a shining knight of Nintendo and required me to play Mario Galaxy, so I sat there on a weekend and attempted to get as far as possible in that weekend, leading to near 20+ hours of playtime.

          • Joanna

            Tsuna, trying to cover your tail? Still won’t save you since that brings up the question of why you were complaining about SMG2 being an expansion of SMG if you disliked the first game so much. Wouldn’t you instead say, “oh no not another game for Galaxy. I really disliked the first one because so and so.” Yet no where in those original posts did you claim to just dislike SMG. Instead you claimed that Nintendo was lazy and not innovative with SMG and SMG2.

          • What you you mean? Surely one would play the sequel to a game so that they can see if they like it with the potential for new features and refinements or enhancements to the previous. I expressed distaste at SMG2 because the game just felt like an expansion, nothing improved, felt half done, and just wasn’t compelling. Look at other AAA series and how they enhance and get better at successive entries, Nintendo took the lazy route. For example, I disliked Assassin’s Creed 1 greatly but still played it and then played and fell in love with AC2, new mechanics etc made it more than just Assassin in a new location. SMG2 was just Mario in a new location really and nothing else. 

  • Twoacross

    Hope They didnt take out superslides, but most likely yes. That was fun to do XD

  • Twoacross

    Hope they didn’t take out Superslides, or the ISG, but most likely yeah. That was fun in OoT XD

  • Well, I’m pretty late to the Zelda party… ^_^;

    So far, I’m torn apart whether to DL the N64 version from VC, or get a 3DS, just for this.

    • GamerKT

      3DS version.

    • Joanna

      Oh me too. I’ve only played a few Zelda games (Oracle of Ages, Link to the Past, Phantom Hourglass) so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. It’s weird really. I didn’t like Zelda all that much when I was younger but now I really like the series. I think it’s because I can finally appreciate the puzzles. xD

      I’m actually leaning toward getting both! Just to see OoT how it was originally and 3DS version for portability and Master Quest.

  • No was expecting to hear Navi’ “Hey listen”

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