Capcom Profits Boom, Thanks To Game Diversity

By Ishaan . May 6, 2011 . 1:22am

Capcom just had a great fiscal year. Owing to the sales of a number of games, their net income — commonly referred to as a company’s “bottom line” — rocketed up by 257.6 % compared to the previous year.


Five titles in particular helped achieve this. The first, of course, is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which has shipped over 4.6 million copies in Japan alone to date. Meanwhile, overseas, Dead Rising 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 both sold 1 million copies each, of their 2 million-plus (each) shipment. Super Street Fighter IV for consoles shipped 1.6 million copies, while Lost Planet 2 shipped 1.5 million. Both these games also crossed the million mark in terms of actual sales.


That’s just the console department. In their mobile phone segment, Capcom point to Monster Hunter Diary on Mobage Town as a success, saying it enabled them to reach new users. The game has over 1 million subscribers, although we would imagine that not all of them are paying subscribers.


In the smart phone department, Ghost Trick on the iPhone performed favourably, and Street Fighter IV reached its projected sales. Both games were distributed in an interesting fashion. Capcom distributed the first two chapters of Ghost Trick for free, allowing interested users to pay for subsequent chapter sets separately. Meanwhile, Street Fighter IV was released with a few playable characters, but continually updated with free content.


Games like The Smurfs’s Village on Facebook — which “exceeded expectations by far” — and Zombie Café also had a bearing on Capcom’s performance, as did Monster Hunter Frontier Online for the Xbox 360 and PC, which has shown “solid performance”. Finally, two pachislot games, Sengoku Basara 2 and Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, have also been doing well.


Forecasting their ongoing fiscal year, which will end on March 31st, 2012, Capcom expect lower sales and earnings due to the fact that their past year was so strong. However, they also expect increased profitability, owing to growth of their online games and their mobile phone segment. Notable upcoming mobile phone titles include Sengoku Basara Mobile and Resident Evil: Outbreak Survive.

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  • PrinceHeir

    yay awesome capcom :P

    now use that money for a new Onimusha, Darkstalkers, Chaos Legion, Strider, or even a PS3 Monster Hunter with new engine and gameplay styles(riding some sort of chocobo or airship would be nice, worldwide hunting FTW)

    • Re: New Onimusha — I heard a rumor that they called it a series, after Dawn of Dreams, since Noburo Sugimura passed away sometime before the US release of Dawn of Dreams.

      Re: Chaos Legion — given the negative reception it got, I highly doubt Capcom would revisit it.

      Re: Darkstalkers — Niitsuma is vouching for this.

      Re: Strider — licensing issues with Moto Kikaku is the issue here.

      RE: PS3 Monster Hunter — it will ONLY get buried by AAA American games that’s mostly FPS, which results into instant failure.

      I opine the profit gains Capcom had should be allotted to MvC3 DL Chars at the moment, since it’s what’s in demand right now.

      • PrinceHeir

        kinda sad Sugimura died, im pretty sure he did the scenario in RE2.

        well they could have revive it, plus Hideyuki Fukasawa music is badass :P

        well for Darkstalkers it’ll eventually happen ^^

        Strider, didn’t know they had license issues? what about the creator that did Moon Diver? im pretty sure he said if capcom asks him, they could work something out.

        well Monster Hunter PS3 will sell enough in Japan, plus don’t you want a more open world MH game? :D

        well i’ll probably wait foe Super Marvel vs Capcom 3 with all the DLC and costumes(might not happen though since they didn’t even bothered putting all the costumes in the upcoming arcade edition of ssfiv, greedy bastards)

        • I know, right? And yes, he did. Since I first heard of Onimusha altogether via Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, I hope Capcom would be OK with porting Dawn of Dreams to the 3DS, seeing how they have to pay an extravagant amount of money just to get Takeshi Kaneshiro’s likeness in an Onimusha 1-3 re-release.

          As for Hideyuki Fukasawa, wouldn’t a re-release of Dawn of Dreams suffice? Even then, they’ll have to fine-tune Chaos Legion, if there’s enough demand for a remake.

          Yes, I’d love to see Darkstalkers 4, so that we’ll finally see the resolution of Donovan’s struggle as a dhampir, Anita’s maturation as a savior, and Morrigan’s new responsibilities, as a queen.

          Specifically about Strider Hiryu, Capcom has 50% ownership, while the other half is with Moto Kikaku. If the creator of Moon Diver is also the owner of Moto Kikaku manga group, then I can see talks, happening.

          Americans, for the most part, only get FPS but not Monster Hunter. I can only see Monster Hunter US PS3 being a flop, since it’s only gonna get buried by FPS, SCEA’s new priority, as of recent.

          • PrinceHeir

            now i know the reason why Onimusha hasn’t been touched in years “-___-
            as for a 3DS makeover, not bad ^^

            yeah would love a Chaos Legion 2, Remake, or a similar game using the same mechanics(the legions and stuff) but updated and fluid moves as well as fast paced gameplay similar to the Devil may Cry series oh and Hideyuki Fukasawa composing of course.

            i just hope they stick in 2D and not 3D in a 2D background. blazblue like spirtes is enough for me O_O

            yes the creator of Moon Diver is the creator of strider(at least he’s the main one)

            you can see how he created Strider through this interview:


            as i said japan might make millions for capcom, but yeah it’s very hard for them localizing it on the west(if it get’s made) heck we don’t even have Portable 3rd and that sold 4 million above in japan

          • Also, I just remembered right now that they’ll also have to pay royalties to Jean Reno, for Onimusha 3. >_<

            As for Chaos Legion, if only they fine-tuned the original release, then it's gonna be more memorable.

            Last I checked, Capcom said something to the effect of, "it's easier to make 3D models and program them in a 2D plane, instead of making 2D sprites, frame-by -frame."

            If anything, this ultimately comes down to negotiations between Capcom and Moto Kikaku.

            As for PS3 Monster Hunter, once SCEA smarts up from their vague and Stolaresque policies, the only way I can see this happening is when they fund US marketing for it, as assurance to Capcom, "we won't let Monster Hunter be buried."

          • PrinceHeir

            ohhh i see, but they can always not choose him in the next game(which would be bummer but what can you do?)

            yeah, actually after seeing Nero and his arm, i can’t help think if they have taken cues from Chaos Legion XD

            aww, i want HD 2D graphics. even though 3D looks good, 2D is just better in terms of fighting games.

            i can’t wait for Isuke’s next game. whether it would be Super Moon Diver or another similar game :P

            yeah i hear you, i actually got pissed when i heard that last gen when Falcolm, Atlus and SNK where they supposed to localize some their of 2D games but got denied but SCEA. what a dumb decision, they already bringing the games themselves yet SCEA won’t even let them due to being not 3D.

  • malek86

    MHP3 released this year = can’t say I’m surprised. But the other titles did well too, apparently. Oh, and I thought LP2 was a failure? Maybe it was but they are hiding it.

    • Apollonis

      I don’t think they would, lying to investors is kind of a no-no.

      • malek86

        Maybe it still made a profit, although it didn’t meet expectations. In that case, it could be said that it helped the company’s bottom line, but not that it was successful.

  • pedrron

    Wonder if Ghost Trick sold more on DS or iPhone/Pad. I picked it up on the DS and absolutely adored it!

  • Hexen

    a PS3 Monster Hunter can help them more or another R.E. Outbreak series in HD.

    • We’ve been over this before many, many times in past discussions on Siliconera. There is absolutely nothing a PS3 Monster Hunter would be able to do that the PSP series isn’t already doing. It would cost more to produce and sell less copies.

      • There is absolutely nothing a PS3 Monster Hunter would be able to do that the PSP series isn’t already doing”

        Except for be completely awesome

        • neo_firenze

          Amen. Slaying huge beasts in HD on my nice big TV is certainly something the PSP series can’t give me that would be awfully cool.

          I’m sure Capcom is more concerned with their profitability than I am – I just want to play good games.

        • Ah, well in terms of how it plays, of course — there’s a lot that could be done! I actually prefer Monster Hunter without “Claw” controls and on a larger screen myself. Just that the prospect of a PS3-specific Monster Hunter would be very expensive.

          They could make it subscription-based (I believe Tri already was to an extent in Japan…), but really, how many people overseas do you think would be willing to pay? :p

      • symytry

        That’s not true. Consoles would take the game to a fully streamed world, instead of arenas connected by loading zones ala deadrising. That said, I don’t think that a PS3 MH would sell anywhere near what the PSP sales are. It could be more successful in the western hemisphere though…

        • Monster Hunter without separated areas wouldn’t be monster hunter at all. That’s how the game’s made up, it’s part of the gameplay that makes the game work. If you don’t like how monster hunter plays then go play dragon’s dogma, capcom’s desperate attempt to appeal the west with HD graphics and the overused grimdark medieval setting.

          • malek86

            Why is it that so many people seem to be against any kind of innovation?

          • Criticizing a flawed idea does not make me anti-innovation, I’m just stating the obvious. Besides, monster hunter tri had more than enough innovative features which I liked but let’s not get OT shall we.

        • Yup, I was talking strictly in terms of profitability, not features!

    • NGP before it comes to consoles again, just look at the PSP game sells. Well, actually it would be a million seller on the consoles anyway, so it could be a revenue increaser if they wanted to expand the market some…

    • Most Japanese companies are slowly but surely realizing the costs of developing a PS3 game is a rather taxing investment, to the point one wrong move equates an instant financial failure. It doesn’t help the fact it tends to eat up on allotted marketing budget too.

      Also, SCEA has a different game plan for the PS3 in the US: compete vs the 360, which explains why we see more tv ads on FPS like Kill Zone and Black Ops than there are for White Knight Chronicles and Valkyria Chronicles.

      Something to keep in mind.

      • Yes because JPN companies have been apparently advertising the living daylights outside of JPN. Ive not seen a single game with a marketing budget as large as ERTS and ATVI. The companies in JPN arent making games starring the best and most talented actors from popular tv series and movies phenomenon, nor are employing teams the size of over 250 people to make a yearly rehash of a popular game(s). If the JPN companies are wise then they too can find success while attacking the non blockbuster AAA market. Namco Bandai succeded with Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Square Enix with FF13, Capcom with the games listed here, and numerous other examples. PS3 dev costs should have decreased by now…based on what you claim JPN developers will be forced to stay on last gen hardware with the Xbox Next on the heels, the extremely powerful Nintendo Cafe, which both threaten to exceed development costs of a “PS3 game”…

        I think you are technically incorrect, there were tons of ads for Sony games such as SOCOM, Killzone, and you can bet your bottom dollar Uncharted 3 will have a massive campaign…though it will be competing against Modern Warfare 3, uh oh, though UC2 was up against MW2 and did well, so its probably not an issue.

        • A lot of Japanese developers don’t have the funds to create games of that size and/or market them in the first place… The ones that do (Square, Capcom etc) are already doing it. :)

  • I’m glad to see Capcom in making profits again. Now, I hope they’d focus more on marketing, instead of graphics whoring.

  • maxchain

    They’re lowering sales expectations? What, are they finally out of guys for Street Fighter to butt heads with?

  • Exand

    MH Online available outside Japan. Please make it happen Capcom.

  • And I still want my Monster Hunter Freedom 3, Frontier, and Nyan Cat Village.

  • Less concerned about PS3 Monster Hunter than with getting MHP3rd over here. Though they made it pretty clear that wasn’t happening…

  • Megurine

    I just wanna see the next numbers, after Operation Raccoon city and Revelations…

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