BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 1.03 Patch Sparkles In U.S. For Xbox 360

By Ishaan . May 10, 2011 . 6:11pm


Well, that was quick. Just hours after Arc System Works released the Version 1.03 update patch for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift in Japan, Aksys have the U.S. version ready to go, too.


The U.S. Version 1.03 patch — including the Platinum the Trinity DLC character — for Continuum Shift is now up on Xbox Live. This patch updates the game to the current version of Continuum Shift II. You can view a more in-depth list of changes the patch makes here.

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  • shion16


    • I’ve seen a couple people say you can get the patch without PSN, although I don’t know that it works or not. :/

      • If its a patch, and going by how game updates still install even while PS3 is done, it could be possible for PS3 owners to do the update. I know I updated Motorstorm Apocalypse when it released a few days ago.

      • PurpleDoom

        What I’ve heard is that patches are downloaded from a server independent from PSN, making it possible for them to still be applied.

        • YsyDoesIt

          I might actually try to go out of my way for this update then. But still no Platinum.

          • Day2Day

            Daisy here, I just tried to update and wasn’t able to…
            If I’m not mistaken, the patch comes out for the PS3 tomorrow in the US and Japan actually…

    • daizyujin

      I know that I just started Stacking for the first time 3 days ago and it downloaded the update.

      • I doubt patches use PSN. Otherwise newbies who don’t have an account wouldn’t be able to apply important ones.

  • joesz

    Too bad The Xboxlive isn’t worth hacking(Xboxcist:))

  • Aoshi00

    I think the US patch d/l went up at the same time as the Jpn one, I got it before leaving for work this morning…pretty big one at 800Mb.. 560 MS pt for Platinum is not bad.. wish I were better at this game.. (need more Jpn points for Dream Club Zero DLC lol…)

    • They just released the sweater, suit and wig DLC. Very interesting choices they’re pushing out now.

      • Aoshi00

        Yea, very sexy OL suits.. I want to get the armored bikini.. or the duet karaoke mode.. so many attractive DLCs so very few points :(…. the drunken voices one was great lol..

    • Aiddon

      Platinum is WEIRD, she’s like the BB version of Faust.

  • Covnam

    It’d be nice if they put out BB:CS II for consoles. I got the original game (Calamity Trigger) and didn’t pick up CS when it came out. Knowing there’s a bunch of DLC to buy for it just makes it even less likely that I’ll pick it up.

    • Code

      This is CSII for consoles, if you have BBCS you get the 1.03 patch which is it. If you want the additional CSII cast, you do have to pay for Makoto, Valkenhyan and Platinum, but even releasing a disc it’d have roughly been that price any ways. Still without those three, you are still getting CSII’s balances for free if you own BBCS.

    • mikanko

      CS is 20$ brand new now, probably cheaper used. There is no charge for any patches. $7 for each of the 3 extra characters, which you really only need to buy if you plan to play as them. I prefer this method than having to buy the game again.

      • Too effing true! Giving us free balance patches and letting us choose what new character to use (if any~) is a very welcome change from charging us $40 for yet another disc!

        • Day2Day


          SSFIV Arcade

      • Covnam

        I’m not saying that the option this way is bad, but for someone who doesn’t have CS, if you want the DLC then it’s $41 for the 360 and $44 for the PS3 (currently). Compared to getting the game new for say $40 (which would eventually go on sale and be even less) and having all the content on the disc, it’s a much better option. A balance patch is nice, but it isn’t new content (yes I know it will affect the way the game plays, but it is still more or less the same game). I personally would rather buy CSII on disc then buy it in pieces.

        • mikanko

          I’m pretty sure Arc System Works makes a lot more money the way they’re doing it now. The DLC part especially is probably a much better profit margin for them than the cost of publishing a 2nd game disc that won’t sell nearly as well as the first CS1 did.

          If this was Capcom we’re talking about, I’d expect them to do what you’re asking for, as they can afford it. This is probably why we’re seeing AE getting a disc release a few weeks after the dlc. For a company as small as ASW I’m sure it’s largely a matter of cost in pursuing publishing the same game twice.

  • PrinceHeir

    guess i can dl the patch version without the PSN :D


  • Def excited to get my Hakumen online. The arcades here in Japan are great, but I need to practice at home tooz.

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