Soulcalibur V Announced, Not A Spin-Off Says Director [Update]

By Ishaan . May 10, 2011 . 11:51pm

Yes, that’s what the new Soulcalibur game is called. Namco Bandai officially announced the title at a press conference in Dubai today.


Soulcalibur V is a continuation of SC4,” says the game’s director, Daishi Odashima. “It’s not a spin-off or a different series.” Odashima was talking to his fans  over Twitter about the game right until the announcement itself was made. Amongst other areas, Odashima wishes to improve the game’s story mode.


We’ve been following Odashima’s musings on Soulcalibur V for a few months now. You can read more about his thoughts on the upcoming title via the game’s tag.


Update: “The story of V is set in the future of IV,” Odashima says. “The main character is a young man named Patroklos. The hardcore fans should know who he is!” Odashima might be referring to Sophitia and Rothio’s son.

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  • SlashZaku

    Improving the story? On the right track. Bring back Edge Master Mode and the other standard modes that were scrapped/dumbed down in IV to make way for Tower and we’ll be good. No Guest characters, create CAS-specific styles (cause all anyone was in SCIV was a reskin of a main roster character) and improve CAS in general (more content, a stand alone stat system so you don’t need to use certain gear for stats). Li Long, Hwang and an opening video that’s a throwback to Soul Blade would also be nice. Expand on the customization for the main characters (VF level kind of customization). Also throw in something similar to the Ghost Mode (TK) or the Quest Mode (VF) if they go that route so you can just randomly fight other custom characters.

    If they’re waiting for E3, I imagine they’ll announce NGP and Cafe versions too?

  • malek86

    What’s up with all the news today? Was there some kind of festa?

    • Indeed. Bamco was holding this conference, which started 2 hours ago, and ended not too long ago.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Funny he mentions improving the story mode. I’d almost argue that bodes a return to the far less cluttered style of the DC original, perhaps as already noted, going even further back to Blade. All the new faces really didn’t bring anything more to the world or the game.

  • Yeap, Patroklos is Sophitia’s son. I’ve read somewhere else that the story is set 17 years after SC IV.

    That will most probably mean that the entire roster (or at least most of it) will be changed!

    Can’t wait to see it! ^_^

    • SlashZaku

      I’d like to see everyone return and then have a rather large new addition of characters but who knows. I do hope the staples stay: Ivy, Mits, Taki, Sophitia & Cassandra, Voldo, Nightmare, etc.. Ivy is my main and with Ivy’s sword saving her at the end of SCIV, I’m wondering what she’s going to do about a weapon.

  • Code

    rar, like the new font >w<' I'm hoping that the game really does bring something fresh to the table. I'm a little concerned mostly because of the history of Soul Calibur's sequels opo; But I'm hopeful that SCV will be fun owo;

  • I don’t know how to feel about this. It’s cool that it’s in the future but does that mean there’s gonna be a crapload of new characters or are a lot of them just gonna look hella old? I just hope they don’t go “Street Fighter 3” with it.

  • You Know It Is Going Down

  • Ultima Arcana

    I really, really hope the 17 years thing is just a rumor (although it seems unlikely if Sophitia’s son is the protagonist). Seriously, that’s way too long. Older characters like Mitsurugi, Sophitia, and Taki would be pushing grandparent status, while even younger characters like Talim would be in their 30’s.

    Trying to reboot the roster has never went over well in fighting games. I hope they realize this. Remember all the fuss when Mai wasn’t in KoFXII? And that was a single character!

    • Guest

      As long as they have enough new characters to fill the roster and the story is really as improved as they say I’m happy(though I do hope there will be a character similar to Nightmare, the dude is too awesome~). Most stories of the characters had an end in SC4, not a good one but they still had an end, makes no sense for them returning if they focus on story, naturally I could be wrong and they just make some dimensional drift/time space bomb scenario and the old roster is in V too, not that I mind~

      I kinda like the idea of the story being so far in the future, as far as I know that is quite unique for a fighter story.

    • Kitsune Miku

      I see it as a good sign. Im tired of playing the game and the same characters always being the lead and thus the story is almost always the same. Tekken moved on 16 years in Tekken 3 and it did well for it. Soul Calibur will be improved too.

    • neo_firenze

      Never went over well?

      This exact strategy worked fine for Garou. Older Terry, Kim’s sons, Andy’s protege, Rock Howard, a bunch of new characters. It only ended up being one of the most highly regarded fighting games on the Neo Geo system.

      Worked well enough for Street Fighter III too – older Ryu/Ken and an all new supporting cast. Chun Li didn’t even show up to join the old favorites until the third version (which is still regarded as one of the finest fighting games ever)

      • Ultima Arcana

        You (and the other people who replied) bring up some good points. I guess I’m just afraid of the unfamiliar, and I certainly didn’t see something this coming. My faith is the series has been on a downward spiral after SC3 and SC4… and after hearing about this it immediately brought out my pessimistic side.

        Though I do still think they’re trending up a slippery slope here. Part of the widespread appeal of SF4 and MK9 was that they brought back a lot of familiar faces veterans of the series were instantly at home with, and Tekken has been reviving dead/missing characters (Jun and Ogre returning in TTT2 is continuing the trend) for years just to keep fans happy. Unless the gameplay and story are absolutely top notch in this, having an unfamiliar roster is just another thing people will complain about.

        And, I’ll be honest, the thought of Sophitia being replaced by some blonde pretty boy just doesn’t sound appealing to me.

        • I understand you point, but I think that a bold move like this was necessary.

          As you said yourself, the series has not been doing so hot in the last two entries, specially in SCIV. So a renew was in order.

          Besides, I don’t think we’ll see that a huge change. Most probably some of the new characters will inherit the fighting style from old characters. For example, Patroklos might easily have Sophitia’s fighting style, or a Kilik apprentice might show up.

          Or maybe they will include the old characters as DLC, who knows…

          In any case, I’m looking forward to see the new characters myself.

      • mikanko

        Garou MotW kinda bombed money wise though =/.

        • neo_firenze


          – Got any evidence to back that claim up?

          How were sales of the MVS (Neo arcade cart) version to arcade operators? That was really SNK’s main concern in that era. And remember that SNK arcade fighters have been popular in varied parts of the world – Korea, Mexico, South America, the Middle East… This isn’t as easy to nail down as looking at first week’s retail sale reports in one country for a current console game.

          And the game was successful enough to get ports to two consoles (DC and PS2), and then later on XBLA. So it had some long lasting impact and additional sales from later ports.

          I honestly don’t know the sales figures, but judging by the near universal praise from the fighting game community and even from more casual observers (mainstream magazines, etc), Garou seemed to do pretty well in comparison to other late 90s-early 2000s Neo Geo games. Obviously a Neo Geo game coming toward the tail end of that system’s life was never going to sell as well as the newest Street Fighter or Tekken… but for what it was, I’ve never thought of Garou as anything but a success.

          • mikanko

            haha, as far as a source, not really. I’ve always just heard that it kinda did poorly in Japanese arcades. It’s usually brought up when people ask for a sequel, and why KoF, Samurai Spirits, and Metal Slug kept going(outsourced or not) for a while afterwards but Garou as a series has more or less been dropped. It has a strong niche following, and a lot of people think of it as SNK’s best game, but as a reboot it didn’t make them a lot of money. Maybe their expectations were too high, or SNK’s lack of competence when it comes to resource management. I’ve always kinda thought of it as SNK’s 3rd strike. Then again, maybe I’ve just been misinformed.

            Also, I kinda try to forget about that XBLA port. The PS2 port was pretty good though, a lot better than the PS2 Gekka no Kenshi release, but SNK has more or less been shoveling ports of every game they make, so I didn’t really think much on it.

          • PrinceHeir

            i kinda prefer KOF to be honest. love the multiple characters from different games brought together in one big tournament.

            would love to see Mark of the wolves characters like Rock Howard(wtf he’s still not in a KOF game?)

      • PrinceHeir

        im not sure about SFIII, as far as i heard people hated it due to being different cast and such. people only began to appreciate when they saw tons of videos on internet(especially the daigo vs wong game)

        in all honesty i also didn’t like the roster of SF III. only Remy, Alex, Makoto, Ibuki, and Dudley are the ones i really like. everyone else didn’t particularly fit in the SF universe like twelve, Hugo. kinda wish we had the SSFIV roster mix with the 3rd strike gameplay. i would have play the game forever by then.

        • neo_firenze

          SFIII did have a hard time catching on… but that had multiple reasons. I personally feel that the biggest reason was due to not getting a home port for years. Game released in 1997, didn’t get a port until the Dreamcast release over 3 years later. Some people did complain a bit that some favorite characters didn’t return, but people also complained that coming off of five versions of Street Fighter II, the new releases didn’t change enough. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

          If anything, the original SF4 was BORING with the uncreative approach of just recycling the SF2 cast and adding four new players. Fun new engine and style, but the characters themselves were a snooze. It took until SSF4 to me to spice it up with a mix of more interesting characters from other SF games and a couple newcomers.

          And besides, Third Strike still stands up today as being awesome, and is nearly unanimously respected by fighting gamers. I’ll take that kind of long lasting quality regardless of whether people complain a little bit at the start about things being different. If Soul Calibur V ends up being a great game, that will be its legacy – people will end up caring far less about some roster decisions shaking things up that may have cause drama in the initial days.

          • PrinceHeir

             well i kinda liked SSF4 roster. sure they were tons of shoto’s but stylish characters like C Viper and Juri made it worth it for me. though they look like they fit more in KOF than SF to be honest(which is why im biased XD)

            well Tekken 3 also had a similar event where all characters was new and whatnot. and it turned out great. i just hope Soul Calibur V follows what made Soul Calibur series known for.

    • Aiddon

      it’s not an “if”, Patroklos is Sophitia’s son (her daughter is named Pyrrha btw). Definitely bold experiment, but I doubt they’re going to do a COMPLETE roster reboot. It has worked before in fighting games, like in Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

  • PrinceHeir

    yes cannot wait for this :D

    hopefully it’s much more faster than the other SC games(even faster than II)

    oh and please bring back the anime portrait styel. i miss those :P

  • Kitsune Miku

    Simply cannot wait for a brand new Soul Calibur, especially with a new improved story thats actually moved on. If
    Patroklos is in it then time must’ve really moved on. Gonna be watching Daishi’s Tweets more closely from now on. :D

  • SlashZaku

    Big f’ing ‘Meh’:

    The Soulcalibur series is famous for the inclusion of characters from
    other universes, such as Link from The Legend of Zelda and Yoda from
    Star Wars. Will other non-Soulcalibur characters feature?

    “Difficult question,” Tago said. “We will have guest characters as we
    did with Star Wars. Please stay tuned for more information on that.”

  • lostinblue

    I sure hope the SC2/3 battle speed is back.

  • Christian Wright


    doesnt show too much. i swear. E3 better blow my mind.

  • Aiddon

    count me intrigued. I hope they have a few character back from the old games (I MUST have Siegfried) though I’m curious to see what they could do with new people.

  • mikanko

    -Please let the online not be as horrible as SC4 where there is such an inherent delay in lag that the SC community straight up says you can’t play the game the same way you play it offline.

    -Please allow for a mode that doesn’t have custom characters with wonky frame data and hitboxes, so matchup knowledge actually stays relevant.

    -Please make sure your new characters don’t ring people out in one combo, ultimately becoming banned in the competitive scene.

    • And no more Yoda…for god´s sake. Everyone was using that horrible character ._.

  • Wow with a 17 year timeskip those tits are gonna sag to the ground

  • Roto13

    Ivy was supposed to die shortly after SC IV. I wonder if they’ll stick with that or come up with an excuse to keep her alive. And… the same age. Because she’s already in her mid 30s and we don’t need to see a 50-year-old woman dressed like Ivy does.

  • Lucky me my favorite character- Yoshimitsu -is ageless. =D

    ( S-sort of. )

  • I’d like to have high hopes for this one, but I’m already concerned due to the confirmed inclusion of guest characters. = Call me a tourneytard, but guest characters really don’t feel like they belong. (Necrid is the only console exclusive character whom I approve of anyway)

    Also, 17 years later. I wonder where that puts Tira. . . Well, here’s to hoping she’s still alive for that matter. I’d hate for my favorite character as of 3 to already be killed off. :C

  • Guest

    I never even got SC IV. SC III turned me off and the demo for IV did nothing for me plus I hated the Star Wars cameos (despite being a SW fan when I was little)

  • So…
    Any suggestion about who will be the new Guest character in this game?

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