BlazBlue Star Noel Vermillion Is In Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos

By Spencer . May 11, 2011 . 1:31pm

imageArc System Works lent Namco Bandai one of their BlazBlue fighters for the clothes shattering strategy RPG, Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos. Noel Vermillion, as seen in this week’s issue of Famitsu, is confirmed as a playable character.


Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos can get, perhaps, embarrassing if one of the kissing events pops up in a public place. Never fear, Namco Bandai thought of that. Just like Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos, Queen’s Gate has a panic button too. A snippet from Famitsu shows a purplish screen with pixel art covering Queen’s Gate up.


Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos comes out for PSP on July 28.


A tip of a blue hat to Lance for the tip and sou for sharing the scan!

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  • Oni123

    lol Ragna is off to Square enix and noel is with namco now

    • Do you see the lengths he has to go through to get away from her?

      • He ran away from her, to hang with Square who love to store up other spikey-haired protagonists.

        Not sure if Ragna wins here.

        • Guest


          • Yep, Ragna moved because of Tifa! Tifa is life’s many answers! And Jecht!

  • Code

    I never quiet got the obsession with Noel in Blazblue zoz;; I mean sure, she has a decently large role in the story, but practically everyone else kind of outshines her both in character and design imo omo; Except Carl, who combines being douchey and boring, into a spectrum only reserved for some of the worst characters created in the last 20 years omo;

    • andref

      Maybe they are attracted to her moe-ness or something idk. In a way she has that cute little sister act when she isn’t trying to act mature such as the ending for the first game where she saves Ragna and goes into that little sister crying tirade “bakabakabakabakabakabakabaka…….”

    • godmars

      Maybe because she’s multiple yet separate characters?

    • Apache_Chief

      Dat back

    • Guest

      no one wants to see Carl’s boobs…

      • Code

        No one wants to see Carl, period opo;

  • So i wll be able to see Noel’s CLOTHES ALL AROUND THE PLACE?… mhmhmhmmhehehehehh ahahhahahahaHAHAHHA!

    • Arc System Works is going to regret trying to keep Noel from pantyshots. ^^

  • Zonic505

    Well, looks like I’ll have to import this now. Such a shame licensing issues will most likely prevent the game from being released (they’d have to pay SNK, Tecmo, Aksys, and different anime companies).

  • z_merquise

    Whoa, Blazblue! Who would thought of that? Though Litchi or Makoto would fit better, Noel is okay. I’m hoping they can add someone like I-no, Justice (she’s Dizzy’s mom right?), Mu-12, Chizuru Kagura or maybe Orochi Shermie as boss characters but that may be too much (sequel maybe?).

    This game just getting better I tell you that. With lot’s well-known fighting game characters, I hope some one would consider an English localization for this. If you thought about Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, it’s possible right?

    • The problem with @NamcoBandai:twitter atm is most of their licenses tend to be Dragonball and Naruto, 2 hotter commodities, especially in America.

      Capcom, on the other hand, went high and hell water to present TvC for the international audience.

  • I got one thing to say about this:


  • Oh, my lovely Noel. Go make friends with, Dizzy. She’s kind of like your big sister.

    • z_merquise

      But Dizzy is like 3 years old right?

      • Perhaps, but one of the hottest 3 year olds around, amirite?

    • RagnaXBL

      Lol i can see it now



  • Guest

    Yes! More boobage!

    3DS port? I can has boobs in 3D?

  • Somehow, this move makes me feel Namco Bandai, having the Dragonball license, is cheaper than this. >__<

    Hm, as for Noel's inclusion, I wonder if it's gonna be for her flatchest/sexyback status.

  • PrinceHeir

    okay we got SNK characters, Tekken characters, and now Bazblue characters.

    best cast ever :D

    now if they could put platinum to add some loliness and some Arcana Heart characters. we’re good to go :P

  • darkfox1

    Noel is Godlike yo <3

  • EmptyOverture

    Oh wow. This game looks awesome so far. I mean. It was cool before. Now? Now?! Noel is in it! This is going to be AWESOME. We need a translation team on this game, asap.

  • EmptyOverture

    Oh. Dear god. Noel will be in this!? Oh my god. YES. I WANT THIS. NOW.

  • axess707

    Possible Mu-12 appearance.

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