Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar Rises In Europe This Year

By Ishaan . May 12, 2011 . 9:00am

Natsume localized and published Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar last year, but Europe isn’t out of the picture; Rising Star are publishing the Nintendo DS game sometime in 2011 in PAL territories.


Grand Bazaar has a Wi-Fi feature that lets other players on your friend list visit your farm and shop at your bazaar, and you can do the same at theirs. You can even help them out by watering their crops or go fishing in their streams.


RSG haven’t announced a release date for the game yet.

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  • Seems like there’s a billion of these games on the DS now, why not support Android/iPhone/XBLA/PSN

    • Because there arent that many people with those, actually, in my country, all i see is blackberries, i barely see iphones even less androids… And personally, i dont think of those like “real” (for a way to put it, i know they have some nice games already) gaming consoles/portables yet. So i really hope they dont get into those that much.

      And well, harvest moon only has like 4 games for the DS, and one is like for girls and it’s almost the same, other is a port… (rune factory doesn’t count as “these games”), so is not such of a big deal.

      And these kind of graphics suit nintendo more, but i hope they release a new harvest moon for Ps3/psp soon, i wonder tho, all they have been doing is DS and wii lately T-T

    • Because N-Gage.

      There are some games more suited to be cellphone games, like the mobage ones or most of the iPhone ones. However, there are a ton of other games that are more complex in plot, gameplay and graphics – so that it’d be ill-suited on a cellphone.

      It would be annoying to play games like that if someone called you in the middle of playing it. It also would do a number to your batteries.

    • Because that’s where the Harvest Moon fanbase is. It’s like you’re asking why Call of Duty is developed for 360/PS3 when there’s a billion other FPSes on there. :p

      • I only mentioned iPhone and Android because surely THAT is an obvious big market for HM games, yeah? Just seems like there’s so much correlation between there and the HM fanbase on the DS… there actually is a HM-themed game already available on those platforms but it’s half-assed puzzle game so a total cop-out so they probably acknowledge the opportunity but are afraid of diluting the value of the IP but I think they can make a trad-off somewhere, maybe release something completely bare-bones as a low-cost download but sell the other bells and whistles as DLC 

        And I agree that 360/PS3 (retail) would be a horrible idea but you’re wrong about XBLA/PSN. FPS’s do big numbers even on the digital platforms but Castle Crashers, Uno, Bomberman, Peggle, etc do just as well if not better – it could be the highest selling Harvest Moon if done right

  • RagnaXBL

    It scares me a bit that there are still so many developers making games for DS, Like 3DS doesn’t even exist

    • Wait, they are just localizing a game, but it’s been a while since i last saw a DS new game, i only remember devil survivor 2, and im pretty sure they will release it for the 3DS later on

    • shy_mel

      This game was released in Japan in 2008. Both Rising Star and Natsume take some time (not in a bad way) to localize and publish the Harvest Moon series in Europe and North America respectively.

    • Guest

      That’s like saying ” It scares me a bit that there are still so many developers making games
      for PS2, Like PSP doesn’t even exist” circa 2005

    • RagnaXBL

      Yea my bad i thought it was a new game. that doesn’t change the fact support for the 3DS hasn’t been the greatest

  • Kitsune Miku

    Hurry up and localise Rune Factory Oceans already! Thats the game I want from Natsume most!

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