See Dead or Alive: Dimensions’ Boss Characters In Action

By Ishaan . May 17, 2011 . 11:46pm

Dead or Alive: Dimensions has a lot of characters. In fact, boss characters are playable in the game, too, so you’ll get to try out folks like Tengu, Raidou and Genra. Wondering how [insert name here] is alive? It’s because Dimensions is a retelling of the first four Dead or Alive games with additional story scenes.


Ryu vs. Tengu


Kasumi vs. Raidou


Ayane vs. Genra


Hayate vs. Alpha-152


La Mariposa vs. Kasumi Alpha


Dead or Alive: Dimensions will hit the Nintendo 3DS on May 24th in the U.S. and May 20th in Europe. Japan will get to play it a day earlier on May 19th. Combat-wise, the game is a mix of elements from Dead or Alive 3 and Dead or Alive 4. It also has a figurine photography mode, which you can check out below:


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  • RagnaXBL

    Looks great, definitely on my To Buy list

  •  I have the game already, and completed the Chronicles mode.

    Not bad, though the cinematics are a mix of full motion video and… semi-motion video. Something similar to what we got in “Bayonetta”. Weird…

    Also, the boss fights aren’t as tough as in the original games.

    The retelling is as one would expect from the DOA series: it won’t make any sense to most people, but still DOA hardcore fans will be able to follow along.

    Also I will say something: What’s with the all “snap-out-of-it” slaps? (You will understand when you play the game. lol)

    • malek86

      How are the controls? Does it play well with the analog nub?

      • Better than expected.

        Maybe because in this game you don’t need to do QCF and stuff and you don’t need to rely on the triggers, but it’s definitely more confortable than SSFIV.

        Still not the ideal solution for a fighting, but obviously you can’t expect to have an arcade stick in a handheld, can you? lol

  • andref

    Seeing Raidou pulling off cheap energy attacks makes me want to see Ryu pulling off the ninpou from Ninja Gaiden I and II

  • PrinceHeir

     looks tight :D

    cheers for the game’s release ^^

    now if they can make DOA5 in new engine and new characters. expect this game on tournaments :P

  • andref

    Well I’m definitely getting this but having to pass up on blazblue continuum shift II would get both but hard to have 2 fighting games to concentrate on and this one has online and blazblue doesn’t 

    • I dunno… I have Blazblue and it’s the only thing I play for the system.  It’s pretty deep, the two different modes of fighting styles offer different challenges, plus there’s lots of stuff to unlock like Legion.  I wasn’t a big fan of the series before I played it for the 3DS, but it won me over.

      Perfect for train rides into Tokyo.

      • andref

        So what about the story does it continue from where continuum shift leaves off?

      • neo_firenze

         From my perspective, I’d much rather have DOA.

        DOA Dimensions is a unique game that you can’t get in another format, whereas BB:CS2 is a port of a game that’s also available on PS3/360 (and is a better experience with a more suitable controller on one of those consoles).  Plus, DOA’s less precise controls are more suited to the 3DS control scheme than the rather demanding combo inputs of BlazBlue.

        I passed on SSF4 3D for the same reason I’ll pass on BlazBlue, because I’d rather play both on a console with a quality stick.  If you’re willing to give that up for the sake of portability, fine.  I’m not.     

  •  Photography mode? SOLD!

  • Dead or Alive in 3D…”It’s like their boobs are bouncing…right in front of my eyes!!”

  • Alpha likes to cut your life bar in half a lot, eh?

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