Ghostlight Roll Out A Record of Agarest War Zero Trailer

By Ishaan . May 18, 2011 . 6:05pm

Ghostlight are releasing Record of Agarest War Zero in Europe under the name Agarest: Generations of War Zero. Siliconera reader, Martyn, alerted us to a trailer they recently put up for the title:



Like the U.S., Europe will also get a Record of Agarest War limited edition box. Ghostlight are including an A3 size poster with the game’s characters on the front and concept art on the back. Also included are a soundtrack CD, three 3D lenticular art cards, and the game for PS3 with a double-sided inlay in a limited edition box. Ordering from Ghostlight will net you a t-shirt, too.


A mug of hot buttered rum to Martyn for the tip!

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  • woot record agarest war zero comes out soon woot!

  • Not this time, Idea Factory. I won’t be persuaded by your awesome anime artwork and play another awful SRPG.

  • Letiumtide

    I watched the trailer waiting for some gameplay, all I got was picture of chicks, kind of disappointed. Even Ar Tonelico had gameplay shots despite the game being heavily marketed and buried in “hey it’s about chicks” but at least give something to the gamers who aren’t interested in the chicks (see: I am female) Yeah, there were like 3 guys in there, but 99% of that video was chicks.

    • IceRomancer

      They don’t wanna show you the crappy gameplay and tedious battle system until after you purchase :/

      • crappy gameplay? considering most strategy rpgs are like this, are you calling all srpg crappy? (and you can even skip most of the flashy attacks like in disgaea)

        I can agree with tedious though, BUT only in agarest wars that had too many battles between each story point, it doesn’t means this one will be the same. Also, i’ve seen too many games PV that barely show (or not even show) gameplay on it, people dont go around saying the gameplay sucks because they dont show it.
        This only tells me you:
        1) had a bad time with agarest wars
        2) It just wasn’t of your taste, wich i could understand, you dont HAVE to like the game, but you neither have to go flamming it.
        3) just read stupid reviews of nowdays

        • IceRomancer

          I’m actually a pretty big srpg fan. Ever since I played Ogre battle 64 as a kid. Like you said in your comment I just had a bad time with the agarest wars series. I found it incredibly dull and repetitive. I say this as a person who downloaded it on day one and quit playing outta sheer boredom within a couple days. sorry for the wall of txt and if it seemed like I was flamming but I feel a little burned by the series is all.

          • It’s ok :P, yeah, i can understand people finding it that way, if it wasnt because i love to dead srpg, plus found the story nice (even if kinda incomplete, i kind of liked it and the main theme of the generation stuff), plus, i like hardcore games (some bosses there are sooo hardcore i was laughing in the middle of the battle xD), i dont know how i would have ended it.

            I think is a hard game for most gamers to end. That’s why im hoping that they fixed most of the bad stuff the first game had with this release, i mean, i imagine everyone told them they had too many battles between story, the random battle parts were hardcore (specially because you couldnt escape, you HAD to fight), and that they should do more on the “dating sim” part, where the game’s other stronger point should had been

    •, search agarest wars zero, there you will find gameplay stuff, they are targeting males so it’s a normal thing to do this. And the way i saw this is that they were showing the characters, is easy to see that, just like agarest wars, there will be more women than anything in your party xD

      And Ar Tonelico is not that much about chicks anyway… it just had, at least in AT3, a lot of fanservice, more enough to make people talk about only that on reviews -_-…. Btw, is great to see women that like strategy games :D, i think this is the first time im talking to one o-o, give me your autograph!

      • Letiumtide

        Yeah I’ve played all the Ar Tonelico games, that said it’s still… heavily marketed that way. It’s also hard to say it’s not about the chicks, because the girls ARE more or less the story, from cosmospheres to … well… purging. But that’s besides the point, I still enjoyed the games.

        In a way it’s a shame because it really does isolate a demographic, I would have loved to have bought the limited edition as I do my other games, but I don’t really care to have a titty pad and pillow case.


        • Haha, i actually grateful that ps3 users only got digital ver. if not, i would had to buy the LE, and i wouldnt really know what face to do when my friends/family see that pad xD… Well, maybe the same face i do when they see my Ar tonelico 3 calendar.

          And yeah lol, Ar tonelico is about well, the girls, but not in the  uhh… carnal way, i think it really is focused on the phsicologic part of the girls on the games, that are mostly involved with the main story so the game ends up being about the girls too, and yeah, i love it, i feel they are more real than most of the anime girls out there. But yeah…. AT3 was… FANSERVICE! ON!

          Still, i love all ar tonelicos, and of course, AT3 isnt out of that list :D. And well… talking honestly, as a male, that’s not something i dont enjoy xD, of course i liked all those stuff, but it still kind of made me mad that 90% of the reviews focused on that though, ar tonelico is more than that, and i know it at first hand.

        • I have the UK limited which was a bit tamer, having just an artbook and some cards. I’m so glad: I couldn’t have bought that US limited version, and like you I liked my collectors’ editions. I guess Aksys decided to broaden their target audience this time from those people who would go for a boob-mousepad and pillowcase, and it definitely persuaded me to go down the import route. :D

    • Wiccan1109

       I’m in the same boat as you, and whilst i can handle a game that is generally aimed at males by throwing sex at them (I can enjoy Ar Tonelico) i pretty much have to draw the line at breeding them over and over and over again, which is what i gather Agarest is all about. And its a shame because i love SRPGs and i really liked Idea Factory stuff, till they started going down this ‘girls onry’ route.

    • I started playing the previously released Agarest game recently and if you don’t count the protaganist males, spotting the guys in the opening movie made me feel kinda like I should have been ticking them off in an I-Spy book. I don’t mind the whole pretty girls thing so much, but I agree a bit more of a balance would be nice.

  • ready for this! 

  • i preordered the LE on PS3.

  • kroufonz

    is mao = duca?

  • I wish they just skip this and went straight to 2, it seems so much better

    • Ladius

      It’s actually a really different game, more akin to Cross Edge than to previous Agarest titles. I’m not sure I will like it more, aside from the upgraded sprites.

      • See that is exactly why I want Agarest 2 – loved the battle system of Cross Edge – one of my favourites actually. Just disappointed that you have direct control of where your team is positioned though.
        Though ASZ adds a fair few new features that I’m looking forward too as well

  • PrinceHeir

     arghh soo many games to buy O_O

  • It’s got an appealing cast of characters, at least by looks. 

  • Letiumtide

    How utterly cute, petty, ignorant and really just sexist of you. Clearly since games and gaming are oriented for males, my simple-minded mind and beardless face could never allow me to enjoy that, no sir, no way. 

    Yeah, it may be oriented for males, I even said that myself, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot throw something out there for the girls that do play games, last I checked there were a lot of chicks that played dating sims too, so I don’t see why you relegate that sub-genre to men.

    Also you speak of logic, but as far as I see it, it’s really illogical for a gaming company to not embrace what could be a much greater volume of potential buyers, but instead isolate to a specific demographic.

    My apologies for getting between you and your capital wankery material, I’m sure your titty mousepad must just be soaked for your lack of ability to ever have a chance with any real woman. Seeing as by your definition of women I can only imagine that you are bitter and lonely.

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