Lightning Fast Shoppers Can Get Dissidia 012 And Final Fantasy IV PSP On Sale

By Spencer . May 18, 2011 . 8:01am

upp_titlesheet_wrap_0002_r04.inddAmazon has an all video games Gold Box today with Crysis 2 as the headlining product. Right now, PSP game Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy is on sale for $19.99. This deal goes on until all the copies are sold out or the clock strikes 10:00 AM.


After that, we’re pretty sure Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection for PSP is next thanks to this clue from Amazon – "One of the greatest games of all time complete for your PSP." Rift and a Sonic the Hedgehog game likely to be Sonic Colors go on sale today too at 2PM and 6PM PST, respectively.

  •  Gahhhhh must…………get………………….FF4 Complete……

    BTW does someone know when’s the psn up for the psp 
    I’m in UK..Thanks guys

    • Kunio_kun


  •  Very nice. Glad I hadn’t picked up FFIV CC yet.

  • OneOkami

     Dissidia is so worth that price.  40+ hours and going strong with that game!

  • Lightning*

  • kupomogli

    $20 for Duodecim doesn’t matter when most everyone is pirating it anyways.  Same with FF4 Complete.  Compared to other FF games prior to release, these sales are practically nothing.

    It’s only an assumption, but the fact that pretty much every system, including the PSP Go can now play ISO and CSO files, piracy on the PSP is available to anyone who has the internet.  Considering that the PSP Go is exclusively a digital copy device, the person who owns it has to have the internet.

    Take a look at the sales of the first week of the original Dissidia then take a look at Duodecim’s lifetime sales(seven weeks.)  US only.  In one week the Dissidia has 50,000 more copies than Duodecim has in just about two months.  Being that sales are progressively less every week, and we’ll say it hits 2000 a month for the rest of the time, that means in over a little over six months Duodecim will reach week one Dissidia sales.  An assumption, but I’m sure it’s due to piracy.  Both Europe and Japan is the same, Japan actually seems less effected as the first week of sales were still large.

    I know people will jump on this post like piracy isn’t the issue and it’s true we won’t know the truth because you can’t just lock the system to not be able to pirate.  Maybe if we could get in contact with an alternate universe that had the PSP and these games but the PSP was never hacked.  Maybe there might be some truth that we can bring up.  But it’s a pretty big coincidence the sales that are that low, especially considering it’s a Final Fantasy title and a good one at that which the original sold several million.

    The sales to FF4 are even worse.  Sure it’s a game that has been rereleased quite a few times, SNES, PSX, GBA(garbage,) DS, and now PSP, this one also includes the interlude(very short 1:30,) and the After Years along with it.  But what about Final Fantasy 1 and 2?  Both games are, by the majority, less loved than FF4, and all of those sold more each week than the three weeks FF4 was released.  Is that just more coincidence? 

    Here’s hoping the NGP isn’t hacked since given the chance, it’s been proven that, not just with possessions, most people are dishonest.

    • CleruTesh

      I agree that piracy is a huge problem, but it is hardly the sole factor. PSP is essentially dead in the US. Games have generally released at a trickle for years, and most retailers give PSP almost no shelf space (Target is the worst). Couple that with the recent announcement of the NGP (and the fact that it will not use UMDs), and it’s really no wonder PSP sales are in a slump.
      Make no mistake, I am glad that you said what you did; as much attention as possible should be drawn to the blight which is piracy. It is the single biggest threat to the entire game industry. I merely wanted to point out a few other factors.

    • PrinceHeir

       agree :D

      not to mention i prefer physical retail over digital ^^

  • AFter reading the clue and actually googling it the twist and turn through this sonic experience is going to be Sonic Free Rides (ugh) since if it was colors it would say something getting powered up by little creatures or something.

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