Are Atlus USA Teasing Persona 2: Innocent Sin?

By Ishaan . May 19, 2011 . 1:48pm

If you subscribe to Atlus USA’s newsletter, you should see a newsletter dated June 23rd, 1999 in your inbox. What happened in June of 1999? Well, June 24th (the 23rd in the U.S.) was when Persona 2: Innocent Sin was released on the PSOne in Japan.


We’re betting this is a hint at a Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP localization. Here’s the newsletter in question:


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  •  It was only a matter of time and it looks like it is that time.
    I expect them to make it official tomorrow.

  • malek86

    Stuff from 1999, how peculiar. It’s like rediscovering your old, high-school self’s personal website made in Frontpage Express, and then laughing at it.

    Oh, and from that SW review: “all in all, we think this one will go down as a classic alongside the original trilogy”


  • Yui

    I swear, this thing had me in hysterics. It was like a sudden blast to the past, and I was a time-traveller. Gotta thank Atlus for that, regardless of whatever it is they’re teasing, although I did assume it was P2.

    All the little nuance…I could use 1000 free hours of AOL 7.0, truth be told. And by that I mean 1000 free hours of excruciating, relentless pain.

    Go, team nostalgia! :D

    •  It was hilarious, but when I saw the list of retailers, I died a little inside.

      • Yui

        Ah, brother, what I wouldn’t give to bring Electronics Boutique back. ;_; 

    • The date at the top is june 23 a day before Innocent Sin came out in Japan, with the words “absolutely no game came out in Japan today”.

      Its not really a matter of “if”.

      • Yui

        Everything pre-announcement is a matter of “if”, my friend. Nothing is certain at any point, and certainly this game may never be announced, may never be released stateside, or anything along those lines. If it hasn’t happened yet, it cannot be said with certainty that it will happen. But I’m fairly certain that you’re probably right, I just don’t like making assumptions about anything.

        You know what they say, when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me! :D

        • Not all assumptions are made equal, my friend.

          I assume I will not be hit by a meteor within the following 5 seconds.

          Excuse me, if I’m not grabbing a helmet in the 0.1% chance that a meteor is headed straight towards me! That would be silly.

          • Yui

            True, true! Nonetheless if someone tells me they’re going to be late because of traffic, and then manages to arrive on time, I still take whatever they’re saying with a pinch of salt. There’s outlandish, and then there’s outlandish, and it’s nice to be prepared in the event that the former comes true. If the latter ever does, well…hard preparing for a meteor, truth be told. :D 

  • imaguni

    Prematurely going “yay!” What a fun way to tease the news. :D

  • Oh, so that´s a possible outcome. Never thought of it. Wondered why they talked about Tactics Ogre 64 and which console to own: PSOne or N64.

    But with this info then it makes so much more sense. Wonderful news if it is true. More games from Atlus that I need to own. YAY!!

  •  I was and am honestly confused at that email.  Though this means its time to put Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 aside and boot up P1P again. 

  • The newsletter was pretty awesome.

  • Ryos

    My body is not ready for Knights of the Holy Lance.  Oh wait, yes it is.  Bring it on!

    • Zero_Destiny

       Oh man one of my favorite game songs ever. XD
      Best Theme Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    • Please don’t remind me of those guys. Stupid lance-wielding Nazis. 

      • skymap

         *lance-wielding “imperial soldiers”

        • DDanny

          Speaking about that, I wonder if Atlus USA will change the script to nazis and Hitler back or keep the censored versions. Well, it’s not like they have a choice with the swatiskas…

          • It isn’t illegal to show swastikas in games in the U.S. Considering that the game’s probably getting an M rating I don’t see the problem. Also that’d probably be the best possible way to  alienate the fans  past the brink of no return.

          • I thought that was changed in the JPN PSP version of this P2IS? 

  • Need this BADLY <3 Original Persona trilogy FTW! (P1, P2IS, P2EP) <3

  • Natat

    You know, that newsletter was pretty awesome.
    With that said, oh hell yeah P2IS!

  • Exkaiser

    Ah, 1999, when macs couldn’t do anything and Electronics Boutique was still a thing.

    • malek86

      1999 was also when EA was still considered chaotic evil, and Hardware T&L had just appeared on the market. Fun times.

    • And shareware games still existed? 

      • malek86

        By 1999, not anymore. They were pretty much only a DOS/Win95 thing. With Windows 98, demos were already the new standard.

      • Exkaiser

         Ah, now you’re making me want to play some of those games Epic MegaGames released as shareware.

        I never did get to play all of Dare to Dream.

        • Someone find me a netplay enabled version of One Must Fall 2097.

          I will take you -all- down.

          • malek86

            Well, can you take me down in a Quake E1M7 deathmatch? I don’t think so. Bring on the rocket launcher!

        • Jazz Jackrabbit and Duke 2 will always remain in my heart. <3

          Eventually picked up full versions of both, hahaha.

      •  Oh man! Like SkiFree!

  • jello44

    AOL 7.0, Netscape, Software ETC…

    Christ this thing is making me feel old.

  • Just noticed — if you re-arrange the letters in the name the author of the staff editorial,  Abjar Marabia, you get “Aram Jabbari a”. :p

    • Zeik56

       Heh, I figured it was a reference to him but I didn’t realize it was actually anagram too.

  • Haime?!~ I’d like to see some Eikichi in english.

  • Day one!


  •  Man, I had no idea that newsletter would lead to awesome news like this! It reminded me of the days when I had no idea of all the games Europe missed out on~ 

  • CheckEmBrah

     Best email I’ve gotten all week.

  • Zeik56

    The Y2K thing is pretty great.

    Pretty obvious it’s Innocent Sin, which isn’t too surprising, since I knew it would make it’s way over, but I was expecting them to wait until after Catherine was out.

  • Man, a Babbages icon. Really, Atlus? Must you remind me of the fact that there used to be more than a single dedicated retailer for computer games? Do you *have* to remind me of the pain?

    • I’m so glad to know I wasn’t the only one.  By the gods, how many years has it been?! (I mean, besides the obvious 12 years from the newsletter…)

    • Draparde

      lol i remember there used to be a Babbages in the mall around here… 

    • neo_firenze

      Well… In 1999, Software Etc. and Babbages were already the same company, they just operated with two names.  I worked at Software Etc. at the time, and they had already merged with Babbages and the parent company was called “Babbages Etc.” – the precursor to GameStop.  I got discounts from both, and even occasionally worked in a nearby Babbages when they needed a hand.  They had the same computer system, same regional managers, same everything other than the name on the store. 

      Right around that time Babbages/Software Etc. was also acquiring FuncoLand, so it was really just that family of companies and EB as the two major dedicated US game retailers.  And as we all know, they ended up merging a few years later.

    •  I know. I used to really like Babbages! I remember walking by it when I was a kid and always dragging my mom or dad in.

    • Don’t forget about Walden Software too. The former Walden Books / Borders Group company.

      I remember the walls of giant PC software and how small the console section use to be back in the day.

  •  Ohgodpleaseohgodpleaseohgodpleaseohgodpleaseohgodpleaseohgodpleaseohgodpleaseohgodpleeeeeeease be an Innocent Sin localization announcement. ;o;

  •  Oh Atlus. Why so clever?

    Should be awesome.

  • I love you Atlus, never change. <3

  • Zonic505

    So THAT’s what it was about. I got this about 10 minutes ago & was like “Man, this is cool & silly & all, but what does it mean?”.

    Atlus’ Marketing Team needs a raise.

    •  I was doing the same double-take on this one, and I totally agree…this is excellent!

    •  Same here lol

  • PrinceHeir

     it’s already a given :D

    thank you atlus :P

  • -__- Somehow reading this made me realize how old yet naive my mind is. ;__; Oh N64 why didin’t I love you enough.

  • Jirin

    That rocks.

    I never finished Eternal Punishment because I got frustrated with the time-demanding contract system, but I’ll definitely pick this up if it comes out here.


  •  Weird way to hint at it.

  • Alexisonfire

     3.5/4 stars for Phantom Menace?

    What was the Atlus Print Club thinking!?!?!?

    • Angeru_Lito

       It makes sense, the second time I watched was when I payed attention to what midichlorians were

  •  Oomfgggg, they should had put thousand arms xD. YESSSS I WANT PERSONA~~!!

  • Angeru_Lito

    *single tear* its like the 90s! Again… Atlus just stop it you´re to cool for school , now Persona 2 for America and Europe? not a big surprise I don´t think Atlus is going for JP only releases anymore they just like to joke with us 

  • qetuo6

    Does any of this really matter? When Y2K hits we’re all going to die anyway. Who cares about some game? I’m going to stock up on food and water.

  • lostinblue

     how classy!

  • skymap

    I would be more excited if this truly were the definitive version of the glitchy game I own.

    Censorship :(

  • Those awful dithered GIFs gave me cancer.

    This would have worked a lot better in June.

  • gatotsu911

    Is this real, or did they just write it now?

    Either way: I love you, Atlus.

  • Venus in Furs.

    It’s the little things, like these, that make me love Atlus. Even though it’s just a form of advertizing, it engages the fans in a way few companies are willing to.

  • Covnam

    Oh, so that’s what that was about. Cool, I’ll be picking this up. Give me some awesome pre-order items and a LE release Atlus :)

  •  Jesus Christ, old e-mail is old.

  • omegabyte

    Another possibility is that Atlus has picked up Solatorobo for the US.  It seems kind of strange that of all their old games they could choose to showcase, they choose Tail Concerto, a game whose spiritual successor is set to arrive in Europe towards the end of June.

    • Perhaps, but Innocent Sin is more likely. The newsletter date is June 23, 1999. Innocent Sin’s original Japanese release date is June 24, 1999. I doubt that’s a coincidence. Atlus even calls some attention to it at the top of the newsletter (“No new games being released in Japan today.”)

    • Alexisonfire

       Perhaps BOTH.

      I would die of delight. I’m so ready to import Solatorobo.

  • Sam

    I remember the Gamepro rating system o_o, it was my favourite out of all the rating systems back in the day!

  • Testsubject909

    So I take it someone in Dev got their hands on the schematics for a flux capacitor?

  • YsyDoesIt


    Also, lol’ing at the Netscape icon.  Good times.

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