Kamiya Would Like To Make A Bayonetta Spin-off Starring Jeanne

By Ishaan . May 22, 2011 . 4:59pm


As Bayonetta director, Hideki Kamiya, continues his director commentary on the game, we learn what hopes Kamiya has for the franchise. One of these is a spin-off game starring Jeanne.


“I’m sure those of you who’ve unlocked the special features know about Cutie J,” says Kamiya, while going through the sequence with Jeanne and Bayonetta, early in the game. “She’s Jeanne as a heroine, who would star in a spin-off game I like to fantasize about.”


Another idea Kamiya has is revisiting the period prior to the war between the Sages and the Witches, with a younger Balder. You can listen to these quotes and other commentary in his latest director commentary video above.


None of these quotes equate to actual games in development, of course, but it’s still interesting to see what ideas Kamiya has floating around in his head.

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  • z_merquise

    Cutie J!? Now that’s a game title I wanted to see!

    “She’s Jeanne as a heroine, who would star in a spin-off game I like to fantasize about.”

    Oh Kamiya, your titillating fantasies are so strong, it always turn to an awesome video game that we would definitely love!

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Did you ever unlock the Cutie J costume in Bayonetta?

      • z_merquise

        Hehe, I played the game in Normal and Hard but hadn’t unlocked everything yet and I wasn’t even aware of Cutie J. Looks like my time for playing Bayonetta was still not enough.
        This is what I get for having many backlogs and very little time to play games. Sigh.

  •  More Bayonetta is always nice. Jeanne was awesome. Though whenever I hear about Bayonetta I just think about that dance sequence at the end.

  • joesz

    hope this never happens.
    We had just about it with spin off games.

    • papuruka

       Pray tell, which spin-off games are you referring to, exactly?

      • Guest

         lol Kamen Rider P

  • Guest

    Only if you promise to put in a Travis Touchdown cameo

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yup, so I wasn’t the only one to think of that cat. I think Suda missed an opportunity to do something more with his Jeanne. I really was expecting her to be the final boss, save TTs bacon at one point or even be playable……and no I don’t mean using her as a curl bar.

      • Guest

         I was thinking the other day that Suda should take over the WET series cause I like Rubi as a character, and also make her meet up with Travis since their both assassins but I guess thats probably impossible..

        • M’iau M’iaut

          You could argue WET spoofed the same tropes NMH did, but since it was not quite so over the top or the ‘control’ issues not quite so on purpose, it was harder to appreciate. 

          Although Suda kinda pretty much gave us Rubi with Shinobu — h*ll you never saw Rubi slaughter her entire school!

  • I don’t mind. Jeanne deserved more screen time anyway. :)

  • Wake

    I love me some Bayonetta but I’m not a big of fan of Jeanne. The character design just looks like a mix of a tranny and Cruella de Vil.

  • PrinceHeir

     yes Jeanne game please :P

  • shion16

     I heard bayonetta was confirmed in SC5 , at least they said the negociations exist

    • Guest

      Also a Gintama cameo. Like him walking by with Kagura randomly and helping and stuff while Shinpachi yells at them to get the hell out there

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi


      • shion16


  • mikanko

    I would like to buy a Bayonetta spin-off starring Jeanne directed by Kamiya.

  • Guest

    Bayonetta and Jeanne are now part of the Kamen Rider team? Cool thought but Ishaan…change the header info  :P

  • I wouldn’t mind a Jeanne game. :D She needs more screen time. And More Bayonetta is ALWAYS nice to hear about.

  • Scallion

    Sex Pistols, right, Kamiya?

    Make my dreams come true and do an awesome Jojo game, please.

  • xxx128

    Jeanne > bayonetta, by a huge margin. Yeah i would love to see that as bayonetta was one of the few rare newschool titles with a little imagination to it. DO IT!

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