This Is How Meruru Deals With A Band Of Innocent Bunnies

By Ishaan . May 23, 2011 . 3:32pm

Haven’t had enough Atelier Meruru for the day? Don’t worry, Gust have you covered. They put up a second, lengthier video today, showing off Meruru performing some alchemy with Rorona watching from the sidelines.


Then, she gets into a battle with a bunch of innocent bunnies, and fires a cannon at them:



If you missed the other video Gust released earlier today, you can catch up with it here.

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  • Ereek

    The look and feel of that dungeon area is wonderful.  The music compliments it nicely, not that I would expect any less from GUST Sound Team.  The remix of Falling, The Starlight was nice as well.

    It also appears that there are quite a few more areas to explore?

    But, I have to say, Rorona’s voice made my ears bleed.

  • Meruru<3

    Dang it Siliconera, stop teasing us. I haven't even gotten Totori yet and your already making me want to crave this game so bad!

    • It might get worse, as we go along… You might like some of the later coverage the game will get.

      Or you’ll accuse Siliconera for being rather evil, one of the two.

      • Methylene

        Can’t we do both?

        • Perhaps, but you don’t want to make little Rorona cry do you? That would be so very sad…

    • then don’t watch it

  • I normally do not condone bunnies slaughtering but if Meruru’s doing it… DAIJOUBU!

  • Christian Wright

    this game looks amazing. ive never played any games from this series but gamespot and ign must be lying in their reviews of the first 2?

    • DanteJones

      I LOVED the first game myself (Rorona) so yeah I personally wouldn’t agree with their reviews. I can’t say that they are flat out wrong but Japanese games like these always seem to face a bit of harsh criticism when they make it over to the states for one reason or another. 

      Your best bet is to check out gamefaqs or metacritic and read the reviews by the gamers themselves, or to take a chance and buy the game to see if you like it.

      EDIT: Sorry, forgot to mention renting it via Gamefly or something, but I’ve never used it myself so I wouldn’t know if it is available or whatever.

    • blah blah

      You could get it from a place that takes USED games back if it was broken, bad, etc.
      I know gamestop does that within 7 days of people buying stuff.

    • Ravage27

      A word of advice: NEVER trust JRPG reviews from western-centric sites like IGN. Their reviewers craps out reviews before finishing the game (JRPG takes too much time) not to mention their inherent bias against Japanese games. The scores given are often reflective of the game’s advertising budget instead of quality, and JRPGs are never advertised on their sites.

      Check out dedicated RPG review sites like RPGFan for a better gauge. Here’s their review for Rorona, the first game of the series.


  • DanteJones

     “Aw, a small pink ball of energy, how cute.”
     “Aww, a turtle shell looking thing with tiny razors, how cute.”
     *Meruru fires a giant cannon* 

    • Kai2591

      Still cute.

  • runesong

    Wow, it looks excellent.  I really enjoyed Rorona, and am definitely looking forward to Totori.  This is like icing on the ooey gooey moe cake.  :)

    I do find it hilarious that here we are at game 3 and the enemies still make that hilarious fart noise when you kill them.  Hee hee hee!

  • Guest

    The soundtrack is amazing. nuff said

  • z_merquise

    You don’t mess with the Moé.

    • PrinceHeir

      Moe Moe Moe Moe Moe!!!!!

      • Kai2591

        The amount of cuteness is overwhelming!

  • AzureNova

    The Atelier series brings me to tears sometimes. These are the prime examples of what amazing RPGs are! >_<

  • That’s excessive?

    … If anything I’m almost a slight bit disappointed. Rorona carried around a tactical nuclear weapon, Totori carried around one of the BOSSES of the game…

    And no one asks questions about why Totori carries around flames in her pocket… just like Rorona did.

    Or as lots of famous engineers have been known to say “Where’s my Earth shattering Kaboom?!~”

  • HarryHodd

    I love how she hopped over two bunnies before getting attacked by the third group of vicious carniverous bunnies. Also she avoided some deadly, blood thirsty pixie looking things. Dang everything is just so dreadful in this game.


  • kroufonz

    hearing meruru cute voice make me imagine futaba:p

    make me imagine meruru personality will be as energetic,a bit tomboy but smarter than futaba><   

  • Is this a prequel in the storyline? Why is Rorona looking younger? …Don’t tell me if the reason is a spoiler or it occurs in Atelier Totori…

    • We’ve said this a dozen times before, the reason why Rorona is a child has not been revealed. It is not a spoiler from Atelier Totori and still a mystery for fans who played Totori in Japan.

  • mikanko

    Would you rather she use a holy hand grenade?

    I suspect those bunnies are far less innocent than you let on.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yup, go ask King Arthur how innocent bunnies with their big pointy teeth are.

  • RagnaXBL

    GAH! why does meruru talk like that XD

  • Ah~ The “Gust Flute” and the Atelier “folk music” never gets old… ^_^

  • Kai2591

    I have a sudden urge to learn how to play flute.

  • bugmeknot

    I wonder if there are buttons to skip walking around the overworld and to zoom in when in the dungeons.

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