Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Was Marvelous’ Biggest Success Last Year

By Ishaan . May 24, 2011 . 3:29pm

Marvelous posted Japanese sales numbers for a bunch of their recent games in an investor presentation. Their most successful title? Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns on the Nintendo DS.


Here’s the full list of games with the numbers:


No More Heroes: 21,000 (Xbox 360)

No More Heroes: 28,000 (PlayStation 3)

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle: 25,000 (Wii)

Ikki Tousen: Xross Impact: 34,000 (PSP)

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns: 230,000 (Nintendo DS)

Rune Factory Oceans: 49,000 (PS3)

Rune Factory Oceans: 23,000 (Wii)

Fate/Extra: 106,000 (PSP)

Night of the Sacrifice: 5,000 (Wii)


While these sales are for Japan, expect Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns to rack in more sales in the U.S. this year. Natsume have the game planned for both a Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS release.

  • I’m pleased to see Rune Factory Oceans did well on the PS3. I hope it gets Marvelous thinking about more PS3 Rune Factory/Harvest Moon games.

    Not that the Wii Harvest Moons aren’t good – I’ve clocked over 80 hours in Animal Parade. But some PS3 love would be nice too.

    • lostinblue

      I’m over Harvest Moon, to be honest. I only want Rune Factory games. :3

      Unless they make Harvest Moons like the SNES or N64/PSone one’s again, those were better than the newer ones (I didn’t play any HM on the Wii though, the last ones I played were the NGC ones)

  • So the moral of the story is No More Heroes doesn’t sale on any console. Which is very sad!

    • puchinri

      Well I would wonder over what time period those numbers are for. If they’re the total since release for NMH, that would be bad. If that’s for a certain time period (say recently or initially), then it isn’t bad.

    • lostinblue

      Well tbh, it was a game done for westerners. The original one on the Wii sold well outside japan (that’s what warranted a sequel); it sold horrible in there too though.

      And I’m not following numbers but I hope the second sold as well, and hopefully the PS3 port being released stateside can sell well as well.

      • malek86

        It would seem that NMH2 didn’t manage to replicate the same success as NMH1, at least according to NPD (though we’ll see how the legs hold up). It’s possible that the novelty factor is over, or that people now have a far bigger choice of games around, or also that Ubisoft just didn’t care (while they made at least a decent effort on the first one, I remember seeing many ads around).

        • lostinblue

          More like the lack of publicity done it.

          The Wii userbase is as mainstream as it gets, stuff like Monster Hunter Tri can sell if advertised properly but on the other hand unadvertised stuff will have a problem; of course initially Ubisoft could sell shovelware like that, even… But not anymore.

          And Nintendo… NIntendo should really have bought over that “wii recommendation channel” line over, stuff like Little King Story, Muramasa and others could have really profited from being advertised as part of a quality line. No More Heroes too, I guess.

          I should be ashamed but I’m part of the problem, this last year and a while has been hectic (I’m finishing up my course), I barely have time for gaming and thus only purchased some bargains lately. Despite NMH2 being one of my most antecipated titles.

  • Oh wow at Night of the Sacrifice.  Then again I don’t think I ever saw news of it since announcement…

    • badmoogle

      Yeah this is depressing.:/I loved the trailer and secretly hoped that we may see it in the west one day but after seeing these numbers i lost any hope.:(

  • malek86

    Most of those numbers are a bit depressing. But what I’d really like to see is the fiscal year revenue and profit figures.

  • badmoogle

    I think they need to invest some more money on marketing (it’s a necessary “evil”) and put some more money in the development of their flagship IPs.As successful as the Harvest Moons series already is (and on a lesser extend the RF series),i think there’s lots of room for these to improve and reach even bigger markets.

  • lostinblue

    Is Night of the Sacrifice out already? Is it coming out of Japan? How did it fare on Famitsu, user opinion and stuff?

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I finally finished Rune Factory 3, and I need to get my hands on another HM/RF game. Can’t wait for the new ones.

    I do wish there was a little bit more mature romancing in the Rune Factory games. So its a bit more different then the cutsy stuff then Harvest Moon.

  • I’m assuming the reason why Tale of Two Towns did so well was because it was the most similar to Mineral Town out of all the other Harvest Moons. The other ones seem to have icky controls at times, awkward character sprites and not quite the same quality character development.

    I mean, Islands of Happiness was pretty cool, and added a lot of neat gameplay elements, but it lacked a lot of the charm that Mineral Town had.

    I’m sure they knew that too, because that’s why Mineral Town had a gajillion remakes.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Was hoping Fate/Extra would pull in bigger numbers, oh well. Two Towns really did big numbers. I’m liking it even more. And that Alpaca stuffie is so darn cute I gotta buy it from Natsume now. ^_^

  • theworldofnoboundries

    They should make one RF games which is not into fighting monster.

    Just make some background story for RF about some kingdom and our protagonist staying in a village which is pulled into the war that should be more interesting or not…. it will not be Rune Factory anymore it will be Rune Fantasy i think.

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