Here’s All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation In All Its Animated Glory

By Ishaan . May 27, 2011 . 2:20am

Did you know Kamen Rider is Namco Bandai’s second-most popular license in Japan? Of all the franchises Namco Bandai own, Gundam is the only one that beats it. Amazingly, Kamen Rider began way back in 1971, which means it’s lasted 40 years — a fact Namco are celebrating this year with All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation.



All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation is due out on August 4th in Japan. Want to know which series it covers? You can read about that here.

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  • Hmm. So when they say “All Riders”, they count only the titular Riders. Well, it’s fine; the game can avoid roster inflation that way. And the main Riders have most of their respective series’ power-ups to begin with.

    But in any case, who’s developing the game? From the look of the 2D animation, it really reminds me of Super Robot Wars sprites, which might mean… Banpresto?

    • Exkaiser

      It would get a bit silly if they really meant, well, all riders.

      Especially with things like the Kabuto movie riders.

      • Worst movie ever. xD

        • Exkaiser

          I hear the OOO part of Movie War Core was pretty terrible, too. Haven’t checked it out myself, though.

          • Kibbitz

            Well, the W part is only so-so because of Skull, really. Rest was mostly meh, IMO.

          • Speaking from experience, I’m assuming it’s because the OOO part wasn’t written by Kobayashi Yasuko, who’s writing the series. It’s written by Inoue Toshiki, who, from my observation, tends to forget details when he’s tasked with writing other people’s stuff. Kobayashi always take care of even the little details, so she wouldn’t have gotten her own mythologies wrong.

    • Kibbitz

      Not reminded of SRT personally, but I assume that it would have listed Banpresto by now if they were the ones developing it. Could be wrong though, I guess.

      • Finishers with speed-line backgrounds, 2D chibi sprites and smooth animations are really similar to SRW. But what made me think of Banpresto is at 1:38. Look at OOO doing his Triple Scanning Charge. The sprite is animated by different segments put together; that’s certainly SRW style.

        Well, of course, I’m not insisting that Banpresto’s part of the project, since I have no way of knowing at this point. It’s just my reasoning. But it would be really assuring for the game to be made by an actual developer than, say, Bandai.

        • Kibbitz

          I too would really have liked for them to be involved, since I have plenty
          of nice memories of their Kamen Rider/Ultraman/Gundam crossover materials
          from the Greatest Battles series as well as that amusing if annoying Hero
          Senki. Thing is, going through the video again, I’m still not convinced. In
          fact, your example of OOO’s triple scanning charge is what convinced me that
          Banpresto isn’t involved, because I feel that their guys who worked on DS
          SRTs would have done it much better, because it looks too darn clunky to me
          to have been done by Banpresto. I am highly biased though, so feel free to
          ignore me >=P

  • All the Kamen Riders in a beat-em-up… Words cannot the describe!

  • Wow this looks fantastic!  I love the spritework.  Way better than those awful 3D models we usually see in KR games.


  • Christian Wright

    i’m glad it’s on DS. definite import!

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