Iroha And Two More Rival Characters From Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos

By Spencer . May 29, 2011 . 11:00pm

Iroha, the dutiful maid, is stepping out of Samurai Shodown and into Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos. She’s a playable character and one of the good guys (or girls) in the cross universe strategy RPG.



Two of her special attacks in Namco Bandai’s PSP game, The Final Word and Pinwheel, are seen below.


002[3] 003[4] 004[3] 005[2]006[3] 007[1] 008[1] 009[1] 010[2] 011[1]


Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos also introduces new rival characters. You may have already seen Rabbit Idol Luna who has a dress made out of rabbits.


Gravity Gunner Aine



Aine has a childish appearance, but when you meet her she has the feeling that she’s quite knowledgeable. She traveled through many dimensions and invaded planets, learning various languages along the way. She’s fond of the Kansai dialect and speaks it in the game. Using her Gravity Magnum, Aine can manipulate gravity and pulverize her opponents.


036[1] 037[1]


Gravity Ball

013[3] 014[2] 015[1] 016[1]


Octable Bullet

017[2] 018[4] 019[2] 020[1] 021[1] 022[4]


Shinigami of the Battlefield Hyumina



Hyumina is extremely competitive. She hates to lose and so far, she hasn’t lost a battle. Even though death surrounds on bloodstained battle grounds, Hyumina always returns as a survivor. Sometimes she has flashbacks from wars. Secretly, she’s a weapon otaku.


038[2] 032[1] 


Assault Buster

024[2] 025[1] 026[1] 027[3]


Star Mine

028[1] 029[3] 030[2] 031[2]

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  • Barrit

    Love the design for Gravity Gunner Aine. She’s proof that you can be too cool for pants.

  • RagnaXBL

    Lolwut? how did Iroha get in this XD

    oh nvm was thinking of the wrong show :/

  • RagnaXBL

    Also what is that cannon thing on the right side of Hyumina’s… errr…. chest???

    • Ragna? I’m sure I know you, though I dont know where from. Pspgweber?

      • RagnaXBL

        Yup, i have no idea who you r though :O

  • goddam gurl put on some pants 

  • z_merquise

    Yeah!! Iroha!!! She may not be not as popular as Mai or Ivy or Noel but she is my most favorite female game character (Dizzy of Guilty Gear comes second).

    Iroha and Dizzy’s inclusion in this game what actually turn this game to a must-buy for me.

    Thanks for this, Spencer. And I was worried because it took you so long for this, haha.

  • PrinceHeir

    Iroha is sooo hoooooot!!!!!

    i want Samurai Shodown VII in HD but more darker version of XIII please!

    I need this!!! :P

    • z_merquise

      Yeah!! Go, Iroha!!! She’s surely one of the characters I’ll always use (besides Dizzy).

      And I kinda like that “event illustration” of her. (blushes)

      Vu jàdé!! This is what we also said back in Andriasang!!

      • PrinceHeir

        lol i just searched you at andriasang, your actually the same person who gave me the iroha link XD

        btw i just added both your accounts on PSN :P

        you should have a message along with it.

  • raymk

    I thought the sexy maid iroha was already revealed?  I know I saw her in early shots so maybe she’s just confirmed as playable now which is good.  I really hope this is localized and not only for the females but the strategy combat for these games are very good surprisingly. 

    • Kibbitz

      She was confirmed much earlier, though there was no info on her use in combat. However, given her character and the way the previous game worked, she was pretty much going to be playable from the start, with at best the  question of whether she’s a story path character or a permanent party member.

      Also not seeing where you’re coming from with regards to their strategic combat being good, but at least you seem to have enjoyed the first one more than I did, if I am reading you correctly.

      • raymk

        You must have been grinding a lot in that game.  You really don’t need to grind that much at all.  The combat isn’t on a level of SRT but then again it doesn’t need to be.  I did grind on my second playthough though to see how op I could be but grinding for rpg’s isn’t new for me so I enjoy it from time to time.

        • I found the grinding to be tedious as I only got 1-3 EXP from normal enemies and maybe 5 from the strongest ones on the free stages, only to see sometime midgame that I didn’t had to grind at all as I was always better than the enemy groups! >-<
          On my second time I didn't grind and the game was just so much more fun, lol.

        • Kibbitz

          I am guessing that part of the reason was money, with the other part is probably personal OCD to keep other characters levelled evenly with the mains, especially all the captures which IIRC start at notably lower levels. It certainly wasn’t because of game difficulty itself. This would have been fine if I felt that the grinding was even mildly fun. Since I still have much hate for that aspect of the game, it probably wasn’t for me at all.

          Your comparisons to SRT is doesn’t indicate exactly why you consider the gameplay to be good. All it does is to say that it’s not as deep as SRT (which probably is bad for some people, since SRT isn’t even deep) and to excuse it saying that it doesn’t have to be. 

          I mean, you don’t owe me an explanation or anything here, I’m just saying that I’m not seeing how the combat is good on a strategic level. I enjoyed it as a strategy-lite personally, grinding woes aside.

          • raymk

            Ah but your wrong Super robot taisen Z for ps2 is very hard on EX-Hard mode. 
            In this game ex-hard mode,not only do your opponents get a huge stat boost, but the game doesn’t let you upgrade your pilots and mechs and you can’t buy new gear at any point.  QGates game doesn’t have to be as hard as that srt game or any other srt game because its more of a fan-sevice game with slight strategy but enough to make it better than most games like it.  I guess i’ll use your strategy lite example in saying that its good in that area as it requires some thinking more than disgaea at least.

            Then again I don’t find to many strategy games hard and i’ve played most all of them so I could just be talking hot air lol.

          • Kibbitz

            I do not consider Ex-Hard hard as much as it’s cheap the same way a lot of
            4X PC strategy games have harder difficulties giving the enemy more
            resources and you less. I will grant that to overcome this, you need to use
            more strategy because that’s all you have left (besides resetting like mad.)
            Otherwise, SRT in recent years, especially on the DS and GBA are generally
            pretty easy. They too are fanservice games just like QBSC, after all. And
            don’t get me wrong. I really like strategy-lite squad games, that’s why I
            bought QBSC LE without a second thought to begin with. I’m just hoping for
            more improvements this time gameplay-wise personally and not caring about
            the roster largely because I pretty much have no worries in that department.

  • Oh, sorry for the double post but…

    Do you think there will be secondary clothing to unlock for characters?

    • z_merquise

      Nothing was revealed so far but I’m sure there would be in some of the characters like in the first game.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        I see, thanks for the answer.

  • Iroha is definitely an outstanding character. She will be among my favorites for sure, along with Junko :3

  • How can any kind of man NOT have some sort of interest in this game by now?

    • Kibbitz

      Easy, said man played the first game and was sorely disappointed by the result =P

      • Darkrise

        Idk, I was disappointed in some aspects of the game but I still enjoyed it, and judging from the trailers, it looks like they did some improvements. =P

        • Kibbitz

          The first time around, I mostly had fun. The thing that blehed me during
          then was the limited amount of money and EXP per stage that led me to grind
          far more than I would like, since I was hoping for something more grind-free
          ala SRT. Then, came NewGame+ and I found out that I couldn’t carry over
          money and was only able to carry over 1 of each item type. 2nd time of
          grinding around for EXP and I got sick very quick. And yet, I’m unwilling to
          sell mine for a loss, so the game forever haunts me as one of those things
          which I curse for ever thinking to buying LE and underplaying on the PSP.

          As for your mention of trailers and improvements, I’ve only seen one trailer
          and read of two actual improvements. One is the FIG system for combination
          attacks between characters, the other is the Destiny Punish system of which
          I do not fully comprehend yet. The SSS system, I can’t comment on fairly
          since I don’t remember whether everyone got deployed each stage or whether
          we got to pick who to sortie. The EGK system is a variant on the previous
          relationship system, and I’m not sure if I even care about that. Pretty much
          everything else seems to be no different to the last game.

          That being said, I probably will still pick this up because of the Queen’s
          Gate roster. Sigh.

          • Darkrise

            Hm, I haven’t gotten into NewGame+ yet, I’m only at ch 18 thanks to getting distracted by Ar Tonelico and Neptune. =/ But yeah I really hope they improve the rewards, I also spent hours on just grinding for money since that doesn’t seem to go around much, exp wasn’t really a problem for me, my team was pretty much at the same lvl as the enemies if not, two lvl’s lower and still pretty strong.

            All I can say is that some of the new systems look worth a try and the roster is also something I’m really looking forward too, Alleyne and so much more. =P

          • Kibbitz

            Actually, now that I think of it, it was probably more for the money. The EXP was largely for catching up on levels for the people who didn’t get deployed at all, notably the captures. I have this OCD thing about keeping everyone roughly evenly levelled and armed which doesn’t help my gaming in general.

            The roster is definitely something to look forward to, no complaints there.

      • Then I assume he missed the point of it all?

        • Kibbitz

          Sure, what is the point anyway?

  • JustaGenericUser

    I sure love reading about games that will never release here.

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