Hwang Won’t Be Returning For Soulcalibur V

By Ishaan . June 1, 2011 . 3:01am

Hwang Seong-gyeong was one of the original characters in Soul Edge, and he made his return in Soulcalibur. While he was missing in action from Soulcalibur II, he returned in the game after that, and went MIA during Soulcalibur IV again.


It turns out that Korean swordmaster won’t be in Soulcalibur V either, according to director, Daishi Odashima, who wrote on Twitter: “OK, I’ll be straight with everyone. Sorry but Hwang won’t be in this time round.”


The last time he discussed the game, Odashima revealed that Soul Crushe moves wouldn’t make it into Soulcalibur V, as he felt they were “no good”. One fan, however, argued that he liked how Soul Crushes prevented players from over-blocking, to which Odashima replied: “Soul crush and critical finishes are 2 separate things. Being able to break guards isn’t a bad thing.”

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  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Hwang was one of my favorites too…sigh.

    • AnimusVox

      I really liked him to. I ended up really liking Yun Seong though due to lack of Hwang……

      Why does that sound dirty all of a sudden….

    • Guest

      He always reminded me of Kei from Koei’s Seven Mansions for Sega Dreamcast (Nanatsu no Hikan : Senritsu Bishou) and Jann Lee of Dead or Alive

  • they just like to play this game of messing with us, don’t they :(.
    don’t be replacing him with lame guest characters again.
    /favorite character.

  • Damn, and he’s one of my fave playable chars too.  Now, I’m under the impression his redheaded junior will be permanent.

    However, I don’t mind him as an NPC, as consolation.

  • “No good”

    What are you Sonic the hedgehog from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog?

    Is this a segment of Sonic Sez?

    • He’s just snooping as usual.

  • ryukazama

    The hell…the only character I’ve been begging for ever since freakin’ SCII and they STILL shun him?! SCIII doesn’t count since he was some lame Create a Character type, and in AE…well..it’s AE, so that was dead from the get go (too little too late). Silly namco and their silly guest characters.

    Extremely disappointed. Extremely…

  • not that i particularly liked him, so who cares…..
    BUUT! Don’t get hooked up by cheap PR propaganda “won’t be returning”..
    Knowing namco this time they’ll ride their weight-worth in dlc, hence if ANY important char get left out, you can surely get it paying later…

  • SlashZaku

    No Hwang & Li Long I’m sure isn’t going to come back either, 2 fan favorites, yet we keep getting guest characters.  Great.  Will be interested to see who gets cut from the old cast this time around due to the timeline.  Then again, whoever is, I have the feeling will be DLC to ‘appease’ fans.

  • aaaaw, Hwang, he was a fun and a solid character to play with… and he was a badass!, its really weird that they completely forgot him, I mean, he was for Mitsurugi what yagami was to kyo, what ken was to ryu, what genjuro was to haohmaru…anyway, I really don´t care too much about this franchise anymore, It all went downhill after 2.

  • Korea vs Japan has been postponed to DLC or a sequel once again it seems.

    • If they put the redhead Yun Seong above Hwang, you know that match-up is gonna be rigged. :P

  • Code

    You know what else is good on people who over-block; throws. I’m glad to see Soul Crushes go, to me there’s so many elements that just kind of double up on purposes in the SC series, and just makes the experience more convoluted for newer players, without particularly adding any major depth for more experienced players.

  • Syltique

    Don’t forget Assassin.  That was pretty much Hwang in SC2.

  • Aiddon

    good, just make a new character that succeeds his fighting style. If you’re going to do a time skip then actually have the guts to excise a lot of the old cast and replace them with new blood.

    • …but they already did that, Xhianghwua…maybe It´s not blood related, but she has/had a lot of Hwang moves.

  • :(

  • Hours

    Hwang will return one day. He must!

  • Souji Tendou

    Dammit NAMCO, DAMMIT. Did you know the reason why I didn’t buy Soul Calibur II through IV Namco? Because there’s no Hwang. He’s been my favorite since Soul Edge and Soul Calibur (I), but when you decide to replace him with a youth came from a K-Pop band (I’m being sarcastic mind you), my mind was blown, and since then I’ve been praying you’l bring him back but you WON’T, dammit.

    Sorry for the rant.

  • Well that’s obvious. The time skip is so huge and the SCIV endings are so vague/stupid, people expected to come back might not even come back. So why would someone who had bascially nothing to do with the series (other than being a skin) after the original SC be a possibility? lol

  • Amy

    Well, I believe we should fight against this. Despite what Daishi says, I think there’s still plenty of time to reconsider, and if not, then Hwang could easily end up being A DLC character. If you like Hwang, I urge you to sign this petition.


    Let us not go down without a fight.

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