“Is Taki Returning?” And Other Musings From Soulcalibur V’s Director

By Ishaan . June 2, 2011 . 2:58pm

It’s time for another quick round of Soulcalibur V updates from director Daishi Odashima, now referred to as “Odashima-sensei” by some of his more loyal followers. Let’s see what he has to say.


“Reason why we don’t have crowds in the background is because of the game system (ring outs etc) and they slow down the processing speed,” Odashima started out. Soon after, he commented on whether or not Taki would be returning for Soulcalibur V:


“Is Taki returning? Well you know, she’s getting a little old. But then again ninja’s are like super humans… hmm..”


Following that, Odashima tweeted the artwork above, created by character designer, Takuji Kawano for an older Soulcalibur game, along with the image the right. You can click on both to view them enlarged.


He then commented on Hwang’s absence from Soulcalibur V: “There is no data here to say Hwang is popular. [Tekken producer] Harada-san was told the same ages ago. It’s hard to judge cos popularity changes with time…” Odashima also emphasized that he checks fan forums, but that accepting requests word for word often doesn’t bring the best results. “We need to filter the info,” Odashima stated.


Finally, Odashima also commented on a recent screenshot of Soulcalibur V revealed in a recent issue of the Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine:


“By the way, the girl in the in-game screen shot is Pyrrah,” Odashima said. “Facial expressions haven’t been added yet so the quality will improve further!”

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  • I’d love to see those line drawings finished.

    • BH

      Me too I especially love that bottom picture of Sophie.

  • AzureNova

    “Getting old” huh? So basically we need a new cast of women in the game then lol.

    • Who stays? Cassandra, Talim, Tira and Amy? That’s about it? :P

      • raymk

        Hilde, and setsuna 

        • Oh yeah Hilde but if he thinks Taki is old he will think Setsuna as well.

          • Setsuka is only a year older than Seong-Mina…

          • She just looks older in 4. I guess that blonde haired version threw me off.

          • mikanko

            He’s also said Setsuka is his favorite character if I remember correctly.  Hard to say.

  • Ryuhawkin

    Is that second drawing of Talim?
    I always liked her…”Wind!”

    • You would like her “wind” ;)

    • She says it SO much.

    • I think it’s pretty clear that it’s Pyrrah since there’s a sword and shield.

      • Ryuhawkin

        Uhh…now I feel very dumb…I did not see the weapon very well.

      • That’s a sword?

    • AnimusVox

      That’s what she said

  • Awesome art is awesome, really.~

    I would love getting Taki in SCV, but it’s OK either way, currently I’m more interested in what new cast we are getting.

  • neo_firenze

    This looks really great so far to me. 

    Namco looking strong in general in fighting games – I’m also quite impressed by the screens I’ve seen of Tekken Tag 2.  And they won’t be done after those two, since TvSF is still on the way.

  • If #SoulCaliburV would be Taki’s last appearance, I hope the SC team would do a proper sendoff, by giving her retirement on a good note.

    Specifically, resolution of her issue with her former ninja clan is something I’d like to see.

  • Am I the only one who’d want to see a Genkai like character in SCV?

    Just seems like you’re more likely to see old men in fighting games, as apposed to any old lady fighters.

    Guess it’s a fanservice thing lol

  • joesz

    Mitsurugi no ossan!

  • vzavang

    Look. I just want the Chara-creator to have more options than copying the lame ass styles.

  • Aiddon

    O say retire Taki and have someone from her clan take up her duty.

  • That Pyrrah rendering had better be completely conceptual! That isn’t the “sword-on-the-ground” fighting style I was half-promised by an even more conceptual sketch!

  • I sure hope Setsuka and Tira are coming back then. They’re not “old”.
    Also, I wonder what this means for Ivy.

  • Hours

    If they’d actually put Hwang in a game, they could get some “data”.

    Then they’d see that people want him back!

  • No thanks. Flopping saggy breasts everywhere is not something I would like to see. Make her immortal in looks or something like Nina in Tekken where she looks better and better in each game lol

  • mikanko

    I just wish they could collaborate with the other people at Bamco who’re making that DBZ arcade game. Since it uses GGPO maybe they could get a working 3d engine for rolling back data in their netcode.  I will definitely get SC5, but I’ve yet to hear anything that’ll convince me the online will be more playable than the mess that is SC4.

    I know I’ve said this before too, but I’m really hoping Pyrrah doesn’t mean we can’t get a mid 30’s Cassie in the game.  >_<

  • PrinceHeir

    love the drawing :D

    cannot wait for the gameplay reveal ^^

  • Hwang was cool. I feel like Taki is pretty symbolic of the franchise though. If anything I’m excited to see some of those loli characters age. 

    Also I’m expecting Raph will return. 

  • z_merquise

    That line drawings above, it looked great. And wow, I never thought Sophitia was that cute. Yeah, she’s a mom but . . . wait . . . whoa.

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