June Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update To Allow Uploading Pictures To The Net

By Ishaan . June 2, 2011 . 12:43am

The Nintendo 3DS firmware update that will allow access to the 3DS eShop next week will also update the system with a few other features, most notably an Internet browser and the ability to upload pictures to the net.


First off, the NetFront browser, unfortunately, will not support Adobe Flash.


However, you will be able to access blogs and forums and other websites that support images via the browser and upload your Nintendo 3DS photos to them. You’ll also be able to download images to your SD card and view them using the 3DS Camera app.


Nintendo’s eShop website indicates that the browser will support HTML4.01, XHTML1.1, CSS1, CSS2.1, CSS3, DOM1-3, ECMAScript, XMLHttpRequest and canvas. Supported picture formats are: MPO, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and ICO.


As previously reported, you’ll be able to open the browser during a game and look up any information you’d like online.

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  • So wait, if the browser doesn’t support Flash AND doesn’t support HTML5, that means in can view virtually nothing remotely multimedia-based on the internet. That would mean no Youtube, no Facebook games, and no elaborate animations that can’t fit in a GIF file.

    On one hand, I can understand Nintendo wanting to protect their trade (i.e. games and whatever 3D video they want to sell/rent). However, I think this omission will make things very confusing and frustrating to anyone who just wants to quickly surf the net, including gaming sites like this one.

    Let’s hope Nintendo plans to allow HTML5 in the future.

    • Canvas support almost guarantees HTML5 game support (depends on the game, but most use Canvas). 

      It’s just very likely that these games will have to be slightly recoded to support the 3DS, and that you won’t be able to play these games with any audio.

      To note, the Wii, DS and DSi web browsers all support Canvas and many HTML5 based game engines support them (Most of HTML5 consists of stuff that has been around for years).

      I will say though, NetFront is a huge downgrade from Opera in many respects, if they had just gone with the newest Opera mobile, we would’ve gotten a lot of HTML5 features.

    • No one buys a Nintendo 3DS to browse the internet. These features aren’t needed to browse the web, if you want to play games on the internet then use a PC or Laptop.

      I have no complaints, i’ll be able to browse forums and check gameFAQs if needed. Also, no annoying flash banner ads.

      Don’t understand why people will moan about this when they’re posting from a PC, Laptop or a device that doesn’t even support Flash itself…

      • Caligula

        Yeah, really.  Being able to browse the internet on the 3DS is a nice perk, but I really couldn’t care less if I can’t watch videos or play internet games on my 3DS.  If I wanted to do that, I’d use my laptop.

    • No one buys a 3DS to play Facebook games.

  • Suicunesol

    …no youtube. No 3D youtube. That’s a really huge missed opportunity.

    I wonder if this’ll change in the future…

    • It won’t change in the future unless they support HTML5 which I doubt will happen. If anything, there will be a standalone Youtube app which I would prefer.

      • YouTube already supports HTML 5.

        • SoulEater98

          I think he’s talking about the 3DS Browser…

          • Whoops, sorry, I misunderstood.

        • i believe its already been confirmed that there will be no html5 support either. tut tut.. bad nintendo..

  • malek86

    Lack of Flash is very annoying, but somewhat expected.

    I still think they should at least have some kind of dedicated Youtube program, then. Like on smartphones that don’t support Flash, where you can still view Youtube through a standalone application.

  • All right nintendo you did it again, no youtube thats a big fail…
    now hoping for a nintendo 3DS youtube app

  • Ishaan, I saw your tweet about finding out if the 3DS supports Twitter sharing.  I honestly hope it does, as well as Facebook sharing.  Would just require one to be at a wifi hotspot though.

  • Pretty terrible that the browser isnt even NetFronts latest most rebust mobile version. No flash is as crippling as utilizing an iOS mobile version, which at least goes around it by having apps for youtube and other popular video sites…I guess no viewing gametrailers on the go, heh.

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